20:08 I spent much of my time communicating the Gospel to my friend Alex – this is a true story – who aggressively resisted my attempts to evangelize him. He would not listen to me or read any book written by a Christian. I tried to give him William Lane Craig and Mike Licona to read their stuff, and he would not accept them because they were writing from a Christian position. He would just reject them.

So I eventually gave up and wiped the dust off my feet. A year later I ran into him and he told me with a smile on his face, “Tim I’m a Christian now!” I was shocked and overjoyed, and I asked Alex “How did this happen?”

And he responded by saying “Well I read Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life!”

And I responded by saying “But Jordan Peterson is not a Christian! That’s not a Christian book!” And Alex replied “I know, but he got me so close to the cross that everything you said in the past now made perfect sense.”

So it seems that Jordan Peterson is the gateway drug to Christianity.

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