Al Gore’s New Book – Yet More Scaremongering (and Photoshopped) Fakery

Al Gore is a pathological liar. He has now apparently even resorted to Photoshopping out the Arctic, Photoshopping oceans over coasts, and Photoshopping in several hurricanes onto a photo of the Earth.

From Watts Up With That and Moonbattery via Prison Planet:

A midget Southern Hemisphere cyclone is off the coast of Florida, another hurricane is sitting on the equator off the coast of Peru — and the Arctic Ice is gone (perhaps it is summer) and the Florida Peninsula is half gone

There are other differences I am sure you can find — but the hurricanes are just nonsense…

Maybe it’s Gore’s vision of what the future world will look like if global warming continues unabated. But even that theory fails.

The Arctic ice is at the same levels as 1979, meaning there is no net melting.

Similarly, Antarctic ice is at the highest levels ever recorded.

Hurricanes are at a 30 year low.

The oceans have actually been getting cooler since 2003.

And as the BBC admits, there has been no warming in 11 years.

All this while concentrations of CO2 – the gas that supposedly causes world-ending global warming – continue to increase.

Many more facts, graphs and photos with citations at my collection, Global Warming is Unfactual, and excellent overview for those uninitiated into serious global warming debate.

What can we expect, really, from a guy who barely passed his science papers in university and thinks the Earth’s interior is millions of degrees hot?

No wonder he was greeted with a protest in Portland.

Al Gore really is a pathological liar (much like that other guy he supported for President).

He lies tons in his film. (Which most people actually ignored.)

He lies 180 degrees about the relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature.

He lies about drowning polar bears.

He lies about reducing his massive energy use and carbon footprint.

He lies about his true motives for scaring us about global warming.

So to wit: This is the man who is at the forefront of the global warming fearmongering movement. How do you think this reflects on other supporters/salesmen of the global warming farce, like lying NASA head James Hansen, blindo NASA scientists and researchers who intentionally skew data?


Also covered by Newsbusters,


PS. Excerpts of some interesting and very insightful comments from the Watts Up With That page:

The hurricane spinning the wrong way next to Florida is really neat. It is probably caused by the center of the Earth warming up to millions of degrees. – rxc

Notice the Greenland, which 3 km thick ice cover has melted down to open sea instead of ground. And Cuba with its 2000m high mountains has disappeared completely 😮 – Jurag V.

The Florida hurricane is running clockwise…very unusual north of equator. – S.E.Hendriksen

I like the way they’ve made continental look so much more arid despite all those cyclones buzzing around ready to cause massive storm damage and floods. – freespeech

I love the reverse rotation on the one and all of them look flat, like you literally cut them out of another picture and pasted them onto this picture. This was an awful photo-chop job. – DoctorJJ

Notice how there is no perspective foreshortening on the hurricanes? Despite the curvature of the Earth, they are circular seen face on. Completely bogus. – Ron House

They removed the arctic ice, but left the snow in place in Alaska and northern Canada which is impossible They added orange streaks on the west coast and the western great plains, I suppose to represent fire, but not nearly enough smoke to match (nor would the fire be visible from space. They added a large arms to the hurricane off the west coast, the northern one looks detached. There is no way that a hurricane of that intensity would have anything other than subsidence around it. The cover artist appears to know nothing about climate, weather, or any other science that I can tell. Perhaps it was drawn by the author himself? I assume he would have had to approve it. – Eric (skeptic)

So Gore finally got his revenge on the voters of Florida. – Richard Briscoe

Pico Duarte in Hispaniola is over 3,000 meters elevation. If it’s gone, all that should be left of North America is the spine of the Rockies. – Mark_K

I also notice that the continental USA has become mostly desert or scrub land (its very very brown). This has always galled me since globally, deserts expanded greatest during period of extreme cold (i.e. Younger Dryas event). During periods of warmth, deserts overall retreat with even the Sahara supporting lakes and grasslands. – Hell_Is_Like_Newark

Newfoundland appears to be gone. I looked up it’s highest point… 814 meters. – Tim

Wile Florida, Cuba and central America have some great land lose in Al’s future the coastline of hudson bay didn’t change a bit. – Christian Bultmann

Hey, look at that! In the future a giant hurricane packed full of water will be hitting the desert (west coast)!!! That happens all the time! – Rick, michigan

Why does it look like ALL of Baja California is gone – clipped off neatly at the US border?? Geo-engineering at work, no doubt… – Frank K.

I love the fact that before and after the “change” the exact same cloud patterns exist over the North Atlantic, Alaska, Western Canada, the Pacific… I mean the EXACT same cloud patterns. Must be another byproduct of global warming… i.e. stationary fronts and permanent cloud cover over some parts of the globe? – DWB

I’m from Newfoundland. It was nice knowing you all. I’d normally be racing to the nearest airport to get out of here right now. But the airport at Gander (near my home town) is a mere 496 feet and is submerged.. bye.. glub glub… – jmbnf

Also, the sealevel rise depicted is really funny. it covers 200 meter mountains, but leaves some coastal floodplains intact. Weird behavior for water. 🙂 I laughed that Panama’s mountain ranges are completely underwater. I just wonder what Al thinks THAT will do to the climate. – Scott, not from lalaland

Al Gore’s book has fallen completely out of the Amazon Top 100. It was at #90 two days ago. But it is not on the list now. Amazon Top 100 – Gene Nemetz

Interesting. Central Florida (elevation 30m or so) looks to be above water, but the mountains that ridge Baja California seem to be completely underwater. Also mysteriously not inundated is the Mississippi River valley up to Missouri or so. You’d think Gore’s artist would at least consult the Google sea level rise map application. – Slartibartfast

I did a few scenarios on that. What’s required to reduce Baja California to a chain of tiny islands is 2000 feet of sea-level rise. Of course, that also puts underwater nearly the entire Eastern US. 100 feet sinks most of Florida save a largish island, but leaves Cuba intact. Also it puts a fairly large intrusion into Louisiana, but it leaves North and South America connected. – Slartibartfast

OK, Florida is still there. The highest point is Bretton Hill at 345 ft above sea level. Cuba is completely gone, highest point – Pico Turquino at 6,580 ft. Panama – gone! Highest point is Volcan Baru at 11,400 feet. That doesn’t make any sense at all. – Kojiro Vance

It looks like the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is completely gone, brought to the same level of the Great Basin. Wow, I didn’t realize that Climate Change was going to level off 14,000′ peaks! Why isn’t there a stretch of water going up into Death Valley? If the water level is high enough to erase Baja, then its high enough to reach DV. – David Madsen

The highest point in the contiguous USA east of the Rocky Mountains is Mount Mitchell, NC, at 6,684 feet. In other words if Cuba is gone, then so is most of the US except for a few isolated islands in what used to be the the Blue Ridge Mountains. – NoAstronomer

I can just imagine what Gore will say after he reads these and similar comments. “The devastation will be much worse than even I could predict!” ROFL – April E. Coggins

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  1. Mad Bluebird Says:

    How many trees were chopped down to print this book?

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