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The Obumpmas Walk Into Mordor

April 14, 11

Inspired by Comixed.

Reference for panel one:

Panel four:

Magic: The Lollering

November 30, 10

I’ve started up a new blog for Magic: The Gathering cards I shopped up for fun. Take a look at It’s a work in progress, but I’m adding a couple of new creations weekly.

Here’s a taste:

Za Warudo Magic Card

Objection Magic Card gif

One Piece Nami Magic Card

The Forgotten Man – Painting by Jon McNaughton

September 15, 10

Via Moonbattery, from Western Voices World News:

Past Presidents (including more recent Republican ones) try to raise the plight of the common American, while recent Presidents (Democrat ones) applaud Obama’s brand of ‘transformative change’.

The wretched condition of the ordinary American under Obama as depicted above? True:

Pachelbel Triple Pun

August 3, 10

Been trying to get this on So Much Pun, but nothing so far.

All three puns say the same thing, and panel four is another clue. Click for full size:

If you don’t get it, answer is below the fold:


Analogy Zero

July 21, 10

Analogy Zero

Version 1 is here.

Why build it in such a provocative place? Well, duh, because it is such a provocative place.

See also Michael Ramirez’s take on it.

News here:

  • Why There Should Be No Mosques at Ground Zero – The placement of mosques throughout Islamic history has been an expression of conquest and superiority over non-Muslims. Muslims built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the site of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in order to proclaim Islam’s superiority to Judaism. The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus was built over the Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople was converted into a mosque, to express the superiority of Islam over Christianity. Historian Sita Ram Goel has estimated that over 2,000 mosques in India were built on the sites of Hindu temples for the same reason.

So yes, nothing is ‘proven’ about the true motives behind the building of this complex. And thus, any protests out of anger and perceived insult are probably irrational and – perhaps even – intolerant.

As AoSHQ puts it in reaction to the centre being finally cleared to go:

If you really want to reach out to others, one of the first rules is you don’t do it in a way that is provocative and insulting to the people you allegedly are trying to come together with. Very often activists hide their activism in the gauzy, politically correct language of ‘out reach’ and ‘tolerance’ but their actions are anything but.

I’m not advocating that we sink to the level of these backward nations. No one is denying the organizers of the Ground Zero mosque project have a legal right to do what they are doing. I’m simply saying, if you’re goal is to really enhance understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, there are a lot better ways to do it and places more in need of it than the area around the World Trade Center.

But when the shoes was on the other foot, the authorities did not hesitate to play it safe when it came to ‘perceived insult’ – valid or not: St George’s cross, St George himself, England’s flag, the Holocaust, drawings, and everything in between.

Double standards from liberal dhimmis, once again.

Compare and contrast an earlier Roman Catholic reaction:

The building of a Carmelite convent at Auschwitz in the 1980s so wounded Jewish sensibilities that Pope John Paul II ordered it removed in 1993, even though the Holocaust was not carried out in the name of any faith.

A Muslim speaks out that the mosque is an act of fitna.


Kudos to Moonbattery for featurage of this statement in comic form.

Pallytars Demotivational Poster

April 26, 10

Reference here.

And while you’re at it, explain how the starving, poverty-stricken and totally-blockaded-by-Israeli-apartheid-wall crew manage to launch an average of ten explosive rockets per day for a year at their neighbors.

Btw, Pocahontas IN SPACE aka Final Fantasy montage aka lots of other movies lol was directed by the usual sanctimonious hypocritical Hollywoodite type. Who might also have magicked 9/11 into existence according to some.

Brought to You by the Democratic Party T-Shirt Mockeries

December 3, 09

The Democratic Party gives us this:

And RMartin of California gives the Donkey Party these in return (click for larger):


Demotivational Posters – Hollywood Lowlifes Approve of Drugging, Raping & Sodomizing 13-Year Old Girls

October 2, 09

Hollywood Approves Rape

Click each poster below for clear full sizes. More posters coming as I make them.

Send in or link your own posterizings if you wish. Or less flattering pics of these proponents child-rape to use.

Whoopi Goldberg Approves Rape

Whoopi Goldberg gets top billing for declaring that the unconsenting, drug-aided violation of a teenage girl was not ‘rape’ rape.

Lists of elitist Hollywood lowlife scumbags that are siding with Roman Polanski – who tricked, boozed, drugged, raped, orally raped, and anally raped a 13-year old girl before fleeing the law and the country for 30 years – via Pajamas Media, Moonbattery, Gateway Pundit, Ace of Spades HQ,, American Spectator and Michelle Malkin.

More of Polanski’s underage skirt chasing and Applebaum’s antics via Moonbattery.

Yes, these stars and visionaries made great films – Polanski’s The Pianist, Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act, Terry Gilliams’ Monty Python antics – but does that give any of them the right to be held above the law? To determine their own law?

Put it this way – how would you feel about being raped by one of these self-righteous better-than-thous and never being delivered justice because… THEY ARE IMPORTANT AND FAMOUS PEOPLE?

Here’s to you, Roman Rapinski.

Roman Polanski Approves Rape

Woody Allen Approves Rape


Obama, Please Stop Talking Sh*t

April 3, 09

Obama Stop Talking Sh*t

Click image for full size.

Original gaming comic from Press Start to Play.

See also screenshots at Obama Speaketh, Stock Market Crasheth.

Scott Gets Credit for Obama Phone FAIL on Michelle Malkin’s Blog

March 10, 09

Thank you Miss Malkin! I had given up hope that my creation of the lol would ever be credited, but the alert Michelle Malkin actually noticed my email and/or trackback and/or comment amidst her hundreds of messages, and has now publicly credited me plus a link!

Obama Phone Fail

The minor formatting issue on my name destracts from my joy not! And nowadays I always put a little watermark of sorts on my creations.

Made with the excellent free graphics editor software, GIMP by the way. Try it out yourselves – it takes a bit of getting used to if you’re more familiar with Photoshop.

I still have no idea of the chain of passing-alongs that led to Michelle Malkin stumbling across the Obama Phone FAIL though.


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