Why Do Liberal Men Hate Attractive Conservative Women?

The reasons may be threefold that fit together into one overarching explanation.

Snark warning!

1) Well known Conservative gals are often attractive. As opposed to well known Liberal gals:

Liberal vs Conservative Women

Above from Moonbattery.

And a bigger alternate version:

Liberal vs Conservative Women

Above also from Moonbattery.

And more from Bruce Jacobs via Moonbattery:

Liberal vs Conservative Women

Liberal vs Conservative Women

And yet another:

Liberal vs Conservative Women

Liberal vs Conservative Women

And you can add Sarah Palin for the conservatives to that line-up:

Sarah Palin


Republican vs Democrat Women

As well as the always-frowning, ever-scowling, un-proud of ‘mean’ America, Michelle Obama for the libs:

Michelle Obama Scowl As Usual

Yeah, I’m a sexist male chauvanist pig. Just ask Obama.

2) Many of the attractive liberal women are lesbians, actually men in drag, or so strongly and militantly feminist that they consider men a lesser species of animal life.

3) Conservative women with actual notions of honour, self-respect and decency would never sleep with Liberal men.

To summarize the above: Liberal men rail with impotent and sexually frustrated rage at the Conservative values of Conservative women.

Hence the constant rage directed at Conservative women, as witnessed by the more than 50 examples of rabid anti-Palin smears in the Liberal media.

Note: When Conservative women are outspoken like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin, they are denounced as unfeminine and shrill. Yet when Conservative women are quietly dignified like First Lady Laura Bush, they are derided as useless, docile, limp and dull.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Liberals hate Conservative women simply because of their Conservatism, rather than any valid objection to their public behaviour.

Besides not sleeping around with Liberals, of course.

What do they think women are, anyway… Obamaphilic sluts?

PS. Lol! See also this:

Look, she’s a great dame. People are fascinated by her because the Left hate her. I think the Left hate her; mostly women on the Left hate her, because to me from outside in it appears that she has a great sex life. Alright? I think she has hot erotic sex with that Todd Palin guy. I think most of the women on the Upper East Side their husbands haven’t been aroused since… the early 70’s. So they hate her.

PS. See more pics of the Conservative beauties, professionally taken at this link (via Conervative beauty Michelle Malkin‘s blog).

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52 Responses to “Why Do Liberal Men Hate Attractive Conservative Women?”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    Aaaaargh git those hags off!!!

  2. wits0 Says:

    If you’re hateful, you get to be ugly in the next life, if not in this – according to Buddhist doctrine. According to the same, having a sweet disposition predisposes one to be born attractive in the next life. 😉

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Personally, I subscribe to the notion that one’s disposition affects one’s looks even in this life. Constantly scowling will help make that grimace and those upside-down-smiley jowls permanent.

    I mean, just look at Madeleine Albright!

  4. wits0 Says:

    “I mean, just look at Madeleine Albright!” – Scott

    She takes the pot!

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    She takes the pot! – wits0</blockquote.

    It must be avery different pot from the stuff Barry O smoked. His face is perpetually stuck in a smug smile.

  6. data Says:

    Madeline never was all that bright. And barry`s still stuck in a cokehead mode.

  7. wits0 Says:

    Madeline was Hannan Ashrawi’s contemporary making headlines then. Vinegar and camel faced news grabber.

  8. turkey shoot Says:

    Michelle Obama looks a harridan, she belongs right up there

  9. Cate Says:

    I stumbled across this place and cannot believe what’s around the web. Seriously. And as a liberal woman I would like to pick up your blog entry and present you with some counter arguments:

    1) Attractiveness lies very much in the eye of the beholder. In addition, the very fact that you (or someone else) chose the pictures above – unfortunate snap shots of liberal women, professional portraits of conservative women – makes your very argument obsolete.

    2) While you noted that there are attractive liberal women, it is not true that many of them are lesbians. And although it is probably true that more women from a liberal background openly come out than do women from a conservative background, this fact has more to do with the a general openess to and acceptance of new ideas and differences among liberals. Nor are liberal women men in drags. Personally, I very much like to wear skirts, and I know many liberal women who also do. And neither do we consider men a lesser species. The very idea that there is one human in any way lesser than any other is not compatible with my idea of liberalism.

    3) Liberal men with actual notions of equality, freedom, and reason would probably still sleep with most women, but always prefer the company of a well-educated, reasonable woman they can talk to on equal terms.

    To summarize the above: Conservative men are most likely intimidated by strong, independent women because they (the men) fear their social positions threatened, but they could never admit to that irrational fear because it would make you appear as weak and irrelevant as you are.

    Hence, the constant double standard directed at both liberal men and women and the very neglect of lies coming both out of the White House and the Republican campaign by conservative pundits (by and large the majority among columnists) and the general American public.

    Note: When liberal women are outspoken they are denounced as Lesbians and men in drags. Yet when liberal women are quietly dignified and go about changing the world, conservative men roll their eyes because changing the world requires a reasonable assessment and well laid-out arguments that do not fit into 20 second sound bites nor can be grasped by someone with the attention span of a fruit fly once their attention is directed else where … oh wait, I think that might have been too much for you to read. Or have you actually come this far? Congratulations then.

    Therefore, let me conclude that conservatives hate liberals and imagine liberals hate conservatives. But although you might think that I’m your enemy, it doesn’t make you mine.

    Finally, I must say that Conservatism and Liberalism are not opposing ends of one binary opposition, but of a circle of political and social ideas. There are many shades in between. None of what you wrote and none of what I wrote is true for all conservative and liberal men and women. But when you put out such bullshit and force me into a black-and-white-only position, I can only respond in a way that you understand:

    Save us all some time. Stop this ignorant, brain-washed ranting. Accept that there are differences and that women do deserve the very same rights as do men – without being reduced to their looks, their gender. Being smart is actually something that’s pretty handy in the long run. If you actually ever considered listening to a liberal woman, you would know.

  10. Mattheson Says:

    After that long paean, nothing is true, nothing is possible and I`m the messiah. Now all you guys run out git yourself a 9 year old. Legalize paedophilia and bestiality. I`m a liberal hahaha

    Pleeeez scott don`t stop this “bull shit”. As a PETA (“Prefer Eating Tasty Animals”) I sure could do with more. Anyway why isn`t Hag Michelle up there. And I think Pamela from atlasshrugs is missin from the “Ours” (debbie`s there tho).

  11. Mattheson Says:

    typo: “nothing is true, nothing is possible” would have been “nothing is true, everything is possible”.
    A firm believer and from who that comes from was the one who gave his name to the word “assassin”.

  12. Scott Thong Says:


    In case anyone didn’t notice, this whole post is a snark. If the kind of Swiss Cheese (full of holes and kinda stinky) arguments I presented weren’t a giveaway, this post is also categorized under Fun Fun Doodle Dum!

    I didn’t create the photo montage, and it’s obviously quite old – or it’d have Sarah Palin in it!

    I personally think Michelle Obama is potentially attractive… If she weren’t like, scowling or frowning all the time. Seriously, WHAT does that woman have to be angry about when life was basically handed to her on a silver affirmative action platter?

  13. Scott Thong Says:


    Speaking of Michelle O and Sarah P…

    Sour face has sour grapes!

    Michelle Obama: Don’t vote for a candidate just because “she’s cute

    She’s referring to herself, of course. Even though she’s, um, not a candidate.

    Why, whom did you think she meant?

    Michelle Obama says voters need to decide this election by examining the issues, not because they like a candidate or think “she’s cute.”

    Obama spoke in Charlotte on Thursday morning at a women’s round-table on economic issues. The crowd roared at her remark disparaging voters who might cast a ballot because of a woman’s looks, a clear jab at Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin.

    Obama tried to clarify her remark with a smile, saying she was talking about herself.

  14. hutchrun Says:

    I think Tina Turner even tho` twice the age is much better than Michelle 🙂

  15. wits0 Says:

    Of course Tina Turner looked better than Michelle O who, like Oprah, would have to employ a liberal collection of soft filters for the camera!

  16. hoosierarmymom Says:

    I find it amusing… snarkiness and all!!! Cate, as a former liberal for about 40 years, if you hang out here from time to time, you will find that Scott is not a monster, he just has a sense of humor. It is the ones grabbing attention in the Democrat party that don’t present themselves well, possibly thinking they won’t be taken seriously if they get a good haircut, don a little black dress and wear makeup. Let’s not forget one of the all time great women who proved differently was Jackie Kennedy, a Democrat First Lady.

  17. all-up-inya Says:

    Okay LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON (whatever that’s supposed to mean):

    This is more stupid than snarky. Just about all sarcasm reflects true opinions.

    First of all, you cherry pick the most unattractive photos you can find of ‘liberal’ women, many of whom hold or have held powerful offices – and most of these women are OVER 60 YEARS OLD. Will Anne, Monica and Debbie, et al… be hot thirty or forty years from now?

    Most of the small handful of ‘hottie’ conservatives you have pictured are either actresses, commentators or “pundits.” What have any of them done other than look cute on camera and talk the conservative talk? Try to expand on the list of ‘liberal’ actresses, models, etc… Bet that list will be really small…

    What’s unfortunate is that women are almost always first sized up by their looks; therefore women with strong and poignant views that that *oppose* will tend stand out if their looks are either really ugly or really beautiful.

    Anne Coulter is hated by liberals because she is a crazy b%tch. She practically admitted to enjoying letting absurd things come out of her mouth because it sells books. In true conservative fashion, she enjoys manipulating the ignorant for attention (if it were a man, insert the word ‘power’) for profit.

    Sarah Palin is basically a redneck conservative woman who’s never managed a republic larger than Alaska. Okay, this might seem funny and cute, but not if she’s campaigning to be second in line to lead the most powerful nation in the world, if old’man McCain gets sick or dies.

    Don’t think looks have much to do with attitudes towards these women.

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    Lololol ya got me there! This post is a totall biased, unobjective hit job on liberals.

    Now explain to me why Obama, who has never managed anything bigger than community organizing alongside Bill Ayers, campaigning to be the first in line to lead the most powerful nation in the world, makes more sense than Governor of Alaska Palin’s second-in-command aims.

  19. wits0 Says:

    Obama’s selling point is said to be “compassion”. To my unAmerican eyes, he loooks not compassionate but snooty smug and he is looking more and more non compassionate as the stress gets to him. He is rapidly aging fast, that empty suit!

  20. wits0 Says:

    Has anyone a pleasing shot of Madeleine Albright in younger adult days? I haven’t seen any.

  21. Azakia Says:

    Yes I’ve always noticed this. All the women in conservative institutions are extremely attractive. Then I go to sites like NOW.org and – argh are you kidding me? Are those women actually women?

  22. Katie Says:

    Of course you pick the most disagreeable pictures you can find of the liberal woman who are sophisticated and yes, beautiful! HEADS UP: even if a woman isn’t ‘pretty’ the way conservatives see it…what does that have to do with politics?

  23. Asa Says:

    Maybe they feel that Conservative women consider them to be punks/pansies? I know some of them appear that way. Especially the self-hating white ones. All I have to do is think back to that Father Pfleger video.

  24. Stuart Says:

    See, here’s the problem with this idiotic, juvenile display. You picked the best you have to offer of conservative woman, and the most unflattering pictures you could find of every liberal woman, the older the better, you could find. What exactly is your point?

    Am I a liberal? Yes, and I happen to think Laura Bush is an attractive woman, and as far as I can tell, a genuinely nice woman who has no use for this kind of stupid sh*t.

    And by the way, if Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are the best you have to offer, I don’t think I’d be doing any bragging…unless the only men voting are drag queens.

  25. ReaganTMan Says:

    Conservative women are more attractive because they have better inner beauty, which then reflects on their outside. If you live a lifestyle with a philosophy that’s based on the natural order of things, you will probably end up being a more attractive person in all areas than someone who lives their lives based on a corrupt and fraudulent ideology.

    Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Monica Crowley and Laura Ingraham are not only hot to look at, they actually get hotter when you hear what they have to say. Let’s put it this way, listening to them talk oil and coal based energy policy, oppose a bailout or take exception to socialism, well I better go now before I say something stupid like Letterman.

  26. domino Says:

    How does it feel, Cate? You took the time to think up and type out all that sh*t and I couldn’t be f*cked reading a word of it. You, Stuart, Katie et aliae can s*ck c*cks in hell. (Feminine plural intentional Stuart, you s*ckless little b*tch.) Go cry to someone who gives a shit.

  27. Geminigirl Says:

    Goodness gracious, domino, you sure have a lot of bile churning inside. The next time you vomit, you may well embarrass yourself at a public event in front of people important to you.

    You know. Like all those bitter — but always attractive! attractive! — conservative women do.

  28. Scott Thong Says:

    Well domino, I had to take the time to * out all your swear words. Please insert stars into your future curses yourself, thanks.

  29. Scott Thong Says:

    See, here’s the problem with this idiotic, juvenile display. You picked the best you have to offer of conservative woman, and the most unflattering pictures you could find of every liberal woman, the older the better, you could find. What exactly is your point?

    Am I a liberal? Yes, and I happen to think Laura Bush is an attractive woman, and as far as I can tell, a genuinely nice woman who has no use for this kind of stupid sh*t.

    And by the way, if Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are the best you have to offer, I don’t think I’d be doing any bragging…unless the only men voting are drag queens. – Stuart

    Indeed, my post is totally idiotic and juvenile, and doesn’t really have a point except to tempt liberals into dropping into my idiotic and juvenile post to comment.

    Hi and congratulations for being suckered in by an idiotic and juvenile post! You must feel really proud lol!

  30. nottydreads (The OTHER One) Says:

    LOL!!! If ya can’t beat ’em…change the game on ’em. I must admit, I had to laugh at some of this stuff. I agree with Stuart’s assessments of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. Neither gets much more than a “better than Albright” bone.
    I hope it doesn’t ruin your wet….. though wholesome and patriotic dreams of these “babes” but mAnn seems to prefer her men to swing on the LIBRUL side. Most notable of her progressive playthings is none other than Godless Bill Mahr. He makes jokes about his dalliances with ol’ knobby knees. He admits that both of them stayed pretty drunk while they hung out…(lol)

    And Michelle Malkin just goes off the deep end hoping to ward off those frustrating and accidental “PROFILING episodes” that she gets treated to, from time to time. Some Rightarded cops prolly thinking, that from a distance, that she’s “Sistah-Gurl” or Sha-nay-nay…or one of “them”. And she HAY-EIGHTZZZ…being thought of as one of them. Yup, it tears her a new one thinking that she’s only 10 or 12 feet away sometimes…from being in another world!!!! She need to come on down south and get the “full flavor” of her non-niggardly Exotic-ness. South Pacific, South New Delhi, South Central, South Philly, South Carolina…it’s all the same. Just ask a Carolina State Trooper…lol

  31. Preston Says:

    You consider Ann Coulter attractive, that speaks volumes about your taste in women.

  32. Scott Thong Says:

    Indeed it does – they must be NON-liberal


  33. LS Says:

    What a bunch of S****…I can name 20 much more beatiful liberal women for every one of the conservative hags ( so-called beatiful women..Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrahm, please..talk about needing a bag over thier heads) you have listed..How do names like Jessica Alba, (actress) Campbell Brown (news anchor) Kirsten Powers (columnist) Stephanie Miller (radio host) Shakira (singer) Halle Berry (actress)
    just to name a few sound to you conservative morons…

  34. J. Says:

    Hey there!

    I liked visiting your blog! You have lots of great information. Particularity loved your collection of Sarah Palin attacks by the liberal media.

    Can I add you your blog to my blogroll?

  35. Scott Thong Says:

    Sure mate, go ahead! The liberal attack/smear machine will be going into overdrive come 2012… In fact, you can already see it in the latest salvo fired by Letterman and echoed by lib-tv commentators. Must be because of the approval ratings death spiral Obama is already experiencing!

  36. Liberal White Guy Says:

    Hello Cate:

    I too stumbled across this hate filled site, thanks for taking the time to write your ideas. Why should it matter in the least what someone I’m talking to to looks like?

    And to all the RWNJ’s – you lost the election, get over it crybabies! Lost because a whole bunch of people voted for a fine person who happens to be “of color”, including a lot of people of the color white!!

  37. Scott Thong Says:

    Lost the election, but look to be winning the long term war in a repeat of Carter vs Reagan and Newt Gingrich’s takeover during the Clinton years!

    Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Negative 14 – Info from Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, 24 August 2009: He’s down to -14 now!

    Great Work Obama! More and More Americans Becoming Conservatives – Despite the results of the 2008 presidential election, Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, say their political views in recent years have become more conservative rather than more liberal, 39% to 18%, with 42% saying they have not changed.

    Thanks, President Obama! We couldn’t have done it without your radical socialist tendencies!

    So, LWG… How’s that Obamessiah turning out for ya?

  38. Patxi Says:

    You conservatives are a bunch of self-deceiving IDIOTS. Why don’t you try to think for just once in your life?

  39. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah, we’re totally deceiving ourselves about Obama’s slide in the polls to negative 14 and public opinion increasingly turning against liberalism.

    Cos we’re dumb rednecks.

  40. Ann Says:

    Are you saying that Michelle didn’t work hard for where she is now? Everything was handed to her by Affirmative Action? Please…racist. How dare you insult women just because they are liberal. To be beautiful I have to be conservative and white or married to a white man? Eww

  41. Scott Thong Says:

    Someone is taking this post waaaaaay too seriously lol…

    But anyway, Michelle Obama did not like working her dues at her high-powered job, but rather preferred earning money for basically doing nothing except perhaps shafting poor sick people for profits.

  42. Andrew McKenny Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Your last name is ‘thong’ and I think, given the level of intelligence of this post and thread, it is appropriate to compare yourself with a sweaty little sh*t soaking band of cloth, wedged between 2 large, dimpled cheeks.

    God bless the internet and free political discourse!

  43. Scott Thong Says:

    Lol, indeed my name has helped rack up the hits from bikini-hungry surfers:


  44. Sam Says:

    “If you live a lifestyle with a philosophy that’s based on the natural order of things, you will probably end up being a more attractive person in all areas than someone who lives their lives based on a corrupt and fraudulent ideology.”

    And who are the ones who accept people living a lifestyle with a philosophy that’s based on the natural order of things are liberals. We don’t attack people for how God made them.

  45. Scott Thong Says:

    And who are the ones who accept people living a lifestyle with a philosophy that’s based on the natural order of things are liberals. – Sam

    Funnily enough, in ‘the natural order of things’, purely homosexual pairings would cause extinction in one generation.

  46. trixen Says:

    I’ve always thought Kirsten Powers was MUCH hotter than Ann Coulter.

  47. dlbnext Says:

    Liberals hate everything. hard work, successful people, america, you name it. they only believe in taking from others and giving less then everyone else.

  48. High Heels and Lipstick: Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin » Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    […] politics’, has not identified with Palin. Which leaves us to wonder, why do they hate her […]

  49. Rich Orwell Says:

    The importance of a woman’s looks is … well, there isn’t any. If you took the average IQs of liberals versus conservatives, that would be interesting. I think nearly all the liberals are brilliant. With the exception of Condi Rice and the bright-but-insane Ann Coulter, I saw no smart conservatives. *That* is what matters.

  50. Scott Thong Says:

    If they’re so intelligent, why are they generally blind to the oft-proven failure record of the very policies they so keenly support? (IQ doesn’t equal wisdom I suppose)

  51. Why Are Progressive Men Intimidated By Conservative Women? - Page 21 (politics) Says:

    […] and reading the following link. Dear Gwen might also get a kick out of perusing the link as well. https://scottthong.wordpress.com/2008…rvative-women/ Liberalism: Moochers Electing Looters to Steal from Producers Kids that Fish, Trap and Hunt […]

  52. Sergio Chisum Says:

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