Singaporean Kidnapped in JB, Killed

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Straits Times
Singaporean ‘kidnapped in Johor Baru’ found dead

Man, 56, may have been killed after family failed to pay $328k ransom
Published on Dec 5, 20

JOHOR BARU – A Singaporean man said to have been kidnapped in Johor Baru on Nov 27 was found dead four days later, it was reported on Sunday.

It is believed that Sim Chee Yong, 56, was killed after his family was unable to pay a RM800,000 (S$328,200) ransom. His body was found floating in waters near Pasir Gudang last Thursday.

Johor deputy police chief Ismail Yatim said in a statement on Sunday that Sim did not have a job but was believed to be a loanshark. He had nine criminal records in Malaysia.

Police have detained three male suspects and a woman aged between 16 and 40 for questioning, he was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

Monday, 05 December 2011 08:08

S’porean man kidnapped and killled in JB

The body of a Singaporean businessman and former loanshark was found dumped in a river in Johor Bahru, reported the Shin Min Daily News yesterday.

56-year-old Shen Zhi Rong, was suspected to have been a victim of a kidnapping gone awry, after his family were unable to pay the RM800,000 (about $320,000) ransom which the kidnappers demanded.

His body was found with his head wrapped in four layers of plastic, with his hands and feet bound.

According to the Chinese daily, Shen was kidnapped on Nov 26 in Johor Bahru. His wife, Madam Lin Cai Mei, 50, received a call the next day from the kidnappers, demanding the sum of money.

Over the next few days, they called Madam Lin and Shen’s father, but both claimed they did not have such a large sum of money.

In their last call on Nov 29, the kidnappers finally lowered the ransom amount to RM400,000 (about S$19,000), but at that point in time, Shen’s voice not be heard in the background.

His wife and father believe Shen could have already been killed by the kidnappers by then.

Offended underworld boss

The Chinese news daily also reported that Shen was a well-known figure in Johor Bahru, and is described as a generous man who was “easy to talk to”.

According to interviews with those who knew him, Shen worked as a loanshark in the area, loaning cash and collecting them.

But he did not always return the full amount from the debts he collected.

“For example, if he collected RM50,000, he would pocket RM40,000″, said one source.

This may have angered the “underworld boss” he was working for, said those who knew him.

But according to his wife, Shen had “retired” from the loanshark business for some time, and she is unaware who he could have offended.

Shen was last seen emerging from a restaurant after playing a game of mahjong with friends on Nov 26.

One arrested in connection with kidnapping and murder

A Chinese woman has been arrested in connection with the kidnap-cum-murder, reported the daily, and police are searching for at least one other male accomplice.

The woman is reported to be an acquaintance of Shen, and a Singaporean.

Malaysian authorities are still investigating the case.


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