Weirdo Dream Last Night and Dream Types

This is the most mixed-up dream I’ve had for a while. It transitioned illogically yet smoothly, and during the dreaming I felt everything completely normal. The way dreams are, you know.

I went to secondary school (with girls in light blue pinafore) as a visitor. Somehow it became that I’m a student too, as if the dream director changed the plot. It’s only been a few days or a week of school. I feel unworried even though I didn’t do my work or follow class lessons, because I feel that the Maths teacher or BM teacher will be lenient in collecting work. (The person playing this part is my real life Pengajian Am teacher in From 6)

I pass by a/some pak guard(s) cleaning up some litter that’s near a cement plant pot, those round ones built into the ground. This becomes important later. In class a short while, then it becomes recess time.

Don’t ask me the logic of this but: I take off my shirt (not a button shirt, just a pull-over) thinking that I’ll go put on my shirt that’s outside the classroom. Thinking, I’m moderately quite choon shirtless but won’t be show-offy about it, just act biasa (false humility to get more attention).

The shirt is in a spot, I would say,  about 7 or 8 metres from the classroom door, walk thru the alley between my class and the adjoining one, reach the edge of badminton court that doubles as perhimpunan spot in SRK Ho Seng Onn Ipoh.

When I get there, I realize that…here we go… MY SNAIL IS MISSING because pak guard took the stuff that was there for cleaning (will be returned later I somehow know), so now I can’t PUT IT ON MY HEAD LIKE A HAT which means that it’s pointless for me to have taken off my shirt! And I don’t want to use other snails or stuff ‘cos they might not be clean. Oh well, never mind.

Don’t remember if I went to put my shirt back on. But how does a live-snail hat equate to a shirt? Somehow it did in the dream. Then it transitions to: I’m staying in some wooden chalet, on company budget. Don’t remember much here, but it goes on for a while more.

Other dream types I have are: ‘Repeat dream story’ that finishes, then repeats a few more times. But each time the plot is a little different and I kinda know it in the dream. As if the subconscious realizes oops! Not enough dream material for the sleep time tonite, have to recycle it with some minor changes. Or else, Director’s Cut alternate plot?

Then there’s the ‘preparing to eat dream’. When I get this dream I know I must be hungry, even if I don’t have growly tummy. In this dream, I’m selecting lots of yummy food. Most often it’s in secondary school canteen which has good food, sometimes it’s a buffet. Having collected all the various delicious food, I sit down, prepare to dig in and… I wake up. Noooooo! Very seldom do I get to taste the food in my dream (yes, my dreams can have vivid taste too).

When I’m asleep but I know I shouldn’t be (such as time to get out of bed, or asleep in class/work) I may have the ‘Wake myself up’ dream. I dream that I struggle to wake myself up, such as forcing eyes open, or poking myself with my hand, or stumbling to the bathroom to splash my face with water which for some reason is neither cold nor wet. Sometimes I believe I woke myself up, but it’s a ruse. I’m still asleep. Alternatively, I can be ‘awake’ in the dream and observe things happening around me, and then when I wake up I wonder if it was just a realistically set-up dream.

And of course, the ‘Get up and get ready’ dream. This dream often happens when I’m really tired, but know I must get up. So I get up wearily, go to the bathroom, wash up, change my clothes, go downstairs and… I wake up still in bed. Oh, it was a dream. Okay, so I get up and go wash face and put on clothes and… Oh, I’m still in bed. Sigh. So I get up and…

Finally I’ll get fed up with it and really get up. It’s like my mind saying ‘Have to get up and go!’ and my body saying ‘Noooo, too tired’, and the compromise is I get up and go in my mind while my body stays and sleeps.

PS. There’s also the notorious ‘Cannot move dream’ that’s actually documented scientifically, albeit minus any spiritual aspects. I have my own opinion on this scourge of the night, including how to conquer the ‘fear/terror/panic’ part that often accompanies it, but I’ll save that for another post.

One Response to “Weirdo Dream Last Night and Dream Types”

  1. Adifferentvoice Says:

    I have a recurring dream; I sit on the throne in a toilet cubicle but the walls disappear all of a sudden. People are walking past me. I wonder how I can get up and put on my clothes without being noticed. Thankfully, they don’t seem to notice me!

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