A short list just to show that no matter how hardcore, those who affirm TULIP can change their minds by using their God-given libertarian free will.

Ooooooor maybe Calvinism is true, so they were never Elect or God causally determined them not to remain Calvinist.



Leighton Flowers – 10 years a Calvinist, actually studying the alternatives (instead of just hearing the strawman versions portrayed by Reformed writers) made him become a Provisionist now.

Michael Brown – Five years espousing Calvinism (1:33:30 onwards) and now Arminian, with some of the reasons he left it being that the consistent message of the whole Bible is asking people to choose and none of the disciples of the Disciples teaching TULIP until Augustine 400 years later (1:44:10 onwards). Note too that he is James White’s good friend despite remaining unpersuaded about White’s Calvinism –

Tim Stratton – As a very hardcore Calvinist (, spent a year trying to refute Molinism (17:50 of Now affirms Molinism, 1:58:30 onwards of here:

Tim Stratton’s pastor – As mentioned from 30:00 to 30:30 of he was the one who got Tim to become a hardcore Calvinist, when Tim left he tried to debate Tim back into Calvinism, but is now a Molinist and contributor to Tim’s Free Thinking Ministries!

Bobby Conway – Host of One Minute Apologist channel, as he describes briefly at 24:50 of, across 4 minutes in and longer in

Austin Fischer – A former Calvinist who went on to write the book ‘Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed’ because he finally saw the lack of truth and beauty in it: “The heart of the book, then, was a challenge to the aesthetic of the New Calvinism. The New Calvinists attempt to paint a ravishing picture of the manifold excellencies of the self-glorifying, all-determining God of Calvinism, expressed primarily through the doctrines of grace. I say that picture is a false veneer that only works when you ignore the reprobate. I say that picture cannot contain, as its central image, a crucified God who would rather die for sinners than give them what they deserve. Using the Bible as my measure of beauty, I say Calvinism isn’t beautiful.” –
Debate with James White:

Ronnie Rogers – 30 years a Calvinist, this pastor left and wrote books about it:

Greg Boyd – Now affirms Open Theism:

Paul Cooper – After a debate with Braxton Hunter on Calvinism (, he gradually began to doubt and question the system, admitting to no longer affirming some of its tenets towards the end of this interview:

Jordan B Cooper – Now affirms Lutheranism, and mentions here that many others left Calvinism and became Catholic, Orthodox or others:

Kevin Thompson – Calvinist for a year until he realized that Ephesians 1 doesn’t say what Calvinism claims it does (5 min onwards of here: ) and now has many videos refuting it:

Brad Saab – Former Calvinistic pastor who subsequently apologized to his congregation for misleading them. Ephesians 1 in a Calvinistic understanding brought him into Calvinism (17:10 onwards of ), and a video by Kevin Thompson on Ephesian 1 started his journey out:

Sam Shamoun – In this video at 29:10 “He was quick to say a former Calvie who’s left the faith” and 64:20 “You’re not the only one, I’m sorry i bought into it too”, and

Jerod Long – Years as a Calvinist, eventually the preponderence of passages against Limited Atonement and the restrictions in preaching the Gospel with all the careful theological wording started him on his journey out –

A Calvinistic Baptist of 16 years who finally realized his views were wrong after giving Leighton Flowers a fair hearing –

Steven L Hitchcock – Calvinist for at least 16 years, but recanted due to it clashing with the Bible –

A Pentecostal who found more intellectual rigour in Calvinism – as well as its infamous cage stage arrogance. Like Leighton Flowers, actually examining the reasoning and arguments of other views instead of absorbing Reformed Only, All The Time material led him to leave Calvinism: &

Alane –

Herman Melville (possibly) – Author of Moby Dick, which contains his struggles with some tenets of Calvinism:

And these former Calvinists whose beliefs about God directly caused or aided their apostasy into atheism should serve as a warning:

Derek Webb – Singer and songwriter for Caedmon’s Call, which released many songs with a Calvinistic bent (example:

Matt W Cook – Turned to Calvinism, and then turned to unbelief: (He chats with Derek Webb at which is clipped from 1:49:30 onwards of )

Megan Phelps – Was a member of Westboro Baptist (stringently Five Pointers: – their TULIP explainer page states: Anyone preaching otherwise is a Hell-bound false prophet and a messenger of Satan, to whom we say, “Anathema Maranatha!” Let him be accursed of God!) until their interpretation of Romans 9 made her not only leave them, but become atheist too. She’s still a determinist apparently, from her words to Joe Rogan –

Edwin Curley – Raised in a tradition that he mistakenly assumed all Christians, including William Lane Craig, believe in –


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