Scott’s Obama Phone FAIL on Michelle Malkin

Hey, my creation is up on Michelle Malkin‘s!

Obama Phone FAIL on Malkin

Compare blast from the past 6 months ago: Is The FAIL Blog Liberal Democrat?

Informed Michelle Malkin about it, will see if I get due credit.

In any case, all are free to use it for their own mockerying. This is teh Intertubes after all.

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3 Responses to “Scott’s Obama Phone FAIL on Michelle Malkin”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    A Fareed Zakaria Employee and that says it all.

    Newsweek Reporter Wanted to ‘Take Out’ Giuliani [Kevin D. Williamson]

    A reader points out this fascinating tidbit from Newsweek campaign reporter Michael Hastings, writing about Rudy Giuliani:

    I had a recurring fantasy in which I took him out during a press conference (it was nonlethal, just something that put him out of commission for a year or so), saving America from the horror of a President Giuliani. If that sounds like I had some trouble being “objective,” I did.

    Nonlethal? Well, that much is a relief. How does Newsweek’s reputation survive its coverage?

  2. wits0 Says:

    The Obama Temptation

    “Obama’s entire campaign is built on class warfare and human envy. The “change” he peddles is not new. We’ve seen it before. It is change that diminishes individual liberty for the soft authoritarianism of socialism. It is a populist appeal that disguises government mandated wealth redistribution as tax cuts for the middle class, falsely blames capitalism for the social policies and government corruption (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) that led to the current turmoil in our financial markets, fuels contempt for commerce and trade by stigmatizing those who run successful small and large businesses, and exploits human imperfection as a justification for a massive expansion of centralized government.” u/q

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”

    In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names–Barack Hussein–mean “the blessing of Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he is with us,” the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.

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