Ai ai ai… How heart-rending. Looking at my blog stats for the past 1 week, it seems that NEARLY HALF (48.2%) of all searches that lead to my blog are OBSCENE!!! It’s the price I must pay for having such a unique name (even among the Chinese surnames).

From the stats below, there are 54 searches to do with thongs (which I’m sure DON’T refer to the Cantonese for soup). The exact phrase ‘thong of the day’ by itself already accounts for 44 hits! The phrase is actually the http address of a certain site, I’ve discovered. There’s even one search for ‘hot UNI girls’. Well you ain’t gonna ogle MY uni girls, that’s for sure ya perverts!

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2006-09-29


Search Views
thong of the day 11
lawsuit bugs in rice 2
penang 1
undo caffeine 1
hot fun 1
what is the largest living bird that doe 1
squinty eyes 1
show+my+thong 1
examples of Trinity God 1
Trinity Examples 1

Search Views
thong of the day 14
Russ Pings Bible Believers 2
voltron 1
forbidden city portrait of an empress CD 1
hot time in singapore 1
kindergarten praying mantis description 1

Search Views
happy tree friends for mad comics 3
transformers, animated gifs 2
broken bridges klpac soon yoon 1
text america look at my thong 1
“thong of the day” 1
hot thongs today 1
hot thong 1
spider inject caffeine 1
my thong text america 1
doodle dum 1
thong 1
thong impressions 1
slicing bullet 1
katana slicing a bullet 1
“optimus prime”+” animated gifs” 1
remove before flight thong 1
morality in the bible, past present and  1
dilbert decaf 1
dilbert comic decaf 1
grace woo 1

Search Views

can a katana cut through a fridge door? 2
funny ping pong tv slowmotion japan 1
sri saujana 1
Hot Thong Day 1
cockroach animated gif 1
show me your thong 1
“Cockroach picture” moving 1
dum lion hunting video 1
hot UNI girls 1
thaicoup 1
crowe fighting around the world 1

Search Views
transformers 2007 videos 2
“grace woo” blog greece 1
russell crowe: fightin around the world 1
Scott Thong 1
transformers gifs videos 1
Lysol and Flame 1
penang uni sa 2006 1
vgcats tom and jerry 1

Search Views

caffeine cockroach 2
why do mosquitoes attack me when I sleep 1
absolutes and relatives 1
transformers animated gif 1
trinity examples 1
tom and jerry 1
vgcats 1

And update 6 May 2008 – This is my second most visited post, at a total of 14840 hits as of today.

So it seems that my blog gets plenty of visitors who go away empty eye-balled. Well fine then… You want provocative thongs, I’ll GIVE YA provocative thongs! Here you go:


                        THONG OF THE DAY

Sorry to all you dominatrixes foot fetish types, heh :p

“After me will come one more powerful than I, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie!” – John the Baptist (Mark 1:7)

28 Responses to “THONG OF THE DAY!!!!”

  1. me Says:

    this sucks

  2. a better me Says:

    im making mistakes. this helped me better get on track. thank you.

  3. Funny Keyword Errors Says:

    Google pageranks you very high for unrelated keywords mostly because of your url containing the word thong. Now that you’ve included it so many times on this one page the keywords are so prevalant that you’re now listed in the top 10 for most of the above terms. This is genius of you. You need to capitalize on this and put some advertising on this page. Maybe some affiliate links to places that sell thongs.

  4. Huhu Says:

    you must be kidding,

  5. lord Says:

    nameless human environmental nature yet named

  6. thongoftheday Says:

    Hey Scott,

    I can’t find the soup either! 😉

    But what I have found is that since you wrote this post back in 2006 (God, 4 years ago) more and more people have been searching for that special “thong of the day”.

    Are you still getting the same search queries for your website, or has Google finally worked out there is no soup here? lol

  7. Simon Thong Says:


    too scared to reveal who you really are? chose a pseudonym to mock and run? pi$$e$ in your pants in excitement every time you write something insulting and think you are so smart?

    got a blog of your own? or got a gulp of envy-soup? or are you a glob without a blog who desires those 30 seconds of self-caused thrill when you troll this blog?

    finally, you think, if you could think, you have written something, anything? even when it is a stink rather than a thought out thing?

  8. menj Says:

    That’s not a thong, that’s a shoe.

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s the thong of a sandal. Anyways, the whole intention was to punk visitors who were looking for skimpily dressed babes.

  10. menj Says:

    I guess your page has dropped off its Google rankings since this post was written, because it didn’t appear in even the first 20 pages for the word “thong”.

  11. Simon Thong Says:

    It depends on your google. Mine has the following as soon as I type in ‘thong’:
    About 511,000,000 results (0.10 seconds)
    Search Results

    Thong (clothing) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The thong is a garment generally worn as either underwear or as a swimsuit in many industrialized societies around the world. …
    Nomenclature – History – Design and variety – Society – Cached – Similar

    Latest Trend in Thong Underwear and Bikinis –
    Check out our huge selection of thongs & panties and also see what’s in style this year – brought to you by the experts on the subject – – Cached
    thong bikini, micro bikini and sexy brazilian swimwear
    Thong bikini, micro bikini and other sexy swimwear styles including Brazilian, micro, string and thong swimwear. Brazilian sexy thong swimwear.

  12. Astroboy Says:

    menj – About 3,660,000 results (0.11 seconds)
    mangy – About 1,070,000 results (0.10 seconds)

  13. Astroboy Says:

    “That’s not a thong, that’s a shoe.” – menj

    It`s a great achievement for you at age 31. The shoe is for your backside.

  14. menj Says:

    @Astroboy: Come and face me and I’ll give you a very red backside. That’s a personal guarantee.

  15. Astroboy Says:

    @Astroboy: Come and face me and I’ll give you a very red backside. That’s a personal guarantee.

    I can believe that, and I have absolutely no intention of catching any of your diseases.

  16. Astroboy Says:


    I am MENJ the Moron. I am Allah’s personal soldier. The reason for my existence is non other than to kill all infidel, put women in their righteous place, kill infidels, destroy Christianity, kill infidels, bring back the glorious era of Islamic reign, kill infidels and make money selling ad plugs in my blogs. All of them. Yeah. Pro Blogger. MENJ. Muslim. Moron. Me in 3Ms. Nice, yes?

    Yes. I am aiming for this blog to outperform my other blogs. All twelve thousand two hundred twenty of them. For that, I might have to increase the Page Rank of THIS BLOG to about a Million and twenty two out of the possible 10.

    That would make my job as a PRO BLOGGER (no less!!!) more easier. You know, I can pretend to be working full time in front of my PC while watching naruto or other Japanese Porn. Errr… Wallahi I do NOT WATCH PORN, except for the Japanese one. Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi! I am innocent. Watch me in youTube and believe!!!

  17. menj Says:

    @Astroboy: So that makes you a coward. You only know how to hurl insults anonymously without disclosing your real name, shame on you. I have no intention of stooping to your level but rest assured you will get a red backside if I ever find out who you really are.

    As for the blog you created smearing me, I do welcome it. Any publicity is good for me. That is how I make my living on the internet.

  18. menj Says:

    By the way, I have reported that blog as personal defamation / impersonation. Rest assured that Google will take it down soon.

  19. Astroboy Says:

    “I have no intention of stooping to your level but rest assured you will get a red backside if I ever find out who you really are.”

    Of course, as a parasite with a red backside you will stoop to any level. Stop selling you backside. I am not interested in your anus, some Taliban might.

    “As for the blog you created smearing me, I do welcome it.”

    I knew you would. I am right again.

  20. menj Says:

    Your game is up, ShadowFox. I know who you are.

  21. Astroboy Says:

    “Your game is up, ShadowFox. I know who you are.”

    You know as much as the pimple on the dimple of the left ball of an ant.

  22. menj Says:

    Ants dont have dimples or pimples, your knowledge of biology is as empty as your brain.

  23. sambal belacan Says:

    “Ants dont have dimples or pimples, your knowledge of biology is as empty as your brain.”

    WOW! So fast someone went out to examine ants balls.

  24. menj Says:

    Symptoms of split personality disorder is usually due to past childhood abuse or trauma.

  25. SIMON THONG is blogging as simonthong | simonthongwh Says:

    […] One Piece’s Neptune – A Kingly … How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning Interlok Thong of the day!!!! […]

  26. nulisbuku Says:

    I love it when people get together and share views. Great website,
    continue the good work!

  27. Shyla Jennings Says:

    Ooh! I’m on my way (where?)

  28. Shenita Revelo Says:


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