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Ultimate Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch: Incest is The Next Liberal Sexual Revolution

May 13, 08

From the pages of The Ultimates, the Sex, Lies, & DVD story arc:



Ultimate Captain America: Fighting is About Winning

March 29, 08

From the pages of Ultimate Nightmare, view the action before continuing on with the real-life lesson to be learnt.



The U.S. Democrats have plenty of misconceptions about why American soldiers are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else terror rears its hateful head.

The Democrats and their Code Pinko, World Can’t Wait, etc allies have the misconception that the troops are risking their lives for petty and selfish things like glory, pride, oil, money, power, New World Order, the Jewish conspiracy or hatred of life.

But as Ultimate Captain America says, fighting isn’t about glory. Fighting isn’t about pride.

Fighting is about winning.

And just like the fictional patriotic hero, the real life patriotic heroes – the Army and the Navy and the Air Force and the Marines and the Reserves – are fighting to win against the terrorists. 

So if crazy people think the purpose of fighting is for such vanities as glory and pride, what does the make the Democrats?

The Democrats fight to appease. They fight to withdraw. They fight to pull back. They fight to retreat. They fight to capitulate. They fight to give up. They fight to quit. They fight to surrender.

Winners fight to win – the Democrats fight to lose.

The Democrats are losers.

Such big losers in fact, that they would rather quit at the last moment before winning just to avoid victory.

The Ultimates: ‘A’ Doesn’t Stand For France

March 19, 08

From the comic series The Ultimates, the Homeland Security story arc:




Click link below to see full post with full sized images – and how they apply to the U.S. Democratic Party.


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