Admit It – People Hate Israel and Jews Just For Being Israel and Jews

Come on, just admit it already. Admit that you have searched your heart and soul deep down, and can say that the above is not true.

Israel occupies land that it took by force? So does China with Tibet, Indonesia with Irian Jaya (and up to recntly East Timor),the current ruling Al Saud family in Saudi Arabia, and pretty much every Muslim state today if you want to go back that far. Plus these did not have seven surrounding nations declare unilateral war and invade.

Israel commits mass murder, genocide and killing of civilians? Far worse by orders of magnitude goes on in Syria, Libya, and Iraq while under Saddam Hussein. Far worse is the status quo in other states in the Middle East. Far worse happens every single day in whichever places are currently featured at the list updated daily here.

Israel carries out oppression and discrimination against those of differing race, religion or political thought? Nothing comparable to what goes on in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Iran, Syria, and whichever places are currently featured in the pages of the latest Barnabas Fund news alerts.

Israel is an artificial state formed by the Western colonial powers? So are Algeria, Morocco, Jordan – in fact almost ANY Arab state or nation that used to be under Ottoman rule – Malaysia, Pakistan (another case of cut along the dotted religious lines) – and yes, Palestine. And the formation of Israel got a greater than 70% vote in the UN.

So of all the nations and peoples in the world, why is only one singled out for more UN resolutions than all other nations combined? Why is only one not recognized by most of the Muslim majority nations in the world – despite the aforementioned UN-ratified-and-approved formation? Why is only one used as an excuse to justify racist attacks only totally unrelated, apolitical persons worldwide? Why do only the Palestinians have their own separate UN refugee agency, receive more aid than all other refugees combined, and with their people passing down refugee status to multiple generations of descendants instead of being settled into receptive host nations like every other refugee group? (Apart from the fact that they try to overthrow the host nation.)

So just come clean, be honest, and admit that you are biased against Israel and Jews. Then go a step further and admit why you have this bias.

2 Responses to “Admit It – People Hate Israel and Jews Just For Being Israel and Jews”

  1. zul Says:

    Nope..people hate Israel because they killed innocet women and children..and for god sake what ever religion u are..pls visit gaza once and make a post on your blog!!

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Maybe if Hamas would stop hiding behind innocent women and children… And maybe if ‘innocent’ women and children wouldn’t strap bombs to themselves and blow up really innocent women and children… Then your argument would make sense.

    Like I said in my post… There are countless other nations and group that kill innocent women and children. Take a look at this site which records it, every single day Muslims are killing far more numbers of innocent Muslim women and children (and men too) than Israel does.

    Where is your condemnation of these Muslims? Where are the UN organizations dedicated to ending the bloodshed? Where is Dr. Mahathir financing and organizing flotillas to alleviate the suffering of their victims?

    So as I said, BIASED DOUBLE STANDARD just because ISRAEL ARE JEWS.

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