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Santa’s Bizarre Delivery – Christmas is Forever

December 25, 22

Above part of the 1000+ original memes (mostly about soteriology) at

When You Read the Bible and it Does Gnostic

November 10, 22

Ironically, this is EXACTLY correct for many Calvinists who tell me that the reason I don’t interpret Bible passages they way they do to derive TULIP is because God hasn’t supernaturally revealed those truths to poor little unenlightened me.

Whereas when they read the Bible, God DOES ‘Gnostic’ the correct understanding into them! 🤣

Oil Palm is the Great Preventer – Not the Driver – of Deforestation

August 1, 22

An old essay I submitted for a competition, with lots of tongue-in-cheek in the tone of Ezra Levant and Ann Coulter (but also, FACTS).

Wow Such Divine, So Council

January 29, 22

Much likes:


August 6, 21

Some background to the creation of the attached meme.

It is commonly acknowledged that 2 Peter 2 and Jude reference 1 Enoch in their mention of ‘angels sinning’. For those not familiar with it, 1 Enoch takes the ‘heavenly beings’ view of the Sons of God in Gen 6:1-4 and greatly elaborates on their activities. In particular, they sin by procreating with human women and corrupting humanity with forbidden destructive knowledge & technologies (kind of like what people say about aliens now, but I digress!). For this they are punished with imprisonment. Even Jesus and Revelation possibly reference 1 Enoch which has the lake of fire for rebel angels.

This has led to the debate over whether 1 Enoch should be considered part of the inspired canon. Or maybe only parts of it are true, the parts that the New Testament cites – after all, 1 Enoch also has things that surely cannot be accepted like Enoch being the Messiah!

One notion is that Peter and Jude are using 1 Enoch’s material as a ‘sermon illustration’ – much like Jesus’ parables, referencing commonly known stories or experiences to make a theological point, but without assuming any of it actually happened. In modern times, preachers often do this with pop culture – for example, referencing the latest movies or series. This doesn’t mean that they consider the events of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones to be actual history!

Which leads me to Dr Strange, because his looking into the outcomes of 14,000,605 possible futures has often been used by Molinists as a way to explain God’s Middle Knowledge.

And looping all the way back to 1 Enoch now… If 1 Enoch should be considered canonical just because several New Testament books reference it, then the sheer amount of Molinist referencing of Dr Strange should eventually get the MCU canonized!


July 23, 21

Here’s why:

1) In her first outing she has to play an amnesiac, tough-gal soldier who is repeatedly told NOT to show emotion. In End Game she is just hi and bye. You can’t really display a wide or deep acting range with those kind of restrictions. Imagine if Jim Carrey were cast as Ronan, but not allowed to break character – no jokes, no quips, no funny faces. What a miscast and waste of talent, right?

2) Her character is at the top of the power level charts. This results in a ‘Superman Is Boring’ problem with storylines, there is no challenge or suspense. How many times can you throw Kryptonians or Darkseid at Supes in order to make it interesting? Imagine two hours of blowing up enemy ships and punching mooks way below your weight class, kinda boring unless your taste is towards Michael Bay films. This is where Brie gets it wrong in interviews, fans don’t want to watch the STRONGEST hero, they want to watch an engaging story.

3) Box office performance wise, none of the films she appears in are useful to measure her personal audience draw. She is surrounded by pedigreed fan favourites like Samuel L Jackson and the longer running MCU characters, and she is part of a megafranchise where many fans will watch literally anything with the Marvel label on it (as Honest Trailers ribbed about Guardians of the Galaxy – what are you gonna do, watch DC?

4) ScreenCrush has a good video where in the latter half they explain how the same plot can be kept for Captain Marvel, but rearranging the sequence would make her much more relatable to the audience:

And all that said, none of the above covers for Brie’s own attitude in interviews where her fellow, much more experienced MCU actors either eye roll or clapback at her remarks. She doesn’t help improve her character’s standing among the fan base with that kind of arrogance.


March 25, 21

I’m past 200 original memes (collected at My Soteriological (and Other) Memes).

So I thought I could give a brief on how I made some of them. I’m using the free image editor ‘GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program’ which is pretty similar to Adobe Photoshop. As long as the program has Layers (different image parts kept separate so you can move them around freely), it’ll do.

But most of my memes are low effort ‘Take an image and slap text on it’ which you can do at lol!

Previously: 100+ SOTERIOLOGY MEMES

Western Superhero & Comics Memes

March 15, 21

In a similar vein to my My Manga & Anime Soteriology Memes Collection, which is a subset of My Soteriological (and Other) Memes.

🎵 Who’s secretly willed us to sin?
It’s been Calvin’s god all along
Who’s been pulling every evil string?
It’s been Calvin’s god all along
He’s controlling us (Ha ha!)
So meticulous
That he determined your choices
And the decree is (The decree is)
Decree, decree, decree, decree
That’s the way he willed everything
Including that you sing this song
Thanks to Calvin’s god (Ha!)
It’s been Calvin’s god all along 🎵
(And I willed DARK WORLD too!)

Link to the timestamp of the above:


February 11, 21

If you’re regular here, you may know me as ‘The guy with the stupid memes’.

I take offense at that label. Please refer to me instead as ‘The guy with 100 stupid memes’ – because I’ve passed that milestone. I now have over 100 original memes, the majority of them on soteriology (because I am just that OCD).

Because visual persuasion is the most effective, and humour is a memorable means of communication.

1) Head over to My Soteriological (and Other) Memes and have a good laugh.
2) Get back to your everyday life, because you actually have one.
3) When you come across a dumb post or comment, you might recall one of the memes. Now you can just mock the dumbness with a succinct meme instead of typing a 20-paragraph response!

As a preview, here are the top 4 most upvoted memes on Soteriology 101 Discussion page on Facebook. Enjoy!

Honourable mention: The most discussed meme:

Manga & Anime Soteriology Memes Collection

February 5, 21

In a similar vein to my Western Superhero & Comics Memes, which is a subset of My Soteriological (and Other) Memes.

A subset of My Soteriological (and Other) Memes.

CALVINISM: It Just Works:

Sye Ten Bruggencate on Giving ‘Logic Guns’ to Unbelievers:

Tim Stratton’s New Book on Molinism Memes:

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