Latest Malaysian National Service Death, 9 May 2008


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From The Star 9 May 2008:

Family wants to know why girl not sent to hospital earlier

KUALA SELANGOR: National service (NS) trainee Too Hui Min (pic) had complained of constipation for three days before she died and her family wants to know why camp officials did not take her to the hospital earlier.

Her mother, Chin Kwee Choo, 52, said she was told by the Geo Kosmo National Service Training Camp staff in Kuala Kubu Baru that her daughter had complained of constipation for several days.

“But they said she only started to complain of pain when she went to the shooting range in Banting on Wednesday morning,” she said, adding that even then the camp authorities should have taken her to the hospital at once.

She said someone from the camp called her four times on Wednesday, with the first call at 8pm, to say that Hui Min was being taken to hospital, followed by another call at 9pm to say she was having problems urinating.

At 10pm Chin was told that her daughter would be warded and the final call, just before 11pm, was to tell her of Hui Min’s death.


Also… From The Star 9 May 2008:

Fever forces quarantine at Semanggol NS camp

TAIPING: The Kerian district health office has placed a national service camp in Semanggol, near here, under quarantine.

At least 10 of its 300 trainees have been warded at the Taiping Hospital over the past few days while 80 others are being treated at the camp for an outbreak of a yet-to-be identified fever.

With the quarantine, it is learnt that all the trainees, who were supposed to return home for their weeklong break from yesterday to May 14, have to remain in the camp pending the outcome of the result of their blood tests.

A parent of one of the trainees tipped reporters here about the quarantine after his son, who was supposed to be at a bus terminal yesterday to return home, failed to turn up.

When he went to the camp, named Kem PLKN Jiwa Murni Semanggol, yesterday, he was barred from entering and was told by a staff member that the camp was under quarantine.

State Health, Environment and Human Resources Committee chairman A. Sivanesan confirmed that the NS camp had been placed under quarantine for the past few days.

He said that based on feedback from health officials in Bagan Serai and state health director Datuk Dr Ahmad Radzin Ahmad Mahir, there was an outbreak of fever the past four days.

“I was told that 10 of the trainees have been warded and 80 others are receiving treatment for fever at the camp.

“The health department has assigned an investigation team and blood samples have been taken from the affected trainees and sent for verification.

“Dr Ahmad Radzin assured parents that there is no reason for them to be overly alarmed,” said Sivanesan, adding that he planned to visit the camp.


Uh huh. No reason to be overly alarmed.

List of National Service deaths


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28 Responses to “Latest Malaysian National Service Death, 9 May 2008”

  1. Penang Says:

    I want to know why parents send their kids to die. I really want to know.

  2. Jamie Says:

    None of them send their kids to die, except those Arab Muslims in the Middle East.

  3. wits0 Says:

    “nothing to be overly alarm”??!

    It sounds like food poisoning. The next meal could kill you.

  4. hutchrun Says:

    There are parents tho` that want to get rid of their kids – mebbe it`s inflation and so kids die helps the parents to survive.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Sending kids to die like this: If All Mothers Were Like This

    Or this: Suicide Bomber Sing Along Karaoke For Kids

    Or this: How Palestinian Freedom Fighters Protect Innocent Bystanders

  6. Keith Rozario Says:

    Exactly, if we blame parents for letting their kids go to the playground alone, then we should also blame parents for letting their kids go to NS.

    The government is insensitive.. who needs enemies, when our Malaysians are dying in camps meant to train them?

    All the enemy has to do, is ensure every child goes for national service.

  7. anarky Says:

  8. Masterchiefbert Says:

    hello , you might wanna watch this…

  9. damn ns Says:

    I’ve been to national service myself and i almost died. Luckily i survived. Went back home a month earlier with excuse of continuing form six. They’re feeding us shit there.

  10. olivia lynda Says:

    well. do parents have a choice? if we do not send our children they may be charged in court. please tell me how do i get out of this. i dont want to send my son for ns training. it is a total waste of thier time and tax payers’ money.

    if it is for unity, no it does not work. my niece and nephew who were there, did not foster and racial unity. she’s a euarasian and she mixed mostly with the chinese and the malays were mostly to themselves and the indians were mixing with chinese and indians. so where is the unity?
    she does not keep in touch with any of them that she met at the camp. please, if anyone knows how i can get out of this for my son please let me know.

  11. simon thong Says:

    It was reported that NS Camp Directors have the full authority to allow a trainee to leave on medical grounds. That opens up an avenue for mothers and fathers. As soon as your child falls sick, he must call you. Rush over, plead with the NS Director. Or will parents have to BUY their child’s freedom, say, offer something in return? Giving the NS Camp Directors such authority may open up more avenues for corruption, though, this being Malaysia, the land of the kopi-0 culture.

  12. kelly Says:

    Did they check for substances in the brain of the dead?

    The same things were/are happening in the USA and Canada. Youngsters are dropping off like flies. Same with Singaporeans.

    I suspect artificial sugar in processed foods are killing people. Google for ASPARTAME – the symptoms are “laxative effects” and heart palpitations, shortness of breath and finally death. In some cases, people have seizure so bad collarbones get dislocated or brains get damaged.

  13. kelly Says:

    P.S. Constipation makes things worse as toxic is not purged fast enough.

  14. renu destiny Says:

    off with plkn!!!!!!!!!! shut it down!!!!!!!!!!! do it for our dead trainees!!!!!!!

  15. SimonThong Says:

    11 NS camps are shut down for a week, 4500 trainees and 200 staff sent home for quarantine. 30th July 2009.

  16. kelly Says:

    @SimonThong Shut down due to H1N1?

  17. Simon Thong Says:

    Yes,’s astounding to think that there will be too many people to keep track of once they leave NS camp. Any trainee with H1N1 will spread the virus far and wide..

  18. kelly Says:

    Hi Simon, there are more people dying of common flu than of H1N1 flu. the only reason why they don’t make common flu a big deal is because those who die of common flu are usually already sick and have underlying health problems. People will not want to take the common flu vaccine so they created the H1N1 flu.

    The disease is born in a lab and intentionally spread. The H1N1 vaccine itself was patented in 2002!

    Google for JANE BURGERMEISTER. Many people have recovered from H1N1 flu because their immunity is stronger than those who are weak, obese or those who have just given birth.

    What you really need to be afraid of is the H1N1 Vaccine – because many will have no choice but to take it even at guns’ point. WHO (named as a corrupt international syndicate by Jane) has recently recommended the H1N1 shots although it’s been only tested on humans for 5 days. There is no known data of the vaccine for its interaction for those with cancer, diabetes, heart pacemakers, fertility drug interactions, etc.

    Margaret Chan did not attend the WHO meeting in Geneve on 17th July 2009 and yet she approved H1N1 vaccine on 13th July!


  19. miri Says:

    any1 kno if i dun want join the national services, will they saman me o wat??how much wil it be??coz i reli dun wan to go…any idea??

  20. Scott Thong Says:

    You can be fined max RM3000 and 6 months in jail. Mm, all things considered, still better to go to NS where only small % chance to die.

  21. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    I heard many ex-NS boys said they enjoyed the programme. “New experience” (really something new to some..), – new friends, “exciting”, exposure, adventures etc. Maybe we better ask the former Chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye for more infos.

    “small % chace to die” as Scott put it is a bit scarry ( a bit “varies” or not so precisely described by outsiders like us maybe..). I guess many people would love it; some marginal group of youths may not like it however).

    Patriotic.. where is it ? Love Malaysia ? (love Singapore (they have a better GDP, very affluent..and USA, Canada, Australia ..NZ?)

    Of cource I hate UMNO/BN (the current ruling ‘group of peoples’ who govern) but do not hate our motherland Malaysia.

    Be cautious Brtr Scott..using the word “die” may land you in a police station (I hope not). Then later..I would find.. I cannot comment anymore in you blog..ha ha..

    I hope UMNO respect the right of expression..

  22. Adifferentvoice Says:

    I’m sure we face higher % of death OUTSIDE an NS camp..traffic accident, snatch theft, etc..

  23. Burial Urns Says:

    I was just having a conversation over this today I am glad I came across this it cleared some of the questions I had. I agree with Steve about the situation on how it cold probably be fixed.

  24. Mandy Says:

    I wonder why does the NS’s ppls does not send any letter to me while when i check on the net, I have been sent to somewhere at Selangor for my trainings.
    Can i just don attend the training while I didn’t get any letter from them or do I have to get the letter from the NS office?

  25. Simon Thong Says:

    Go get that letter at the NS A-+

  26. Simon Thong Says:

    Go get that letter at the NS office. Not having the letter is no excuse.

  27. Simon Thong Says:

    NS can be good until and unless this happens to you!

    The Star, 24 March 2011
    SEREMBAN: Six weeks after she was wheeled in for treatment following a bout of fever, her family is still puzzled as to what caused 18-year-old National Service (NS) trainee A. Tamilarasi to go into a coma.

    Tamilarasi had been attending training at the PDS Resort NS camp in Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson, since Jan 2 and fell ill several times, but she was never referred to a government clinic or hospital as camp authorities felt her condition was not serious.

    She later suffered a fever and subsequently went into a coma on Feb 8 after she was admitted to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital.

    She later regained consciousness on Feb 24.

    However, her father K. Anandan, 39, said yesterday Tamilarasi was still on a ventilator and her condition had not improved much since.

  28. National Service in Malaysia | weehingthong Says:

    […] NS began in 2003, there have been around 21 dead. The latest one being reported just […]

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