Michelle Obama Bizarre Fashion Fails – 35+ in This Best of the Worst Collection

Truly, the Vogue best dressed, Maxim 100 hottest women, top 12 hottest politician’s wives, First Lady of Fashion.

Mo’ like, First Lady of Fashion Faux Pas! As the joke goes, “That was no lady, that was Michelle Obama!”

HER GREATEST FASHION REGRET??? – Honestly, both she and her fawning media sycophants have no self awareness whatsoever if ‘Class vs Crass Fashion™’ is it!

Given her impeccable wardrobe, Michelle Obama doesn’t have many fashion regrets.


Above Clown Layer Cake Fashion™ via Moonbattery. (IMPORTANT REQUEST: If anyone can find out if this beggar dressed in the exact same clothes is real, update me!)

Above Evil Fairy Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above ‘Hottest Politician’s Wife, Rly Rly’ Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Octopus Fashion™ via myself.

Above Grinch Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Upholstery, Dark Nun and Romaine/Sea Slug Fashions™ via Pop Hangover -Michelle Obama’s Top 12 Fashion Fails.

Above Black Widow Spider Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Oil Spill Dress While Visiting Gulf Oil Spill Fashion™ via Moonbattery. Variations mockery here!

Above Class vs Crass Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Gaudy & Garish at Solemn Posthumous Ceremony Fashion™ via I Hate The Media.

Above Dusty Old Jedi Master Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

And more:

Above Patchwork Plaid Fashion™ from Huffington Post which also covers her fashion disrespect towards royalty.

Above Scare-mazon Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Granmama Is Not Happy Fashion™ via Moonbattery. Check out the excerpted comments too!

Above Words Fail Me Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Oh wait, someone found the words:

Above Ugliness Costs $695 Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Slapped Together in Pitch Darkness Fashion™ via Eye on the World tipped by wits0, with remarks at Moonbattery.

Above Totally Blending In, Not at All a Propaganda Arrangement, I’m Sure This is How the Commoners Dress When They Shop at Their Commoner Outlets Fashion™ via AoSHQ.

Above Everyone Must Sacrifice Especially During This Mega Recession With Persistent 15% Real Unemployment So I’m Only Wearing $42,150 of Diamonds Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Zebra/Convict Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Leaned Against Wet White Paint Fashion™ via Moonbattery (kudos for the hat tip too).

Above Gobble gobble gobble, gobble gobble gobble Thanksgiving Turkey Fashion™ via Moonbattery (kudos for the hat tip too) viaiOwnTheworld.

Above Spiders/Old Lady’s Missing Sofa Fashion™via Moonbattery.

Above Unhappy Harlequin Fashion™via Moonbattery.

Above About To Rip At The Seams Fashion™via Gateway Pundit. See also comparison to Ann Romney’s fashion prices.

Above Somebody’s Living Room is Missing Its Curtain Lace Fashion™ via The Washington Free Beacon via AoSHQ

Above Nananana Nananana Bat-Michelle Fashion™ via The Blaze.

Above Laze-Around-Home Santa Grinch Fashion™ via JWF.

Above Heavyweight Champion Poledancer Fashion™ via The Black Sphere.

Above Most Scandalous Waste of Money Award Fashion™ via Capitalists on Facebook.

Above Disregarding the Dress Code in a Cathedral (Dare Her to Try That in a Mosque) Fashion™ via BPR.

Above Crappy Dress Sense, Literally Fashion™ via Rebel.

Above three Death Glares of Jealousy™ via Moonbattery and The People’s Cube on tip by Hutchrun.

And here’s the full context of one of the above Death Glares of Jealousy™ :

Following Doggone Imperious Dinner™ from Chicks on the Right and Twitchy:

Above $12,000 Pompous Pomp-And-Dour Fashion™ via Moonbattery on a tip from hutch.


See also comparisons of liberal vs conservative women.

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42 Responses to “Michelle Obama Bizarre Fashion Fails – 35+ in This Best of the Worst Collection”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    I`m awaiting to see her with the bone in her nose when she visits Afrika.

  2. wits0 Says:

    And replete with grass skirt:

  3. blimey Says:

    While this guy’s pretty cute, too, there’s definitely a sinister aspect to its Yoda-like stare and horns

  4. PowerPC Says:


    I actually thought civil unrest would have occured before now. Especially if you consider that right after the election people were being pulled over and ticketed or arrested for anti-Obama bumper stickers on their cars. I could not believe it. This was after Napolitano sent out the memo on how to handle such treason. At first she backed up everything in the memo and things got so completely out of hand that two weeks later she was saying an underling sent out the memo without her approval. A complete 180 from her original stance.
    I dread the thought of 4 more years of Obama and Napolitano. Can you imagine what Obama would do if he has four more years with nothing to lose? He would not have to worry about re-election which is the only thing keeping him in at least some kind of check. If he gets a second term this country will be ruled by Muslim extremists.

  5. wits0 Says:

    “…If he gets a second term this country will be ruled by Muslim extremists.”

    Or at least more Keith Ellisons, e.g., and more of his leftist Czars will emerge to dumb down and unravel Amerika. The euro pc-coli is already a serious infection there.

  6. wits0 Says:

    Meanshell has got a big fat African-aboriginal butt and nothing can alter that. All the gaudy ‘fashion’ craze that is so compulsive with her only aggravates things.

    This is not meant to be PC.

  7. zulu Says:

    “Meanshell has got a big fat African-aboriginal butt and nothing can alter that.”

    Idi Amin would love it, or she could become one of the wives of the Botswana king.

  8. zulu Says:

    Since independence, Botswana has had the highest average economic growth rate in the world, averaging about 9% per year from 1966 to 1999. Growth in private sector employment has averaged about 10% per annum over the first 30 years of independence. The relatively high quality of the country’s statistics means that these figures are likely to be quite accurate. The government has consistently maintained budget surpluses and has extensive foreign exchange reserves.

  9. Kentuckyarmor Says:

    It is hard to dress a sacquatch. So with all the hair cut off and the evil temper and foul mouth it must be a job from hell. She most likely got a few jihad pussies to do it and then go kill themselves afterwards.

  10. wits0 Says:

    One fat butt with no taste to boost!

  11. Moonbattery » Whiteout Applied to Michelle Obama Says:

    […] Bride of Obama’s handlers wouldn’t treat her like a mistake to be hidden — not when she’s such an asset. This must be another of her bizarre fashion statements. […]

  12. Moonbattery » Bitter Half’s Festive Thanksgiving Dress Says:

    […] her cutting edge fashion sense, you had to know Michelle Obama would appear in something extra special for […]

  13. Tommy O'Brien Says:

    You are correct. She is the most stylish presidential wife since Jackie Bouvier Kennedy!

  14. bill Says:

    There was a worse one. Looked like a tie died pinata. I need that one to send to an obama supporter. Please add that one if you know which one I mean. Thx.

  15. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m not sure I’ve seen that one. If you spot it anywhere, do send me the link!

  16. nasaei123@yahoo.com Says:

    Kenyan traditional attire ? Obama had tried one last time..I like it anyway..

  17. Moonbattery » What, No French Fries? Says:

    […] least her French clown outfit wasn’t as bad as some she’s appeared in. I wonder which pair of shoes she wore with […]

  18. Tammy Says:

    She Should be so ashamed!!! I am embarrassed for our first lady representing our country a
    in those very6 stupid ugly clothes. I am sure her children get teased because of her poor fashion sense. She needs a professional political stylist. Stop embarrassing all of us michelle.

  19. Bobbie Says:

    Quick, somebody buy Michelle a full length mirror.

  20. lynn richardson Says:

    agree with bobbie, for all our sakes, please get more than one full length mirror! i have never seen such ugly clothes on any person, even drag queens have better taste. hilary had no fashion sense, but did have someone who advised her on what NOT to wear.

  21. Paul Abelquist Says:

    There is more to this than meets the eye. On one level, she appeals to her own kind, on another level, she is fully cognizant of her appearance and fulfills hubby’s goal of reducing America’s image across the world. Jackie Onassis must be rolling in her grave at the disrespect for our country!

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  23. Barracuda Brigade | Michelle Obama Bizarre Fashion Fails – Best of the Worst Collection Says:

    […] Posted on November 8, 2011 1:12 pm by Alicia Luke Comment HT~ https://scottthong.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/michelle-obama-bizarre-fashion-fails-best-of-the-worst-co… […]

  24. daran Says:

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  25. rahim.khavaripoor Says:

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  26. baju anak muslim Says:

    I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This article posted at this site is
    actually good.

  27. Mel Says:

    OMG, how much did I love this page?!?! Thank you for saying what we were all thinking. The only one you missed was the hooker dress she wore to her husband’s Nobel peace prize ceremony. How to really drive home the point that your husband is receiving an award he doesn’t deserve…why dress like a street walking whore of course!

  28. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeahhh… The media and mindless drones extol her stylishness the same way they tout her husband’s effectualness… They doth protest too much!

  29. IMAO » Blog Archive » Obama Warned Us – FLOTUS BDAY Says:

    […] “Mostly maintaining our nation’s vital supply of scowls, bad haircuts, and boob-belts.” […]

  30. Lisa Pope Says:

    No matter what, first lady might have had some ugly outfits on,but one thing for sure MICHELLE OBAMA,doesn’t have a picture in her birthday suit all over the internet.

  31. Sandy Says:

    And they don’t show that on the news, All the waisted money by that woman. And and still looks bad!!!

  32. Mary Smith Says:

    An ABW = Angry Black Woman with a continual scowl of contempt on her face…NO SENSE of fashion or the role she played representing our country. Doesn’t realize people abroad laugh at her.
    Her red dress for Trump Inauguration looks as bad as the dress she wore for hubby’s inauguration in 2009…BOTH dresses look like she held up an upholstery store. And how can anyone have such an ugly hairdoo (Trump Inauguration)? She looked like she got out of bed 15 minutes before the Inauguration started…Michelle…GOOD RIDDANCE!! Now then…Melania Trump was a class act…!

  33. Florentino Janco Says:


  34. Person with an opinion Says:

    This is Dumb . Whoever made this is simply dumb, petty, plain and bitter. Get something better to do with your life

  35. Una Says:

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  36. Melania Trump and the French State Visit Fashions - Victory Girls Blog Says:

    […] at its best should tell the world who the woman wearing it is. Michelle Obama was a mess, a confused mess, or just a frump very often. Mrs. Obama’s daughters were always beautifully […]

  37. ladymiss22 Says:

    Now we have a FLOTUS who wears a mind boggling jacket with graffiti on the back. “I Don’t Really Care. Do You?”

  38. Sally Says:

    Some of these are flattering and work well for her. A lot of them don’t. She tried to be too trendy when she shouldn’t have. The clothes must work with the body and age. She is clueless at times.

  39. Shelley Says:

    She is disgusting…just gross!

  40. Scotttcast Says:

    Just FYI, I am seriously considering the conspiracy theory that Michelle is a man. The body shape, the arms, and especially that video of dancing on Ellen where that dangly thing is bouncing all over the place…

    Would explain the horrible fashion sense.

  41. James Frisbie Says:

    I was looking for the white pants outfit she was wearing while dancing on TV and there seemed to be something moving around in her pants. Oh. well. Maybe next time.

  42. Scotttcast Says:

    Lol I am sad to report that I know EXACTLY what you’re referring to. It was an appearance on Ellen. For the unedited footage, 5:10 of here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZO5q0B5wfw&t=313s

    Would really explain why (s)he has such bad taste in fashion!

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