Iran’s Missile Test Made 33% More Powerful With Photoshop (PLUS: Mockery Images!)

Iran Missile Test Photoshop

Above from Media Backspin.

On a tip from wits0, looks like Mahmoud ‘No Gays Here’ Ahmadenijad is quite desperate to counter-intimidate the Israelis after the latest show of Israeli pwnage capabilities.

Via Little Green Footballs, more official government-approved Photoshop fakery in the service of regimes which don’t like Israel has been uncovered:

Compare to a TV image of the launch from Suitably Flip which reveals the fake, added-in extra missile:

Snapped Shot hosts an animated GIF that shows the changes clearly (click to see full animated):

And of course, the faked image was dutifully lapped up by the Western mainstream media, whose ‘professionalism’ is so professional, that they can’t do a quick check to spot stuff ‘amateur’ bloggers can.

From Apocalyptic Kiwi:

And as Malkin reports, the suitably duped press is forced to admit the photos were ‘apparently’ altered…

While the New York Times blog steals the credit for exposing the fakery away from rightful sleuths Little Green Footballs, until LGF’s refusal to take it lying down results in credit finally being given where it’s due.

Missile Monitor has an in depth analysis of the Iranian missile launches.

UPDATE: The real reason the Iranian missile test was Photoshopped!

The third missile completely failed to launch!!!!

Above via Little Green Footballs, again on a tip from wits0.

Gateway Pundit and Kamangir reveal that that some of the photos released are actually TWO YEARS old!

UPDATE 14 JULY 2008: Again on a tip from wits0, almost the entire Iranian missile show-offing may be faked!

Information on Sepah News, the news agency responsible for distributing the cheat-o-graphy, can be found through link at here.

And on a tip from wits0, the only result of the Iranian flexing of (atrophied) muscle is to convince GW Bush to amber light the Israelis to pwn Iran.



Yup, the fear and terror that extra rocket was supposed to instill sure is worth the blog-mockery that Iran will receive over the next few weeks.

Like this sort of blog-mockery from Snapped Shot:

And from The News Junkie:

More from Suitably Flip:

From Free Republic:

You might recognize a whole bunch of renowned fakers there, including the Iraqi Information Minister, Green Hat Guy, Magic Bullets, Islamic Rage Boy, Burning Tires, Flat Fatima and Barack ‘Secret Muslim’ Obama!

From The Jawa Report:

From Are We Lumberjacks?:

From Boing Boing:

On a tip from ajani57, via flickr is the official Iranian response to the non-firing of the third missile…

From Gizmodo which is having a Photoshop Iran contest:



Next supplied by wits0:


And if you want in on the fun, remember, Iranian chauvanists HATE the film 300!


Argh! Me so angry at being pwned by Spartans!


Aiiiiee! Me too, why must I be such a historically proven loser!

Above examples of Iranian pride-poking from this post.

Kudos for linkage by Tigerhawk, Superpunch, American Nonsense, Shooting Star, Smithers Minneapolis, Wired, Entre Outras Coisas, Uncertain Times, Irish Rover, Addict’s Dreams, and In The Strawberry Field (Chinese).

PS. Made it to top 57 WordPress posts for 13th July 2008:

And got mentioned by Business Insider.

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28 Responses to “Iran’s Missile Test Made 33% More Powerful With Photoshop (PLUS: Mockery Images!)”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Excellent, Scott, you dug up those “300” pictures! Hahaha!

    Note that those pictures of the Iranian “ballistic missile launching” cannot be ; they appear more like short range area bombardment rockets, being launch at that sort of angle.

    Ballistic missiles aren’t launched like that in a salvo and at that sort of angle. A ballistic missile will go vertical first, gaining some height, before slanting slightly, not immediately.

    So much from the greatest lying nation in the world today! What else to expect?

  2. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Some how Scott, it is a comfort to know that any useful idiot can photoshop a missile launch, even an Iranian! Unfortunately, it’s the really stupid people that seem to do the most damage in the world. Not a bad post for an “amateur blogger”… LMBO!!!! Really enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. Kristy Says:

    Those pictures are hilarious, especially the one with the dinosaurs.

  4. Alex Steinert Miles Says:

    Hey scott, what about doing a post on illuminati and the freemasons as well? There’s so many allegations that George Bush [Junior and Senior] are both tools of manipulation by the Illuminati. And there are allegations that Anwar is a Mason as well.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m not at all well educated on the Illuminati and Masonry! It’d be a cold start for me to jump in right now, and I don’t have the driving interest yet.

  6. wits0 Says:

    I’m not interested or believe in conspiracy theories based on far fetched imputation of illuminati and the freemasonry either.

    Rosicrucians also have their lodges and signs. Are they also sinister because of such, e.g.?

  7. Entre outras coisas » demonstration of power Says:

    […] BUUUUURRRRNING HOT ) Filed under: Uncategorized — Paulo @ 9:34 […]

  8. Smithers MINNEAPOLIS » Blog Archive » holy crap, Iran is like totally scary and stuff! Says:

    […] at the totally scary missile test thing they pulled off! Jeebus Palomino I am wetting some pants right now! Hey, look close! Is that Jar-Jar Binks!? God […]

  9. Cosmo Says:

    I could photoshop a new pair of pants sans urine on my body right now, but that would be just wrong.

    The multimissiles coming back down on the one is classique. I would’ve loved to have seen a photoshopped Kenneth Branagh in his Wild Wild West spider contraption crawling across the Iranian desert, too. Heh.

  10. Scott Malensek Says:

    Ya know…as much as I ABSOLUTELY LOVED those images, and as much as I’m torn between deciding which one is the best, something else popped into my mind. I was looking at the real pic-the one where the missile totally failed to launch, and I thought to myself, “the only guy who’s got it worse than the failed Iranian photoshopper is the guy who had to walk up to that truck and check on the missile that failed.” Think about it: last week we all set off bottle rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, etc., and inevitably one fails to go off, and some poor drunk sap has to go check it out. Someone has to go up to the explosive and see why it didn’t blow up or shoot up into the sky, and they’ve gotta do it under the assumption it could go off at any time. Now, again, how’d you like to be the Iranian guy about to be martyrd while checking out a ballistic missile that failed to ignite? This brings up another question: did it ever launch at all or is a team of short-straw engineers delicately dissecting the ballistic missile trying to find an electrical short surrounded by rocket fuel and high explosive? Hindsight…I think I’d rather have been the guy that boned up the photoshop. Oh yeah, and these are the people who are MAKING NUCLEAR BOMBS TOO! How’s that one gonna work?
    “3 outta 4 nukes work” Great commercial. Quick! Tell AQ Khan!!!

  11. Scott Thong Says:

    Lol, good point! Even if the poor sap survived that little ‘troubleshoot’, he’d be in for it from Mad Mahmoud himself!

    But your scenario reminds me of Video 4 from this link, enjoy!

  12. ajani57 Says:

    Here is Iran’s response to the photoshop leak–

  13. wits0 Says:

    These can’t be ballistic missiles. The rate of burn looks like solid propellant. Ballistic missiles use liquid propellant and launch vertically – their exhaust flame lookes different. Those that are shown would be in the old Soviet Scud class at best.

  14. adio Says:

    your article on malaysiakini about obama is simply racist remark by your low grade chinese attitude, grow up dude, THIS is life and one simple person who wants to be different and still you can come up with some stupid shit remark about him..

  15. Scott Thong Says:

    Why is my article racist, could you please tell me?

    What if I told you I am also Black? Born of a Nigerian father and a South African (Black) mother?

    Am I a racist then, just because I don’t automatically vote for Obama on the basis of his skin colour?

    You have not raised valid objections to any one of my points regarding how Obama’s policies would negatively affect Malaysia and the rest of the world.

    YOU are the racist here, if the only reason you support Obama is because of his ethnicity. Yeah, you’re an anti-White racist because you don’t support McCain (regardless of what his policies are).

    Why don’t you take a lesson from the father of the Civil Rights Movement himself on whether Obama deserves to be President based solely on his skin colour:

    What Martin Luther King Would Say About an Obama Presidency

  16. wits0 Says:

    Obama’s candidacy is race-based, not substance-based. He hides behind the duplicitous “Change” mantra and he is a race enabled fakir launched by over hypes.

  17. عبدالله Says:

    اسلموا تسلموا

  18. f*ckeramerikan Says:

    we f*ck all of americans…. I f*ck your mother

  19. This. Is. Priceless. XD « The Unbreakable Heart. Says:

    […] Iran’s Missile Test Made 33.3% More Powerful With Photoshop […]

  20. Digare Ahmed Says:

    Lol I like this mockery but watch over Iran lol just of recent year we have seen what pakistan has the 7th largest army… and we shouldn’t have to imagine as well China has that photoshop missile room

  21. menj Says:

    I find it funny that a Malaysian is commenting on issues that have nothing to do with Malaysian interests and everything to do with the United States of A.

  22. Scott Thong Says:

    I find it funny that a Malaysian is commenting on issues that have nothing to do with Malaysian interests and everything to do with the United States of A. – menj

    Indeed, KTemoc’s label for me ‘Leading Malaysian Neocon’ was more insightful than he realized.

    But really, the same could be said of any Malaysian interested in the Palestine issue.

  23. Web Design California Says:

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    Iran’s Missile Test Made 33% More Powerful With Photoshop (PLUS: Mockery Images!) « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON…

  24. Sherry Says:

    Just change McCain’s name on the Iranian missile cartoon and you have a post that speaks to today. This was a funny post to peruse-not much has changed-still waiting for the 12th imama…

  25. Attack of the Photoshopped Missiles (Updated) | Danger Room | Wired Says:

    […] (Good lookin’: NW, BH) […]

  26. Ryan Says:

    washington dc

  27. Ryan Says:

    Washington DC

  28. Ryan Says:


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