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Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud Bikini Photo – More BN Alinskyite Tactics

May 21, 14

What was I saying several times about stooping to preposterous sex accusations as part of their tried and true Alinkyite tactics which they learned by copying US Liberals???

Bikini smear campaign against DAP’s Dyana nothing but ‘gutter politics’, say politicians, analysts

Even before she is officially confirmed as the DAP candidate in the May 31 Teluk Intan by-election, Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud is already the victim of a smear campaign that includes pictures of her in a skimpy swimwear.

The 27-year-old political secretary to DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has been attacked on the basis of her ethnicity and religious beliefs – for being a Malay Muslim running for a seat touted to be predominantly Chinese.

Several blogs also recently published photos of a woman clad in a pink bikini, saying it was Dyana and questioned her character as a Muslim.

After the pictures went viral, some social media users said they were not of Dyana, but that of Filipina actress Pauleen Luna.

Responding to the incident, Dyana said she was surprised by the wave of attacks that ensued, following rumours of her candidacy for the by-election.

“My personal details were misused… And now, to tarnish my image further, there appears to be a photo of me allegedly wearing a bikini.

“It is too coincidental, given that rumours of her being a potential candidate surfaced recently. Her rivals were certainly trying to portray her as not a good or real Malay, who in their minds should be conservatively dressed,” said the analyst from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.

“Of course, joining DAP came with a price. I was immediately scrutinised and lambasted. False stories were created. My words were twisted. I was labelled a ‘pengkhianat’ (traitor). I was also called many other names.”

But she said all these had solidified her belief that she was “on the right side of history.”

“My mother and my mentors have taught me well. They had warned me that there would be days like these.

FLASHBACK FOR COMPARISON: Urban Legends: Sarah Palin in Flag Bikini w/ Rifle


PS. Dr M remains ever the self-blind hypocrite, and this time gets snarked right back at him!

I want her to be like Mukhriz, but she chose to be like Marina, Dyana’s mum tells Dr Mahathir

The mother of Teluk Intan DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud today responded to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had suggested that she had not done enough to impress on her daughter of Umno’s struggle for the country and the Malay race.

Umno member Yammy Samad said she had tried to raise Dyana like Dr Mahathir’s son, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahatir but she ended up like the former prime minister’s strong-willed daughter, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

“I tried to raise her like Mukhriz, but she ended up like Marina. I give all my children the freedom to chose what is right and wrong. Dyana is old enough to think about this,” she told The Malaysian Insider today.

MORE FLASHBACK: Dr M conveniently forgot his own bank, car and airline bailouts!

Ibrahim Ali Issues Second and Third Threat/Insult at Christians, Still Freely Running About Barking

October 21, 13

…While Alvivi remain in jail for a photo of food.

This attack rottweiler will never be hauled up because he serves his masters in many insidious purposes… To rev up his Malay Ultras in SCUMNO, to gain a psycho-warfare advantage by intimidating Christians (and further emboldening his Ultras to go for worse if no one protests), and of course to distract from the leadership’s mishandling of the real problems at hand which are dragging everyone in the country down.

He’s already dared Christians to respond to his jihad threat.

Now he mocks Christians as not knowing the name of our own God, and calling for the Bible to be banned.

From Free Malaysia Today:

‘Teach Christians a lesson, ban al-Kitab’

SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should ban the Malay bible the al-Kitab from Malaysia in retaliation for the Christian community’s “ingratitude”, right-wing Malay group Perkasa urged last night.

“We have been compromising, we have given them leeway. They wanted the Malay Bible, we allowed them to have it… they were still not satisfied,” said its chief Ibrahim Ali said at the Perkasa Selangor Conference 2013 here.

“It is better that we urge the government and the prime minister to rescind its decision to allow Malay bibles in Malaysia!,” he said to loud applause and roars of approval from the audience of about 500 of its members.

“How long are we going to compromise, to give in? We have been trodden on, spat on but we would have been fine with that if they were grateful for our compromises. But they aren’t!” said Ibrahim.

‘Christianity a religion without a name of God’

Clearly in his element, Ibrahim resorted to name-calling, declaring DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng a “pig” for declaring that he would continue to fight for Christians’ right to use the word ‘Allah’.

He also took a swipe at Christianity, saying that it was “a religion without a name of God.”

“Christianity is not a new religion – it has been around for hundreds of years. But apparently even up to today, it has no name for its God,” he said, to loud laughter from the audience.

“They insist on using the word ‘Allah’ because there is no other name for their God,” he mocked, adding that the actions of Christian leaders, pastors and the archbishop “puzzled” him.

The issue of whether or not Christians are justified in using ‘Allah’ is covered extensively: including from the aspects of who used the word first, what the word means, and the fact that the Arabic word ‘Allah’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘Elohim’ (see the similarities?), which is translated to the English ‘God’.

Even what the Quran itself says can be brought into the debate:

Yusuf Ali: And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say, “We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam).”

Notice the projection above though – he feels his side is the one that has been compromising, giving leeway, giving in, been trodden and spat upon… While it is Christians who have been unsatisfied and ungrateful!

Same as his previous jihad nonsense where he projected his paranoic, conspriratorial mindset onto Christians and assumed everyone else is just as treacherous and prone to insidious subversion/violent overthrow of government as himself!

By letting this fool keep spraying his rabid saliva, the SCUMNOputras are sending a message: You serfs had better know who is boss around here.

And as has been warned, allowing this ‘Allah’ ban sets a dangerous precedent that Ibrahim Ali’s baying for an al-Kitab ban Quod Erat Demonstratums… If they can ban a word that Christians have been using long before they started using it, what other words and concepts will they demand exclusive rights to next? Will monotheism or all the prophets become their sole property? (Not hypothetical, as apart from ‘Allah’ they want to ban words like nabi and injil too!)

Just like with geography, where any territory once-conquered, is considered forevermore ‘theirs’.


PS. See this lame excuse:

AG: Home Minister is correct in ‘Allah’ case

The Attorney General said the Court of Appeal unanimously held that the constitutional protection afforded to the practise of one’s religion was confined to practices which formed an essential and integral part of the religion.

“The court held that the use of the word “Allah” in the Malay version of the Herald to refer to God is not an essential or integral part of the religion of Christianity and therefore does not attract the constitutional guarantee under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution,” he clarified.

If that is the case, then why was Teresa Kok ISA’ed based on the (false and defamatory) reporting by Spewtusan Melayu purporting that she questioned the playing of azan over loudspeakers? Are loudspeakers essential and integral according to the Quran and Hadith?

Sex Bloggers ‘Instigated’ Abduction? Malaysian IGP Jumps the Gun, Uses it to Shoot His Foot Lodged in Own Mouth (PLUS: Blatant Double Standards!)

July 17, 13

The most tenuous of links.

Excerpt of accusation from The Star;

Turn yourself in, police tell bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has asked controversial bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee to surrender to the police here.

Khalid said their actions had caused anger in certain quarters, which in turn had indirectly caused a man to be abducted and graffiti to be written on his body in Shah Alam.

“The motive for that (abduction) was revenge for what Alvin and Vivian did,” he said at a press confe­rence in Bukit Aman here yesterday.

Last Thursday, the couple uploa­ded on their Facebook page a picture of them eating bak kut teh (a pork dish) and at the same time putting up a Selamat Berbuka Puasa (breaking of fast for Muslims) greeting.

Khalid explained that in addition to the investigation carried out by the Malaysian Communications and Mul­timedia Commission (MCMC), the pair were also investigated by police for uttering words with deli­berate intent to insult Islam.

Khalid said the abduction happened around 3am yesterday when the victim, 24, was taken by a group of men while having a meal with his girlfriend at a restaurant.

The group allegedly stripped the victim and took him to a wooded area before beating him up.

They also wrote “Saya Hina Agama Islam (I Insulted Islam)” on his body.

Khalid said police were investiga­ting allegations that the victim had posted insensitive religious comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Now I don’t agree with what Alvin and Vivian did. It’s infantile, unwise, disrespectful and uncompassionate.

But hey police, what kind of rumour-mongering ‘investigation’ led to your conclusion on the motive???

Total debunk of UMNOligarchy narrative from The Malaysian Insider:

My case has nothing to do with sex bloggers, says youth who was abducted

The youth who was abducted and assaulted by a group of men in Shah Alam and had the words “Saya hina Islam” written on his body said his case had nothing to do with the hot issue involving the controversial sex bloggers’ Ramadhan photograph.

Ng Mun Tatt, 21, said he was abducted for money and that the words ‘Saya hina Islam’ were a tactic by his assailants so that he would be beaten by the public if he tried to escape.

Ng said he is stunned how his photograph taken at a police station was leaked and went viral on Facebook even before his statement could be taken by the police.

“I was more shocked when the police said yesterday my case was triggered by the sex bloggers’ case,” he said at a Press conference in Klang today.

“I don’t even know anything about them, nor have I offended anyone recently.”

It was the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who told reporters in Bukit Aman yesterday that Ng’s case could have been triggered by sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee’s controversial Ramadhan greetings photograph of bak kut teh on Facebook.

Or is it a top-down instruction by the UMNOligarchy seeking to add fuel to the bonfire they want to burn Alvin and Vivian at stake on?

OVERKILL: Alvin, Vivian may get up to 15 YEARS JAIL as Muslim hardliners gain upperhand

Comments from the Inspector-General of Police Khalid Bakar that a case involving a 21-year-old Chinese man who was abducted while having drinks with his girlfriend also raised eyebrows, casting doubt once again on Khalid’s neutrality and professionalism as a police officer.

Khalid had linked the abduction to the Alvin and Vivian incident.

Khalid, known for his political inclinations and accused of subservience to top Umno leaders, has yet to explain his remarks.

Based on Ng’s account, Khalid’s words would be untrue and unfair to Alvin and Vivian as they prepare to defend themselves in court.

Speculation is also swirling that Khalid was again trying to please his political bosses and scare-mongering by implying that Alvin and Vivian had sparked off a chain of race-hate attacks.

And it’s disgusting double standards once again.

Do any of us really think that if people were attacked or places of worship firebombed by perpetrators citing inspiration from Perkasa and local media, Ibrahim Ali would be told to cease his incendiary rhetoric and Spewtusan told to close shop at long, overdue last? Or Hajjah Siti Inshah or all the many racists infesting in racist-to-the-last UMNO???


UPDATE: Well I’m fully satisfied with this explanation /sarc

Can’t compare Ibrahim Ali with Alvivi, says minister

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali’s urging to burn Bibles containing the word ‘Allah’ cannot be compared with the present case against the sex bloggers Alvin Tan dan Vivian Lee for insulting Muslims, said the urban wellbeing, housing and local government minister.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan ( right in photo ) said Ibrahim had already explained that his urging was merely to correct the error of printing the said Bibles, and burning them was the proper thing to do just as Muslims burn copies of the Quran that have misprints.

The acts of the couple, dubbed ‘Alvivi’, however were aimed at attacking another religion, and could threaten interfaith harmony, he added.

“What Ibrahim Ali said was normal, but various portals twisted the statement saying it was an urging to burn the Bible. That is incorrect,” he said, however clarifying that Malaysiakini was not amongst the said portals.

He was commenting when asked after launching an Ops Raya and Anti-Littering campaign in Kuala Lumpur today.

Abdul Rahman further explained why Alvivi deserved punishment.

“This pair put forth more that goes against the people of Malaysia,” he said.

“What I worry about is that if we do not take specific action, it would involve friction among religions,” he added, noting that Alvivi were also infamous in Singapore.

Abdul Rahman was also asked about Zulkifli Noordin’s statement that angered Hindus before, but he did not comment on it…

Lin Guan Eng and Tony Pua are having none of it:

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, however, was aghast.

“This is a shocking statement. How can it be proper for Ibrahim Ali to say that the threat to burn the Bibles was simply to correct the holy book?” Lim asked.

He also said it was not logical for Abdul Rahman to say that Ibrahim’s urging to burn Bibles cannot be compared with the present case of the “bak kut teh” bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee for insulting Muslims.

Lim said that by failing to act against Ibrahim, it could be concluded that insults against non-Islamic religions were permitted.

Lim, while stating that DAP supported action to be taken against the two bloggers, questioned why Ibrahim was not similarly punished for threatening interfaith harmony.

“For Abdul Rahman to even state that Ibrahim Ali’s threat to burn the Bible was normal, is a reflection that both of them share a twisted mind that is anti non-Muslim, which has clearly buried the prime minister’s 1Malaysia concept,” Lim said.

Lim also questioned why no action was taken against Perkasa’s vice-president Datuk Zulkifli Nordin for his anti-Hindu statements.

Pua said the MP’s response as to why Ibrahim Ali’s Bible burning threat cannot be compared with the present case against bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee for insulting Muslims “certainly takes the cake”.

“No right-thinking Malaysian would believe the explanation that Ibrahim’s fiery and emotional remark was just an innocent and virtuous attempt to “correct the error of printing” in the bibles. And even in the unlikely earth-shattering event that it was, that is no defence against the current Sedition Act,” Pua pointed out.

He added that the clear double-standards in the Malaysian prosecution system proves the hypocrisy of 1Malaysia.

From Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored:

From Malaysian Insider:

In Putrajaya, some believe earlier action against extremists would have deterred sex bloggers post

They believe that firm action against the likes of Datuk Ibrahim Ali for his threat to burn Malay bibles and Datuk Zulkifli Noordin for disparaging the Hindu religion would have been a deterrent for similar action by others.

“Firm action should have been taken before. Instead, we now have people pushing the envelope to see where the limits are,” a Barisan Nasional (BN) source told The Malaysian Insider in Kuala Lumpur.

“This might not have happened if others who provoked and incited along similar lines had been charged in court for sedition,” he said, pointedly referring to Ibrahim and Zulkifli.

From Malaysian Insider:

Stop this public lynching – Lim Teck Ghee

Let us not forget that prominent politicians guilty of even more in your face racial and religious taunting have got away scot free, with the last notable racist political figure even put up as a candidate during the recent election. And what about even earlier incidents such as kris brandishing?

From Malaysian Insider:

Free Alvivi, charge real hate speech makers

Now let’s look at the real hate speech makers out there that have actual intentions of hate and are getting away with it scot-free.

First up is Ridhuan Tee Abdullah who, week after week, spews out condemnation on non-Muslims and non-Malays in his newspaper column (although a non-Malay himself).

What happens to him? He gets the backing of the ruling political powers who obligingly launches his books and introduces him at public “ceramahs”.

Then there is Datuk Zulkifli Noordin who seems to have a vengeance against Malaysians who are of the Hindu persuasion, and belittles and insults the religion.

He becomes a “friend” of our ruling political powers and is even given a ticket to contest in the general election (thank Ganesha he lost!).

But the one that takes the cake has to be Malaysia’s number one chief hate speech maker, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, or who a journalist friend of mine likes to call “Comical Ali”.

Here’s a person who can actually get away with threatening to burn a holy book, the Bible nonetheless, and continues to be given the media limelight.

“Comical Ali” is whole-heartedly fighting against freedom of religion in Malaysia and constantly pushing his agenda of Malay supremacy. It’s like Hitler incarnate.

More social media takes on it at NGOs allege BIAS on part of Attorney-General!.


HAH! Now the UMNOpocrisy will be exposed directly!

Report lodged against AG for inaction over Zul Noordin’s Hindu jibe

Gobi cited the charges against bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee as well as the AG’s refusal to charge Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin as proof of selective prosecution.

“We welcome this news of charges against the bloggers because we don’t want anyone to insult any religion, but the AG has to take action in all cases (of religions being insulted)” he said.

“Are we being told that one photo on Facebook is sufficient evidence and that a YouTube video isn’t?” he asked in reference to the video allegedly showing Zulkifli insulting the Hindu faith.

Despite the NGOs having lodged a police report against Zulkifli, Gobi said the police later informed them that the AG’s Chambers decided not to proceed because of “insufficient evidence.”

Meanwhile, Mipas president P Raja Retinam said no one was above the law and accused the AG of only serving the interests of one community.

“He only wants to protect Muslims but what about us non-Muslims? Who is protecting us?” he asked.

Police report lodged against Ibrahim Ali Bible-burning call:

Malaysia’s Mr No Further Action

Still waiting for Datuk Zulkifli Noordin to be charged with sedition or some law for uttering insulting words against Hindus? No Further Action.

Still waiting for Datuk Ibrahim Ali to be charged with threatening to burn Malay-language bibles? No Further Action.

Still waiting for Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi to be charged with causing grievous hurt? No Further Action.

Still waiting for Malaysia’s Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to take action against the rich and powerful implicated in the judicial fixing appointments laid bare by the Royal Commission of Inquiry? Do Not Bother.

In the case of Alvivi, the AG charged them within a week of their Facebook post becoming public knowledge.

The 120,000 Strong Post-GE13 Pakatan Rakyat Rally is FAKE!!!

May 9, 13

The above?

Computer effects!


Even if you were there in person, it didn’t really happen, it was Jewish world-ruler witchcraft that tricked your lying eyes!!!

…Or so Dr M would reason, yes?

Dr Hsu Debunks Utusan’s ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’ Incitement Piece

May 7, 13

Mas Selamat was hiding in Johor, plotting to destroy peace & harmony. Then he read @UMonline and surrendered – Utusan Melayu already did it. 1Malaysia Facts

After their countless seditious attacks on Malaysia’s harmony such as conspiracy theorizing that Christians want to overthrow Malaysia, egging on Ibrahim Ali to declare jihad on Christians, falsely reporting on Teresa Kok which got her ISAed then preposterously suing her over it, fantasizing about killing a Teresa Kok expy, calling Indians noisy, ill behaved keling and meanwhile accusing DAP of disparaging Islam, libelling Lim Guan Eng for which they were fined RM200,000

Spewtusan is emboldened by their UMNOpocrite owners’ ‘victory’ to be even more bileriffic than ever before!

Surely encouraged by Nut-jib dishonestly casting BN’s losing the popular vote as a polarized ‘Chinese tsunami’… And then flinging totally unjustified moral equivalence with Chinese papers!

Don’t use the Chinese to cover up fraud:Anwar starts ‘fierce movement to protest stolen GE’

“Utusan is following Najib’s instructions. Najib talks about national reconciliation but on the other hand he also talks about Chinese tsunami. That’s not right. We cannot play up racial sentiments. A lot Chinese supported PAS in Kelantan,” said Anwar.

“This (using the race card) is accepted and approved by the Umno leaders and its media. It accepts a cheating culture, to make fools of the people by distorting the GE outcome, wearing black is now anti-Chinese. This is what i reject. To use racial sentiments to cover up their electoral fraud.”

The Umno-controlled Utusan newspaper had this morning front-paged a headline titled “what more do you want, Chinese community”.

Indeed, in the run-up to the May 5 election, the Umno-BN media had been unleashing election analyses and reports suggesting the PR’s popularity was due to Chinese voters, but was not supported by the Malays – which is the predominant race in the country forming 55% of the 28 million population.

Najib’s days are numbered

Political analysts have long accused Najib and Umno-BN of using racial politics to scare the Malays into rejecting the Opposition.

The May 5 election saw Umno-BN’s weakest performance since it took over the government of the country from the British colonialists in 1957. In fact, many believe Najib would have lost the latest poll if not for the assistance of the EC, which refused to order recounts in dozens of close-contests.

Given that Najib’s performance was even weaker than the 2008 result achieved by his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who led BN to a 140-seat victory, there is intensifying speculation he will be replaced by his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin at the Umno party election later this year.

Hence, critics say, the rush by the Najib camp to convince their own party members that the result was not due to Najib’s leadership but to ‘unreasonable’ Chinese demands for greater political power.

“All over Malaysia, the racial walls are collapsing but Najib and Umno are re-erecting them. This is the only way they can cling to power,” Johari Abdul, the PKR MP for Sungai Petani, told Malaysia Chronicle

To think, a PR victory might have been the start of the end for this poor excuse for bird cage lining (that would surely have the SPCA filing suit over exposing innocent pets to toxic substances!)… Even as the draconian Printing Press Act that helps get other publications ISAed over TRUTHFUL reporting would be abolished!


Well, Dr Hsu puts paid to that deception and dangerous blame game:

Mathematically not a Chinese tsunami

To prove my point and that PM’s assertion about a Chinese tsunami is wrong, we should resort to scientific method, and do this mathematically.

There are 13.3 millions voters for GE 13, out of which 29.68% or 3.94 millions are Chinese Malaysian voters.

Assuming the turnout of the Chinese voters are the same as the general population which is 80%, the number of Chinese casting votes would be 3.15 millions.

Assuming that 90% of the Chinese voted for PR (this is actually improbable), that would be 2.83 million votes.

But PR received more than 5.62 millions votes, which means that even if 90% of the Chinese voted for PR, they comprise of only 50% of the support that PR receives.

At a more realistic 80% Chinese support for Opposition, PR would get 2.5 million votes from the Chinese ethnic group only.

The fact that it received more than 5.62 million total votes means that more than 3.1 millions votes are from non Chinese Malaysian.

And also from Facebook pages:

PAS thanks Chinese for voting in Malay reps

“There are tens of Parliament and state assembly seats that were contested by Malay candidates against candidates from the Tiong Hua (Chinese), in mixed constituencies, which were won by the Malays, proving that Chinese voters were willing to reject candidates of their own race,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement today.

More Malays in parliamant due to Pakatan wins

Meanwhile, in another statement, Pahang PAS information chief Suhaimi Md Saad explained that DAP’s big win in the election did nothing to lessen the number of Malay MPs in Parliament.

In fact, Suhaimi said, the success of Pakatan’s candidates only served to increase that number by seven.

Among the examples given are:

Rafizi Ramli (PKR, right) who won against Gary Lim (BN) in Pandan;

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS), who won against S Murugesan (BN) in Kota Raja;

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) who won against Tan Kok Eng (BN) in Bandar Tun Razak;

Imran Hamid (PKR) who won against Kong Cho Ha (BN) in Lumut;

Mohd Ariss Sabri Abdul Aziz (DAP) who won against Hoh Khai Mun (BN) in Raub;

Idris Ahmad (PKR) who won against K Parthiban (BN) in Ijok;

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (DAP) who won against Chuah Boon Seong (BN) in Mentakab; and

Mohd Rashid Hasnon (PKR) who won against Wong Mun Hoe (BN) in Pantai Jerejak.

To further debunk Umno’s claim that non-Malays went against Malays in the ballot box, he further cited 13 examples of seats where non-Malay BN candidates won in Malay-majority constituencies.

Among the constituencies listed in Suhaimi’s statement are – Simpang Renggam (57 percent Malays), Tanjung Piai (51 percent), Batu Sapi (51 percent), Gurun (57 percent) and Kahang (74 percent).


In depth analysis showing that the Chinese swing was in fact important at Mathematical proof of Chinese Tsunami and Mathematical proof of Chinese Tsunami (Pt 2).


So you proven over and over again racists, know that your scapegoats are not standing alone against your smear/hit job!

Barisan Nasional Likens Themselves to Dictators in the Vein of Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad

April 22, 13

Unintended consequences…


Unfortunate implications.

Robbers Fearless and Forward in JB

October 10, 12

From The Star letters 10 Oct 2012, an occurence all too familiar for JB residents:

Armed robbers are becoming more brazen

THE report “Rela member in a group or not, woman falls victim to snatch theft” (The Star, Oct 9) illustrates yet again that the criminal acts are real and not “perceptions” as claimed by various quarters.

That the act could take place on a major street such as Jalan Ampang in the heart of Kuala Lumpur during the morning peak hour sends chills down the spine.

It is even more frightening to note that these robbers had the gall to dare the people chasing them to come forward.

A couple of weeks ago, in my housing estate in Johor Baru, four armed and masked robbers jumped over the fence and attempted to charge into a house at about 8.30pm.

They were trying to take advantage of the maid who was in the front porch collecting the laundry.

Luckily, the maid and owner managed to dash back into the house and bolt the door in time.

Even though the owner triggered the house and car alarms to alert the neighbourhood, the robbers ignored this and continued to try to force their way in.

Only after they failed to break in did they give up and go away.

This is the second such incident on this street.

Robbers now do not bother to break into a house in the middle of the night anymore. They just charge in when their intended victims are still awake.

These brazen acts beg the question why are the robbers so aggressive and show such disdain for the law nowadays?

Is this total disrespect for the law an indication that they think they will unlikely be caught?

Despite these robbery attempts, I have not seen any increase in police patrols in the area.


Johor Baru

‘We Choose to Blog For Truth’ – Orwellian Utterance if I Ever Heard One

August 13, 12

So I saw the full page ad in The Star, and guess whose mug was smirking out at me:

Big Dog? As a blogger for ‘truth’?

An Orwellian Doublespeak label bestowed by the Ministry of Truth, surely!

Some background via here:

Who let that Big Dog Out? He is barking maliciously most characteristically in his concrete jungle of lies.

The blogger known as Big Dog who happily did his ridiculous spin about DAP and Christians and has to date got away scot free, seems to be barking to the tune of his political masters.

He and Marahku (allegedly Shamsul Yunos) lit a seditious spark of venomous hatred with their articles that were carried by Utusan Malaysia.

ore at Malaysians Must Know the Truth which sources from Malaysiakini.

And also, a lol:

Now, The Scribe knows why Utusan Malaysia and Big Dog are convinced that Christianity will replace Islam as the Official Religion of Malaysia as seen in the photographs taken at Westminster Cathedral during the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton where the Malaysian King, Sultan Mizan and his Queen are seen here in Church. After all, as the Malaysian King is supposed to be the Head of Islam in Malaysia, maybe Utusan Malaysia and Big Dog thought that the King and Queen had ‘Murtad’ (become apostates) by being present in Church.

Big Dog of course doesn’t take kindly to this fisking, and denies the charges (link is thru anonymousing). Amusingly, he titles his post choosing Malaysia over ‘conspiracists’ – what a sardonic laugh considering his contribution to ridiculous conspiracy theories about Christians takeovers!

My National Car Motivational Poster on Malaysia Chronicle

July 31, 12

Lol, another of my Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters makes the rounds years after I stopped making them, unattributed again, at Malaysia Chronicle:

The full size (click on image):


But I actually think that my other one suits the theme of ‘wasted public monies’ better:


Thanks to tip from J.

See also more on PROTON:

For Just RM70,000 PROTON Saga EV Lets You Drive ALMOST From Ipoh to Penang and Die on the Expressway

Outrageous – Saudis Pay Tens of Thousands Less Than Malaysians For PROTON Cars

Dr M: Proton Plans Exports ‘Cos Foreigners Like Them (Srsly!)

Hypocrite Dr Drama Mahathir Says Bank Bailouts Wrong, Ignores His Own Past Bailouts of ‘Failed Institutions’

And other appearances of my posters:

Scott’s PENDATANG Demotivational Poster on Youtube

Singapore Family Kidnapped in JB, Now Free

July 2, 12

Excerpt via NST 2 July 2012:

Singapore family returns home safely after kidnapping in Johor

By Stacey Chia

A Singaporean family is now back home safely after a kidnapping incident in Johor early on Sunday morning.

Ms Rita Zahara, 37, her sister, two children and maid were travelling back home after a family reunion at her eldest sister’s house near Larkin in Johor.

Before heading back to Singapore, slightly after midnight, Ms Rita Zahara, stopped about 40m away from some fruit stalls to buy fruits. The stalls were about 3km away from the Woodlands checkpoint. Her sister, children and maid remained in the car with the doors locked.

According to Ms Rita Zahara, she parked her car further away from the stalls, which were quite dark, as she did not want to obstruct traffic. Almost immediately, two men armed with a gun and a knife demanded that Ms Rita Zahara’s family open the door. They then drove off.

Excerpt from The Star 3 July 2012:

Hunt for man in kidnap bid

JOHOR BARU: Police are looking for a man involved in the attempted kidnapping of a Singaporean family early Sunday morning.

Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Amer Awal said the suspect, believed to be armed, had driven off with the family’s Nissan Sunny after hijacking the car while the driver was buying fruits along Jalan Susur Larkin at around 12.45am on July 1.

Rita Zahara, 37, a former television journalist in Singapore, got down from the vehicle, leaving her 19-year-old sister, her two children aged 11 and six and her maid in the car.

Moments later, the kidnapper knocked on the window.

When one of the passengers unlocked the vehicle, the man jumped into the driver’s seat, threatened them with an object that looked like a pistol and drove off with them inside.

When Rita realised that her car was missing, she called her sister’s mobile phone but it was the kidnapper who answered, demanding for money in return for her family.

The negotiations went on for a few hours and the suspect finally released the group and drove off with the car and valuables worth a total of S$80,000 (RM200,000).

SAC Amer said the passengers, who were left at a residential area in Ulu Tiram, were helped by some residents there.

“None of them were hurt during the incident and the family has returned to Singapore,” he said, adding that police were on the lookout for the suspect and the stolen car with a Singaporean registration plate.

“We urge anyone with information to contact the Johor police hotline at 07-221 2999,” he said.

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