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Star Wars Episode III Romance and The Backstroke of the West

January 19, 09

Click to view full short comic. Mostly random commentary on Episode III.

Star Wars Episode III Romance VG Cats

Lol, tried this romantic line on my wife, got a raised Huh? eyebrow.

Inspired to post this cartoon by the TV Tropes article George Lucas Love Story.

MUST SEE ALSO: Episode III, The Backstroke of the West:

Backstroke of the West

Backstroke of the West

Backstroke of the West

Backstroke of the West

Backstroke of the West

With the video series on Youtube for you to compare the English audio & the supposedly English subtitles:

And manga tribute (click to view full art):

Backstroke of the West Smelly Boy

See TV Tropes – Do Not Want for background.

Super Effective: Chunky Butt Squirtle

September 26, 08

Click to view full short comic.

Super Effective chunky Squirtle

Lolololol I just love the art.

SUPER EFFECTIVE: What’s Professor Oak’s Grandson’s Name?

May 12, 08

From Scott Ramsoomair’s new webcomic, SUPER EFFECTIVE, a black-and-white Pokemon offshoot of his usual full-colour VG Cats.

Click to view full short comic and punchline.


Oh, that Professor Oak!

See also Magikarp Splash Attack for:


VG Cats: 100 Kirbies!

February 20, 08

The ever-genius (but rather less than punctual) Scott Ramsoomair has artsied up 100 different forms of Kirby based on various comic/anime/gaming/web cultural icons.

Go to the original for full list with each tribute named.

This link has the Kirbys with no numbers, for artistic avatar purposes.

Fan-art Kirbies and Kirby statue.

I picked out just a small selection of Kirby forms that more readers might recognize, with added quotes:


(This is the original, usual-form Kirby)


It’s a-me!




Mmm… Mountain Dew.




Nigu (meat)!!!


(And this one’s for SF…) Bankai!


Ooo, a crowbar.


Dammit Fighter.


It’s… All my fault.


Get over here!!!




You got Webcomic Parody!

A Woman’s Place is in A Video Game

February 20, 08

Click to view full short comic…


Accompanying text by the comic creator:

Anyway comic this weekwas inspired by Nintendo’s new magazine. Girl gaming monthly featuring cooking mama and pink stuff! That’s what you girls do right? I heard they’re voting now… scandalous.

That’s the great Shigsy himself looking all stern and grim btw.

Reference to this game.

Yeah, it’s politically incorrect and discriminatory, but what good joke isn’t?

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