Slicing a Bullet in Half…Mid-flight

Samurai swords are near the very TOP of the ‘cool weapons’ list. If you follow manga and anime, films like Too Close and Kill Bill, or especially Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network, then you’ll know that katana can cut through ANYTHING! I betcha even light-sabres can be sliced into two individual pieces of pure energy.

Okaaaay, back to the real world. Can a well-forged Japanese sword cut through metal like Roronoa Zoro does in One Piece? Can it deflect bullets like in Final Fantasy: Advent Children?

Take a look at these videos…

The first one shows a katana splitting a 9mm handgun bullet. Short and not so clear, but watchably cool.

The second one shows a katana splitting automatic rifle bullets. This is much longer, and has close-up slow-motion takes at about 1 minute and 8 seconds into the video that actually let you see the bullet splitting in half! The pic below is of when the blade finally breaks from the impacts.


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