1) There is an objective standard of beauty.
2) If there is an objective standard of beauty, there must be a standard giver.
3) As the only absolute being, the Christian God is the standard giver of beauty.
4) Therefore, that which is closer to the Christian God is closer to the objective standard of beauty.
5) Music is part of the range of subjects that can be described as having beauty.
6) European Classical music arose from a Christian context with Christian motivations.

7) Therefore in conclusion, European Classical music is objectively more beautiful than any other genre. 😏

On a related note, here is William Lane Craig making some music recommendations:


14:50 “…things like beautiful music and art and other experiences where we grasp the beautiful, put us in contact with a kind of transcendent reality beyond scientific naturalism.

Scientific naturalism can give you a description of the sunset, of the refraction of the light rays through the atmosphere and the dust and the geology of the surrounding countryside and silver. But it can’t do anything to capture the beauty of the sunset.

And so if we can capture glimpses of this transcendent realm of beauty and value, I think this will prepare our hearts for a transcendent reality like God.”

[You recommended some symphonies and some other things. What did you recommend?]

“Well, I recommended Dvorak’s New World Symphony which I think is just beautiful. And then Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade which has this violin that just weeps, it is so gorgeous when this refrain comes on with the violin. I find this kind of music just sublime.”


And the compositions he mentioned as follows:

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