They Survived ISA Detention!

19 SEPTEMBER 2008: Teresa Kok has been released from ISA detention!

Here’s hoping to add a poster for Raja Petra Kamarudin soon!

Click images for full size. Versions with names are at second half of post. Posters are #49 – 52 of the very mocking Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Tan Hoon Cheng ISA

See Sin Chew Reporter Tan Choon Heng Relates Her 18 Hours Under ISA Detention.

Teresa Kok ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

See Malaysiakini, Bangsa Malaysia: Teresa Kok released and Susan Loone: Teresa Freed – two down, one more to go! (kudos for poster featurage!).

And some flashbacks:

Lim Kit Siang ISA

Karpal Singh ISA


Tan Hoon Cheng ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Lim Kit Siang ISA

Karpal Singh ISA

And note that this fellow below is the one who is indirectly responsible for getting Tan Hoon Cheng arrested under the ISA – yet his own racist comments in public and openly to the media only got him suspended from UMNO for three years:

Ahmad Ismail Pendatang


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8 Responses to “They Survived ISA Detention!”

  1. simon thong Says:

    And when will they let raja petra go?

  2. Edi神 Says:

    another victory for Rakyat…

    UMNO is falling down,

    falling down…

    failing down…

    my Fair LADIES, LOL!

  3. direstraits Says:

  4. davv Says:

    Teresa released. Now a group of paid mamak from Penang lodged a police report on Anwar. You don’t need to be Einstein to know these Penang UMNO gorilla is behind this…

  5. simon thong Says:

    badawi said he wouldn’t use isa on anwar but he didn’t say Botak wouldn’t.

  6. Dr Hsu Says:

    They survived under the Individual Safety Act. ANyone feeling unsafe, please call the authority to request for protection under the Individual Safety Act, and they served boiled eggs to you.

  7. simon thong Says:

    That’s a good one, Dr Hsu..Individual Safety Act! This must have been the first time the BN govt has had to explain away its ISA detentions.

  8. hoosierarmymom Says:

    May God bless Tan Hoon Cheng and her family. That had to be the longest 18 hours of her life. As slanted and biased as the press here in the US is, I dread the day they start jailing honest reporters here for reporting the truth.
    (“Oh, do they actually exist”?… you say! I pray I’m never given a time line in which to find one or be shot!). 🙂

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