Live Earth Singapore – We’re Not Exaggerating, We’re Doing Something Else That’s Annoying


The advertisement for Live Earth Singapore has young and hip people saying things like “When we tell you that temperatures are rising – we’re not exaggerating.” Or “When we say that hurricanes are getting worse – we’re not exaggerating”.

Frankly, the smarmy self-assured holier-than-thouness of the whole Live Earth hypocrisy annoys me whenever I see this ad on MediaCorp Channel 5 (and I’m not the only one).

Mixed into the baseless claims of non-exaggeration is the subtle but intentional message that is delivered by the young, beautiful actors and actresses:

We are young, beautiful, intelligent, educated, hip, cool and popular. If you don’t show that you believe the alarmist claims about global warming unquestioningly by attending Live Earth Singapore, then you are clearly NOT young, beautiful, intelligent, educated hip, cool and popular. Don’t ask questions or stop to think about it – or are you UNCOOL?

I can’t even begin to tell you how presumptious their claims to authoritativeness are… Young and self-important, thinking they know ALLLLLLL there is to know about the subject – about a teaspoon, which was fed to them by the sponsors – and looking down at us poor, ‘uneducated’ ordinary folk who think they’re ‘exaggerating’.

So premature, contested, unproven and biased. So ANNOYING, in both an IPCC-consensus steamroller way and a popular kids at school who don’t think you’re cool way. ANNOYING.

(Thankfully, not ALL the cool dudes have been suckered in by the hype. Check out or this news report.)

And the BESTEST part about all the smarmy guilt-inflicting hype? Global warming is in all likelihood not even a real danger!!!!! Do your homework, you teeny bopper airheads!

In short, these hip young media star faces promoting global warming hysteria embody almost EVERYTHING that is bad about the personality traits and attitudes of global warming supporters.


So instead, here are a few of my own suggestions for how they really intend to complete the hanging sentence of:

“When we nag you about global warming alarmism – we’re not exaggerating…”

…we’re just sincerely deluded and misguided.

…we’re just plain outright lying.

…we’re just repeating what we heard but have never checked for ourselves.

…we’re just big fans of An Inconvenient Truth, our only source of information on global warming. (Who needs balanced information anyway?)

…we’re REALLY exaggerating.

…we’re just ignorant.

…we’re just being cool, ‘cos after all, you television viewers are NOT. We love us!

…we’re just intentionally misrepresenting the facts in a way that is calculated to best further our agenda.

…we’re just trying to get common people to cut down on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, so that big time entertainment stars and politicians against global warming can guzzle and pollute more.

…we’re just acting for the cameras the way we’re paid to.

…we’re just obfuscating the truth. (If you don’t understand what obfuscating its… That’s obfuscating.)

…we’re just guilting you into following like a sheep instead of thinking it over.

…we’re just stating pre-formed and biased conclusions about a controversial subject that is not factually proven, yet is constantly hijacked by the IPCC appealing to a fake and non-existant ‘consensus’. But it’s not exaggerating.

…we’re just oh so in love with Al Gore. Practically worship the man.

…we’re just trying to get people to attend a rock concert that is ostensibly to raise awareness about global warming and environmentalism in general, yet will drain massive amounts of energy, pour tonnes of pollution including greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and have negligible effects on the predictably Asian attitude of me-first selfish behaviour that Singaporean kiasu-ites are especially renown for. And THAT’S not exaggerating.

…we’re just annoying. So deal with it.

Feel free to comment with your own paraphrases.

9 Responses to “Live Earth Singapore – We’re Not Exaggerating, We’re Doing Something Else That’s Annoying”

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  2. Hun Boon Says:

    I’ve not seen the Channel 5 ads, been preoccupied with the Wimbledon tournament on cable TV. So I have to imagine what they are like.

    Yes they might sound holier-than-thou, just like any ads beseeching us to do good (reminds me of the recent Motorola Red ads).

    But would we really be better off if Live Earth didn’t happen? Many of us would see it as just an excuse to have fun, but I think it will start a soul-searching process in millions of others.

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    I do think it would be better for Live Earth not to happen. I consider the global warming hysteria to be a frivolous distraction from truly worthy causes (just name any one – forest conservation, clean water for Africa, HIV prevention).

    Kyoto and the IPCC’s plans are all a wild goose chase, IMHO, and millions of people will be convinced to chase along by Live Earth.

    The control and mastery of the media by the global warming proponents (An Inconvenient Truth, Live Earth, skeptical scientists repeatedly smeared as flunkies for oil) is truly astounding.

  4. pixiecat Says:

    Hi there

    Just want to say that I share your opinion on this.

    I was thinking that if I’m going to the event, then hey, I’d very much wear green particularly emblazoning my point ‘IT’S NOT OUR FAULT’

    Hmm… do you think metallic grey font will work?

  5. The polymath programmer » Blog Archive » Save our Earth Says:

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  7. Chris Says:

    Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect are natural phenomenon.

    The Enhanced Global Warming Effect is actually the Global Warming THEORY.

    It is a THEORY, that hasnt changed. Thats not to say i disagree with the whole thing, but at the same time it is not by any means FACT. IT IS NOT FACT.

    Decreasing pollution is good on a number of levels, but blasé comments about the world melting and it DEFINTELY BEING ALL OUR FAULT are becoming extremely annoying and patronising indeed.

    This obsessive sentiment, embodied in Live Earth, however ostensibly good it is at heart, only suceeds in stifling opinion even further so that Enhanced Global Warming is perceived to have more factual basis, than say the moon landings!

    The concerts have important messages about not wasting energy but they should keep an open mind.

    A good book to get some balance is STATE OF FEAR by Michael Crichton

    I found it an entertaining novel with enlightening fact that is supported.

  8. pixiecat Says:


    Thanks for the comment and the link.

    Question: Do you know if the Malaysian traffic police doubles your fine if you don’t pay it after some time?

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    Actually, if you wait long enough they’re more likely to give you a discount… In order to encourage offenders to pay up their outstanding fines!

    After the amnesty period following the discount though, they’ll probably fine you double (up to a maximum of RM300).


    From 5 Sept 2006,

    The biggest cut went to fines for motorcyclists involved in road accidents. Having to pay RM300 previously, they now have to shell out only RM100.

    The fine for cars, taxis, vans and 4WD vehicles involved in road accidents is now RM150, and for lorries and buses RM200.

    A speeding ticket will now cost the driver RM90 for lorries and buses; RM70 for cars, vans, taxis and 4WD vehicles; and RM50 for motorcycles. Previously the fine was RM150.

    Drivers and front-seat passengers who don’t fasten their seatbelts face a fine of RM50. Previously it was RM150 for taxis, RM80 for vans and, RM70 for cars and 4WD vehicles.

    As for those who talk on their mobile phones while driving (without a hands-free set), the fine is now RM90 for lorry and bus drivers (previously RM200), RM70 for drivers of cars, taxis, vans and 4WD vehicles (RM100), and RM50 for motorcyclists (RM70).

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