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Michelle Obama Bizarre Fashion Fails – 35+ in This Best of the Worst Collection

June 6, 11

Truly, the Vogue best dressed, Maxim 100 hottest women, top 12 hottest politician’s wives, First Lady of Fashion.

Mo’ like, First Lady of Fashion Faux Pas! As the joke goes, “That was no lady, that was Michelle Obama!”

HER GREATEST FASHION REGRET??? – Honestly, both she and her fawning media sycophants have no self awareness whatsoever if ‘Class vs Crass Fashion™’ is it!

Given her impeccable wardrobe, Michelle Obama doesn’t have many fashion regrets.


Above Clown Layer Cake Fashion™ via Moonbattery. (IMPORTANT REQUEST: If anyone can find out if this beggar dressed in the exact same clothes is real, update me!)

Above Evil Fairy Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above ‘Hottest Politician’s Wife, Rly Rly’ Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Octopus Fashion™ via myself.

Above Grinch Fashion™ via Moonbattery.


Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s ‘God D**n America’ Pastor Editorial Cartoons

March 27, 08


LAST UPDATED: 20 June 2008

See also Barack Obama’s Bitter Remark Editorial Cartoons.

Kudos to Moonbattery and Sheik Yer’Mami for the linkage.

To his credit, Obama denounced Wright fully and in the face after the unhinged Reverend went on his latest ranting spree late April 2008.

Against his credit, Obama seems to have finally thrown his Pastor under the blacks-seating-only bus after 20 years because Wright’s looney remarks are seriously hurting the President Obama ’08 campaign.

Click link below the three sample cartoons for all cartoons at full size.






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