Drama-laaah, Dr M! Mahathir Now Thinking of Rejoining UMNO


Above is #45 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

First Dr M quit the premiership… Then he withdrew his resignation.

Then he quit for real, this time really really one.

Then he quit UMNO (and blamed Badawi for it).

Now he is thinking about rejoining UMNO… Probably due to the threat of the person he dislikes the most returning to power.

What to say but Drama laaaaaah, Dr M!

More Dr Mahathir motivational posters at Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Blog.

PS. I’m ready for the inevitable torrent of hate from Mahathirphiles. See above link’s comments for illustration.

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11 Responses to “Drama-laaah, Dr M! Mahathir Now Thinking of Rejoining UMNO”

  1. casava Says:

    Rafidah Aziz broke her heels – of her shoes i.e – over this heel

  2. Jeffripower Says:

    As we know, Dr Mahathir also a good ‘player’ or actor in ‘heavy’ drama, like his mentee, Anwar Ibrahim…

  3. hutchrun Says:

    The racist mamak kutty encouraged those penang mamaks to riot and now:

    GEORGE TOWN: A police report has been lodged against state Umno liaison secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim for allegedly saying a reporter should be shot, at a press conference last Friday.

  4. woodyooi Says:

    Dr M is responsible for this problem, during his tenure as Education Minister in 70s, he changed it all to BM, now we are still suffering from his mis-policy

    read this..

    Do we want him back ? He should have retired long time ago.


  5. wits0 Says:

    Woody, wasn’t it Abdul Rahman Yaakub, then education minister, in circa ’67 who destroyed the English school with a stroke of his pen? The Indonesian Confrontation was over for a few years and S’pore was out of M’sia and the umno hegemony began to show its ugly head big time. This was purported to be for the purpose of “national unity” but everyone with a mind knew it was all about racial hegemony. The consequence of which saw to it that there was no palpable unity achieved thereby. Instead with Kutty, things got even worse afterwards.

  6. woodyooi Says:


    In 1970s when Mahathir came to power as education minister , the whole education system was completely changed as far as I can recall, no more LCE/MCE/HSC reaching late 70s. I was in primary and parent told me I cannot make it for the English. Then comes 80s, we saw quota coming after his infamous dilemma book was unbanned.

  7. wits0 Says:

    Woody, AFAIK, the removal of English as a medium of instruction in English medium school was first done done as I’ve mentioned above. The mamak kutty later completed the thing thoroughly for political reasons. He always did such things that way, in order to appeal to ketuanan melayu. Now we’re paying the heavy price for the dismal drop in academic standard. Bolehland pays now for the murder of meritocracy.

  8. Edi神 Says:

    Madir is sacre to shit that his nemesis Anwar will be K1ng one day

  9. woodyooi Says:

    wits0 ,

    I have some interesting fact for you,, I was wrong to say that DrM’s tenure as education minister that resulted in the change, thx for pointing that out for me to do further research, you are right about the previous Ed Minister. He did in 1969 (not 1967) after the infamous riot, of course there was a dark hand in it that fan the fire to change during the power struggle btw Tunku and Razak- it was the Dr .. hot blooded wanting to go into corridors of power and started in 1970, so when he came to power after the former resigned, he just pushed it through like he always did it without regards for the consequences.

    More facts here..


    -simple reason that led me to believe the reasoning was, I was told by a few old teachers (good english speaking) in 80s about his role in changing the medium (after he became PM), that led me to believe he did it during his tenure as Ed Minister, but no, it was his earlier during so-called “nationalism” challenge to Tunku that started the ball rolling. Yaakub seized upon the nationalism opportunity and announced the sudden change.


  10. wits0 Says:

    Woody, when Yaakub sinned for his so-called nationalistic reason, there wasn’t a squeak of protest from MCA or MIC. These two, especially the first, was just concerned with their own mother-tongue education and the presume that a hallowed and assured iron clad deal had been struck with these ultras. TAR was weak and clearly mamak kutty had been stirring sh*t to see to that as the original and all time mega demagogue. In fact, one could almost felt the silent sniggers from the likes of MCA then.

    Today this language hegemony has neither produce unity nor proficiency in the mastery of each language concerned. The irony is also that the older generation of English educated people from different communities are able to intermingle more closely then subsequent generations.

  11. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Blog « LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON | frqurancentre.com Says:

    […] Above from Drama-laaah, Dr M! Mahathir Now Thinking of Rejoining UMNO […]

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