Militant Heterosexuals Sue to Force it to Offer Content For Straights (NOT)

e-Harmony has been sued to force it to provide same-sex matchups. It has capitulated under duress of potentially massive penalties.

Never mind that it was started in order to provide long-lasting relationships based on Christian values – heterosexual only, for the purposes of marriage (not casual flings). See Bible Passages That Oppose Homosexuality – Including the Words of Jesus and God Himself for a complete explanation of the Biblical basis for this stance.

So, in the interest of fairness…

I would like to request all heterosexuals living in the United States to FILE NUMEROUS AND EXORBITANT LAWSUITS against homosexual-only dating services and websites, until said services and websites add in full services for heterosexuals seeking opposite-gender-only matchups and pay damages to the aggrieved straights.


Being covered by Michelle Malkin and Moonbattery.

Gateway Pundit is wondering if they’ll be taking on next. Yeah, right! History shows that rage-beholden, screaming, righteous-fury liberals only act brave when attacking Christians – you know, the religion of not filing ACLU lawsuits and releasing death threats against insulters.

Coming soon to EHarmony — Adam and Steve.

The Pasadena-based dating website, heavily promoted by Christian evangelical leaders when it was founded, has agreed in a civil rights settlement to give up its heterosexuals-only policy and offer same-sex matches.

EHarmony was started by psychologist Eric McKinley, who is known for his mild-mannered television and radio advertisements. It must not only implement the new policy by March 31 but also give the first 10,000 same-sex registrants a free six-month subscription.

“That was one of the things I asked for,” said Eric McKinley, 46, who complained to New Jersey’s Division on Civil Rights after being turned down for a subscription in 2005.

The company said that Warren was not giving interviews on the settlement. But attorney Theodore Olson, who issued a statement on the company’s behalf, made clear that it did not agree to offer gay matches willingly. “Even though we believed that the complaint resulted from an unfair characterization of our business,” Olson said, “we ultimately decided it was best to settle this case with the attorney general since litigation outcomes can be unpredictable.”

The settlement, which did not find that EHarmony broke any laws, calls for the company to either offer the gay matches on its current venue or create a new site for them. EHarmony has opted to create a site called

Warren had said in past interviews that he didn’t want to feature same-sex services on EHarmony — which matches people based on long questionnaires concerning personality traits, relationship history and interests — because he felt he didn’t know enough about gay relationships.

And via Moonbattery, even this wasn’t enough for the ubermoonbats at Daily Kos.

(Hey Kossies, when are you going to practise EQUALITY and FAIRNESS and give an equal number of right-wing bloggers an equal quota of articles on your site?)

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15 Responses to “Militant Heterosexuals Sue to Force it to Offer Content For Straights (NOT)”

  1. simon thong Says:

    e-Harmony should just close its doors.

  2. wits0 Says:

    At least militant heterosexual don’t pretend to be able to be ‘gay’ while being beserk. Like being happy and sad, hot and cold and so forth, simultaneously!

  3. Jeremy Echols Says:

    Honestly….I find this post hilarious and wonder what might happen as a result of the lawsuits! Thankfully, eHarmony is keeping its sanctity by simply creating another website for same sex relationships, so as the official “eHarmony” can keep running based on its values.
    Also, I GREATLY appreciated your post on homosexuality and the Bible. It is often missed that Jesus directly described the proper relationship to be between a male and a female, and as such denounced homosexuality.

  4. simon thong Says:

    And does what Jesus Christ said matter to them?

  5. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Hey Scott… I saw on the news where it is going to be illegal for muslims to practice yoga in Malaysia… might destroy their faith? Isn’t that a hoot??? If their faith is that lame… well, they better quit breathing as well! LOL!!!

    Also, on topic… When the angels went down to Sodom to see lot, men came to the house demanding they come outside so they could have sex with them. I would say given what happened to Sodom, that’s a pretty strong statement about how God feels about homosexuality.

  6. hoosierarmymom Says:

    oops… that is Lot with a capital “L” as in the man’s name. Ms. typo strikes again!

  7. simon thong Says:

    I haven’t read the details. Could it be the inappropriate dress (or state of undress?) that is offensive? Or the fact that while yoga is taught and practised as exercise, its various shapes or forms were once believed to be especially potent for being in union with god/gods? A yogi was one in union with god/gods.Many fundamental Christians would still object to yoga being taught in church, so I was surprised that it took the Muslim authorities so long to come round to issue a ban.

  8. simon thong Says:

    Correction: so long to come round to issuing a ban.

  9. kesava Says:

    It is a good move. Indians have long been polluted by many external influences also. For instance indian numbers are very often referred to as “arabic numericals”.
    What they must do next is remove all malay words with indian origin from the malay language.

  10. kesava Says:

    An appeal to our Muslim apostate US President-elect from Islamic Malaysia, the land of “Bumiputra,” (and other classical forms of dhimmitude), which is undergoing a resurgence of orthodox Sharia mandates :

    For practicing freedom of religion and conscience, and following the religion of his choice, he [President-elect Obama] would have been charged with apostasy, and don’t forget, some of our Malaysian politicians have advocated death for apostasy, just to prove their religious standing in the eyes of their ethnic voters.

  11. wits0 Says:

    “The arabic numerals (often capitalized) are the ten digits (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), which—along with the system by which a sequence (e.g. “406”) was read as a number—were originally defined by Indian mathematicians, later modified and transferred to North African Arab mathematicians and transmitted to Europe in the Middle Ages, whence they spread around the world through European colonialism. Today they are the most common symbolic representation of numbers in the world….”

    Also just remove the Sanskrit words from the malay language as well and see what’s left!

  12. wits0 Says:

    They, the gays, don’t rage against these:
    Kuwaiti Cleric: ‘Death is Too Good for Homosexuals’

  13. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Now you are giving old granny ideas Scott! Sounds like a good time!

  14. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Hey, you find the sites and I’ll sue em! I’ll even give you the finder’s fee!

  15. Domina Says:

    actually your blog is one of those i will bother to revisit. most i saw today are full of useless informations and advertising. thank you for providing some real content to the world 🙂

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