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Dr Hsu Debunks Utusan’s ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’ Incitement Piece

May 7, 13

Mas Selamat was hiding in Johor, plotting to destroy peace & harmony. Then he read @UMonline and surrendered – Utusan Melayu already did it. 1Malaysia Facts

After their countless seditious attacks on Malaysia’s harmony such as conspiracy theorizing that Christians want to overthrow Malaysia, egging on Ibrahim Ali to declare jihad on Christians, falsely reporting on Teresa Kok which got her ISAed then preposterously suing her over it, fantasizing about killing a Teresa Kok expy, calling Indians noisy, ill behaved keling and meanwhile accusing DAP of disparaging Islam, libelling Lim Guan Eng for which they were fined RM200,000

Spewtusan is emboldened by their UMNOpocrite owners’ ‘victory’ to be even more bileriffic than ever before!

Surely encouraged by Nut-jib dishonestly casting BN’s losing the popular vote as a polarized ‘Chinese tsunami’… And then flinging totally unjustified moral equivalence with Chinese papers!

Don’t use the Chinese to cover up fraud:Anwar starts ‘fierce movement to protest stolen GE’

“Utusan is following Najib’s instructions. Najib talks about national reconciliation but on the other hand he also talks about Chinese tsunami. That’s not right. We cannot play up racial sentiments. A lot Chinese supported PAS in Kelantan,” said Anwar.

“This (using the race card) is accepted and approved by the Umno leaders and its media. It accepts a cheating culture, to make fools of the people by distorting the GE outcome, wearing black is now anti-Chinese. This is what i reject. To use racial sentiments to cover up their electoral fraud.”

The Umno-controlled Utusan newspaper had this morning front-paged a headline titled “what more do you want, Chinese community”.

Indeed, in the run-up to the May 5 election, the Umno-BN media had been unleashing election analyses and reports suggesting the PR’s popularity was due to Chinese voters, but was not supported by the Malays – which is the predominant race in the country forming 55% of the 28 million population.

Najib’s days are numbered

Political analysts have long accused Najib and Umno-BN of using racial politics to scare the Malays into rejecting the Opposition.

The May 5 election saw Umno-BN’s weakest performance since it took over the government of the country from the British colonialists in 1957. In fact, many believe Najib would have lost the latest poll if not for the assistance of the EC, which refused to order recounts in dozens of close-contests.

Given that Najib’s performance was even weaker than the 2008 result achieved by his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who led BN to a 140-seat victory, there is intensifying speculation he will be replaced by his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin at the Umno party election later this year.

Hence, critics say, the rush by the Najib camp to convince their own party members that the result was not due to Najib’s leadership but to ‘unreasonable’ Chinese demands for greater political power.

“All over Malaysia, the racial walls are collapsing but Najib and Umno are re-erecting them. This is the only way they can cling to power,” Johari Abdul, the PKR MP for Sungai Petani, told Malaysia Chronicle

To think, a PR victory might have been the start of the end for this poor excuse for bird cage lining (that would surely have the SPCA filing suit over exposing innocent pets to toxic substances!)… Even as the draconian Printing Press Act that helps get other publications ISAed over TRUTHFUL reporting would be abolished!


Well, Dr Hsu puts paid to that deception and dangerous blame game:

Mathematically not a Chinese tsunami

To prove my point and that PM’s assertion about a Chinese tsunami is wrong, we should resort to scientific method, and do this mathematically.

There are 13.3 millions voters for GE 13, out of which 29.68% or 3.94 millions are Chinese Malaysian voters.

Assuming the turnout of the Chinese voters are the same as the general population which is 80%, the number of Chinese casting votes would be 3.15 millions.

Assuming that 90% of the Chinese voted for PR (this is actually improbable), that would be 2.83 million votes.

But PR received more than 5.62 millions votes, which means that even if 90% of the Chinese voted for PR, they comprise of only 50% of the support that PR receives.

At a more realistic 80% Chinese support for Opposition, PR would get 2.5 million votes from the Chinese ethnic group only.

The fact that it received more than 5.62 million total votes means that more than 3.1 millions votes are from non Chinese Malaysian.

And also from Facebook pages:

PAS thanks Chinese for voting in Malay reps

“There are tens of Parliament and state assembly seats that were contested by Malay candidates against candidates from the Tiong Hua (Chinese), in mixed constituencies, which were won by the Malays, proving that Chinese voters were willing to reject candidates of their own race,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement today.

More Malays in parliamant due to Pakatan wins

Meanwhile, in another statement, Pahang PAS information chief Suhaimi Md Saad explained that DAP’s big win in the election did nothing to lessen the number of Malay MPs in Parliament.

In fact, Suhaimi said, the success of Pakatan’s candidates only served to increase that number by seven.

Among the examples given are:

Rafizi Ramli (PKR, right) who won against Gary Lim (BN) in Pandan;

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS), who won against S Murugesan (BN) in Kota Raja;

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) who won against Tan Kok Eng (BN) in Bandar Tun Razak;

Imran Hamid (PKR) who won against Kong Cho Ha (BN) in Lumut;

Mohd Ariss Sabri Abdul Aziz (DAP) who won against Hoh Khai Mun (BN) in Raub;

Idris Ahmad (PKR) who won against K Parthiban (BN) in Ijok;

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (DAP) who won against Chuah Boon Seong (BN) in Mentakab; and

Mohd Rashid Hasnon (PKR) who won against Wong Mun Hoe (BN) in Pantai Jerejak.

To further debunk Umno’s claim that non-Malays went against Malays in the ballot box, he further cited 13 examples of seats where non-Malay BN candidates won in Malay-majority constituencies.

Among the constituencies listed in Suhaimi’s statement are – Simpang Renggam (57 percent Malays), Tanjung Piai (51 percent), Batu Sapi (51 percent), Gurun (57 percent) and Kahang (74 percent).


In depth analysis showing that the Chinese swing was in fact important at Mathematical proof of Chinese Tsunami and Mathematical proof of Chinese Tsunami (Pt 2).


So you proven over and over again racists, know that your scapegoats are not standing alone against your smear/hit job!

Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali Dares Malaysian Christians to Launch a ‘Crusade’, Threatens Jihad War

May 15, 11

Waiting for what? ISA this guy already!

Oh wait, I forgot… UMNOpocrites constantly threaten repeats of May 13, spread unfounded rumours that incite social tensions, and utter racist threats, but the ones who gets ISAed are those who report on their bilious spew.

As the Malaysian Insider report correctly puts it (‘recover the Holy Lands’), the Crusades were merely a retaliation against 461 years of unprovoked Muslim invasions and attacks.

Think of that context – of who started the provocation – as you read Ibrahim Ali’s threat to give Christians a crusade if they want.

And that other word he uses, translated ‘holy war’ – the term he used is ‘perang jihad’, which is the same concept extremist Islamic terrorists use to justify their murderous attacks on innocents. The ‘perang’ (war) stuck to his remark excludes any possibility of ‘peaceful jihad’ (e.g. against poverty).

Really, Ibrahim Ali? Dare Christians to launch a crusade and threaten jihad in retaliation?

And the best part???????

Just like all true hypocrites, Ibrahim Ali cannot see his own massive flaws, yet projects them onto his targets!

Look at how he accuses nonMuslims of becoming unafraid to stir up trouble because Muslims take their provocations peacefully and some groups support their antics.

Whereas outside of his BIZARRO WORLD, the reality is that certain Muslims like him are fearless to blatantly stir up trouble despite Christians trying to quietly practise their basic rights with a low profile, because the UMNO/BN government refuses to bring extremists like him to heel!

Go ahead, UMNO/BN. Let this fellow go without even a hint of invoking the ISA. You’ll show more clearly than ever how dedicated you really are to this ‘1 Malaysia’ concept you so bandy about.

Speaking of May 13… I have no doubt that this is all part of a continuing ploy to get the non-UMNOputras to react – no matter in how small a way – and use that as a pretext to crack down with wide-sweeping arrests. That is when the ISA will finally be invoked.

Tell us, Ibrahim Ali, just tell us… What exactly are Christians doing that makes you think we want a religious war? The specifics, not the vague generalizations and allusions to non-existant figments of your perverted imagination.

From Malaysia Insider:

As police probe, Ibrahim Ali threatens crusade against Christians
By Clara Chooi May 15, 2011
GOMBAK, May 15 — Despite police still investigating unsubstantiated reports of a move to a Christian Malaysia, Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali threatened Christians nationwide last night that he would wage a crusade or holy war should they proceed with their agenda to usurp Islam.

The pint-sized Malay rights leader thundered to a ceramah audience of some 200 at Kampung Changkat here that he was willing to take the fall for his statement for the sake of defending the dignity of Islam.

Although he complained of fatigue from his nine ceramah stops from Kelantan to here since Friday night, the Pasir Mas MP also said his blood was boiling with rage and “hairs standing on end” following recent reports of a Christian conspiracy between religious leaders and opposition party politicians.

“In Kelantan earlier, I declared before the police, I told the security forces present that if they want to send my messages to Bukit Aman (police), please go ahead.

“Please record my words — if there is any party in Penang, especially the Christian priests who are being backed by the Penang DAP, should continue with their agenda which we already know, I would like to offer that if they want to hold a crusade, we can.

“This is in the spirit of Sultan Saladin Ayubi… if they want to fight a crusade, we can,” he charged.

Saladin was a Kurdish Muslim, who became the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria, and led the Muslim forces during the Crusades — a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns taken by the Christians to recover the Holy Land from Muslims.


UMNO Chief is Shocked That Political Leaders Could Call For Bloodshed

June 15, 09

Hypocrisy Meter from theblogprof.

Q: When do you ever hear about BN and UMNO politicians denouncing calls to violence and bloodshed to further one’s agenda?

A: Only when it’s not your own party doing the calling, DUH.

From The Star 15 June 2009:

PAS’ bloodshed talk shocking

Kelantan Umno liaison chief Datuk Mustapa Mohamad is shocked that some PAS leaders have resorted to telling party supporters in Manek Urai that they must defend the seat even if they have to “shed blood”.

Mustapa said it was regrettable for leaders to incite their supports by becoming so emotional when the by-election was just about winning influence.

“I am shocked that some PAS leaders can come out with talk of bloodshed and violence and this is very dangerous.

“Barisan Nasional rejects such approach because at the end of the day, this is just politics,” Mustapa said in his speech before the launching of the Barisan election machinery by Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal here on Saturday night.

He added that Barisan would not employ dangerous and desperate tactics as used by PAS, and urged those involved to stop doing so as it would be difficult to control their supporters once they became highly emotional.

“Has PAS lost the art of wooing the hearts of the voters or have they lost their minds to subscribe to such a militant approach?” he asked, adding that in the end, the winner would be decided by peaceful voters.

Seriously, keep the remarks about blood but replace ‘PAS’ with ‘Najib’ (or any of the other UMNOputras who have gone on the record calling for bloodshed) in the above, and you might have one Kelantan Umno liaison chief locked up under the ISA.

Do You Want PAS or UMNO to be Your Supreme High Overlords?

July 21, 08

DISCLAIMER: The following post does not in any way intend to offend members of any religion or belief. It merely points out legitimate worries on the minds of the electorate.

PAS releases campaign billboards to point out the superior moral fibre of PAS over UMNO. Somehow I don’t think it will have quite the intended effect on potential non-Muslims supporters…

From Malaysian Choice via Susan Loone‘s feature comes the following 44 differences between PAS and UMNO:

See the rest of the images at Malaysian Choice.

To a non-Muslim, the selected choices boil down to these:

1. Do you want Ketuanan Islam, or Ketuanan Melayu?

2. Do you want sharia and hudud law, or a crony judiciary and police force?

3. Do you want Islamic religious leaders, or half-wit leaders?

7. Do you want to obey the Quran, or the Constitution with its ingrained ‘social contract’?

14. Do you want your rights as non-Muslims to be respected (insofar as a dhimmi has second-class rights), or to have the same kinds of first-class rights as Muslims given to you? (Bang, Ow! Shot own foot!)

21. Do you want the crucial issues decided by Quranic and Hadithic scholarship, or Western-style logic and reasoning? (Fire two, Bang Ow!)

22. Do you want politics looking towards No-Non-Islam-Religions-Allowed-To-Step-Foot-Here Mecca and Non-Islam-Religions-Cannot-Protelyse-Or-Be-Visibly-Non-Islamic-btw-Death-to-Jews Iran, or Western-style equal rights? (Third time’s a charm, Bang Ow!)

33. Do you want to vote for the party that is 100% comprised of followers of Islam, or do you support the party of kafirs (i.e. infidels, unbelievers, rejecters of the truth, ingrates) – especially in Sabah ? (Bang Ow! Only one more toe left on this side!)

38. Do you want to be separated from your wife, mother and daughters in public, or do you actually want to be a family? (Bang Ow! Okay, that foot’s done – and just in time, only one more bullet in the six-shooter.)

39. Do you want Islam to be the true top priority, or do you want Islam merely to be the tool that is used to gain power to control you?

42. Do you want your leaders shouting “Allah is great! Live Islam!”, or “Independence! Live UMNO! Live Malays!”?

44. Do you want to champion Islam, or champion Malaysia? (Let’s make the last one count boys! Ready, aim… Bang! *self pwnage complete*)

I have trouble even deciphering some of the heavily Islamic-origin words, which surely cannot help ease the fears of suspicious, paranoid, distrustful, phobic skeptics like myself.

If, as some say, choosing between Anwar or Najib basically comes down to whether you like vipers or cobras more… Well, you guys can comment some other suitable metaphor.

This scared little non-Malay, non-Muslim mouse is out of squeaks. (Is there even a constitutional difference under Article 160?)

Honestly, can’t we just have a political party that gives us full citizen rights and doesn’t try and crowd out our personal beliefs and culture?

Dr M Quits UMNO, Blames Badawi For 22 Years of Mahathirism

May 20, 08



Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters. Feel free to use and share.

Kudos to Susan Loone and Dr. Hsu for the linkage!


From The Star 20 May 2008:

Dr M quits Umno

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced he is quitting Umno, in what is seen as his final push to force Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down as Prime Minister and party president.

His wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali has also quit, according to his website

Dr Mahathir also called on Umno members to join him in this radical move, which he likened to “removing gangrene” in order for the party to survive.


From The Star 20 May 2008:

Later at a press conference, Dr Mahathir said he would send his resignation letter to the party secretary-general immediately.

He said Abdullah appeared not to accept the message from the ground and accused the Prime Minister of destroying the Barisan Nasional coalition.

”Even members of the component parties voted against Barisan. I believe Pak Lah has ruined Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and ultimately Barisan.

He said Abdullah placed priority on his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin and children, friends of his son-in-law on the Fourth Floor (of the Prime Minister’s Department), (Datuk Seri) Kalimullah Hassan (deputy chairman of the New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd) and Brendan Pereira (former group editor-in-chief of NSTP).


So, Mahathir quits UMNO, because he blames Badawi for ruining UMNO’s respectability among the electorate.

Some simple logic for you:

Mahathir ruled over UMNO and Malaysia for 22 years.

Badawi ruled over UMNO and Malaysia for 5 years, built upon Mahathir’s legacy and foundations.

Who is more responsible for the ISA, NEP, cronyism, and image of UMNO as self-serving, racist, corrupt and bullying?

Or is Mahathir assuming that Badawi managed to overturn and uproot all of the great institutions of 22 years of Mahathirism, and implement all the grievances the Malaysian people hate in just 5 short years?

Ooh, ooh! Wait! I know!

Badawi must have the power of TIME TRAVEL!!!

That’s how he could ruin UMNO and BN with policies that had been running for 22 years before he took power!

Badawi is to blame for the 1988 Constitutional crisis… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for the hundreds of millions spent on the Petronas Twin Towers, Putrajaya and PROTON Part-Fall-Off Cars… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for the rape and tehft of East Malaysia’s resources away from its native residents… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for the Nepotist Economic Policy and its successors that have run for four fifths of their span under Mahathir… Even though it happened during Mahathir’s time, but it’s Badawi’s fault!

Badawi is to blame for accelerating Malaysia’s economy from on-par with Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore to half their values today… Even though it happened throughout Mahathir’s 22 long, loooong years of time, but it’s totally Badawi’s fault!

Yes, I see it now! Badawi really is to blame for making the people dissatisfied with UMNO and BN’s 3 decades of abuses!



Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters. Feel free to use and share.

Sigh, Dr. M… Even less ‘retired’ than Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew.

Not to say Badawi is better or anything.


Above from Mob’s Crib, compared to whom my image editing is a Level 1 Mage with one puny Magic Missile

Hypocrisy Meter from theblogprof.

Sultans, Politics and MBs – Another Giant Kayu Balak in UMNO’s Eye

March 24, 08

When the DAP-PAS-PKR coalition took Perak, they submitted their candidates for Menteri Besar nomination to the Regent of Perak.

The Regent chose the PAS candidate Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin, as is the Regent’s right, and DAP’s mentor Lim Kit Siang got riled up about it on his blog, threatening that DAP’s assemblymen would boycott the swearing in ceremony.

LKS apologized later, but UMNO’s bigshots were already all over the case with mockery and criticism of the ‘lack of respect for royalty’.

For one, keris-master Hishamuddin blasted out:

“DAP secara terang tidak bertanggungjawab dan tidak menghormati kedudukan kesultanan Melayu. Niat memulaukan istiadat pelantikan juga menunjukkan mereka hanya gilakan kuasa sehingga sanggup membelakangkan kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara.”

Which is translated to English as: “DAP clearly is irresponsible and disrespects the position of the Malay Sultanate. The intention of overturning the tradition of nomination also shows that they are just power-crazed to the point of discarding loyalty to king and country.”

But, not long after that in Barisan Nasional held Perlis, the Sultan chose Md Isa Sabu over Abdullah Badawi’s pick of Shahidan Kassim… Which was not received well by Shahidan and his UMNO gang.

But as it is the Sultan’s right to pick his state’s MB, it was a rock-and-hard-place choice fro Badawi – between going against the Malay ruler or losing face as the kilted nation’s Prime Minister.

Long and embarassing story short, Badawi lost his face and Sultan got his pick.

And now, the Terengganu Regency Advisory Council chose Datuk Ahmad Said over Badawi’s pick of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

Badawi and UMNO responded by protesting that picking anyone but Idris is ‘unconstitutional’. They threatened to boycott the swearing in ceremony. They threatened Ahmad to obey UMNO’s commands or risk disciplinary action… And Ahmad got sacked anyway.

However, the Sultan of Terengganu has the last laugh as of 27 March 2008 – he stripped Idris and two cronies of their Datukships! (hat tip: hutchrun)

And so, look back at what Hishamuddin said again, only this time apply it to UMNO’s antics:

UMNO clearly is irresponsible and disrespects the position of the Malay Sultanate. The intention of overturning the tradition of nomination also shows that they are just power-crazed to the point of discarding loyalty to king and country.”

Just another in the looooooooooooong line of UMNO-pocrisy that has been regularly demonstrated these past few months.

And thusly it seems that every time UMNO’s boys open their big, hate-spewing mouths, something happens to show them up to be exactly the thing that they were protesting.

Strangely, the UMNOputras don’t seem to have the memory span to remember their past proclamations and avoid falling into their own traps. Like, totally lame, man.

Saya Zalim Anwar Video: Dr. Mahathir Admits Arresting Anwar Ibrahim Without Cause?

March 4, 08



Dr. M admitting before an audience that he had Anwar Ibrahim arrested all those years back without any basis???!! 

Is this for real? It looks genuine. Could it just be a lookalike, soundalike actor?

Or is it really Dr. M, just being dryly sarcastic? He does seem super selamba (very nonchalant) about admitting it… As if it were a non-issue that bears no consequences for him. The audience laughs at the mention of throwing Anwar into detention.


UPDATE 5 March 2008: Dr. M claims that the video clip is a distortion and taken out of context, though he does not explain what he means by that, or how the context nullifies the ‘Saya Zalim Anwar’ statement. Perhaps he was performing a stand-up routine?

From The Star 5 March 2008:




So I am now officially an Opposition website for blogging about it and providing links to the video. Lol! 

Don’t look for Dr. M to apologize for anything… As he says later on in the clip, he has never apologized to Badawi! And it’s standard practice for UMNO race insulters to never apologize.

So far only The Star has anything on this. Why isn’t Malaysiakini covering it? Free subscription for 7 days, by the way! Try it now!


Video of Mahathir Zalim Anwar at TV Ceramah, also at Youtube here or Youtube search, or short version embedded below:

Screen captures from video, showing the time where he makes his admissions. English translation in italics after each pic. 

Mahathir: I Was Unjust (Did Wrong) to Anwar


Police become a tool of the government.


I too abused power back in my time…


See Dato’ Seri Anwar, what happened to him?


I arrested (caught), I put him in detention (captivity).


Everyone saw it right? I arrested (caught) Dato’ Seri Anwar… Put him in detention (captivity).


Not because he did anything… Nothing, nothing at all…


Not because there was any wrongdoing by Dato’ Seri Anwar. Not at all…


Therefore, it was an unjust/wrong act.

He also has some words about Abdullah Badawi, Khairy and Malaysia’s 2008 General Elections – and says to cheers from the crowd that he has never apologized to Badawi.


A pretty jolly crowd throughout the latter part of the speech, obviously in agreement with Dr. M.


Above lol is Poster #24 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Ah well… Let bygones be bygones? Well, Anwar says…

NO WAY!!!!!!!

Badawi Says: Judge Us

December 4, 07

That’s right, folks! Our PM asks us to weigh and judge for yourselves how well you think our present government is being run.

And if you don’t like it, by all means DO NOT listen to our Deputy PM who would rather we vote for his political party no matter how worthless a job it’s been doing

NOw get out there and vote your (dis)satisfaction!


From The Star 4 Dec 2007:

   BadawiSaysJudgeUs1   BadawiSaysJudgeUs2

PM: Judge us by level of progress brought to the people

PUTRAJAYA: The country’s progress and development have benefited all Malaysians and no one should be hoodwinked because it is there for all to see, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said. 

“Society, be it the Malays, Indians or Chinese, will gauge us by the level of progress and development we bring to the people irrespective of race,” the Prime Minister said, adding that Malaysians could not be taken for a ride (diperbodohkan) by anyone. 

He said the people would use the nation’s level of success and progress to judge how serious the Government was to further develop the country and maintain peace and harmony. 

Taking strong exception to the allegations made by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), he said the nation’s level of success was the key element to ward off the group’s “wild and insane” claims. 

Referring to the Hindraf’s allegations that the Government was carrying out ethnic cleansing and had committed atrocities against Indians in Malaysia, Abdullah said the group had gone overboard. 

“It’s hard to believe such claims. If we have been doing what they claimed, then there will not be peace and harmony, or political stability in the country,” he said at the monthly gathering of the Prime Minister’s Department here yesterday. 

Abdullah said he did not believe any level-headed Malaysian would believe such claims, “but there are those who are gullible enough to believe them and act according to their emotions.” 

He reminded police to do their best to stop such wild allegations from spreading. 

The outrageous claims made by Hindraf had angered all Malaysians, including level-headed Indians in Malaysia, he said. 

“I did not say that we have done everything. There are still poor people among us and we have managed to reduce the country’s poverty level from 50% to 5.7% within the past 50 years,” he said. 

He said while the Government was determined and committed to eradicating hardcore poverty by 2010, others seem bent on causing trouble for their “narrow political motives”. 

“This sort of chaos should not be happening in our country,” he said. 

The Prime Minister noted that the successful development efforts in Malaysia would invoke confidence among the people that the Government was serious in undertaking initiatives to develop the country for the well-being of the people of all races. 

Abdullah said that while police dealt with street protestors who were out to create chaos in country, civil servants must continue to improve the public delivery system and carry out all the planned development programmes speedily.  


The country’s progress and development have benefited all Malaysians and no one should be hoodwinked because it is there for all to see, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

That’s right, it’s very clear to see who is receiving the benefits and who is being denied a fair share. Do not be hoodwinked by anyone, by any political alliance, by any Government Enslaved Media (GEM) spin.

“Society, be it the Malays, Indians or Chinese, will gauge us by the level of progress and development we bring to the people irrespective of race,” the Prime Minister said, adding that Malaysians could not be taken for a ride (diperbodohkan) by anyone. 

Let us gauge the level of progres afforded/allowed to us by the present administration. Let us not be diperbodohkan by anyone. Let us voice our heartfelt opinion in the coming general elections.

He said the people would use the nation’s level of success and progress to judge how serious the Government was to further develop the country and maintain peace and harmony.

That’s right, we shall use the state of the nation to judge whether the Government has been developing the country fairly and maintaining peace.

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