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Dota2 Webcomics

December 13, 13

My pick from Imgur.

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College Liberal Meme – Fave Picks Pt 4

November 23, 13

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College Liberal Meme – Fave Picks Pt 3

November 23, 13

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College Liberal Meme – Fave Picks Pt 2

November 23, 13

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College Liberal Meme – Fave Picks

November 23, 13

Via Know Your Meme, Quickmeme and Meme Generator.

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Due the large number, the images are split between 4 posts.

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#251 – #500 are here.

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Be warned, 200+ images below the break! (All are jpg expect the 2nd and 4th ones.)

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One Piece Characters as Memes

September 7, 13

My favourite from Memecenter: One Piece:

Really suits the character of the characters.

You can look up at memes referenced yourself at Know Your Memes, thankyouverymuch.

Dota 2 Fun Recollections

September 3, 13

In the vein of earlier posts Civilization 5 Best Stories, Share Your Skyrim Best Moments, Funny, Cool and Other Left 4 Dead 2 Stories, Plants vs Zombies Survival: Endless – Scott’s Setup, The Most Embarassing Ways to Die in Alien Swarm, and Gratuitous Space Battles Quick Tips.

And you gotta love this if you play Dota2:


Four Meteors

The Radiant team were making an obvious push to take down our third tower on top. Playing as Warlock, I had already gotten quite a bit of success with my ultimate Chaotic Offering which was now at Level 3 – and with both Aghanim’s Sceptre and Refresher Orb thanks to the accumulate gold I’d earned!

With my freshly purchased Shadow Amulet (activate to become invisible as long as you don’t move or act), I moved to a little bit below the tower and went invisible to await the coming assault.

When the enemy team arrived, my allies initiated the clash. Then I quickly broke invisibility and moved in with Fatal Bonds (20% of all damage taken by a chained enemy is also dumped onto every other chained enemy), followed by a Chaotic Offering dropping two Golems onto the enemies’ heads for instant damage, Immolation area damage and Golem attack damage… Resulting in an immediate two kills.

With the remaining enemies stunned from the Golem drop, I followed up right away with Refresher Orb to reset my cooldowns and Chaotic Offering again dropping another two Golems, for another two kills. ULTRA KILL!!! A bountiful harvest all in the space of maybe 5 seconds, to my own surprise!

If the enemy Lifestealer hadn’t been at the bottom lane farming, it would probably have been a 5-enemies killed RAMPAGE.


Nature’s Randomness

Playing as Nature’s Prophet. Our team had been doing well from the start, but towards the end of the game the enemy team was outpacing us… Mostly due to Phantom Lancer who was all itemed up and hard to kill due to his multiple illusions clogging up the field. And also quite due to our Night Stalker who chided us not to feed, then promptly got himself killed mutiple times. Including once with an Aegis of the Immortal, promptly wasting it (which I warned that he would surely do!).

Anyway, I was defending against a hero-less creep wave and tossed out my ultimate Nature’s Wrath (damage jumps to many visible enemies across the map)… And to our surprise, the dominating Phantom Lancer was killed by it! Cussing from said player ensued.

Sheer luck, and so totally sweet!


Sniper Gear

Playing Single Draft which is my current preference because:

1) I don’t always see Sniper, Riki, Spirit Breaker every single game.
2) Equalizer of sorts because the better, but narrowly skilled, players don’t always get to use the heroes they are good at.
3) If I lose, I can blame the bad random allotment lol.

Anyway, I got Sniper as one of my choices. Woohoo! First time Sniper in Dota 2. Apart from a perfect 25-0 score where I mainly just walked up to an enemy and auto-attacked him to death (Orb of Venom helps), or they were still hanging around with less than 500 HP (whoops got Sniper Ulti’ed), two fun notes:

Shadow Amulet saved me from dying in a teamfight, no kidding. With two enemies left standing, I decided to activate it at around my 200HP remaining rather than run. By the time it turned me invis, I had less than 100HP left.

Poor Broodmother meanwhile got a nasty surprise by letting her guard down while in the ‘safety’ of her invisibility-granting webs. A simple purchase of Dust of Appearance and she was bugmeat. The second time she managed to run into the trees and escape. The third, she remained still while I chipped off her health – apparently unaware of, or confused by, the drop in HP when she was supposedly invisible.


That’s Far

Instances of surprisingly super-long-range hits.

First as Gyrocopter, I launched a Heat Seeking Missile at Nature’s Prophet who was in the middle of teleporting. The missile took off and he disappeared… And the missile tracked him all the way across the map to finally impact. Which he noted with a lol.

Second as Weaver, I auto attacked Queen of Pain who ran back into base as my first swarm followed her. My Geminate Attack activated and released the second swarm when the first swarm hit, by which time Queen of Pain was well inside her base and still running. The second swarm finally hit waaaaay offscreen and killed her. Which my ally noted with a lol.

Third, my ally as Gyrocopter launched a Missile while the enemy ran… And ran… and Blink Daggered… And ran! All the way from almost in our Radiant base to just inside their Dire base. It finally hit, and Gyro who kept chasing almost hit the target to death too! 3/4 of the map at least.

Fourth, as Bloodseeker I was healing up in Dire fountain just as a teamfight was finishing at the Dire jungle top left. An enemy Vengeful Spirit managed to juke on low enough health that I could see her with my Thirst. Chasing after her all the way as she ran through the Radiant Secret Shop jungle, sped up by maxed Thirst and Power Treads and one early use of Mask of Madness, I finally caught up to her and hit her twice for a kill a few hundred Dotametres into Radiant base!

Fifth, did you know that now Bounty Hunter’s Shuriken bounces to any Tracked enemy within 900 radius? With two enemies Tracked in a teamfight, I was nearly dead and so started to scamper off… But I returned for a brief Shuriken onto a Tracked enemy followed by running away. The Shuriken killed him, then bounced to his Tracked running-away friend for another kill midway into the Dire jungle while I was almost to the Dire fountain.



Playing as Bane, my team’s attempted gank went badly and we were getting pwned in the teamfight. Running for my worthless life, with two still-healthy enemies chasing, I cast Nightmare on myself as a last ditch attempt to stall for time in the hope that someone would save me.

Within 3 seconds the damage from Nightmare had pwned myself. Denied! Hahaha!


How not to counter Bounty Hunter

From the start of the match it was clear that this would be lopsided, one way or another… My team was mostly melee carries (I as Bounty Hunter, Kunkka as my lane partner, etc) against Crsytal Maiden, Lina, Nature’s Prophet, Twin Head Dragon and Outworld Devourer. If we had a good start, our carries would overwhelm the enemy by the late game. If the enemy could start strong and keep up the pressure, they would win before the late game ever materialized.

So expecting early harass, my starting buys were Stout Shield and Ring of Regeneration. Me and Kunkka ran into a solo Crystal Maiden (solo!!! Crystal Maiden!!!). I tell you, the number of times she spammed Crystal Nova, that ring more than repaid its equivalence to the 1,400 HP that would have been healed by Healing Salves (one of Crystal Maiden’s own salves I interrupted halfway with a Shuriken Toss btw). I played safe instead of trying to rush a kill (which in my experience never seems to turn out well from early game all the way to affecting the end game).

Elsewhere, my allies were indeed getting their butts kicked to the point of declaring an early ‘gg’. I responded that as carries we could still win the game, and to be patient as I rushed a BKB. Meanwhile our towers fell in succession, especially to a constantly pushing Nature’s Prophet (whom I twice found hard to pin down without a proper stun to stop his Teleport).

Indeed, once I bought that magic bullet, I charged into an enemy push and basically slaughtered them. My first appearance in their midst (after Track + Shuriken Toss to farm an almost dead Twin Head Dragon who was far from the rest) was met by an immediate Dragon Slave and Light Strike Array from Lina, plus Crystal Nova from Crystal Maiden – which would very likely have pwned me except that I was magic immune! The kill count went from 13 – 24 in the enemy’s favour when I first activated the BKB, to a complete rout teamfight after teamfight. Track on each enemy before finishing them spilled plentiful gold which led to more items – including eventually THREE major anti-spell gear (Black King Bar, Planeswalker’s Cloak, Linken’s Sphere).

They weren’t fully dissuaded (or were aware that my ascendance meant they had to end the game quickly), and kept team pushing. Each time I would run into their midst with Wind Walk invisibility, wait for someone to stray ever so slightly from the group, then slaughter him or her.

Before each foray I’d click on each enemy to check for detection items. The closest they ever came was two charges of Dust of Appearance – two charges, throughout the entire match. No Sentry Wards which would have forced me to wasted a slot on detection items.

And the kicker? Two of them scrummed up the gold to complete Shadow Blades! Against Bounty Hunter’s Track! Crsytal Maiden even responded to one mid-game beatdown by standing still – what on earth? Then she started to fade… Shadow Amulet! Well played in other situations (see my Sniper Gear recollection above), but just so sad against Bounty Hunter.


Random Rampage, killsteal block, and tradeoffs

As Morphling, I built into a carry – going for Butterfly first. With it completed, we all ended up in a teamfight where I just auto-attacked – not activating my Waveform or Adaptive Strike. Through sheer luck, I ended up last hitting all five enemy heroes – RAMPAGE!!! Although my high Agility translating to fast attack speed and high damage surely contributed.

My ally Sniper, on the other hand, was actively trying to killsteal every chance he got. He did end up with 3 kills higher than mine. At one point, an enemy Abaddon was trying to escape when Sniper’s Assassinate! icon appeared on him. I immediately used Waveform to catch up to Abaddon followed by Adaptive Strike which just managed to kill Abaddon an instant before Sniper’s ultimate launched.

Finally, this particular match had lots of tradeoffs where two opponents end up killing one another. In fact, at the very start all four of us on the bottom lane ended up dead, with the last two trading slow-moving projectile autoattacks!

(Another happened in a different match, where my Clinkz’s fire arrow traded kills with enemy Drow’s frost arrow!)


Surge Protectors

Playing as Zeus, once I hit level 6 most of the game was basically running up to the enemy and zapping them to death in a few seconds. I tried not to kill steal, waiting if I saw that my team was handling their own gank okay before using zapping if the enemy was escping. 25 kills by the end of the game. Enemy Doom commended my good team, I replied tongue-in-cheek that if by that he meant they’re good at charging into team fights like meat shields so that everyone is distracted and hits them while I walk in and zap, then yes, I agree. He lol’ed.


What An Ice Day

Playing as Tiny with Spirit Breaker on my lane. We were waiting patiently for level 6 (more powerful Toss and Nether Strike) so we have an edge in taking out our rivals on the lane. Suddenly our ally Ancient Apparition’s ultimate landed in their midst out of nowhere – no warning from him either! – and we grabbed the opportunity to rush in with Charge of Darkness and Rock Slide + Toss. Two kills, lovely!


Abaddon You Just Love Being Unkillable?

Playing as Abaddon, after a successful gank of the opposing heroes on the Dire suicide lane (i.e. right side), both me and laning partner Earthshaker were at the Side Shop when suddenly the enemy Bounty Hunter broke invisibility and stabbed us to death.

After this ignominy, I bought Sentry Wards and plopped one down near the exit of the river on the lane. This paid dividends when the Bounty Hunter later tried to stealth pwn us again – this time we easily pounded his invisible, unsuspecting head. Later in the game the same thing happened again wtih a newly placed Sentry Ward replacing the previous one.

But the interesting thing came almost at the end. Assaulting the enemy Radiant base’s bottom entrance, our team’s Rhasta accidentally trapped me with his ultimate snake wards! By this time I was known to hard to kill due to Aphotic Shield and especially Borrowed Time’s damage-taken-becomes-health, plus the wards meant that the enemy was deterred from trying to gank me just yet.

So I just sat there “…” until the wards finally expired. This was followed by me running up, the enemy coming for my head, and my somehow surviving with 100HP or so – thanks to the entire enemy team whacking on me through my Borrowed Time while the fed Troll Warlord whacked on them, each in turn, for a RAMPAGE.


Avengers Assemble! (For a Gank!)

Playing as Clockwerk, our team was ganking and solo-killing the other guys like nobody’s business (including my getting flamed by a teammate “noob clock only know ks” (kill-steal)… probably due to my Battery Assault chasing or across-the-map Rocket Flare killing some almost dead runners).

Our Undying’s habit of trading blows until near death, then ‘hulking out’ into his Ultimate form made me call out HULK and HULK SMASH more than once.

So at the end of the game, with our team ganking the enemy heroes right to the doorstep of their Radiant fountain, I noted “hulk, thor and loki!” and “hawkeyess” (hawkeye-ess, female form of hawkeye lol) and of course “iron man” – referring to Undying, Sven (for his Storm Hammer), Huskar (yes, someone asked where’s Loki and I pointed out the spear), Mirana (4 out of 5 ain’t bad) and my Clockwerk.


Roshan Mega Kill

A teammate carry with me as Necrophos minor backup took on Roshan. The enemy Sniper seemed to have a hint what was up (probably not my Heartstopper Aura as the 1000 radius wouldn’t reach far enough up from my position down from Roshan) and rained Shrapnel on the area, twice, which we pointedly ignored. Roshan was getting real close to death when both the enemy team backup and our own backup arrived.

Somehow in the ensuing slugfest, Roshan managed to kill TWO of our enemy! One was Queen of Pain who most likely had Blinked into his lair to use her AoE spells, and the other I forget.

And the kicker? At the end of the sparring, with several dead on each side… Roshan was still alive, with a bit of HP left, waiting for us to finish the job and take the Aegis!


Four, Back for More

In a game where I was Batrider, we were dominating the enemy team. How much you ask? I was taking down the second bottom tower of Dire while the rest of my team were breaking the middle rax. I got ganked and died, and immediately bought back into the game. Three of my team then died too… And bought back immediately too!


Drow Stories

Playing as Drow, looking at the enemy team’s lineup of much castings (Phoenix, Disruptor, Queen of Pain… Plus Chaos Knight and Lone Druid) I bought Ring of Regeneration as my starting gear. Middle lane went up againt Phoenix who kept up long range harass with Icarus Dive and Sun Ray, which my Ring somewhat negated. So I got another Ring and a Cloak.

This turned out helpful as I completed them into a Planeswalker’s Cloak… The 30% spell damage reduction and 8HP/sec regen saved my skin in several ganked-so-run-for-it situations, such as one case where I escaped with as low as 26HP left with Disruptor’s Thunder Strike popping off on my head as I ran for it!

Later game, Phoenix several times tried to Supernova – but died in most cases to Drow’s high attack speed (thank you fat bonus Agil from ulti lol).

And poor, fragile Disruptor… By end game, my Cystalys then Daedalus crit together with massive damage output made him die in two hits, twice!


Terrorblade Ulti Lolwut

Must have been a newbie to Dire’s Terrorblade, because when my Dark Seer was low on HP (due to using Ring of Sacrifice several times to spam Ion Shell), he came fresh from healing to full at the fountain, down past his bottom tower, and immediately Sundered me… Giving me almost full health and cutting his down sharply!

Not long later, I repaid that by running up and pwning him.


The One That Didn’t Quite Get Away

Pwning as Bounty Hunter (from being the one to get the First Blood in a starting skirmish in the left Rune spot that I was late to attend to, to more than one intentional killsteals during a gank with a Shuriken Toss), late in the game we had pushed Radiant far back into their base and were basically ending the game.

I was chopping up one of the enemy heroes when another one distracted me. I went after this second guy, failing to notice that I hadn’t completed my killing of the first guy! Second guy died and then I noticed first guy healing just inside the radius of his fountain area (thanks to Track).

Armed with Butterfly, Desolator and Monkey King Bar, I walked up to him at the fountain area and finished the job with one Jinada’d up blow of more than 800 damage.

Lesson to learn: Heal further inside the fountain area.


Techies Trolling

Played All Pick for a change several times in a row, just to re-experience the unique joy that is Techies!

Such as rushing to the river to plop down mines at the start and snag the first Bounty runes (over the course of the early game, they help to offset the exp and gold loss from constantly roaming to plant mines) and provide just enough vision to act as rune sighters.

And getting kills out of the blue when enemies traverse the river on the way to a gank, or trying to snag a juicy rune… Which happens to have 4+ mines underneath!

And especially pwning enemies who visit the Secret Shop which has plenty of mines lying in wait, thus losing a chunk of the gold they just accumulated enough of to go shopping for that big item! Once, all my hard-placed mines went off when a courier stepped on them on the way to the Secret Shop… Now I place a spare mine at the entrance lanes to preemptively kill couriers.

And taking a break from mining to run up behind hurt enemies on the other lanes and interfere with a suicide explosion pwnage! Especially when I snag an Invisibility rune (perk of having mine to spot runes), which lets me walk right up to the unsuspecting enemies, lay a dumb mine and then Suicide on them!

On a good day, this gets me to 3rd or even 2nd place in total kills! Not bad for a ‘defensive’ hero.

One time, Pudge grabbed me with his Meat Hook and proceeded to perform the run-of-the-mill Rot + Dismember. His mistake to use Rot, as his base HP was more than the damage of my maxed out Suicide Squad Attack… Until his few seconds of Rot put his HP within nuke range!

That same Pudge also stepped on a fat load of mines at their Dire Secret Shop… Which left him at around 60HP! Luckily our Bounty Hunter quickly ran over and tossed a Shuriken just as Pudge started running away and healing.

Not so lucky all the time… Medusa with her puny below-1000HP but tons of mana for Mana Shield got ganked and Suicide bombed but managed to escape with around 120HP! Despite Zeus zapping her with an ulti to boot. In that same game, someone else (probably Vengeful Spirit) ganked me, to which I responded with an emergency Suicide. She was still alive after, so I typed “ulti!” until Zeus pwned her with his ultimate.

Or one amusing game where I suicide bombed a grand total of 8 times in response to being attacked, and each of those times resulted in kills! The first left Riki at low health so that my Sniper ally got the last hit. The next 5 caused outright kills with the explosion. The last 2 both happened at the middle of the map. First time a 2v2 scrap ended with me suiciding, but the weakened enemy stepped close enough to my single Remote Mine for me to get the kill. Second time again my suicide failed to deal enough damage, but a clutch of Remote Mines finished the job shortly after. After one of these Remote kills, the opponent called me cyka. To which I responded, “In Goblintown cyka rapes you!”

In that same game above, I was surprised when my usual Secret Shop dumb mines at Radiant got TWO kills! Watching the reply, it was Batrider with Slark following close behind coming from the left lane… Close enough together to both be taken out by the exploding mines. Drawback of sticking close to your allies – bonus kills for Techies! The game ended with me 17 kills, behind Sniper with 20.

Or one game where after mining the Secret Shop at Radiant, I went down to Remote Mine the midlane. A while later, a teamfight ended with me dead. However with my attention relieved off my hero for the moment, I could focus on my Remote Mines zone and pwned 3 of the fools who had just killed me seconds ago! Legion Commander who had already been cussing at the non-Dota suitability of Techies threatened to report me. I said go ahead, and state EXACTLY what I did wrong – i.e. pwned them by playing Techies the way they were designed! She called me a sh*t, I responded by pointing out their inability to buy wards (for detecting my mines – so far only happened in one game to my Remotes), so who is the poop here?

Sometimes, especially when they’re too eager to gank me, I can get 2 kills with a Suicide.

Or a match (that we lost eventually) where poor Windrunner kept stumbling into my minefields. For example I set up Proximity Mines at Roshan for the soloing Ursa. Windrunner for some inexplicable reason went there alone and triggered them. Or I set up Remote Mines in front of our Radiant tower. Windrunner was the first to come along.

Another match had me taking part in a few teamfights. When they broke out, I was near enough that I took a breather from laying mines to skitter over and contribute whatever I could (Proximities and Stasis). Two of these ended up with a hurt enemy running for it… And by sheer bad luck, over a single Proximity I had placed earlier and dying! One more had Storm Spirit use his ultimate to fly off, which didn’t trigger the mine however.

In the same match as the above, Pudge (all too common a sight in All Pick) caught me 3 or 4 times, which I responded to by Suiciding. Of these, most of them caused him to have low enough HP that an observant ally could easily pick him off.

And a different match (I think) had Razor running from a gank, using the bottom lane to escape back to Dire base… And over a few Remotes I had left a long time ago. I noticed him coming just in time and caught his low HP with the edge of the blasts!

One notable occassion had the enemy Dire engage in a teamfight downright of the middle-middle Radiant tower. After a short skirmish they broke it off and started running up past the tower… Right into my minefield which I detonated for 4 kills!

Techies can reap major killage, but without a good team to take advantage of the minor disruptions (single kills to Proximity Mines or Suicides) and major events (multiple kills by Remote Mines) and push, it will probably end in the enemy team winning with a few mass teamfights.


That’s A Lotta Damage / HP

Using Legion Commander, I was ganking a lot – enough that by the end of the game I had 26 kills, with +238 bonus damage from kills during my ultimate.

Using Invoker, my preferred build is Quas + Exort for Forge Spirits and Cold Snap – it avoids the micro of constantly swapping skills (Ice Wall could be used I suppose, and I do occassionally activate Sun Strike if I think I can score a far-off kill) and most people don’t expect Invoker played as an autoattacker. But 3 instances of Exort together with 2 Forge Spirits melting their armor and Cold Snap stunning can pwn enemies in a few seconds! By the end of one game at above Level 20 with Exort maxed, Daedalus and Eye of Skadi, I was doing a total of 295 damage per hit (before crits)!

Playing as Huskar, we were actually getting seriously pwned by ganks led by an ever-increasingly fed Axe who was taunting and Culling all over the place. Oddly though, midgame they suddenly went their own separate ways – Axe didn’t even show up. Maybe he was AFK? (I was myself for a few minutes, attending to something urgent.) Well that reprieve actually allowed us to farm and even win a few gankfights, and we snowballed from there that by the time Axe was back in the teamfighting, we could take them and win it! My Huskar with Shadow Edge (key item for jumping in with Life Break, burning spearing someone to death, then escaping alive), Heaven’s Halberd, Armlet of Mordiggan, and TWO Hearts of Tarrasque (even one is enough to completely negate the lifeloss from Mordiggan and Burning Spears!) pumped my HP to 4554!

Playing as Pudge – for the first time since WC3 Dota, which must be more than a few years – some basic memory and seeing some current Dota2 Pudge players got me to 27 kills and 33 instances of Flesh Heap, plus Heart of Tarrasque (one is enough to offset perma-Rot) and and Aghanim and Reaver, pushed my HP to 6559!


Clockwerk Run and Return

Outclassed by harder enemy carries like Broodmother (with her insane Lifesteal ultimate), my Clockwerk took part in a 2v2 at the jungle ramp near the right Rune spot. A bit of sparring later, I was low on HP and plopped down a Gears, hit one open and then hoofed it into the nearby jungle.

Just then two of my allies showed up to the left of where I dropped the Gears and started a second round of sparring. Seeing them on the case and the enemies dropping in HP, without checking where my hero was in relation, I fired a Hookshot toward one enemy and it landed! Pull, pop explosions, kill. Lol!


Nemesis (pum da da duuum!)

As Troll Warlord, I was on mid against an enemy Bloodseeker. By coincidence we both went checking for Runes (yeah, unranked pub game no wards, go figure) at the same time and spot. It was a Double Damage and I juuuuust manage to grab it before he did! Yet he decided to stay and fight it out briefly before running, which was enough time for me to hit, chase and kill him in short order.

A while later, AGAIN by coincidence we met while Rune-hunting – and AGAIN I grabbed DD a short while before he came along! Another death.

And later still, going to the defense of our mid Radiant tower, Bloodseeker happened to come along and Rupture+Bloodbath on me in the jungle just right of the tower. Well since I couldn’t run away, I just activated my ulti and stood there trading blows with him. Sorry dude, few heroes – and especially not a several-times pwned-already Bloodseeker – can manfight a getting-fed Troll!

This was followed by various Blood gank deaths as my ever-fatter Troll engine of DPS stun kicked into gear and started killing everything else too. Poor dude.


Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam~

Playing Beast Brawl, where whoever gets to pick first or fastest goes straight for Zeus. Why?

Here’s a typical example: My Lich picked for the mass teamfights that often accompany the Year Beast launches Chain Frost, followed by an immediate Veil of Discord. 25% damage-pumped iceball bounces around the assembled enemy heroes + beast + creeps. Then Zeus uses Wrath, Refresher Orb, Wrath, Year Beast’s Wrath for a clean KS sweep.


Too much garnish, forgot the meat

Dire was acting all cocky from the start, with Axe and Antimage bottom lane stopping our creeps between the Tier 1 & 2 towers, blocking and killing them so that their own creeps had unfettered access to beat down our Tier 1 tower and my Shadow Shaman and allied Earthshaker had no safe escape back.

Later they brought 4 or 5 to teamfights at the topleft jungle, which made for hard fighting for us. Some good plays and dual disable from me helped us win some and stem the tide.

My allies meanwhile were moaning that our Phantom Assassin was off doing her own thing, come and help us fight! But then I made the realization, and told them to just let her farm.

True enough, when she finally started roaming, she had Battlefury and Helm of the Dominator and enough levels to be able to slaughter multiple enemies on her own. More than once her Coup de Grace procced on the first attack for a 1-hit-KO of over 2000 damage!

The enemy team had been so busy with their tactics, that they neglected the main strategy and let PA farm unopposed for way too long.

By that point the game was so obviously won that she went and bought a Divine Rapier, which she soon lost to… Chen on the enemy team, after dying and Aegis and dying again in the Dire base.

Divine Rapier Chen!

Out of the Mouths of Liberals – The Craziest, Most Logic-Defying Things

June 11, 13

From Ace of Spades HQ, commentors (the site’s most precious resource) provide the following excerpted lols. See also Dick Cheney Facts for excerpts of another thread.

And here we go:


“The main stream media are hopelessly biased in favour of the right – a result of the fact that they are owned by mega-corporations.”

A woman I met in a dog park in San Diego told me that she didn’t mind illegal immigration as long as it didn’t bring down her property values

My favorite: a liberal who opposed the construction of new power plants, when asked where we would get electricity, smugly answered, “From batteries!” as though I were a total dumbsh*t.

Ooh, another one. A liberal who was b*tching about a cell phone tower being constructed within sight of her house: “Why can’t they put those down in the canyons, where you can’t see them?”

The NAZIs weren’t really Socialists they just used that in their name to fool people into voting for them

Sitting at a dinner table (captive) and being asked snidely, “How is it possible for private citizens to be as generous and caring as the government?”

Libya is different from Iraq, because it has UN Approval.

I had a lefty at work say there was absolutely no evidence of voter fraud anywhere. He said the only purpose to voter ID laws was so Republicans could prevent blacks from voting. He was completely sincere.

From my days as an academic: students (even grad students) thinking that the way to improve the “plight of the poor” was to increase everyone’s pay by X%.

Recently moved to CA & just spoke with ANOTHER college grad – an otherwise smart guy – who is a Keynesian.
The actual quote:
“There are people who devote their lives to study this and if they say we need higher taxes and more spending, then that’s what we should do.”
Last week someone used the same logic to defend man made global warming.
My response?
“Yeah – let’s go with blind faith. That always turns out well.”

“There is just no reason for us to be drilling in ANWAR. It’s just unnecessary.”

Probably the single dumbest thing I ever had a liberal say to me–at an anti-Bush protest, where I was protesting the protestors (and getting threatened and spit on, for what it’s worth)–was that the tax rate should be 99%. The runner-up might be a completely different liberal, in a completely different context, who thought the tax rate should be “only” 85%. That’s flat-out Communist thinking, I realize, but I don’t see how anyone with even two brain cells to rub together could suggest such things and honestly believe they’re good ideas.

That the immediate impetus of the American Experiment isn’t Liberty, but Fairness. Just look at children; they know it’s wrong that one of them will have more toys than the others, so they share.
At that moment I summoned all my self-control in order to not inform him that I would be f*cking our wife that weekend.


What Door to Door Evangelists for Atheism Would Really Be Like

June 27, 12

STEP 1: Here’s the original cartoon that’s been making the rounds on the web:

Atheist Evangelists Cartoon

STEP 2: Compare what actual atheists are regularly noted for (hint: it’s not positively extolling the virtues of nonbelief, that’s for sure):

- Flinging ‘unholy water’ on a highway to negate a blessing
Put up signs mocking religion – on space for Nativity scenes… Which gets all displays banned (tipped by wits0).
Booking up as many display lots as possible – intentionally at Christmas and Hannukah time
‘De-baptizing’ people of holy water with a hair dryer
Offering porn in exchange for Bibles to declare that the Bible is worse
Threatening a lawsuit to force the removal of a landmark chapel from a city logo – because it has a cross
Put up a confrontational billboard, at Christmas of all times
More confrontational and mocking billboards, at Christmas and targeting Christmas themes
– Trying to get a historic cross landmark removed
– Succeeding in getting crosses that stood for decades on a municipal building removed by threatening lawsuits
– Getting free Bibles removed from hotel rooms
– Getting free Bibles removed from guest rooms
– Getting a coach ordered to stop leading team prayers
Threatening a restaurant which gives discounts for praying before meals
Threateneing a pizza joint which gives a discount for bringing in a church bulletin
– Trying to get a cross removed from police property… Even though the only guy who can actually see it doesn’t feel offended by it!
– Seemingly the majority of remarks left on a blog, comments section, message board or Twitter feed by atheists. Examples: ohTHATJesus Twitter feed, By The Book Comics.
– BONUS anti-Judaism… Demanding that the Star of David be barred from a Holocaust memorial!
– Among the most rabid hobbies of basically every single Communist regime which all just happen to be de-facto atheist. Examples: Leninist Russia, Stalinist USSR, Communist China, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Calles’ Mexico, and overall list here.

STEP 3: Thus I submit my edit of the cartoon, to better reflect reality:

Atheist Evangelists Realistic Real Life Cartoon

As Ace says:

But one of the central planks of the Church of Atheism is that religion is inherently evil and causes you to behave like an a$$hole.

Well, that’s not true. Most religious people are as far away from a$$holery as is possible.

Sure, there are the always-present Some. Some are a$$holes. Sure.

But if it’s religion that’s causing all this illogic and anger and emotionalism and pettiness and spitefulness and general a$$holery, why is it so present among those who have no religion?

Ace, btw, is not a religious person – self described as atheist/agnostic – and is by no means a Christian.

And via AoSHQ, Dinesh D’Souza:

But if you think about it, this is an inadequate explanation, because if you truly believe that there is no proof for God, then you’re not going to bother with the matter. You’re just going to live your life as if God isn’t there.

What I’m getting at is that you have these people out there who don’t believe that God exists, but who are actively attempting to eliminate religion from society, setting up atheist video shows, and having atheist conferences. There has to be more going on here than mere unbelief.

And from Kurt Schlichter:

Tis The Season For Militant Atheists To Whine

The key is not to be a jerk – that goes for both the person sharing his views and the person hearing them.

But jerkiness is the difference between the decent guy who’s just not feeling the connection with the Lord and the smug militant atheist who thinks that putting a fish sticker with legs that says “Darwin” on his Prius is biting social commentary.

These atheist evangelicals aren’t satisfied not to believe. They think we need to not believe too. They seem to live under the bizarre misapprehension that if they are just rude enough to us believers, we’ll somehow unsee the light, put the scales back on our eyes and cast off our faith to embrace a life of spiritual emptiness.

The most annoying ones file lawsuits. Somebody wants to say a prayer before a Friday night high school football game in East Tumbleweed, Texas, and you can be sure some litigious twerp will allege that he is being subjected to the worst religious oppression since the Christians played the lions in the Colosseum.

And what Christmas and Hanukkah season would be complete without some friendless killjoy suing because a town decided to stick a cross and a menorah out in front of city hall? The sight of so many happy, content people seems painful to them. But then, have you even met a happy, content militant atheist? If so, what was the name of his unicorn?


See also twin posts, Christianity Inspires Good in A Way Unbelief Cannot Emulate (serious) and Things That Are Highly Unlikely (Atheism vs Christianity) – Me on Twitter (snarky).

The Ryskind Sketchbook is Back

June 27, 12

And in action once again!

Blogging at his WordPress, and tweeting at this handle.

I’ve long been using his spot-on cartoons to make a point.


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