How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning



MOUTH – Drink milk or alcohol. The chilli chemical does not dissolve in water, but it dissolves in fats (e.g. milk cream) or alcohol.

SKIN – Rub with salt. You can use a bit of water to lubricate. Finish off with a rinse in milk and wash with soap and water. If that still doesn’t work (like in my case below), soak your hand in a strong alcoholic beverage for minutes (Jack Daniels seems a popular choice among commentors, especially to drink and sooth the mouth/throat!). The salt scrapes off the chilli stuck to your skin, the milk and soap and alcohol dissolve what little is left.


Tip from a Thai restaurant – leave a cucumber slice on the affected area.

Tip from Poison Control – soak in Maalox, use Solarcaine or Xylocaine to relieve pain.

Tip from sandy kay, rub Vicks Vaporub (mentholated cream) on the skin.

Tip from Brenda and Sumati Nair, soak in lemon juice. If these work for you, do mention in the comments.

Tip from Kitty Cat, soak in homemade scrub/yogurt.

Tip from Jennifer K, olive oil seems to help after the salt rub.

Tip from Jimmy, a Thai remedy is to put toothpaste on the spot.

Tip from yam, smear mayonnaise on the affected spot.

Tip from sarah rub a cut onion on the skin.

Tip from Rebecca, spray degreaser on the skin.

Tip from Josh, swallowing sweetened condensed milk helps due to the high sugar and fat content.

Tip from Thankyou, rubbing Gaviscon on the affected skin helps. From my own experience, Gaviscon works well for normal gastric or indigestion too.

Tip from Jessie James, use sour cream.

Commenter JGIG also suggests sour cream – which is basically milk in semi-solid form.

Pass on the solution through email, Facebook, whatever – share the relief!


Anne prepared her mom’s recipe for aglio olio – spaghetti with garlic and olive oil, plus bacon, black pepper and chillies mixed in, topped with freshly grated cheese! Mmmmm, delicious!

Unfortunately, when she was chopping chillies at her place, somehow some of it must have rubbed into her left hand. Strange, because she was wearing gloves to prevent just that from happening! Maybe there was a small hole in the gloves…

Anyway, her hand had a painful, burning sensation that wouldn’t stop. Imagine eating really hot, spicy tom yam… But it’s your hand’s skin that is burning! 


In order to stop the burning sensation, Anne had to clean off the chilli. She tried: Washing with soap, washing with shampoo, dunking into dish detergent, washing with aloe vera, washing with oil… Nothing seemed to work! And her right hand picked up some of the burning due to coming in contact with her left hand!

From my researching for my thesis, I knew that drinking water doesn’t help much to remove the burning of spicy food in your mouth because capsaicin (the active chemical that gives chillies their burning power) is not water soluble.

But capsaicin is fat or alcohol soluble, so drinking milk or alcoholic beverages can dissolve the burning taste in your mouth much faster than water can.

So over at my place, we borrowed some of Yu Pei’s cold milk and put it into a bowl. The milk fats should help remove the capsaicin from Anne’s hand. Anne put her hand into the cold milk, and it seemed to work! Even though it was Hi-Lo, with low fat, it seemed to relieve the burning greatly.


But after Anne removed her hand from the milk, the burning could be felt again… Less strong, but still uncomfortable! Guess the coldness of the milk was a strong contibutor, as well as the soothing milk. But the capsaicin was still on her hand.

Well anyway, we continued on to dinner. The aglio olio was great, but really spicy! Must have been the small, hot chillies and the Sarawak black pepper!

Anne had to keep the bowl of milk at hand to dunk her hand into while she ate. Oh, poor girl! But just then, I had a revelation: Ask my mum what to do!

A short call later, my mum replied with her years of cooking experience that the way to stop the burning was to: RUB THE HAND WITH SALT! Wah! Wouldn’t that be painful? My mum said it would be ok, ‘cos it’s just on the outside on the skin.


To quote Anne: “Would rather be painful for hours than rub salt!”

But we tried it after some hesitation. And wouldn’t you know: Mother knows best! The abrasive salt (dry at first, then a bit wet) rubbed off the capsaicin traces from the sruface of the skin! And it didn’t burn like when salt gets into a wound, since the chillies didn’t actually enter past the skin.

There was still a little bit of burning, but after a bath it was all better. To quote Yu Pei: “Who said rather be painful for hours ah?”

And that is how you remove the burning sensation of chilli or chili from your hand: Rub it off with salt!

Thanks, ma.

(Note: I put both chilli and chili in the title because Google spells it with one L – easier for people to find while their hands are on fire)

ADDENDUM 27 Sept 2008: When it came to my own turn to have burning chilli hands, the salt did NOT work even when rubbed with salt repeatedly, soaked in salt, smeared with salt… It finally went off after I soaked my hand in strong alcoholic beverage for around half an hour – chilled for extra relief. I used cheap brandy, that I normally use only for flambe (cos it’s cheap, 40% alcohol and doesn’t taste great).


Even Estonians have found the advice useful!



Stop Chilli Burning

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342 Responses to “How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning”

  1. Annie Says:

    It worked! I thought I was going to go mad with the burning on my skin, a great big thanks to your mom!!!

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    My mum says she’s glad to hear it worked! But she’s surprised more people don’t know about this remedy. So spread the word: Rubbing salt removes the chilli burning in your skin!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    THANKYOU! My hands were on fire! The salt and a little bit of lavender oil stopped it immediately! Now my hands are super soft too.

  4. Joe Says:

    Thanks, this was exactly what I needed! It was a very “heated” search process, thank goodness you had this info here. All of a sudden my old fella started burning like crazy! I was chopping chillis about 10 minutes prior and must have absent mindedly handled the goods! (Sorry for the poor taste employed here). Needless to say after 5 minutes attempting to ignore a sensation both torturous and bizarre I was left with no choice but to rush to the keyboard and query with ever diminishing hand-eye co-ordination, the room combusting all around me in cascading columns of flame, I was truly wondering if I were to live or die. And you, dear sir (and your dear mother) have now helped restore much order, to where chaos did reign. THANKYOU!

  5. Rachael Crane Says:

    Thank you! Ah my god I ‘ve just spent thirty minutes with ice, milk and oil …I had orange juice soaked pads on my nose and mouth which felt better for a moment – but then when I removed them – the burning again!!!

    Salt is seeming to work – I am experiencing the most relief.

    Who would have thought 9.30 am on the phone to my girlfriend, that “absenteeism deseeding a chilli” could have resulted in so much pain!!!

    Kisses. Thank you and thank you google. Bless your mum.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    My Right hand had been burning since last night…I started to think that I add some kind of allergic reation or something! I just tried the salt and my hand feels WAY better…still a little hot…but much better! Thanks!

  7. Anita Says:

    Hey thanks for the advise. My hand has been burning all day and I tried the sugar thing to no avail. The salt did not completely but this is the most relieve I’ve had so far. Thanks

  8. Anita Says:

    Oh by the way after using the salt I checked another website and they suggested milk and that took away the rest of burning for those who may be interested in trying something in addition if you didn’t get all the burning away. Again thanks

  9. Florence Says:

    Thanks! Right im having the same problem here…i’ll have a try 🙂

  10. Rahul Says:

    My sister didnt know that cutting chillies could have been such a horrifying and firy experince.She had cut the chillies without any gloves.After about 15 minutes here hands were on fire (literally……almost).She washed her hands with a soap, applied some oil, a cream, but nothing seemed to work.
    Then i tried to use the net, and you wont believe how much obliged i was to find you.The salt certainly reduced the burning sensation.

    I would like to thank you and your mom from the bottom of my heart, and my sister’s as well (but i know in comparison to this wonderful information these words do seem an understatement).

  11. hot hands Says:

    aye cheers 🙂

  12. Sharon Says:

    Hey …felt like my hands were on fire.. ealier today ..cutting chillies ..and tried just about everythin from ..soap wash ..aloe vera.. the ice cold water did give some relief ..but guess the simple mud pack seemed to have worked the best for me really cooling …did not know salt and milk rince was good ..will keep that in mind ….

  13. kyle Says:

    My hands are burning from cleaning up a broken bottle of the chilli sauce “mad dog 357” which for those of you who dont know it is 357000 scoviles of heat ( a hell of alot more than any chilli) anyway ive tried your salt rub and it work for about 20 seconds and now the burnings back, i gues it only works with weaker chilli… but thanks for the idea

  14. Leta Says:

    I tried soaking my hand in yogurt which seemed to help as long as my hand was IN the yogurt, same as Anne with the milk….SO helpful, many thanks to your mom!

  15. Scott Thong Says:

    My mum says “You’re very welcome” to you all!

  16. Andria Says:

    Scott – you are a lifesaver. My hands were on fire so in my haste I didn’t read your instructions ; I lubricated with milk instead. Anyway, it worked great! Thanks.

  17. A's Mom Says:

    Sorry to hear about those hot fingers only last night, and reading about it tonight! I usually hold the chilly padi by its stalk when I cut it open to remove the seeds and try not to touch the seeds or the inside of the chilly as much as possible. BTW, there’s another ingredient missing in the recipe – coriander, chopped finely. Hope I’m not rubbing salt into the wound. 🙂

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    Nice to hear your comment! And thanks for the advice and missing ingredient… Though Anne doesn’t like coriander :p

  19. Elicia Says:

    the salt helped reduce the burning A LOT. Thanks

  20. Scott Thong Says:

    Much glad to be of help… Spread the word, you just may save a chilli-tortured soul!

  21. Simon Thong Says:

    I used salt from when I was a little boy, experimented and found out that it worked. That was way back in 1960. Why salt? Cos soap didn’t work and there was nothing else but salt…Then I told Scott’s mum when we were in New Zealand. And the NZ women knew all about it, their mums’ home remedy. Some wanted to know how I found out so I told them. BUT Scott’s mum remembers that using salt will work, doesn’t remember my telling her.

  22. SP Says:

    Thanks! My guy was in pain and skeptical about anything working out for him but the salt rub offered relief. Appreciate the tip!

  23. Scott Thong Says:

    Uh, dude… Why exactly was your ‘guy’ in contact with chilli?

  24. Nan Roberts Says:

    Well, i just tried salt and it seems to have worked, what a relief! I’ve read elsewhere that the problem with capsaicin is that it stimulates the nerve endings without actually burning your skin, and once they are stimulated, you’re stuck with them for awhile. That’s why they use capsaicin in creams to counter chronic pain like really bad arthritis and other pains. It stimulates the production of endorphins, which relieves the chronic pain for a long time. But before they ladle on the capsaicin cream, they ladle on stuff to numb the skin first, because it hurts so much.

    ANyway, the salt really works, just a little heat now, and if it returns, I’ll try it again.

  25. Sandy Says:

    The salt worked great! All better! Yay!

  26. Peps Says:

    the milk really does work! but only temporarily for me, because i chopped up chilli padi with my bare hands!!!! now my fingers are completely GONE. and it’s been 4 hours since i chopped the stuff.

    But thanks, though. your site has been most helpful!! 🙂

  27. Scott Thong Says:

    The salt!!!


  28. Julie Says:

    Wow, another success story here. Thanks so much for posting this! I didn’t realise I had chilli on my hands, and they seem to be ok, but I rubbed them along my top lip and damn, I had no idea chillis could do that to a person. I thought of milk myself because it helps if you’ve *eaten* too much chilli, but I never would have thought of the salt. Feeling a little burny still, but *soooo* much better now.

  29. britni Says:

    thanks for the advise my hand has been on fire for hours, now im going to try it.

  30. simon thong Says:

    btw, carry a little salt with you when you go jungle trekking. Put some on any leech that sticks onto you, and it’ll drop off. Give the creepy-crawly blood-sucker a salty experience.

  31. simon Says:

    my little un just put some raw (but relatively mild) chili in her mouth while i wasn’t lookin .Her lips were puffin up her face was red , she was causing structural damage with her screamin . Your salt tip with water on cotton wool saved the day.What a winner . this month’s broadband fee made worthwhile by you . cheers

  32. JP Says:

    your mom is a life saver. my wife was chopping up a bucket of Habanero’s without gloves, and was left with fireballs in her hands. after trying many means to alleviate the pain, the salt scrub followed by milk helped tremendously.

    another awful sounding method refered by a doctor, is to urinate on your hands. apparently it works well, if you can get yourself to do it.


  33. suzanne Says:

    You’re welcome, JP. Salt works just fine. Never tried the pee (urine), wouldn’t think of trying that. Btw, I’m scott’s mum.

  34. dhines Says:

    hey guys thanks for the tip…i tried salt,milk,oil and ice cubes and yes it worked for a while but my hand is still burning so i tried another way to relieved myself. i put salt and oil in a plastic, then ice cubes on a mug then i put my hand inside the plastic and put it inside the mug….it’s a relief for a while i don’t know how long will it last…maybe till the ice melts…lol have to put another ice cube…

  35. Julian Says:

    aaaaaahhhhh……so much better. awesome remedy. just made a big pot of chili con carne and my hands were on fire. my wife did the same a few months ago but didn’t bother to google it. thanks so much for the advice

  36. Suzanne Thong Says:

    When I first told my son Scott about the salt on chili bit, I had absolutely no clue how a simple bit of info from kitchen experience would generate so much interest! I’m quite bowled over by the number of responses from so many wanabe cooks who have experienced the sting! But hey, that goes to show you, a little of the right kind of savvy can go a long way – or should I jus say “It’s cool!”

  37. hutchrun Says:

    Residents and officials say the burning chili smoke has stung the eyes and throats of people across the city.

    “People are coughing uncontrollably,” says farmer Y. Venkateshwarulu.,2933,354074,00.html

  38. Mary Gregory Says:

    My husband and I passed our 36,000 hour (or one could say mid-life) and threw a party to celebrate. His son and wife brought us a basket of fruit etc and what I thought was a small round paprika.

    Later, I put the paprika into a lunch for myself, and cut it up with a knife and no gloves.

    After running hot all afternoon, looked up the counter-action on the net, and found your Mom’s recipe. Tried it – my hands are much better – but are still a little burning if I touch my eyes or lick my fingers.

    Whoever thought one would run ionto this problem here in Finland?

  39. Elf2005 Says:

    Thanks for the excellent tip. It worked well for me. I tried salt rubbing and rinsed with milk. It’s a relief for a while and the burning was back. So, I tried again and the burning stopped completely.

  40. Nanc Says:

    Thank you for this tip. Let me tell you my experience. It is 2:30 in the morning and I have the sheets in the washing machine. I hiked four miles this weekend, two of which was uphill. My calves hurt so bad I am walking like Frankinstein. I went to Kmart to get some ben gay or something that didnt smell so bad. I asked the pharmacist to suggest something.In my hand I had Capzasin ointment, Odor free. He said that stuff, you either love or hate. It is made with cayenne pepper. People say it burns and works good and some people say that hate it. He didnt say any more than that. I bought it. (Idiot that I can be at times) I came home and rubbed it in, it has one of those spongy top applicators. This was at 7 pm this evening. I woke up at 1:45 this morning with a burning and I mean BURNING sensation on my calves. I got up and washed it off. Didnt work, Got back up and showered it off over and over with the soap and then with another kind of soft soap. Didnt work. I got on here. BLESS YOU FOR THIS> I remembered the pharmacist said something about milk. I dont have any milk but I put some sea salt on my wash cloth and then just poured the salt in my hand and rubbed it in. Tomorrow this may be funny (I hope) Right now I am waiting for the sheets to wash and I am going to sleep on the couch!!

  41. Lisa Says:

    THANK YOU!!! I tried a muscle cream with capsaicin (.075) and was ready to go to the ER. UNREAL burning. Showered and soaped up — to no avail. Tried ice packs — great. As long as I iced continually. Then I came upon your site and mom’s advice. Thank you both! Did the oil, salt and milk and while I still feel heat, it’s not like a million sun lamps. At least I’ll avoid the ER and get some sleep!

  42. Alex Says:

    4 hours of pain and searching through internet AND I’VE FOUND IT. The cure is DRINKING ALCOHOL. I have tried milk, bleech, salt, ice… Salt was ok but only for a while. Thanks any way. 3 GLASSES OF 40 % ALCHOCOL. THATS IT.

  43. Alex Says:


  44. Britt Says:

    Good gosh! I cut up a Habanero (the hottest of the chilies) today and my poor hands have been burning all day! I tried neosporin, soap, water, nothing was working! This has helped greatly!!

  45. Britt Says:

    Oh the salt worked pretty well! Poision control says to soak your hands in Maalox for 25 minutes. That does the trick!

  46. Kindra Says:

    Poision control says to soak your hands in Maalox for 25 minutes. That does the trick!

  47. Simon Thong Says:

    3 glasses of whisky? Drunk enough not to feel anything?

  48. Tom Says:

    I was helping my mother-in-law pick chillis (like a thousand or so) and got this serious burning sensation that your talking about… unfortunately I didn’t know about the salt, so I instead sucked on my two fingers that were affected the most, and sucked the chilli straight out my skin just like sucking poison out a wound. It worked great after about 20 minutes it was all better, however my mouth was then full of the spice, just as well I normally eat spicy food

  49. Fraser Says:

    God bless you! My hands had been on fire since rubbing cayenne pepper onto chicken legs and chopping fiery little chilis for dinner tonight and it was really starting to bug me. Rubbing dry salt onto my hands for a minute and then more salt with milk to lubricate has worked nicely, only places still bugging me are under my nails where I presume a few little bits of cayenne still are.

    Much better though! what a relief and thanks for the tip – looks like it’s helped a lot of people

  50. happyfeet Says:

    2 Thumbs up !!! I got chili near my eye !!! I put salt and it was removing it ! I know it was working because the burning was going down my face.
    So I rushed over for the milk and than ran to the sink for the soap. !!! Nothing was on my mind but getting the stinging to stop ! It was worth the look I got from the post man !!!! Ya my makeup had looked like i was ready for Halloween !
    Thank you so much for your mama !

  51. glo Says:

    Oh my gosh!!! My husband chopped some cayenne peppers earlier today. We started to get frisky and needless to say all of a sudden I was in tears. I was afraid of what to do but was willing to try anything. Salt is so natural I figured I could try it safely. I am so happy your tip was here. The milk was working but only while it was being applied.

  52. Maddison and Nikaela Says:

    This was so painful, my friend got in her nose and it is burning. All we were trying to do, was cut up some chili, but noooooo it had to go on our eyes. We are in pain and the salt really hurt me. Pleaze help us.

  53. Maddison Says:

    my name is boodie and it ryms with boogy, and this thing of CHILI, is so f******* painful./ The milk doesn’t help. Wat else can we dooooo?

  54. Scott Thong Says:

    In your eyes? Um… Seek medical help?

  55. simon & suzanne thong Says:

    We heard that salt on your TONGUE or under your TONGUE may work. It’s worth a try, Maddison and Nikaela.

  56. Janey Says:

    Thank god that’s over!! Actually no, thank you and your mum!!! I chopped up chillies earlier for the first time (working on my culinary skills) and had no idea you’re supposed to wear gloves. I was convinced I must have touched the oven dish, until I realised the burning feeling was spreading. I’ll not be making that mistake again! I might actually get to sleep now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  57. Andrea Says:

    THANKS!!! My husband made chili rellenos for dinner tonight. We just got a bushel of roasted green chilis. I couldn’t wait for dinner so I pretened like one of the rellenos attacked me and jumped in my mouth. Well, it was jumping in my mouth I got some chili on my lips and face. OMG those things were HOT, I mean HOT. I tried beer, milk and finally ran to the computer holding an ice cube to my face. The salt really worked. I thought my lips were going to be seared off!! I’ll never forget salt! Thanks.

  58. So Hot Cindy Says:

    Thanks so much, “Mom”! My hands hurt so much but the salt did the trick! How can I repay?

  59. Yola Says:

    I chopped up a pepper, it was green and large and the man that sold it to me at the “Fruit Stand said it wasn’t hot however, now my hands are burning terribly and i need HELP. I’ve tried what you wrote here and it’s not working at all. Only cold water is easing it alittle when it’s on it. Please someone help.

  60. Yola Says:

    hello again, My hands are still buring, I tried aloe Vera, milk , yogurt. salt and i even put 70% rubbing alchol on it and nothing is working. I think it was a habenaro pepper. any Advise, please.

  61. simonthong Says:

    Try leaving the salt on your hands for two minutes or more, to let the salt absorb the burning stuff..good luck!

  62. Scott Thong Says:

    Rubbing salt didn’t work for me, so I tried the following: Leaving salt on, soaking in salt water, washing with soap, rubbing with alcohol.

    What finally worked was soaking my hand in 40% alcohol brandy for half an hour. It faded a bit after I dried off my hand.

    Tell us how you were finally cured.

  63. rei Says:

    thanks. i got chili on my eyelid and it was painful…. went online, saw your suggestion and it worked.

  64. Viv Says:

    I was cutting chillies one morning and normally I don’t feel the burn on my hands. When I went to put in my contact lenses, I nearly screamed my head off. I tried salt and gin, but not for too long. It didn’t help. Since I was in a rush, I just kept my glasses on. Now I’m scared to put my contact lenses in :). Thanks for the tips though. My sister always complains when she cuts chillies, so I’m sure she’ll be appreciative.

  65. Jennifer Says:

    HORRIBLEB IDEA DO NOT PUT SALT ON YOUR BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Scott Thong Says:

    Jennifer, it may hurt like CRAZY but it may be the only way. Pain for a while, rub it all off, soak in cold brandy for half and hour, and no more burning. My experience.

  67. Leah Says:

    I recently decided that i wud become a gardener lol…which involves collecting seeds…my mum had been given bright red chilli’s fresh from a friend garden. My mum planned to use them in a chilli (she’s a chef u see) but being as busy as she always is the chilli was forgotten about and the red chilli’s sat on the kitchen window ledge for about a week or 2. So 2nite i decided to collect the seeds from within them to plant next year….you know as a kind gesture for mummy dearest…….i stupidly forgot to wear gloves and i absent mindedly forgot about the hot rock burn on the tip of my finger (which was basically an open wound the size of a matchstick head) i gathered the seeds and placed them in an envelope and washed my hands with soap. I sat at my p.c and rubbed my face to wake myself up and out of nowere my lips, chin, cheeks and fingertip started to burn…and i have eczema so it was like molten lava on my skin…straught away i typed in to google ‘how to get rid of the burning from chilli’s’ and you’re page popped up……..SALT BINGO!! What a wonderful creation!! did u know that if u have a bout of Scabies…all you have to do is have a salt bath with like 1 cup of salt in the water and another cup to rub in to ur skin…it’s also a great exfoiliant.
    anywho thanks for the heads up….i will know in future now what to do.

  68. JenEpp Says:

    salt rub then alcoholic bev. soak (I used vodka) really helped, there was still a little burning and I “washed my hands” in olive oil and that stopped it! I feel like I could have skipped the rest maybe and just did olive oil. Great suggestions no matter! Thank you

  69. ilna Says:

    here i am with my hand soaking in vodka…grrreat. tried everything else, salt offered some relief but burning came back so now i try the alcohol…funnily i was learning to play “ring of fire” earlier this now i can truly say it burns, burns, burns…oh well, thanks for the tip, it seems that the soaking helps at least atm!

  70. yve Says:

    i looked at this website after burning for like an hour already. Worse is i touched my hubby, touched my kid, hope they are not burning like me. Finally used the crabtree la source hand cream.. finally it doesn’t burn that much anymore.

  71. mcfly Says:

    someone mentioned before about urinating being an option (this really should never be an option)…. many people seem to think this is the best cure for a jellyfish sting as well, which made me think of the more preferable remedy of vinegar.
    i have just applied it to my burning hands, and while i may stink (because you shouldn’t wash the vinegar off for a while) i am finally ok.
    thanks for the salt remedy as well! it really really helped.

  72. sonya Says:

    Yes it really does work!
    A gentle rub of salt and a cold milk soak! AAAGGGHHHH BLISS…

  73. p!nkroma Says:

    thanks for the tips. my fingers are still burning but it’s quite tolerable now than it was earlier. really a big help. thanks again!

  74. jenny Says:

    give my very very best wishes to your mum! and you! the burning on my fingers made me had some painkillers earlier (which didnt work) and rubbing salt made it better, although the pain didnt diminish away instantly. but it is a LOT better. thanks!

  75. julZ Says:

    Both you and your mum are ABSOLUTE GENIUSES!!!!! THANK YOU!! Just been chopping chilli for the first time ever for soup and decided i would ignore the ”wear gloves” instructions -> BIG MISTAKE!! Thought I’d burnt my fingers on the saucepan without realising, then realised that of course I would’ve realised!! And of course, yes, it was the chilli! Grrr!! Searched the net frantically for a solution – not expecting to be successful and voila – a few rubs with salt later and here i am – burnless and very happy! HA! THANK YOU!! xo

  76. Andry Says:

    This “burning” fingers of mine is killing me. Its almost 1 AM, I gotta wake early and had this bloody finger of mine bugging my sleep!!!

    But, big Thanks for the salt idea!!!

    Been cutting chillies today to cook… made stupid mistakes and my fingers are burning like hell for 4 hours….
    Tried using Ointment, toothpaste, Milk, red wine, dry salt, wet salt, etc and none of them work!!!….

    After some thinking (I like hot foods), the best way to get rid of spicy taste from our mouth is to drink hot water. SO I tried using Hot water and I add some salt to it. and start dunking in my hands and rubbing my fingers…. It really2 works..!!! Finally I can get some sleep !!!

  77. Scott Thong Says:

    To everyone who was saved by this advice – glad we could help! Spread the word about how to defeat the unyielding chilli!

  78. Sunny Says:

    I burn my face from my hand after cut the chilli, I use salt to rub and rise with water, its slow down, but still feel that… then I remember you tell OIL will help, so I put some oil on it, wa! its gone so quick!!
    many many many thanks for all your share, its so helpful!!
    have a nice day. lots of thanks again.

  79. KerryUK Says:

    Give your mom a big kiss from me. Oh the relief!
    Thank you for taking the time to put this remedy on here.

  80. simon thong Says:

    This is such a helpful site.

  81. dr bajpai Says:

    thanks alot dear removed burnubg from my moms hand

  82. chica Says:

    i used capzasin cream on my hands and elbows (for arthritic pain ha ha) and it really worked. my joints felt limber and pain free for hours… but during that time the tingling on my skin when from irritation to burning to agony. imagine the worst sunburn you’ve ever had (with the redness to boot). i tried aloe vera. i ran my hands and arms under cold water. i applied cold compress pads that we keep on hand in the freezer (my husband and i both suffer from chronic pain so the heating pad is always out and there’s always at least three cold packs in the freezer). i washed with hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap. nothing worked. i only had skim milk so didn’t even bother with that. considered yogurt but my husband hates it, especially the spell and it was well after bed-time already. finally, i tried canola oil, as another site had suggested. the first application didn’t work so great; brought my pain level from a 10 to a 9 but that was still a significant improvement. as the first application soaked in, i applied more – quite liberally, i was an oil slick- and continued the cold compress where the pain was most acute. i also took a tylenol3 (central nervous system depressant) and a tab of clonazapam (another CNSD that i’m prescribed for chronic insomnia) and within a few minutes the pain was bearable enough that i knew i’d be able to sleep… at nearly 1am. even without the CNSDs the oil was of great help and certainly worth a try if nothing else works, just don’t be skimpy, use a LOT.

  83. Jayson Says:

    OK… forget about the burning in my hands, I can deal with that now that went to the bathroom I have a bigger more sensitive problem!! I don’t know about rubbing salt on my “wound”. I think I’m gonna try dunking in a glass of milk and if that doesn’t work…. I guess its on to the salt! Just thought my prediciment would bring a smile to another victims face long enough for them to forget about the burning in thier hands. Oh yea… I washed my hands good with soap and water immediately after in fear of getting chili in my eyes.

  84. Scott Thong Says:

    Try the hard liquor. It probably will sting as bad as the salt, though!

  85. henx pinas! Says:

    lol my girlfriend sent me a text message and i googled this up. lol.
    sent her the info. hope she does fine in a bit!

  86. The Philosopher Says:

    Thanks for the good information with a concern for speed.

    Well, one good turn deserves another. My girlfriend and I were cooking spaghetti primavera with chili peppers and settling down for a romantic evening. Sure enough, I totally forgot to take any precautions with the chilies and soon enough my hand were covered in chili. Despite this I didn’t really feel anything so I let it go. Well dinner went on as planned and one thing led to another. Before long all the good sensations suddenly became burny sensation! Well rush rush, scamper scamper I got to this website quick as I could and used the milk and then alchohol suggestions. Naturally the more sensitive zones were a top priority, and I’m glad to say it worked. All the same, it just goes to show you to be careful in the kitchen and read up on your recipes. So much for romance, but not a bad night for humor.

  87. Sandi Says:


  88. Yeli Says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this will help but my sister’s boyfriend’s hands are burning. They were handling a bucket full of chilli and slicing it up. I guess they were making a whole lot of chilli sauce. The first thing I had in mind was milk, but never knew salt would do! Thanks!

  89. Jacque55 Says:

    Some lukewarm water to rinse off after the salt rub will help alleviate most of the burning. A word of caution though; the lukewarm water can cause quite a sting even though it’s not really that hot. Worked like a charm for me.

  90. Sujja Says:

    Thanks a lot, the Salt and Milk worked like a charm.

  91. nick and alice Says:

    WHY DID YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

    Mouth burning so so so much from chili, read thing about alcohol dissolve chili chemical.

    Find vodka.
    Rinse mouth with vodka.
    Alice scream in agony.
    Nick and Alice tumble around kitchen trying to help selves.


    Tongue becomes seething mass of tingle-pain.

  92. Scott Thong Says:

    Oops… Maybe I should have stated more clearly that I used the alcohol for my hand and not my mouth? Sorry!

    (Btw, if any of you are unacquainted with vodka, it will burn your mouth even without chilli. But drink enough, and you might be stoned enough to forget any pain.)

  93. Miranda Says:

    My lips were burning were when I ate my brothers really hot salsa I tried everything that my mom said: apples, ice, cold water. Nothing worked! Then I went on your website and you suggested milk! So I got a 1 half measuring cup and filled it with milk, i put my lips in the milk and waited for about 5 minutes. I took my lips out and they were cured!!! I just want to thank you so much or my lips would still be burning!! Thank You!!!

  94. Annie Says:

    I tried everything, salt, floor, lotion, lemon, vinegar etc.. but nothing seems to work till I used Salt..its incredible how it took away the pain so quickly..thanks..

  95. angela Says:

    nothing on this site worked it was crap…. the only thing that worked for this intense pain was toothpaste as soon as i put it on it was instant and worked perfectly…good luck

  96. Scott Thong Says:

    Okay, thanks for the tip!

  97. sarah Says:

    OUCH!! chili’s should come with a warning label for this! i chopped a few peppers bare handed and i felt a pain i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. i tried every remedy i could find on the internet: scrubbing with salt, washing with olive oil, soaking in milk, alcohol, lemon juice, yogurt… all these provided temporary relief, but once my hand dried, the pain came back full force.

    in the end, what worked for me was just drinking a few beers. the cold and wet condensation from the can soothed my fingers, while i got buzzed enough to not detect the pain fully anymore.

  98. mpd Says:

    Thank-you a million! Hubby thought he’d get a head start on the chilli season and chop some up to put into the dehydrator for a friend. Next i hear a cry for help! His face and hands were on fire. By the time i got to the bathroom he had already used a litre of milk to soak his hands in.
    You guys a amazing! A quick “google” later and we were rubbing salt onto his face and hand, followed by a facewasher soaked in milk over his face. He is still very “red” to look at, but most of the pain is gone. may now finish off with a massage of oil….

  99. Scott Thong Says:

    Glad we could help! Double layer of disposable plastic gloves works for this hubby when he chops chillies for dearest.

  100. Kadri Says:

    Thanks for this post. It was very helpful.

  101. Karen Says:

    Thanks!! My hands were red and swollen for almost 2 hours, after trying all I used salt and lemon and the pain went away in minutes, Thanks a lot!!

  102. scott wilkerson Says:

    My 10year old son was harvesting his chilli peppers from the green house and had cut them up to dry out and got chilli burn in the eyes we found your site and hey after bathing them in salt water it took a minute to completely stop all the burning. thanks a million.

  103. See Siang Says:

    My hand has been terribly burning for a few hours. My friend specially went to the pharmacie to get a cooling gel, but that didnt help. Thanks to your website (the salt and the alcohol) the pain is now much less!!! Many Thanks!

  104. See Siang Says:

    the pain came back after the salt and alcohol treatment, so i have put TOOTHPASTE (which was a clue also of one of the chili victims) and this helped me in the end a lot! PLEASE TRY THIS!!! It relieved the pain so i could sleep. Just for the people who are thinking this nightmare is not coming to an end: the pain will only stay for about max. 9 hours.

  105. lynn Says:

    good morning,i amwriting from Adelaide in South Australia,i found this site,and it is very helpful,only for the first time yesterday,i had sausages and eggs for tea(dinner) and was not awear they had chilli in them,and i started to have heart rates so high and sweating i thought i was having a haert attack,can you tell me is this maybe a reation to chilli,as you only talk about on the outer body,i would love some feed back here in Aussie land.many thanks,and help Lynn.xx

  106. Adifferentvoice Says:

    What’s happening? Spam? Free advertising? Very poor English, I must say! In college in Malaysia, they would say, “Your England is very good.”

  107. Scott Thong Says:

    Said spams have been sent to the spam box.

  108. Depth Says:

    Aaah, finally..

    Thanks for the cures and have a good night!

  109. Adifferentvoice Says:

    What Japan says is, to put it mildly, obtuse. Is it even English? The spelling isn’t too bad but the syntax…sigh…

  110. Adifferentview Says:

    another mystery!?

  111. Scott Thong Says:

    Another spam sent to the spam box.

  112. k.yohendi Says:

    it worked! i just realised that cutting chillies leads to burning skin..

  113. Victor Says:

    Thanks. Helped heaps. I was preparing yong tau fu for my wife and the burning sensation got onto my temple and mustache area.

  114. ercy Says:

    thanks so much for the advice! i was making my own chili powder, grinding dried chilies from my garden. all of a sudden, the lower part of my face and neck were burning up. i tried ice and then aloe, but they didn’t work. i only have skim milk on hand, so i used a combination of olive oil and table salt to create a scrub and it did wonders. i then rinsed it off with water and my facial wash and about 10 minutes later, the pain was gone. thank you again!!! i’ll tweet your post to my foodie friends on twitter.

  115. Cindy Says:

    I chopped some chillis (long red, long green, red and organge color bell shape, pretty much all kinds) last night to make some chilli sauce myself. I haven’t came across really hot chilli before so not totally aware what kind of chilli I am cutting. I was later told one type of them is Habanero (the hottest of the chilies). I didn’t wear any gloves, and hand picked the seeds and chopped the chillis in very tiny small size for the paste. minutes later, my hands are on FIRE. each and every finger is like under griller. I tried everything, ice pack, cold water, vinegar, soap wash, …. nothing really help stopping the pain. I couldn’t even sit down for more than 10 sec, have to walk around in the room. Couldn’t even take a shower as the water at room temperature feels like boiling water. touch my own arm is feeling like touch a hot oven. the finger skin are all red, in so much pain, I had a painful sleepy yet sleepless night last night. Until this morning 5am, I finall feel the pain gets a bit better. I hope I know the tips on this site earlier.

  116. Scott Thong Says:

    Ouch, Cindy! Lots of people who stumbled onto this blog post did so while their hands were burning. From now on, wear two layers of disposable plastic gloves like I do!

  117. Nam Says:

    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to whoever the blogger is. My hands have been burning for the past 6 hours and and I just rubbed them with salt, lemon juice and then milk. Not sure which of those did the trick, but I no longer feel like like my hands are on fire.

  118. Melissa Says:

    Yesterday I decided to make chile relleno for the first time. Got all the chilies ready. Took the seeds out by hand (big mistake). Didn’t realize nothing till after I was done cooking and washing all the dishes. As soon as my hands got dry they started burning. Felt like someone was holding a lighter under my fingers. I had to go wash my hand again and again. They still burned. My husband thought I was just being a diva…..I got a wet cold towel and wrapped around my hand, it helped a little but not for long. I also tried soaking my hand in milk….didn’t work. SO then I found your website. I tried the salt…..felt relief for about 10 minutes. So then I tried the oil. Still didn’t work. Actually made it burn more. Rubbed lemon on my hands. Didn’t work. Finally I tried the 40% alcohol. Soaked my hand in there for about 45min and finally relief after 4 1/2 hours of pain. Omg it felt so much better. Its great you have a forum like this for people like me. I didn’t know how I was gonna sleep through the night. Never again will I take the seeds out of jalapenos with my bare hands…….thank you very much!!!!!

  119. aisha Says:

    wow!! u helped me!!! thnx!!! wow!!!! gr8 feeelng after that burning sensation!!!!phewwww

  120. Scott Thong Says:

    To everyone whose ever benefited from the advice collected here… Spread the word, tell your friends, Facebook or blog it! Save the fingers of the world from the burning scourge of chillies!

  121. chloe robbers Says:

    ARGH im in ict at school & i’ve just had food tech where i was deseeding chillis.
    OMFG it well hurts, what can i do for it till i get home + use ur stuff?

  122. Scott Thong Says:

    If you have salt, milk and rubbing alcohol in your school, just use those. If not, get them anywhere you can!

  123. something Says:


  124. Kama Says:

    WOW! I had NO idea chilli could be so devastatingly painful on the skin.
    Made a chilli guacamole as part of our Valentines supper last night and about 20 min after cutting the chilli I realised my hand was feeling pretty warm…it’s the next morning and I have tried everything, milk, alcohol, salt, toothpaste, olive oil, hemp oil, vitamin E oil. My fingers are throbbing and so hot they feel cold. Gonna try the whole lot again and if that doesn’t work I’ll have to meditate or something…WOW!!!!!!

  125. serene Says:

    i have tried relieving by rubbing salt and dipping my hand in to the milk but it still stings a little bit

  126. hamid Says:

    “I had NO idea chilli could be so devastatingly painful on the skin.”

    Also effective for interrogations…..then they sing like birds

  127. belysoly Says:

    Indian military to weaponize world’s hottest chili
    Mar 23, 6:19 AM (ET)

    GAUHATI, India (AP) – The Indian military has a new weapon against terrorism: the world’s hottest chili.

    After conducting tests, the military has decided to use the thumb-sized “bhut jolokia,” or “ghost chili,” to make tear gas-like hand grenades to immobilize suspects, defense officials said Tuesday.

    The bhut jolokia was accepted by Guinness World Records in 2007 as the world’s spiciest chili. It is grown and eaten in India’s northeast for its taste, as a cure for stomach troubles and a way to fight the crippling summer heat.

    It has more than 1,000,000 Scoville units, the scientific measurement of a chili’s spiciness. Classic Tabasco sauce ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville units, while jalapeno peppers measure anywhere from 2,500 to 8,000.

    “The chili grenade has been found fit for use after trials in Indian defense laboratories, a fact confirmed by scientists at the Defense Research and Development Organization,” Col. R. Kalia, a defense spokesman in the northeastern state of Assam, told The Associated Press.

    “This is definitely going to be an effective nontoxic weapon because its pungent smell can choke terrorists and force them out of their hide-outs,” R. B. Srivastava, the director of the Life Sciences Department at the New Delhi headquarters of the DRDO said.

    Srivastava, who led a defense research laboratory in Assam, said trials are also on to produce bhut jolokia-based aerosol sprays to be used by women against attackers and for the police to control and disperse mobs.

  128. Donna Andres Says:

    Your Mum is a legend. And thanks to you for having the GOOD SENSE to put this on the web. I tried Aloe Vera, hanging onto a roll of frozen sausage meat (which was great until I put it down) Scrubbing my hands with vinegar, soap, milk, facial toner, anything that I thought might neutralise the acid. I thought I was going to have flames coming out of my finger tips. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I touch chilli without gloves. : )

  129. Scott Thong Says:

    Capsiacin, the active ingredient in chilli, is not an acid… Methinks milk works somewhat because the fat dissolves some of the capsiacin, rather than being alkaline.

    Glad to help, and pass along the message!

  130. Nissa Says:

    I found this yesterday after stupidly seeding and cutting jalapenos with my bare hands.

    Important tip: If you have a lot of capsiacin concentrated somewhere (in my case, under my thumbnail), do NOT soak your hand in something that dissolves it. I tried the soaking in alcohol method when nothing else worked, and managed to spread the burn to my entire hand 😦 After that point, nothing but icing it and waiting helped.

    Rinsing thoroughly with rubbing alcohol probably would have been the best solution in my case. Oh well, you live, you learn.

  131. last time chilli seeder! Says:

    Forget all that! Take 2 heavy duty painkillers, swig down with a good dram of neat whiskey and head for bed with your hands in a bowl of iced water – keep ’em in there and wait approximately 9 hours and the burns should be gone!!! I tried everything mentioned here and eventually just had to put it down to a very bad experience! Hahaha! 🙂

  132. gg Says:

    Just in case anyone else is as crazy as me to rub the juice from the chili on their lips to try and make them fuller, it does work, they have gone bright red and were BURNING.. The only thing that eased the pain was putting honey on my lips, instant relief and then I just licked off the honey about 10 minutes later and my lips area till kinda full and pink but now they are numb and NOT burning.. omg..

  133. cat Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i got chillie up my nose, dont want to put salt up there, eeew!!! BURNING, what to do?????!!!!

    been trying milk on a tissue for a long time.

  134. Scott Thong Says:

    Repeated nasal spray?

  135. shanu Says:

    thanku so much………… SALT really worked…………. on chillies…………..

    god bless alllllllllll…

  136. James Says:

    Salt works perfectly!!!

  137. Simon Thong Says:

    Yes, it does. And if you were to get a terribly foul smell on your hands that won’t go away, salt works, too. When I was a boy, my bro and I had to go hunting squirrels with dad. When we got home, the dead squirrels would stink to the high heavens! After skinning (undressing) the squirrels, pulling out the innards, etc.., the stink on my hands was so terrible that I could hardly eat my dinner. One advantage was that, at school the next day, I would suddenly put a foul smelling hand under a friend’s nose and watch him gag. When I learnt, quite by accident, that salt took away the stink..oh JOY!

  138. ernie Says:

    bro this stuff really did work thank you alot nd i hope u can come up wit other ways to do other things haha but thanks

  139. Am i evil? - The Liverpool Way Says:

    […] […]

  140. Ene mauricien Says:

    I had my right hand in contact with chilli n sb told me to rub oil on my hands n place it on open fire ..well it alleviate the pain very considerably lets say 60% was off…but didnt know abt the other stuffs..! thx just rub my hands with salt n it worked too!!

  141. Menna Says:

    Thank you thank you for the advice. I helped a friend make curries for a party last night and I did all the chilli chopping! Just washed my hands with soap and water…totally no this morning woke up with sore hands which were slightly swollen. Rubbed on salt and dipped them in milk-and they are cured!

    cheers again

  142. Milroy Goes Says:

    Thanks a Lot.. I found this information very helpful to my Bro..

  143. Userful! Says:

    thank you for the HOT tip. my wife thank you…. we ran out of milk so I had to google. and found you. salt and ALCHOCOL (both to drink and apply) seem to help 😉

  144. Hot! Hot! Chili Hands! « colin brooks: photoblog Says:

    […] on the internet. Fortunately, if you ever find yourself suffering the same fate, the aptly-named Buuuuurrrrnging Hot – leading Malaysian neocon blog has some sage advice. (I was in a desperate situation, seeking advice from a neocon […]

  145. colinbrooksphoto Says:

    Excellent advice, thank you! I’d had my hands in water for six hours when I read this and was beginning to think it might be less painful just to cut them off!

    I tried the salt, but in the end half a hour with my hands dunked in a pot full of gin did the trick for me.

  146. Lise Says:

    Thank you so much for the solution to my burning hands, salt works I have a light burning sensation still but only under my thumb nail.

  147. veriwildcat Says:


  148. Oakman Says:

    I don’t know where this idea to rub salt on the hands came from but that is probably the LAST thing you would want to do. Absolutely USELESS. Don’t waste your time with oil or alcohol either. I used it and it did more harm than good. My exposure was with Habanera peppers (The hottest ones). My girlfriend had a longer exposure to them. The pain became maddening and unbearable.
    Hopefully yours won’t get to that point so here are 3 Important Steps to take if this ever occurs.
    STEP 1
    First of all, (and I speak from experience), if you have chili oil on your hands then you’re going to want to wash that stuff off RIGHT AWAY! Thoroughly with dish soap or degreaser if you have one. DO NOT make any contact with your EYES and make sure that whatever you touch to dry or clean your hands gets thrown out or into the wash right away.

    [Cold water helps, and ice water is even better but make sure you don’t frostbite your fingers cuz that could impede the healing process and is not good overall. On and off the cold periodically is a good method.]

    STEP 2
    The oil WILL NOT dissolve in water however so you have to use dairy. Sour cream, plain yogurt or some milk (preferably 2%). Dunk your hands into that for a while. This is all temporary relief however and if you’re looking for the ultimate solution then you must soak your hands in MAALOX for about 20-25 minutes. Other upset stomach coats such as Pepto Bismol may be good alternatives.

    After a dreadful night of looking through forums (including this one) and trying everything in the book while bearing this escalating and excruciating pain, my girlfriend and I found out that a number of people had called Poison Control and they told them to use this method. It worked for me. Very effective. Now if it doesn’t work (probably because some may have a reaction to it or have a higher degree of exposure to the chili oil) then I would go to the DOCTOR.

    STEP 3
    Go get some Solarcaine from the pharmacy or Xylocaine which is basically the same but contains a stronger dosage of the active ingredient. It is a topical antiseptic used primarily for burns and could be the only thing that will help. The rest is TIME. None of these will offer immediate or instantaneous solutions but will relieve the pain and reduce it to a bearable state.
    Remember, your best options are: MAALOX (which was VERY effective for me) or XyLOCAIN or Doctor. DO NOT use Salt or Alcohol. Last thing you want is to pour salt on a wound or be too drunk to think sensibly in a situation such as this.

    P>S> On the plus side The end product still turned out to be some of the GNARLIEST and delicious SALSA’s I’ve ever tasted.

  149. Oakman Says:


    I don’t know where this idea to rub salt on the hands came from but that is probably the LAST thing you would want to do. Absolutely USELESS. Don’t waste your time with oil or alcohol either. I used it and it did more harm than good. My exposure was with Habanera peppers (The hottest ones). My girlfriend had a longer exposure to them. The pain became maddening and unbearable.
    Hopefully yours won’t get to that point so here are 3 Important Steps to take if this ever occurs.
    STEP 1
    First of all, (and I speak from experience), if you have chili oil on your hands then you’re going to want to wash that stuff off RIGHT AWAY! Thoroughly with dish soap or degreaser if you have one. DO NOT make any contact with your EYES and make sure that whatever you touch to dry or clean your hands gets thrown out or into the wash right away.

    [Cold water helps, and ice water is even better but make sure you don’t frostbite your fingers cuz that could impede the healing process and is not good overall. On and off the cold periodically is a good method.]

    STEP 2
    The oil WILL NOT dissolve in water however so you have to use dairy. Sour cream, plain yogurt or some milk (preferably 2%). Dunk your hands into that for a while. This is all temporary relief however and if you’re looking for the ultimate solution then you must soak your hands in MAALOX for about 20-25 minutes. Other upset stomach coats such as Pepto Bismol may be good alternatives.

    After a dreadful night of looking through forums (including this one) and trying everything in the book while bearing this escalating and excruciating pain, my girlfriend and I found out that a number of people had called Poison Control and they told them to use this method. It worked for me. Very effective. Now if it doesn’t work (probably because some may have a reaction to it or have a higher degree of exposure to the chili oil) then I would go to the DOCTOR.

    STEP 3
    Go get some Solarcaine from the pharmacy or Xylocaine which is basically the same but contains a stronger dosage of the active ingredient. It is a topical antiseptic used primarily for burns and could be the only thing that will help. The rest is TIME. None of these will offer immediate or instantaneous solutions but will relieve the pain and reduce it to a bearable state.
    Remember, your best options are: MAALOX (which was VERY effective for me) or XyLOCAIN or Doctor. DO NOT use Salt or Alcohol. Last thing you want is to pour salt on a wound or be too drunk to think sensibly in a situation such as this.

    P>S> On the plus side The end product still turned out to be some of the GNARLIEST and delicious SALSA I’ve ever tasted.

    ; )

  150. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, okay, I don’t know if you’re trolling, advertising or genuinely commenting. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here.

    Salt and alcohol do work, as going by the testimonies in the comments here. Bet you never actually tried it yourself before applying your superior logic to the thought exercise.

    Or even read my post properly, judging from your second to last paragraph.

    Nice use of CAPS LOCK to emphasize your (COMPLETELY WRONG) advice about not using salt and alcohol btw.

  151. Nemi Says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for the advice, I was chopping chillies last night with no gloves on as I didn’t realise that the oil was impossible to remove from your skin. I wasn’t in agony but it was really annoying having this burning sensation all night long and still this morning, i tried the salt there a moment ago a voila the sensation went away, I’m now fine. 🙂
    So many thanks to your mother for the advice!



  152. Simon Thong Says:

    Oakman rubbished all those who have been helped. What is he? Advocate of drugs, a drug peddler? Maalox? He should drink it, a bottle or two. It should give him much relief, it being a laxative Then he would be having diarrhoea to match his verbal diarrhoea.

  153. Oakman Says:

    Okaaay. Scott and Simon. Or whoever you are if you are one person or brother. I don’t know. Doesnt matter.Let me ask you this. Do you see this this as a as a forum to help people, or to excercise childish name calling, insults and rebutles about someone genuinely trying to HELP people?

    Ofcourse I have tried those methods. Why else would I write that they don’t work?…If it worked for some people. Then so be it.

    Maybe I spoke too harshly. The point was to share an experience and get a helpful message across to save others pain and agony. If you don’t see that then you are just a douche. So whatever negative comment you make next (if you choose to do so) will only confirm your douchebagary.

  154. Oakman Says:

    Salt may be a good thing to use to scrub the oil off initially. But it didn’t make my pain go away. It did very little that was noticable and it did not provide relief. If it worked for some then it worked for some. But it didn’t work for me. Which is why it’s good to listen to all sides of the spectrum and not get defensive about things like Scott. The people deserve to know every option and mine just happens to come from a real experience and some consultation with real doctors as well and research from more than one source. If you choose to be close minded that’s up to you.

  155. Simon Thong Says:

    Read your own words, Oakman. “Absolutely USELESS.’ And then you went on to rubbish everything as if you were THE expert. Were you helpful? Maybe, if readers could get past your pompous words of self-praise and self-conceit.

  156. Scott Thong Says:

    Oakman, dude… I believe the problem here is that based on your own experience, you discounted my own experience – as well as the experiences recounted in countless comments above (which you may not have read through).

    However, the main point of contention is that you chose to comment in a dismissive (Absolutely USELESS. Don’t waste your time with oil or alcohol either) and sarcastic (Last thing you want is to pour salt on a wound or be too drunk to think sensibly in a situation such as this.) manner.

    So I responded in a similarly snarky manner, and it escalated from there.

    Consider if, instead, you had written Despite the testimonies from various commentors who have found salt and alchohol to be an effective remedy, my own personal experience trying them did not turn out as well. Instead, here is my preferred solution…

    If I had snarked at you in response, then I wouldn’t have any excuse now would I? Seeing as you very politely, respectfully (and respectably) put your point of view across.

    You can’t walk into a downtown bar looking down your nose at ‘the riff raff’ and then blame the patrons for giving you the cold shoulder – or worse. What, how can you not see that I am dismissive of your low standards out of concern for your own wellbeing and the hope that you will strive for a better future? You must be douches.

    Btw, I don’t recommend salt and alcohol as a douche mixture, for the record.

    Thanks for sharing your experience anyhow.

  157. Tom Says:

    Ive tried all of them the salt just made it worse!

  158. Simon Thong Says:

    so it doesn’t work for you, Tom..but it worked fine for me and for many others..I never thought of salt or alcohol as a cure-all, more of what we could try; and find out if it worked for us.

  159. Emma Says:

    Thank you SO much!!!! I wouldn’t have got any sleep last night if I hadn’t have found this. I never knew chopping chillies could cause so much pain. I tried everything I could think of but the burning kept coming back. I couldn’t sleep. Then I washed with salt then rinsed with milk…I was asleep in 10 mins! Thank you!!

  160. Simon Thong Says:

    Read what Emma wrote, Oakman and Tom? That’s one reason for this blog.

  161. Carrie Christian Says:

    Thank you!! this worked like a charm!

  162. Oakman Says:

    Too shae Scott. Sorry about the riff raff. Next time I will approach subjects in a better manner. That WAS sort of pompous of me. I see that now. I will not discredit your solutions, but I will say that they didn’t work for me and offer my own experience to help the issue. Thanks again for tolerating and giving a sensible feedback.

  163. Scott Thong Says:

    Any time Oakman – I don’t intentionally go out to make enemies. And thanks for your tip regarding the Maalox, which I had never heard of before now.

  164. Palmi Says:

    Thank God for Google! And thank You for sharing the tip!
    *Typing, salt pot on the table, left hand in the milk*

  165. emily Says:

    wow, ok. i have salt all over my hands and it’s STILL BURNING. It’s been more than 30 mins. now. I swear they were baby bells. Lidocaine didn’t work. Don’t have any milk. Going for the brandy!

  166. emily Says:

    for real, the salt is not working. i am praying the brandy will work when it gets here. please God. my poor baby wants held! can i hold him? or is he gonna burn too?! damn it!

  167. Scott Thong Says:

    Rub hard with the salt even if it hurts. Its purpose is to remove the leftover chilli.

    Then soak in ANY strong alchohol. Its purpose is to dissolve the remaining chilli.

    Finally, wash with plain soap and water.

    Best of luck.

  168. greg Says:

    chilis don’t penetrate the skin on your hands unless you have a cut. touching chilis will not cause pain unless there is a break in the skin. is this site some kind of strange joke?

  169. Simon Thong Says:

    I think that the skin absorbs the chemical/chemicals in chilli and absorbs smells from liquid, so if you put your hand in cow dung (or bull sh*t, if you like), your hand will smell for quite some time. Salt takes away that stink. I know, coz when I was a little boy and had to skin and gut squirrels that my dad had shot, the stink was so terrible until I rubbed and washed my hands several times with salt.

  170. Simon Thong Says:

    This comes from wikipedie

    Sensation: contains a variety of nerve endings that react to heat and cold, touch, pressure, vibration, and tissue injury

    It may explain why chilli seems to burn the skin, and why salt helps to take away the burning feeling. Thus, it is not some kind of sick joke.

  171. greg Says:

    Simon, not sure which variety of sensation you are referring to. Heat? No, that’s a reference to physical temperature. Tissue injury? That would be a break in the skin, at least in this case. Capsaicim is contained in the essential oils of chili peppers. For it to “burn” your hands, it would have to penetrate the natural oily coating of the skin. Perhaps if you’ve been soaking your hands in water first and the pores are quite opened, or you’ve scraped them raw through heavy use (unlikely). Take your typical bird chili. If you cut it open and rub it on your hands, no reaction. Rub it on the skin under your eye, however, and you will certainly feel a burn. The difference is the level to which substances penetrate the skin. Maybe you have extremely soft, delicate hands. You *might* feel something from a chili if that’s the case. If you are a normal working person, however, the chances of absorbing chili oil to the extent to which your hands are burning is extremely unlikely. The only weak spot might be under the fingernails.

  172. Scott Thong Says:

    greg, read through the comments on this page. Person by person has touched chillies for a length of time and gotten that unrelenting, burning, spicy sensation in their hands (feels like heat and fire, although nothing to do with temperature in actuality).

    In fact, a simple test would be this: Go make chilli con carne, holding and chopping the chillies with your bare hands and being careful to neither injure your skin, nor let your pores be too opened by soaking in water. See if the capsaicin has any effect. If it does, well you should already know from this page how to end it. Don’t diss it till ya try it!

    So yeah, maybe under perfect conditions, perfectly healthy and undamaged human skin will not allow capsaicin to seep through and reach the nerves. But life ain’t perfect.

  173. Simon Thong Says:

    greg, you come across as well-informed about skin and related issues but my point is: no matter what your explanation is, it doesn’t make nonsense of the fact that so many people get that burning sensation.


    Salt works great… but alcohol gives the final touch… Thanx

  175. Phil Scarboro Says:

    Slice of cucumber. We use this in our Thai restaurant when a customer finds they cannot stand the heat. Dont eat it just lay on the tounge for a few moments and then discard. My wife got chillis in the eye recently and the cucumber worked on thar as well.

  176. Scott Thong Says:

    Good tip – I’ll add it in, andif anyone else tries it and it works, do tell!

  177. Deb Says:

    OK, never experienced this before. I don’t handle chili on a regular bases, but when I clean & cut the occasional chili I have had no problems. Until tonight! Cleaned & finely chopped 3 Serrano peppers about a half hour later the tips of my finger started to burn slightly at first and then the intensity just kept continuing, it became unbearable. Found this website, so I tried the following, NOT all at once mind you; Salt, booth dry and wet. Lemon. Sugar water. Sour Cream. They each would help temporarily, but the intensity of the heat would start to up again so I would try one of the others!! Ughh!! Finally after desperation I soaked them in a bowl of beer off & on for about a half an hour. Let me tell you, it was the only thing that worked for me.

  178. Rosetta Says:

    i had all 4 fingers on my left hand burning after chopping a red chilli. absolute agony. tried soaking in water but when the water came up to my body temperature the pain returned. my husband read online that soaking in milk worked, and it did for me. however had to bring milk to bed with me! was afraid it would spill when i fell asleep, so i covered fingers with an ice pack after about 5 hours of pain. wish i had known about the salt. great article. very helpful, especially the spelling of chili/chilli!

  179. Dee Says:

    OMG…this site was a blessing from God. The salt solution was incredible. I tried everythng from lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, yogurt. I was literally in tears over this. Thank you so much! Phewwwww.

  180. Ruth Says:

    didthe salt and milk, then the brandy… then finally reached for some natral yogart, which is sort of helping!

  181. Anonymous Says:

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  182. Brenda Says:

    Eight hours of excruciating pain from cleaning roasted peppers from a friend that weren’t supposed to be hot. Tried aloe vera, solarcaine, milk and was stuck dipping my hands in an ice water bath every five minutes. Tried the salt and milk rub – some relief. Soaked in vodka – some relief. Finally, instant relief with a soak in lemon juice! Capsaicin is alkaline based and the acidity of lemon juice or vinegar neutralizes it. Thank God – I can go to sleep now.

  183. Virginia Says:

    any ideas on dealing with a ‘ring of fire’ next day..?

  184. Scott Thong Says:

    Explain ‘ring of fire’?

  185. malou Says:

    thank you! was suffering for more than an hour when i found this site. thanks to you and to your mom. rubbing with salt, letting it stay for long and rinsing with milk helped alot.

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  187. pie Says:

    thank god for the salt then milk then soap

  188. Laura Says:

    Well after 5 hours of trying every other remedy on the internet and a rather painfull trip to the shop I re-tried the salt thing. Had tried a few hours ago but left it to soak for 5 mins on my hands this time and getting longer time until the burning comes back each time now. On third wash and milk rinse now and think there may actualy be hope of getting some sleep tonight!!! Thank god for mums!

  189. Clara Shapleigh Says:

    bless Google that I found you 😀

  190. Carly Says:

    Hi, just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! first time ever chopping a red chili, then touched my nose. It was the worst burning pain ever! I rushed to the computer and Googled what to do, came up with this site first & thankfully the rubbing of salt, followed with my nose in a bowl of milk & then afterwards holding a cucumber to my nose for about 30min. The pain has now finally gone….im so glad my boyfriend found it extremely funny!

  191. Scott Thong Says:

    Glad to help! What was your search term by the way?

  192. Nitz Says:

    thanks for the advise. It really helped..I feel so relieved now..thanks a lot to your mom. She is the best 🙂

  193. Bea Says:

    Thank You i Used Both Salt den Milk and it worked a treat my hands were on fire and something cold would only temporarily relieve it.
    Remedy of Scrubbing Made My hands very soft too may have 2 scrub dem with salt once in a while to keep that up
    Bless You


  194. Maddy Says:

    Thanks so much. first i used alcohol. it initially stopped the chilli burn for 5 mins then around 50% burn came back. now i’ve tried salt. it also stopped the burn initially then after a few minutes around 20% came back. what i mean is that, at first i had burn on both hands and palms. then on one hand only and now its left on 3 fingers. so i think your mom is a genius, you should patent this idea, make a salt soap for chilli burn and market it. i’ll definitely buy one 😀 thannks again

  195. Sheila Says:

    Tried everything you and others have said except the urinating nothing seems to be working and it’s almost 5 hours ago, have you got anymore tips as I’m in such alot of pain. Big Thanks either way. Sheila

  196. Scott Thong Says:

    Sorry Sheila, I’m out of ideas past salt, alcohol, milk, Maalox… Do tell us what finally solves your problem!

  197. Sim Says:

    Sadly, i am in the same situation as Sheila, OMG the pain.. I chopped and deseeded 65 chilli’s by hand. That was really DUMB!! I didn’t realise the pain wouldn’t kick in for 30mins or so, and it’s been getting worse for the last 3 hours.

    Tried almost everything, in Australia so never hear of Maalox, but have sent hubby up the road for another antacid. OMG THE PAIN!!!!!!! It’s my last resort.

    Maybe salt works up to a point, but 65 chilli’s may be pushing the friendship lol.

  198. Denise Rader Says:

    Whew!! Worked for me! I fixed my 1st Thai dinner with Thai chili’s after getting back from Thailand and my hands wouldn’t stop burning after 4 hours. I got out of bed, came to your website, and glad I did. I just rubbed dry salt on my hands w/ just a bit of water. Then kept adding salt and water for lubrication. And yes, my hands came out soft and grateful.

  199. Marisa Wright Says:

    Another happy commenter here! I was gardening and decided to test out one of the fruits of my “capsicum” plant, which I’d bought as a regular pepper not a chilli.

    Luckily I was suspicious, because the fruits were very small – so I didn’t even bite a piece off, I just crushed it with my teeth. I felt the heat immediately and removed it from my mouth!

    My tongue felt hot for a minute or so but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t feel any heat in my hands. I threw the chilli away and kept on gardening.

    Then I wiped some sweat off my face.

    AAAAAAAAKKKKKK! I am sitting here at my keyboard with my face on fire, but I just had to thank you for the tip which I am off to try right this minute!

  200. Scott Thong Says:

    I don’t think anyone has tried the hands-treatment on their face, but God bless you in getting it to work! Do update us with your results.

  201. Leah Says:

    Thanks so much for the tips! Nothing had worked until this website!

    I ended up filling a disposable glove with salt and a tiny bit of water and leaving my hand in it for a good 15mins.

    I then soaked my hand in warm salty water for a further 15. Then I soaked it in 40% rum, its stripped my nail varnish off but the burning has finally gone!

    Thats the last time I touch a chili with my bare hands!!

  202. Simon Thong Says:

    I ended up filling a disposable glove with salt and a tiny bit of water and leaving my hand in it for a good 15mins – Leah

    Wow, what a great idea!

  203. sandy kay Says:

    this bird eye chili pepper really stings!! my entire left hand is on fire!!! I tried all – milk, salt, alcohol..lime juice…none of them seems to work….i even soak them in chlorine bleach (clorox) -some suggestion I found in a website. (felt silly though but who knows it might help..haha) Not working!!! Then I gave up…ended up just rubbing my hand with my little girl’s ointment – vicks vaporub…guess what..after more or less than 15 minutes…the burning sensation completely gone!!

  204. DS Says:

    The salt just saved my night! Rubbed some capsacin cream on my mom before bed and woke with the skin between middle and ring finger ON FIRE!!!! Just rubbed some salt and helped bring down pain by about 50%.
    Have some milk next to me to help with the rest.

    THANK YOU!!!

  205. yam Says:

    salt & milk combo suggested seem to work best for me. urine wont help! or maybe but it’ll certainly hurt a lot before it has benefits…pee is quite warm don’t forget..get that on a hot itch/rash..ouch! anyway, i tried vinegar, toothpaste, alcahol but milk/salt ease the pain the best..but still not gone…a hell of a lot better though,..remember to keep re-applying!!

    my google search term was “chopping chilli now fingers burn help”

  206. yam Says:

    OH WOW. mayonnaise works WONDERS!!!! put it on the burning part on my hand and worked great. i do still think salt/milk helps a lot though.

  207. Simon Thong Says:

    3,000,243 hits

    Must be doing many things right

  208. Ideas and Writings Says:

    even salt alone works great for me.. thanks a lot for this site.. great job!

  209. shamela Says:

    YAY!!!!!! the salt worked… thanks a million… I was too scared to touch anything in case it also became infected… wonderful!!!!! no more burning hands… no can anyone tell me how to avoid this next time I make Chilli pickles…. I have no problem with a burning tongue.. but a burning hand… that’s a whole other story…LOL

  210. Amanda Says:

    hi, thanks so much for the suggestion……i made a marinade for prawns and used thai chillies….. didnt know how potent so used my hands….. abt half n hour after i wus done, i was going crazy……. for the past 3 hours ive bin askin every1 i kno!!!then found ur post, i washed my hands with milk and then rubbed salt…. INSTANT RELIEF!!!!
    BIG big hug!!!! thanks soooooooooooooo much Scott!!!!!

  211. asfia Says:

    the same problem here but it happened yesterday night will it work still?

  212. asfia Says:

    the same problem here but it happened yesterday night will it work still? i willl try still 🙂

  213. Rebecca Says:

    The salt worked!!! Thank you!

  214. Scott Thong Says:

    Welcome! Spread the word!

  215. michaela Says:

    salt did nothing at first, but afterwards omg…no burn! thank you mommy!

  216. Sumati Nair Says:

    I tried the lemon juice before anything else. I cut a lemon into two and squeezed the juice on my hand. Then afterwards, I rubbed my hand with the lemon 4-5 times. The burning almost was gone, though not fully gone. But, my GOD, what a relief! Thank you.

  217. SIMON THONG is blogging as simonthong | simonthongwh Says:

    […] Piece’s Neptune – A Kingly … How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning Interlok Thong of the […]

  218. annie Says:

    Thanks !!! I put capzasin on my sore stiff neck & then I had flaming red skin & the addition of burning pain to my stiff neck!! I tried washing off with various soaps & nothing was working, I looked up the problem on the internet & I tried the salt on a damp wash cloth, then rinsing with vodka. it feels 95% better already…thank you so much.

  219. H | simonthongwh Says:

    […] How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning April 17, 07 […]

  220. Kitty Cat Says:

    It’s 12.47 am in Melbourne, Australia and after finishing chopping up 10 kilos of tomatoes & 35 chilli’s an hour ago my hands were BURNING! So off I dash to my trust lap-top and type in I have chilli oil on my skin and it’s burning! How do I make it stop?! Up comes your site. Some of it is hilarious – but most of all it works. I did salt scrub with low fat milk, which didn’t do much – then I remembered I had mango, peach & apricot full fat yoghurt, made myself a tropical salt-scrub & VOILA! After 5 minutes of remedial massage for my poor phalanges – Problem solved! THANK-YOU!

  221. Kitty Cat Says:

    Problem was solved for 20 minutes of relief! Continued on with half hour massages with trusty yoghurt (left out the salt, still wanted to have some skin left) and finally got to sleep at 4 am – urghhhhh! But it did provide more relief than anything else I tried 😀

  222. JoJo Says:

    I think it was funny that Kyle thought Mad Dog 357 was hotter than any chili pepper. Hell, a regular habanero is as hot as that stuff. Ghost chili smokes it big time.

  223. H Pratima Says:

    thanks a lot , it really works…rubbing salt in the chilli burning skin(hand)..

  224. lose weight exercises Says:

    burn fat running…

    How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON…

  225. simonthongwh Says:

    Rubbing salt also takes away the stink from your hands after you handle dead animals, especially when you have to skin them, cut them up and remove the entrails.

  226. nopist Says:

    worked awesome, thanks

  227. Laurynas Zubrickas Says:

    I got some chilli under my fingernail when I was making my taco soup and it’s been driving me nuts for hours! So I rubbed it with salt and then soaked it in cold milk for about 30 minutes and it seems to have worked 🙂 now I can go to sleep happy! thank you very much for the advice.

  228. Jennifer K Says:

    got chili padi on my palm by accident. normally very careful. brains whacking out from burn. tried to put lotion which was specially for burns… didn’t work. desperately checked d web and found u. tried d salt, didn’t seem to work. looks like blistering to pop. tried d milk. helped only to cool a bit. then back to pain. finally put salt again, this time half teaspoon on d spot, dropped a few drops of water to create concentrate on d salt. leave on for a couple of minutes (abt 10 mins) washed off and put olive oil on it. OMG… it finally cooled off………..! thanks a heap! now typing with only right hand…

  229. Buy Pepper Spray Says:

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    […]How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON[…]…

  230. DEN Says:

    Help the capsaicin cream did it, im now on the malox + have tried EVERYTHING, SO PAINFUL

  231. Jimmy Says:

    Tip from when I lived in thailand- Put some toothpaste on the affected area..

  232. music Says:

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  233. devi Says:

    This seems like a ‘visit one time’ site..least for all the visitors, i sure hope so! Very kind of you to present this for us all. i made the stupid mistake of rinsing the roasted skins off chilis for reanos in a bowl of water (not under running water as mom had taught me), it was alot of chilis and i did not think they were that hot but i probably had my hands in contact with them in the water for a couple of hours. Ok! Now i am thinking both my hands feel like they are on fire. i tried vinegar, toothpaste, pee (it burns worse), sugar (works perfectly when tongue is burning), baking soda, Miracle 2 Nutralizer gel, Willard Water, silver collidial, soap and water, lavender oil, the best relief was with hands under running cold water but it was midnight and i wanted to sleep so i filled a bowl with cold water and some ice cubes and put my hands in that. Probably slept for about an hour then it didn’t work anymore. Hot hands in cold water..strange sensation..So i got up and found your site. Have been rubbing salt and rinsing and soaking in milk for an hour and a half, then tried rubbing alcohol. Salt and milk did seem to give some relief initially but hands are back to feeling like fireballs. It’s 3:30 am. Even though i know there will be no lasting damage and that it will eventually cease, still i want relief. i would like to get some sleep this night. My bad..guess i have done something wrong or harmed another and this is my painful reaction. i just keep dreaming of an application of something that would draw the toxin out from deep within the skin and cool and soothe it all at the same time. Maybe something like fresh cow dung patty, which i used once very successfully on a wasp sting..but no cows here..i am really at a loss, another site had suggestions of fresh tomato, onion and ghee.someone said fresh papaya..well, it’s flaring up too much so i’m off the the kitchen again. Thanks again for all your suggestions.

  234. Scott Thong Says:

    Try chilling hard liquor (80 proof) and leaving your hand soaking in it, not just rubbing briefly. Finally worked for me once after salt failed.

  235. nica mercado Says:

    my sis try all of it the salt yogurt soap even brandy it didn’t stop. what should we do?

  236. Scott Thong Says:

    Um, maybe it’s time for hospital triage admissions?

  237. ronnie Says:

    making a thai green curry and my brother told me to cut some chillies, he said taste one and I did oh my god!!! b u r n i n g.. ran to pc and found you rubbed salt on my lips and bingo, that was before emptying half a bottle of jack daniels in my mouth first lol. thanks again, salt took it away in 30 seconds.

  238. JJ Says:

    Was about to go to the ER after putting Capsaicin Arthritis cream on my shoulder…it took 3 hours to get to an agonizing pain and burn…I tried washing it off in the shower, using aloe and cold packs…nothing helped and it actually got worse…

    I then found this website and rubbed salt on it…pain immediately went from a 10 to a 3!


  239. lee b Says:

    OMG… this is genuine.. my name is lee b and I love chillies,this is not a fishing tale.

    I adjusted my gentleman area after cutting some chillies, I need to add, things are complicated down there and on occasions need repositioning, well, the pain was slow in coming but did not cease, I went from being mildly amused, ohh how silly am I to… get me a knife, the affected area needs to be removed. My wife realised fun was over and found this solution…..

    Cool water and rubbing plenty of salt (useing it like you would soap) on the burning area, after this, a bit of Jack Daniels poured slowly over,finally Milk.

    Do yourself a favour… put this cure in a kitchen cupboard. (just incase) like I said the suitation went rapidly from ho ho ho how silly to GET ME A CURE OR KNIFE. Better yet….. use the salt cure on your hands before you need to get mad on other areas of your body.

  240. marina Says:

    Thank’s for your tip! Now I can finally sleep! 🙂

  241. Safflower Oil Says:

    Safflower Oil…

    […]How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON[…]…

  242. sarah Says:

    if you get the oils on your skin to stop the burning cut an onion and rub it on your hands…i know it sounds crazy but it works i tried everything i could find on the net and this worked fast..

  243. Rebecca Says:

    I tried all the remedies, vinegar didn’t work, salt, vodka, aloe Vera, soap and water and milk. All provided no relief. Finally whilst in the laundry I saw the sards wonder spray that claimed to be a degreaser. Sprayed on my hands and rubbed and then rinsed and did it again and it provided relief. Not completely but relief all the same better than any other remedy. I cut 4 habaneros and 6 seranos

  244. Lisa Says:

    Hi! Found this site while trying to find remedy to relieve chili burn as my two-year-old daughter had accidentally reached for some chili padi on the chopping board and rub it over part of her face. I tried lemon juice first which didn’t completely relieve the pain. After reading your post, I’d tried the salt rub and she stopped crying as soon as the salt were wash off. Thanks for this! If not I wouldn’t have been able to attend to my two-month-old as soon as just now.

  245. Scott Thong Says:

    Really glad to have helped Lisa! Do share this info with your friends!

  246. Josh Says:

    Thanks for the tips, guys – fantastic resource!
    I am relatively novice in the chilli department, and recently faced the challenge of tackling the dreaded Bhut Jolokia or “Ghost” Chilli as part of a radio stunt on the station I work for.

    Milk was not working, I didn’t drink very much of it, but it just wasn’t offering the relief I needed fast enough, I decided to stray a little from the prescribed method for the salt and eat it just to see if it worked, and for a few second it kinda did, however rubbing it on my lips and then cleaning it off with paper / bread seemed to relieve the burning hugely, but the standout TOP method for instant relief was DEFINATELY Sweetened Condensed Milk. We chose this for it’s high fat and sugar content, and it offered IMMEDIATE relief for my lips, throat and mouth. Within a few minutes the burning sensation had passed completely, however I decided to down a few more gulps to give my stomach a fighting chance. Also, in preparation for the stunt, I had downed 3 litres of milkshake to try and protect my insides once I swallowed it, and it definately seems to have helped.

    Website link is the YouTube video of the stunt, thanks for all your suggestions on here, it really saved me a VERY painful afternoon / weekend 🙂

  247. Thankyou Says:

    I can’t belive i waited two hours before i looked online for an answers. This site is amazing. As soon as i tried the milk and salt i felt relief. But after half an hour the burning was back. I tried alcohol it and vinegar it had the same short term relief. I wasn’t sure what maalox is exactly but i found a bottle of liquid anti-acid called Gaviscon (for indigestion and gastric reflux) and rubbed that on my hands. The burning has all gone now. I chopped chillies from the same bunch last week and had no problem, but tonight i have learnt my lesson! Thanks again 🙂

  248. gold :) Says:

    thanks so much for sharing! i feel better after rubbing salt and upto now, my left hand is soak in milk

  249. jack Says:

    this website saved my mums life

  250. Mella Miante Says:

    Almost eradicated the discofort in my right hand, but my left one is still burning even after the alcohol soak. Sitting with cucumber on one hand now and this is making it tollerable. Thanks for this tip though, before reading this both hands were on fire!

  251. jui Says:

    I was cooking and decided to used 2 pc of small pepper to garnish my dish using my bare hands. Unfortunately my dad forgot to warn me that the pepper is extremely HOOOOOT and I even smelled it and it almost touch my noseeeee!!.. I really can’t stop from crying.. Thank YOU so much !!

  252. bazinga Says:

    wow!! the salt worked right away! Thanks

  253. LIl Holly Says:

    i’ve got some relief but its still burning ! not sure wat else i can do im going to soak my hand in the alcohol for a little longer but i do have very dry hands so thats not helping but we’ll have to see

  254. herbgeek Says:

    My daughter was playing with a chilli and got chilli in her eye. I licked her eye to try to get it out. Ouch it was hot. By instinct I put milk in several times. It helped but was still sore. Went on the net. Put thickened cream in/on and it helped even more. Thanks for the hint.

  255. Dora Says:

    Salt, milk, sugar, oil not working at all!!! Trying rubbing alcohol hope it works.

  256. Brittany Says:

    I was deseeding my husband’s dried cayanne peppers. My luck I sneezed. Of course I covered my nose and mouth with my hand. Literally felt like my cheeks, nose, and lips were being burned. I took the advice of this site. I tried milk on a paper towel, then the salt which helped some, next vinager. It helped only while I was slashing it on my face. Last i tried oil. I rubbed it in and left it. Within three minutes the burning had pretty much ceased. I think not one but all of these remedies did the trick.

  257. Scott Thong, Leading Malaysian Neocon | weehingthong Says:

    […] from a Thai restaurant – leave a cucumber slice on the affected […]

  258. alice Says:

    I try the milk tip first, i soak my both hands in a cold milk and for sometime i saw a very tiny chili seeds float in the milk. i keep changing the cold milk and wash off the hand, repeat the step for 3 to 4 times. Each time i change the milk, i found numerous chili seeds in the milk. After trying for a whole bottle of 700CC milk, i finally feel a little relieve.

  259. sana Says:

    OMG!!!!! I really love u… My hands are no more on fire.. I was on the verge of taking a knife and cutiing my hands off… NOTE TO SELF never to remove chilli seeds with bare hands… :p ur remedy of salt and milk worked like magic..although it took like an hour and doing it thrice to make the burning sensation go away… Atleast its better than baring the pain for like 9 hours or more..thank you 😀

  260. Nicola Fleming Says:

    Hi! Tried the salt and then alcohol, and it works! Thanks guys!

  261. Monisha Vohra Says:

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  263. Jessie James Says:

    I chopped about 6 jalapeno peppers for dinner tonight and my hand burned for at least 5 hours. I tried salt, Jack, milk bath and soap and nothing worked. Salt and Jack actually made it worst! Since I didn’t have mayo, I rubbed some Sour Cream instead. That worked!

  264. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the tip – adding it above!

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  275. Hayley Says:

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  276. wanxuan Says:

    Thank you! Milk and salt really seem to dissolve the chilly burn 🙂

  277. Raka Says:

    This is going to sound hillarious, but after I cut some red hot chillies for a dish, I had an itchy nose and without thinking rubbed with the back of my right finger against my nose… Oh mann!!! some of this chilli found it’s way into the entrance of my nostril and did that BURN!!! I saw your site and decided to try the Thai restaurant remedy. I washed my hands and carefully with minimum touching cut a long cube of fridge cooled cucumber and SHOVED THAT UP MY NOSE! ROFL!!! Did I look like a walrus or what! But it worked! The burning sensation diminished after about five minutes to almost zero and to the point that I could remove the cucumber piece. Next time I will be MUCH more careful and less distracted when chopping chillies! LOL! Have a super day!

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  279. JGIG Says:

    Two things: When I saw the title, I thought, “Peanut Butter!” Okay, so that works if you’ve burned your chili (or stew, or soup, or gravy) on the stove. Not what you were talking about at all. Got it.

    So about killing the heat of chili peppers . . . milk works great for drinking to cut the heat; sour cream works better topically: it sticks =o). For external burning, I’d attempt to wash as much of the oil off as possible first, and then put a good layer of sour cream on the affected area. Viola! Non-drip milk!

  280. greenman Says:

    thnx a lot!!!! I used yoghurt
    I chopped green chillies this morning, I washed my hand with soap & water before pissing but still …Oh my God I’m burning shit

  281. jenna Says:

    So about 45 minutes ago my brother decided to try dear me to put a little bit of chillie on my toung but being myself I pretended to, bad idea my brother pushed it into me but I managed to close my mouth litterally 3 seconds later I was raiding the fridge for milk I drank it and it went straight to my throught oh the pain was unbearable so that went away butt lips were still dying of heat even worse I had a small few cuts where the chillie ended so it was hard for me not to cry, my mum cam down and said im being to loud so I went up stairs with my mouth in a cup full of water and it still didn’t work I got a tissue and dipped it in and had to hold it their for a good 30 minutes still a bit better now I have taken jt of and it still stings but not too much I did cry for a while but who can blame me im only 12 😦 I guess I felt like I wanted people to know but thanks next time it happens I will use this 🙂

  282. Medicine I Took when Hands were Burning from Chillies | seeKRscratchpad-blog Says:

    […] How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning ( […]

  283. terry wright Says:

    Glad I found this – just tried some green chilli paste, and my tongue is on fire – found that milk has helped will now try the toothpaste remedy as well

  284. Jenni Says:

    My upper lip and lower lip were burning like crazy, i thought they were going to fall off. I tried everything from ice to yoghurt to milk to icecream…literally everything and although they worked in the moment I was using them, they burned as soon as I stopped!
    The salt did wonders. Thank you so much.

  285. Susan Ratley Says:

    Hi, my upper lip, nose and sides of my nose were burning like mad. I tried most of the things, but the only thing that worked was wiping cucmber over he areas until they stopped burning. Thank you heaps. Sue

  286. rxlcrab Says:

    The salt worked a treat! I had to do this three times to eradicate most of the pain, and then used various treatment like Cucumber and some butter, but they worked! Thanks so much again for the tip!

  287. Noobmummy Says:

    Thank u!!! Works like a charm. I rubbed salt the first time, it got worse. But I tried it the second time and washed it away with vinegar, the burn went away!

  288. virg Says:

    Salt didn’t do anything for me. I scrubbed for about a half hour, tried milk, tried whisky. What the trick was, get a latex glove (a bit bigger than one’s hand). Put vodka (high proof alcohol) in the glove and shake your hand. I did this for about 15 minutes, I couldn’t believe it the pain was completely gone. Thank you for the knowledge. I never worked with chiles before, so this is great to use if ever there is an emergency

  289. Trmedstudentadvice Says:

    salt helped a bit but it starts again and again
    u can try to put some flour into fridge (more than 1 bag so u can change) and soak your hands in the semifrozen flour bag while its cold.than continue changing the flour bags for a while u can use the other bags when its not cold anymore that way the only way i was feeling better

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  291. Sophie Says:

    Thank you so much for this, i somehow got chilli on my upper lip and it was burning like crazy, I tried milk first but it didn’t help by much so I searched it up and saw this so I tried the salt, I did it two times and now it’s very very dull so thank you again!

  292. Scott Thong Says:

    Congrats and pleased to have been a help to all the commentors here! Spread the cure!

  293. anditsheragain Says:

    dude thank you. i just splashed some milk in my face and feel so much better. got chilli in my NOSE! felt like a burning dragon.

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  295. Anna Says:

    Hey thank you for the great advice although it didn’t really work for me. Well what i did was to soak my ‘burnt’ fingers in ice water to ease the pain for about 8 hours plus and it worked just great!

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  299. Scott Thong Says:

    Wait, eyelid? You didn’t rub salt into your eyes right?

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  303. alice Says:

    I was removing the seeds of chilis to be use for dynamite, a snack here in our country. After a while I felt the burning sensation on my both hands. I’ve tried rubbing salt and soaking my hands on the milk but none of them helped me. Is there anything that you might suggest. Please, I’m really in such pain. How long would it take to remove this agonizing pain

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  305. Les Says:

    I was chopping small Thai chillis, felt a sneeze coming and automatically put my hand to my face to stop it. After 10 minutes of agony and trying the usual, water, soap, lotion, etc, I decided to try the internet, found this page and am very glad I did. The salt remedy worked for me extremely well. I used refined table salt and could feel the effect very quickly. Relief in about 10 seconds and back to comfortable level (slight tinge) in a minute or two. Phew!!
    Thank you Google and thanks to the page owner for the remedy.

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  309. Paulina Rendon Says:

    Tried almost everything! Salt, oil, milk, tomato juice, yogurt, Philadelphia cheese. Nothing worked! I’m pregnant and my skin became a lot more sensitive, the pain was just completely horrible. I figured since my hand felt like it was dipped in fire why not try something cool and I decided to apply toothpaste, I left it on for several minutes and the burning began to fade a lot faster than I thought it would. So applying toothpaste worked wonders for me. Hope it works for others because salt sadly did nothing for me.

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  314. sam Says:

    Sometimes I wear gloves. This has happened to me before. I didn’t wear gloves. It happened again. I touched my nose and set my whole face on fire. My nose was running like crazy and my eyes were dripping.

    It still burns, but it’s not blindingly bad like it was at the beginning. The first thing I did after washing my hands and face with soap and water was take some benadryl. The chili reaction can last a long time, and the benadryl doesn’t help right away but it seems to really help tone it down after a half an hour or so.

    Usually I just do milk, but I didn’t have any and the pain was really terrible so I looked it up online and found this. I think the salt scrub helped. And the alcohol. I used a few rubbing alcohol wipes. I saw the sour cream suggestion (mostly milk) and I happened to have some of that. It was expired but it helped a ton. I also put an ice pack on my face. I was sort of freaking out.

    I’m not sure what really worked and what didn’t. I know from past experience that milk helps pretty quickly, and benadryl helps over a longer period of time. Like I said, I was sort of freaking out so I wanted to just try everything. I think the sour cream actually helped the most but the ice pack felt really good and now that I’m done writing this it actually doesn’t burn at all.

    Now I can go back to making dinner. Whew.

  315. Ebrahim Says:


    Drink tea to stop the chilli burn. (based on my experience)

    I’m a chilli lover… and I mix chilli with almost anything… burgers, rice, sweets, even fruits! At one point… I even decided to invent a Chilli Mocha! and I did so by heating milk with the ingredient of chilli! so, idk if it’s because of the milk being low fat… but I can guarantee you that it is the most burning drink I ever had! not sure of how safe though.

    While experimenting… I found whatever chilli I use, it becomes ineffective once mixed with tea. I tried with red and green tea.

  316. Tiff Says:

    Was cutting chilli when I forgot that I’ve got eczema on my pinky and the burn was so bad. I did read about the salt method here and thinking to myself that the last thing I want is to have salt on it because I had the impression that they’re not a good idea to put on wound.

    But after trying everything, I had no choice. And guess what? It actually worked! The burn gradually came back after the first rub+rinse, but completely gone after a second time. Wish I know the logic behind, that would be more than just perfect 😀

  317. Scott Thong Says:

    Well as I said above, I think it’s because the rough salt granules rub off the chilli stuck to your skin (along with maybe some skin too).

    Glad the advice helped! Spread the word!

  318. Jo Says:

    Thanks so much for this, took a few goes but my hands aren’t hurting anymore. I also used Johnson and Johnson advanced treatment healing gel which soothed any remaining stinging.

  319. Karl Jobst Says:

    Karl Jobst

    How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning | LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON

  320. rajanemkul Says:

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  321. marty Says:

    Sour Cream Worked Thanks so much.

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  326. J Says:

    Running a salt in your skin when affected is the best solution! Thank you so much!

  327. J Says:

    What am I gonna do if it’s still reddish but doesn’t hurt anymore? It is still reddish.

  328. Scott Thong Says:

    Let it heal up, if it doesn’t hurt it’s probably okay now.

  329. lohsing Says:

    Just now I made my own chili Paste! At beginning i wore glove, but too troublesome and decided to take off my glove. After all the clean up, the burning sensation all over my finger. Crying….. I super regret now and super painful. T_T Tried salt, vodka, milk doesn’t help. i need to drive my girl from school after 1 hour. please help

  330. Scott Thong Says:

    Try rubbing salt harder… Or in worst case, get some analgesic/painkiller cream

  331. lohsing Says:

    now release a bit. I think i can drive. 🙂 Salt, Vodka and milk does helps! Will apply some peppermint essential oil see how it work. Thank you!!

  332. pam Says:

    How could 5 tiny thai chilies burn so badly and for so long? Well, 24 hours after I chopped them up for a green mango salad that i sit here googling a solution. So to whom it may concern, THANK YOU THANK YOU, the salt rub with the milk rinse totally worked. I love you.

  333. Habiba Says:

    According to my personal experience put yours hand in a bowl of cold milk within 5 minutes it will be ok,

  334. Vapor Verline Says:

    Oh my god sooooo good. I haven’t smoked a cig since I got the juices. Oh lord white rabbit is a trip. Every puff is a different taste. The Zombie Apocalypse I am steeping to try and take some burn out of it. But the taste is amazing. And you guys added hot waffle sooooooo good thank you all so much!!!

  335. doctorsahaabblog Says:

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  336. cornelia Says:

    Tried salt sunlight cucamber milk even the baking soda but still on fire!!!!! Used my hands to cut two packets of chilies…… didnt know. so gonna try the alcahol and if it doesnt work? I will probably die 😉

  337. Rose Says:

    What worked for me was generously apply lotion (i used Jergens) to the affected hand, let it stand for 10 min then washed my hands with soap and water. I reckon, rubbing the lotion really well and for a longer time onto skin would dissolve the capsaicin more effectively. Worked like magic!

  338. shadow Says:

    use lotion will be helpful

  339. shadow Says:

    never use cold water or ice

  340. Iyako Says:

    I did try the following (in the order):

    1. wash with dishwashing soap (did not work, so move to no 2)
    2. rub with olive oil, then wash with dishwashing soap (still the burning sensation is there)
    3. rub with salt then wash in warm water (burning sensation stops but went back again!)
    4. applied alkaline powder (lessen the burning sensation)
    5. soak in fresh milk for 20 mins (lessen burning sensation but could still feel some heat around my fingers)
    6. soak in red wine, 13.5% alcohol content, for 20 minutes, then wash with soap and presto! no more burning pain!

  341. order cbd oil Says:

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  342. Lek Says:

    Try aloe vera and light moisturiser on the fingers🌸

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