Elizabeth Wong Nude Pic Gambar Bogel


Elizabeth Wong Nude Pic Gambar Bogel
Elizabeth Wong Nude Pic Gambar Bogel
Elizabeth Wong Nude Pic Gambar Bogel
Elizabeth Wong Gambar Bogel Nude Pic
Elizabeth Wong Gambar Bogel Nude Pic
Elizabeth Wong Gambar Bogel Nude Pic

This should draw more hits to my site… For an idea of what I am doing, see Google bomb and an example of using it in defense of someone (Hannah Giles) at here.

I am proud that to date (26 December 2009), more than 47,000 suckers have wasted their time looking for woman-degrading porn. I’d like to take this opportunity to again remind them that:


May I redirect you to this splendid collection of shocking acts.

Now go repent, you slimeballs.

As of 16 Feb 2009, the search engine queries that led to my blog include:

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Note the large number of Bahasa Melayu searches.

See Elizabeth Wong’s blog for her statement. Check her blog or updates on her decisions.



UPDATE 18 FEB 2009: Cuh, more perverts clogging up the Net.

Yesterday, this post by itself got 2557 hits. Of these, WordPress tag links contributed to:

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And as for the search engine keywords that led people to come to my

Note the far higher number of clicks from the Bahasa Melayu tags. 275 for ‘bogel’ compared to just 51 for ‘nude’. What does this imply about the persons searching for smut?

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Again, note the high ratio of MALAY LANGUAGE SEARCHES. I’ll leave you to form your own conclusions from that factoid.


UPDATE 19 FEB 2009:

867 hits. Searches:

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More Malay language pervs!!!!


UPDATE 24 Feb 2009:

2190 hits, more than half my total of 4023 hits for all posts this day.

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Why are Malay language speakers so perverted?????!!!!

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130 Responses to “Elizabeth Wong Nude Pic Gambar Bogel”

  1. penang71 Says:

    Scott, this whole episode is so appalling in so many ways.

    The abuse of trust, invasion of privacy, moral policing …….

    Lying, cheating , corruption – biasalah!
    Pics of a woman partially clothed taken when she is asleep – SCANDAL! RESIGN!

    Even if she was doing more, SO WHAT?
    She is a 37 year old SINGLE NON MUSLIM woman, for God’s sake!

    Poor Eli! My heart goes out to her.

  2. simon thong Says:

    She just resigned from her exco post and assemblyman post. Another by-election.

  3. wits0 Says:

    Carry on Eli! 🙂

    Bolehland’s fixation of sexual morality is an obsession devoid of reason or ethics. There are a thousand and one other aspects of true morality which get drowned because of this one derangement aka paranoia.

  4. simon thong Says:

    CORRECTION: she OFFERED to resign her posts as exco member and BT Lanjan rep; PKR meeting still ongoing (STAR, received 12.28pm, 17/2/09)

  5. simon thong Says:

    BN guys are tring to make political hay with this issue. May BN get blown away!

  6. wits0 Says:

    “Soi Lek to Wong: You have my sympathy
    Feb 17, 09 6:36pm
    The politician who was embroiled in a sex scandal last year has expressed sympathy to Elizabeth Wong in the wake of her nude photographs controversy. ”

    Drop dead. ler CSL! Mud skipper sez, “I’m a fish!”
    One who diddn’t offer to quit but blah, blah with his, “leaving it to the Party to decide, etc..” Slimey and devious pretensions seeking publicity.

  7. peng Says:

    This is political blackmail. There is no hope for Malaysia!

  8. simon thong Says:

    And what an equally slimy, devious and pretentious party MCA has become to vote CSL back into power, witsO!

    BN is a bad loser, peng, and will do anything to try and get Selangor back. If they thought it would work, they would sell their mothers, blackmail their fathers and pawn the very graveyards their ancestors are buried in.

  9. peng Says:

    Today I talked to a friend, about praying for the healing of our nation. Know what he said, ‘there no hope for Malaysia, even God won’t do anything!’ I tend to disagree with that! We must not lose faith, but then again, when we see such evil acts, we can’t help but lose our sense of direction. Malaysian politics have accelerated to the lowest level in recent times. Is it coincidental that this happens with the changing of powers?

  10. simon thong Says:

    The 2 Perak state assemblymen must have thought that their corruption charges would be dropped when they went Independent and sided BN. How surprised they must have been to find that the court case would go on. I was surprised, too, having thought that their new masters in BN would let them go scotch free. Remember what one of them said when asked about the prostitute offered to him? “It’s a gift, why refuse?” or something to that effect. I may still be proven right: after several postponements, witnesses disappear, the prosecution can’t proceed with the case, etc. Charges dropped. Give them time, give BN time…

  11. peng Says:

    Don’t we know how to read BN’ so well? (smile)
    You are right, for a start the defendant did not appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest. But all this is ‘wayang kulit’ only. did we hear of the police arresting him?
    How can the 3 who turned independent serve their constituents when they are playing hide and seek?
    See, the truth is so blatant staring us in our faces, poking our noses, yet the royalty, the SPR, the CJ.. they all don’t see it. And not forgetting those who still vote for BN!

  12. simon thong Says:

    It seems that all 3 had arrived at the palace in a helicopter. So scared. The woman, the Chinese, is called a modern General Wu (Ng San Kwai) by people frequenting coffeeshops in Ipoh. Just as Gen Wu opened the gates and let the barbarians into China, so the Chinese woman let BN (Barbarian Nasional) into power in Perak. She is no longer seen anywhere, as it’s too dangerous for her. People may want to spit at her, and hopefully, there are enough potent bacteria in their saliva to get rid of her and force a by-election. She has no life in Perak.

  13. peng Says:

    Someone put up an obituary for her in the internet. According to the Chinese radio, there was more than a million hits paying their condolences! Can you imagine the hate energy directed at her? How is she able to sleep peacefully at night? I heard she’s gone into hiding in Singapore. Her house in Tasik is abandoned. Is all these worth whatever she received?

  14. simon thong Says:

    She may have to emigrate, but Sgpore is too near. Taiwan. Take another name. But she is easily recognied, with her limp. At the opening ceremony of my present school in January, she came to speak as representative of the PR MB. Praised PR govt in Perak to the skies. Politician-talk(=sewage).

  15. peng Says:

    God says vengeance is mine. God knows all. He sees all. Nothing that we do can escape His judgment. That’s comforting to know during this troubled times.

  16. wits0 Says:

    Simon: “And what an equally slimy, devious and pretentious party MCA has become to vote CSL back into power, witsO! ”

    Certainly so. He was fixed by his own though by another slimy gang faction. In order to fix anyone like him, his habitual propensity must have occurred more than once, as in a regular pattern, for sure. It also takes a group of ppl to combine their effort and know-how to video tap his already known activity in a particular room in that hotel.

    Today he pretends to hoodwink ppl wth his Radovan Karadzic lite(psychology) bit. This humsup fella has a really big ego to think he is convincing in this. The MCA is really bankrupt and corrupt. Shall we say, also ideologically pokai?

    The MCA is no bane to any ordinary chinese in general. It’s just a triad outfit ever ready to help fix one chinese against another. If you have a spate with one person who knows someone in the MCA, he’ll try to fix you up via the MCA. I’ve actually been a victim this way!

  17. wits0 Says:

    Correction, “The MCA is no Boon…”
    It’s a bane alright!

  18. rod Says:

    halo simon saya ingat u lebih baik duduk spore selesai masalah u tak payah pening2 pikir bab msia sebab spore perlu sangat org mcm u

  19. Scott Thong Says:

    …And that, ladies and gents, is exactly why Singapore dollars trade to 2.375 Malaysian ringgit.

  20. simon thong Says:

    Take the rod to yourself, rod, coz you guessed wrong; I don’t live in Spore, don’t want to live there, don’t work there, don’t admire everything about it, and it’s not my country. What I do want is for my homeland, my country, Malaysia, to be a decent place where politicians, whatever race or creed or gender, are honest (if still mostly stupid).

  21. simon thong Says:

    In the last General Elections, one of the MCA mafia running for elections was NOT elected. He is a taiko in the illegal numbers syndicate. His father was a former BIG SHOT in the MCA, at one time THE BIGGEST SHOT. No name mentioned, and don’t ask for a name. And if you know who I’m talking about, DON’T mention the name. Extremely dangerous. He’ll fix us for sure.

  22. wits0 Says:

    The hate energy directed at the Jelapang one was earned out of her own perfidy and misreading of the tea leaves. A common and shallow person would naturally think that there’ll be forever no accountability as observed from the repeated past examples of betrayal of low class politicians that populates heavily the surreal political landscape. People like that think that a glib tongue and double speak will always hold up the roof for them.

  23. simon thong Says:

    Perak Speaker V.Sivakumar has barred MB Zambry from attending all State Assembly sittings for 18 months and his 6 exco members for 12 months/STAR update 18 Feb 2009 19:02:52. Walao…the story continues to unfold.

  24. peng Says:

    What’s new? When power play is by force and not the people’s will, such will happen. I wonder who’s running the sate, or for the matter, the country? When our leaders are so busy playing attack and defend? Are we on auto-pilot?

  25. simon thong Says:

    If you’re in Spore, you’ll know who’s running the place. Over there, they are busy trying to keep the economy moving along albeit at a much lower level. Over here, it’s still power grabbing time..inside UMNO, inside MCA, inside Perak, inside Selangor. If the Opposition proves no better, we are ion deep s***!!!

  26. wits0 Says:

    Anwar better read the tea leaves correctly and BE SEEN to have done so. There is no room for appearing to be riding 2 horses at the same time like before PR came into being. He has recently been seen to be dilly dallying over a Nasaruddin.

    It appears that PKR asked Eli to resign and she offered to do so for the party’s sake. Now Anwar is scratching his own head and reassessing the situation and that’s why a decision could not be made yesterday at 2pm as originally stated. If he attempts to appease the “conservatives”(they’re expectedly unappeasable mostly) he will lose lots of support from more progressively minded ppl.

  27. simon thong Says:

    rod, in the 1970s, when Malaysia’s currency was the dollar, it was Malaysian 98cents to a S$1. Today, the ringgit is 2.42 to a S$1 if you use telegraphic transfer. How did things go so wrong with us? In ther 1970s, we had rubber, tin and land. Singapore had zilch. Now, we have petroleum, palm oil and electronics/electrical exports and Singapore still has zilch in terms of natural resources. What made the difference? Faham?

  28. simon thong Says:

    The whole political scene in Perak just got more messy. Only the lawyers will benefit..lots of money to be made there from the court cases. How long will it drag on..while the state sinks deeper into economic crisis?

  29. simon thong Says:

    STAR update, 14:26:04. PM asks Perak MB Dr Zambry to lodge police report against state assembly speaker sivakumar for suspending him and his exco.

    The stakes get higher.

    No difference to us common people: we still lose.

  30. oneworldmaybenot Says:

    The ringgit never recovered to pre Asian crisis level below RM3. Where the hell did our oil revenue from sky high oil prices go to? Those pervs more occupied trying to download bogel pics, donating to hamas & maybe raping their daughters

  31. simon thong Says:

    Latest is that Elizabeth Wong wants to go on holiday overseas, to avoid this mess, to find peace and relief. All the best to her!

  32. simon thong Says:

    STAR update 12:34:36 MACC Chief:Strtong evidence to show Selangor MB misused powers over maintenance of cars and distribution of cows; matter to be forwarded to SG.

  33. wits0 Says:

    Good for Kittykat46:

  34. ang kah sin Says:

    My comment, why don’t BN and UMNO concentrate on ruling the couuntry rather than topple the Pakatan Rakyat governments?
    After Perak, now Selangor! BN and UMNO should show the rakyat of their ability to rule and not to topple the Pakatan Rakyat governments!!! How can the ex-PKR ADUNs and DAP hide at Najib’s office and then lost in space! And BN says in public, ini bukan kerja kami! BN and UMNO think that rakyat are stupid!

    Anwar makes report, ACA or MACC do Nothing.
    When Khir Toyo makes report , Teresa Kok kena.
    Tan Sri Khalid kena! What type of this story?

  35. simon thong Says:

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. BN is so used to absolute power in Perak and Selangor. MUST HAVE THEM BACK. Got Perak, now wants Selangor. Absolutely corrupted. Leopards can’t change their spots. ACA or MACC, what’s in a name? A rose by any other name is still as sweet. Except that it isn’t a rose we’re talking about but a sewage plant. A sewage plant by any other name still stinks as rank and foul.

  36. simon thong Says:

    Clown at MACC says he has right/authority to speak about Sel MB’s “guilt”. Is it just a case of foot-in-mouth disease that many top bureaucrats suffer from? Or a genuine case of shooting himself in the foot?Suggest that he aim higher. Wait and see if Sel MB also sues him. Let the lawyers keep earning more money. They’re about the only ones to gain from all this trash.

  37. stefen Says:

    hey scot, are u sick or retard. why writing this stupid stuff about other people. are u really that desprate. i’m malaysian. hate listen to your stuff especially about tun Mahathir. who r u anyway. malaysian or taiwanese.

  38. Scott Thong Says:

    Each of my posters makes fun of a particular incident regarding the person featured.

    For example, the Mahathir posters poke fun at his dislike of Anwar Ibrahim, his dislike of Abdullah Badawi, his blaming Badawi for the 2008 election losses even though Mahathir had 22 years of mucking about versus Badawi’s 5 years, and his dramaness of quitting/coming back several times.

    The reason I put up these posters is because I assumed that the majority of people searching for nude pics gambar bogel of Elizabeth Wong would be pro-BN, pro-UMNO or total perverts (and apparently, I have been proven right, thank you stefen!) and would Google leading to my blog, only to be viciosly taunted by my mockery of BN, UMNO and total perverts.

    Soooooooooo…….. Do you feel taunted yet? Lololol!

    And why do you assume that, just because I am not a love-slave to Dr. M, I must be Taiwanese? I mean, can’t even Singaporeans or Jews make fun of this person who hates them? Lol!

    Why can’t people who make fun of self-aggrandizing Malaysian politicians be patriotic Malaysians who hate dishonesty, ineptness, unfairness, prejudice and arrogance? Huh? Ever consider that? Zzz……..

  39. Syamil Says:


    Menghakim? learn2malay plz kk thx bai

    Also: Allah memerintah anda supaya mencari kebenaran. And I so want to find out if these pictures of Elizabeth Wong are real or fake. There are plenty of lucah sites out there if I wanted to see them.

  40. Scott Thong Says:

    Okay then, what’s the Bahasa Melayu equivalent for ‘judge’? Cos you just pwned the Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar.

    Wow, nice excuse man! There are plenty of ways to ‘find out if these pictures of Elizabeth Wong are real or fake’ that don’t involve leering your eyes out. I managed to figure out the gist of what the pictures contain, without ever seeing them.

  41. simon thong Says:

    Now clown at Prime Minister’s dept in charge of law and legal matters says his clown (puppet) at MACC was right, that those who only have half-baked knowledge of the legal procedure should not apply any pressure or attack his SUBORDINATEs (my stress) if they have any grouses. People like Karpal Singh, with half-baked knowledge? Clown at MACC and the Attorney General (AG), HIS lackeys, obediently doing their job?

  42. simon thong Says:

    ..obediently doing their job SERVING their political masters, it may be added.

  43. wits0 Says:

    “Clown at MACC and the Attorney General (AG), HIS lackeys, obediently doing their job?”

    The audacity of deceit helped along by the complicit MSM which never divert from pronouncing such crap and often charging readers for that as well.

  44. wits0 Says:

    Now the latest marvel is the Police investigating Chua Soi Lek’s blow job! There are no other more important crimes around to combat!

  45. simon thong Says:

    The police are also investigating Perak Speaker of the House, Sivakumar. More effort spent on politically motivated cases, less on crime prevention and detection.

  46. Haih.. Says:

    Haih.. al in ere are so pandai2 people.ya i make ‘mistakes’ too.gud la u all got channel to voice out ur unsatisfaction, tinking n opinion al.of course sure la seems correct but to who and why, u sure know. ya condem (sori if wrong spelling cz i not so pandai) the goverment all, but to tink of it most of us, majority are under govt subsidi oso. haih.. ya giv la excuse of coz la coz u guys d 1 correct n soo pandai. political analysist all. waa so great u all. gudla fight for ur right n future, thanks to all of u we now got a better n promising future ahead of us. to eli, sorry bout ur case. onli u n God knows d truth or even u oso duno d truth i pressume. who cares bout d truth now wen fighting d current are far more interesting n adventurous… maybe u pandai2 people should try n have a seat in d political arena urself if ur so pandai n gud so u can really make d fight correctly n u oso can get to know d reality of it. oh its just a suggestion n im sure u hav an excuse for not to do so. coz u all are so pandai 🙂 gud luck and all d best,sincerely realy2.

  47. simon thong Says:

    Haih is so pandai…sigh…

  48. simon thong Says:

    I suppose Haih wants us to either shut up (99% of the population) or carry govt’s big leg (got so many doing that oredi wat)..haih..

  49. eli Says:

    Malaysian speak Malay. that’s why high ratio of Malay language searcher. Chinese, Indian and all Malaysian speak Malay. don’t blame anyone.

  50. simon thong Says:

    Sel. Sultan stays non-political; leaves MB to decide Eli wong’s fate. Now, why didn’t Perak sultan leave it to perak voters to decide fate of state govt?

    MACC, according to nades of the Sun, has shot itself in the foot. “MACC’s image is in tatters. However hard it tries to justify its actions, public perception will not change. Despite all its claims to be ‘truly independent’, people will continue to view it as an arm of the ruling party. The debates in the ‘Letters of the editor’ columns in the print media and in cyber space are testimony to this.” The Sun Wed Feb 25 2009 p12.

    Praise from the PM, other bigshots, etc, merely serves to reinforce this perception of the MACC as a tool of the powers-that-be.

  51. Scott Thong Says:

    Which is why I cunningly refrained from actually blaming anyone, leaving the final conclusions to the reader…

  52. Jamie Says:


  53. Politic Hater Says:

    u talk politic, u comment politic, u condemn our political situation as if u know everything but u don’t. U r juz a blogger..a stupid blogger who writes based on your account. Do you think if Pakatan Rakyat is the ruling side will do any better than the BN does??? Think again man..they are juz using the non-bumiputra voters for their own good. I never believe in politics. Politician juz like an actor, actor who can play many role. One of it is to make money. U think Pakatan Rakyat is ur saviour??? Think again..they are no better than BN. U believe anwar is honest to help malaysian?? He’s the same as mahathir except that mahathir is a better leader and mastermind than him. As for ur blog..i think it is the most stupid thing in the world. U think by doing this will change the situation in malaysia?? Well, f***k u.. U r disgracing my motherland. Showing to the whole world how stupid malaysians are. But i’m not stupid like u..

  54. Scott Thong Says:

    No, menghukum is punish right?

  55. Scott Thong Says:

    Politic Hater, actually I don’t have much faith in Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar at all!

    I often like to say: “Hey, do you want Najib or Anwar to be our PM? Well, it depends – do you like cobra or viper?”

    I look at the political situation and see: One one side, a party based on intimidation and ISA, dirty tactics, Ketuanan Melayu, corruption and lies. On the other side, a mish mash temporary alliance of disparate aims, PAS’s Ketuanan Islam, lots of whining and dilly dallying, Anwar’s empty promises, Anwar’s very tired repeat-episode scheming, starting the whole party-jumping thing, and focus from the start on ‘toppling the government’ rather than ‘doing a good job serving the people’.

    To put it bluntly: I’m screwed either way. All I can do is support the side that screws me over less. For now, that looks to be Pakatan Rakyat. It doesn’t help that in combating PR’s rising popularity and influence, BN is shooting itself in the foot with its recent power plays and underhanded strategies.

    I view Pakatan Rakyat merely as a stepping stone. If BN can finally fall, that paves the way for further political reforms – until the day when a party I can truly support makes its way onto the scene.

    At the rate things are going, I wonder if I will live to see the day.

    PS. Wait, ‘disgracing your motherland’? Don’t you hail from Croatia?

  56. wits0 Says:

    Scott, I think explaining to readers like Politic Hater is pointless. He/she does not have the necessary brain to understand the expression of, “Lesser of Two Evil”.

  57. simon thong Says:

    No, not from Croatia where they have good footballers. Maybe he means Mother Russia?

  58. Jamie Says:

    It’s also “to put forth a judgment/law/ruling”.

  59. Haih.. Says:

    wits0..when u start thinking that explaining is pointless, and start thinking that other doesn’t have necessary brain, what makes u think that you have the brain? if you really wants others to understand, would explaining be a better option? or actually you just..haih i also don’t know how to say it..because not everyone is as pandai as you. scott, english is according to context of the sentence if you wants to traslate it, you cant direct translate it because most of the times it wouldn’t make sense. Jamie’s word more accurate in that context.

  60. Scott Thong Says:

    Okay then. I shall leave it as it is for now though, since obviously anyone who searches for Elizabeth Wong Naked Pics Gambar Bogel has no concept of morality or righteousness in the first place, so it doesn’t matter.

  61. bobwama Says:

    This is a fantastic idea for a study…really likin this post.

  62. Mix of Malay and Chinese Guy Says:

    In my opinion, the word ‘bogel’ appears more than the word ‘nude’ because of the case which happened in Malaysia. As we all know, Malay is the national language and thus, most Malaysian, regardless their ethnicity or race, would use the Malay word to search for the news of the case.

    You can’t easily stereotype those Malay language speakers as perverts by only assuming it through the hits of the Malay word in your website. Anyone who knows Malay language can use it to search for the news. Even some Caucasians know the language itself, where they have learned it before. Stereotyping won’t bring any good for you as when you’re racist, you wouldn’t go further in life.

    Be positive and stop this nonsense! We’re all the same indeed!

    *It’s just an opinion of mine. No hard feelings bro! =p

  63. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah, I’m just being provocative lol.

  64. Jamie Says:

    “Stereotyping won’t bring any good for you as when you’re racist, you wouldn’t go further in life”

    I question the validity of that statement. Just look at our former and current Prime Ministers in Malaysia. Look at the leaders of Nation of Islam, for example. I could go on and list many people who went pretty far in life despite being racist bastards.

  65. Mix of Malay and Chinese Guy Says:

    Jamie, that’s why I hate politic so much! When one is in charge of power, there will be no equivalence at all. I believe in that. Life won’t go any further at all. Once you died, that’s the end of it. I doubt everyone is satisfy with their life. There are only two options in life; being good or bad. Once you decided to be good, you should be good for the rest of it. Once you’re bad, better be bad forever.

    I’m just against the idea of stereotyping because I think it will bring danger and ended up with millions of dead body lying stupidly. It does sound stupid and it is proven as an act of stupidity as we can see in previous and current wars. All the wars started because of stupid things such as stereotyping. What’s left? Blood and avenge that won’t stop forever. Is Malaysia the next victim of it? I’m eager to see what will happen next.

  66. Scott Thong Says:

    Um, wars started because of stereotyping? Not to be doubtful, but can give any example?

    If once we die there is nothing at all, then doesn’t that mean there is less motivation to be selfless, honest and good?

    If there is an afterlife, we will be punished for selfishness, lies, evil, etc. That is motivation not to act like a bad person.

    But if there is none (as you say), then a cunning and clever bad person can do lots of evil things – and never be caught for them in this life.

    And since there is only this life to enjoy, it is the most profitable route to gain maximum enjoyment and power while alive – no matter the consequences to others!

    So you cannot really fault people for being bad if there is nothing after we die. It is merely the logical conclusion to act bad in order to benefit while alive.

  67. Mix of Malay and Chinese Guy Says:

    When another race claim the other race perverts, stupid, immigrants, etc etc, then a war will happen between both races. As we can see in Palestine, Hamas and Fattah quarrel among themselves even though they are both Muslims. It started with such small talks to other for example stereotyping those races with such bad behaviours. When they are weak, outsider such as Israel, easily attack them and use their weakness as the purpose to act right.

    It depends on you whether you believe about the afterlife where the punishment and all happens (which some religious believe there will be). If someone believe the afterlife, then there will be consciousness for the stupid or clever bad brad on what they are doing. Whereas for me, something that we did, should be done perfectly no matter what are your intentions.

    Both perceptions of mind do clash with each other but just being in the middle of good and bad is seems to be alang-alang for me (not enough by having both qualities, stand with one). Just go directly to the path that we have chosen; good or bad. I do agree that we should not care about each other when we want to achieve full satisfactory in life – that goes well in the bad path. So we just have to choose and perform well with the choice that we have made. What do you think of that?

  68. Scott Thong Says:

    No offense, but I think that the philosophy of ‘whatever you do, good or bad, just do it well’ is exactly what led to Nazi Germany’s rampage, Japan’s enslavement of Asia, and 100 million deaths to Communism. When anything is taken to the extreme, throwing all other concerns to the side, it usually ends up in disaster.

    Perhaps you are right that stereotyping can lead to bigger things, but it’d have to take a more extreme form than you suggest. The examples I’d give are more along the lines of clear racism and prejudice taken (again) to an extreme – like the Rwanda massacres (Hutu think Tutsi are inferior and kill them), Holocaust (think Jews are manipulative and evil and kill them), and the current trends of jihadist terrorism (think non-Muslims are subhuman and kill them).

  69. Bagas Beliung Says:

    ngentot lu!

  70. Mix of Malay and Chinese Guy Says:

    Yup. It is exactly a more extreme example. That is why stereotyping may cause harm, especially in our country Malaysia.

    “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. If you are scared to, a mindless living puppet is a perfect role for you.”

  71. DAP crew Says:

    GOD will jud ………..

  72. slim shrimp Says:

    i love malaysia …. but some time we can”t do anything … coz u r not holding any power.. politic power….. thats all… what ur guys saying here is just nothing .. the goverment never care….i’m just a farmer in malaysia.. english not well… but the preesure of live is really impresive me…

  73. slim shrimp Says:

    actually every one have a right to having a private time… not u and not elizabert wong… but the poeple we should blame is the person who betray the people who trust them.(am i english wrong???)

  74. slim shrimp Says:

    i don’t know who is elizabert wong… but my instinct told me she never do abithing wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  75. wits0 Says:

    Eli’s error was of a private sort. Her BF’s act was privately malicious and of a political nature and clearly with bad intent.

    Eli did not realize that her liberal outlook is her vulnerability ; the country is far too backward to allow anything resembling Bohemian, especially when it it involves ppl of cross cultural standing. Then that lousy guy was also married. He shouldn’t be doing what he was doing, chasing skirts.

    Eli made a bad choice.

  76. jerangau Says:

    Berdua-duaan bersekedudukan di rumah tanpa pihak ke tiga. Malah tanpa pakaian…?

    Pencerobohan? atau terbaring keletihan setelah melakukan hubungan SEX..

    Wow…Begitu intimnya hubungan… sehingga boleh melakukan hubungan INTIM….

  77. Oh my god! Says:

    is any of the shot like the cheung pix in hong kong? you know the one where the actress spread her thighs wide while the male actor took photos in front of the mirror…yummy yummy

  78. Ipoh Mali Eli Wong! Says:

    Eli should nt be f*cking around. I advise the man to get medical examinatiion. the MAlay mail mention eli wong was a hippie in Australia…and my god you know how dirty australian men can be uncircumcised and unbathed. Check for STD or craps at least if not AIDS.

    Should be interesting to read the investigation papers…how many f*ckers she. had…haha.

    The Ipoh mali girl was acting to be an exco member of Selangor State assembly can you imagine!

    while she spread her legs to any man…muahaha. a real drama queen.

    Eli Wong should be call YP not YB. YP Eli Wong for Yellow P*ssy…

    Her logo in the next election should be a p*ssy cat haha… May I see your p*ssy YP?

  79. Thong Says:

    Dont believe what you read in the SUN. It is full of k*ling sh*ts.

    The MACC Director statement is a typical law enforcer statement if you read the US papers.

    The Investigator must be satisfied that there is a concrete case before charging anyone formally.

    It looks funny as if the decision has been made.

    But thats the way it is. If the investigator is not sure then he wont prosecute.

    Therefore a statement saying that there is a concrete case is made everyday in the US or UK.

    Except for dumbos in the SUN and PR.

  80. Scott Thong Says:

    Commentor Oh my god!
    aka Ipoh Mali Eli Wong! aka Thong, one more comment with vulgarity and you are banned from commenting. I have had enough of having to place * your rants.

    And you are one to talk, seeing as how you are a self-admitted avid purveyor of porn.

  81. The Plane Says:

    Hey Ipoh Mali Eli Wong!!
    I’d still vote her anytime. For YB ofcourse…… without a doubt.

  82. The Plane Says:

    And Jerangau !!

    Hey mannnn kalu ada “pihak ketiga” does that mean its ok ????
    What kinda reasoning IS that !!
    Oops I 4got…. some one said thats allowable… a higher authority perhaps no?????

  83. The Plane Says:

    Hey Scott Thong ( 4 mac 09)..
    And I quote “If once we die there is nothing at all”

    Ummmmm.. Your not speako from ummm experience no????

  84. Scott Thong Says:

    ‘xactly. No one knows for sure what happens to our consciousness after we die – is there an afterlife? Reincarnation? Or just oblivion?

  85. oh my god! Says:

    “one more comment with vulgarity and you are banned from commenting.”

    Hehehe…sorry for the editing work…but you must admit my postings were the most entertaining…haha

  86. Scott Thong Says:

    I don’t see anyone replying to them or going “Wow how witty lol”.

  87. burn Says:

    BN is for malay only…. bangsa lain dorang x kisah. SH*T!!!!!

  88. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    Dear all,

    I hope everybody will participate and do whatever roles we have, to get rid Malaysia from corrupt administration, tyranny, lies, cheating, media’s
    shit propanganda etc. etc. Say no to all those satanic acts. Wake up, kita semua tak kira India, Melayu, Iban, Chinese kena bekerjasama mencapai a better Malaysia 4 all. Everybody has a role to play. Kita semua rakyat Malaysia, boleh bekerjasama menyampai maklumat. Media pembohong, manipulates news, twised facts, cheating orang kampung. Today, zaman dah berubah. I don’t think they can continue cheating you all – the young educated, well-informed and ‘vibrant’ Malaysians. Your duty to tell others. Tell the truth. Ok?

    Ahmad, Perak

  89. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    dude where’s the pic? heheh

    oh by the way, don’t tell me the NON-MALAYS are non-perverts? Oh yeah?

    Are the MALAYS the ONLY pervert? Hmm .. hmm

    Is that what you’re trying to say here?

  90. Scott Thong Says:

    Heh heh heh… Nope, as I said above, all I do is state something which makes people think I am implying something. But that’s only if they already have naughty thoughts in their heads.

  91. philsis Says:

    you do know that this is a malaysian country
    so the language easier to find elizabeth wong is obviously in malay.

    you are stupid, scott thong


  92. philsis Says:

    okay okay i have something interesting to tell
    well, its just an opinion though

    elizabeth wong is not a malay and she’s the one having sex with her nude photos like no one’s business.
    oh yeah and that chinese BN too (sorry i forgot his name) had sex with a mistress. Hmmmmmm …

    so yeah, i think you’d probably know who’s the real perverted here (:

  93. Adifferentvoice Says:

    And how did you end up here, philsis? Got led down the misleading road, eh? Thought you could ogle nude Eli pics? Sore that you can’t? lol.

  94. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    Come on Scott, let’s admit it this together.

    You’re making a vain point here. Yes, this very blog post of yours is pointless, unless you’re trying to make fun of the Malays.

    It’s not funny though.

  95. Scott Thong Says:

    Lolololol! Do Malays who do not vote for UMNO still count as real Malays?

    You know what’s the irony? No one would take offense at being made fun of in this unfunny post if PERVERTS WEREN’T LOOKING FOR NUDE PIC GAMBAR BOGEL OF ELIZABETH WONG!!!

    Incidientally, what are you doing here?

  96. Scott Thong Says:

    okay okay i have something interesting to tell
    well, its just an opinion though

    elizabeth wong is not a malay and she’s the one having sex with her nude photos like no one’s business.
    oh yeah and that chinese BN too (sorry i forgot his name) had sex with a mistress. Hmmmmmm …

    so yeah, i think you’d probably know who’s the real perverted here (:

    okay okay i have something interesting to tell
    well, its just an opinion though

    elizabeth wong is not a malay and she’s the one having sex with her nude photos like no one’s business.
    oh yeah and that chinese BN too (sorry i forgot his name) had sex with a mistress. Hmmmmmm …

    – philsis

    Ah, but that’s where you and all your likeminded BN sheeple are wilfully wrong, philsis.

    Elizabeth Wong was not proven to be ‘having sex’, even by the photos. All the photos show are her asleep in an undressed state. Babies, children and old folks in the PRIVACY of their own homes sleep undressed all the time. Are you telling me they just had sex too? Besides, the likely culprit is Elizabeth Wong’s ex-boyfriend, who is – SURPRISE! – a Malay. And currently in hiding in Indonesia, the way all totally innocent people go into hiding.

    Compare to that ‘chinese BN guy’ Chua Soi Lek and DP Vijandran. They actually had sex, but they get away (and are even promoted!) because they are:

    1) Men
    2) Barisan Nasional

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth Wong – who did NOTHING illegal – is mocked by politicians and mamak stall pundits like yourself.

    PS. You are really naive to fall for my ‘trap’!

  97. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    yawwnn ….

  98. Adifferentvoice Says:

    If you’re going to fall asleep, Rezuan Asrah, go to bed; it’s good for you..and at least you won’t be trawling/trolling the net, looking for bogel to ogle.

  99. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    ooohh tough guy eh?

    Guys I found it! =P

  100. Scott Thong Says:

    Hahahaha, oh Rezuan, you are SO FUNNY! I appreciate your sense of humour! Who would have thought that you know how to make fun of UMNO too?

    On the other hand, you must be pretty noob to think that a blogger does not have full control and rights to control the kind of content he receives. lol!

    (And just FYI, the stats show that a total of ZERO people clicked your link before it… metamorphosized…)

  101. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    Gheeezz. What’s that Scott ? Censorship & dis-information ala UMNO style?

    Now I know you love “democracy”, “equality”, “freedom” in theory but not in practice.

    I must have been very naive to think you would allow such “freedom to speech” in your blog. By the way, sorry if you deem the link was offensive. I’m just sharing though…

  102. wits0 Says:

    “you are stupid, scott thong”

    Hardly. He’s the cream of his generation deliberately made an obscurantist by the Malaysian governance of society because of race and religion.

  103. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, look at it this way: A link to objectionable, soft-porn material appeared on my blog’s comments. As the blog owner who has full control over what appears on my blog, I can be held accountable for the content of comments. Meanwhile, you as an ‘anonymous commenter’ will likely get away scot free.

    And this isn’t even taking into account the ethical aspects of propagating hurtful images of another person.

    Thus, it is not only totally within my rights as the blog owner to SPAM your comments, it is my civic and personal responsibility.

    You seem a bit uncertain as to whether the link you originally provided was ‘offensive’ or not.

    Let me help you out here: If someone snuck into your home and took photos of you showering or taking a dump in the toilet, and decided to ‘share’ this interesting thing with the entire Internet, would you consider that ‘offensive’? It’s ‘just sharing’ after all!

    I’ll use the same illustrative method to help you understand what you did in my comments – imagine if I came to your blog and repeatedly posted racial slurs in your comments, which you do not censor. If the police came a-knocking, guess who would be hauled up for passively allowing racial incitement to happen on their blog for all to see?

    If you want to post meaningful comments – even insults and name calling, as long as no vulgarity or racial slurs are used – then I’m perfectly fine with you commenting on my blog. I thus un-SPAM you in the spirit of goodwill and benefit of the doubt.

    However, sabotage my blog again and you will remain on the SPAM list so as not to bring the wrath of the ISA upon my own head.

  104. Adifferentvoice Says:

    A suggestion. Why don’t you, Rezuan Asrah, start your own blog and post all the things you like in it?

  105. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    wits0 a$$-kissed Scott :-
    Hardly. He’s the cream of his generation deliberately made an obscurantist by the Malaysian governance of society because of race and religion.

    WTF does that supposed to mean?

  106. Rezuan Asrah Says:


    Are you stupid or BUTA IT ?? Start my own blog? LU BUTA KA??

  107. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    Do excuse me Scott, sabotage your blog?

    Read the title of your post. Is not the title implied that there is naked picture of Elizabeth Wong in this post?

    And when someone else post the REAL link to that “horrible” image, all of sudden, the joke is not funny anymore, and now you scared shit of the ISA?

    So much “the cream of your generation“.

  108. Adifferentvoice Says:

    Oh sori , Rezuan Asrah, you do have a bog, eh..blog. You could do with a leeetle beet of ‘elp, tho, in the part “View my complete profile”; go ask your English teeecher to check your grammar. I meeen, writin’ a blog in eeeengleeesh requires a leeetle beet of standard ma, okey? when writing commennts in other people’s blog, can be wrotten eenglieesh but on your own block, er, blog, must have some standard lol.

  109. wits0 Says:

    “WTF does that supposed to mean?”

    I get nothing for a$$-kissing Scott or anyone. It means, at least, that he’s better than you are.

  110. Adifferentvoice Says:

    he’s got a blog, man, and how many hits has he got? makes him green with envy when he comes across Scott’s blog..makes him curse and swear at anyone who agrees with anything Scott writes.

  111. Adifferentvoice Says:

    Hey, Scott, look at Rezuan Asrah’s blog and you’ll know why he didn’t post that “dirty” link to elizabeth wong bogel to his own blog. He doesn’t want his family and friends to know he’s not a goody two shoes..he wants them to think the best of him. What a hypocrite!

  112. Scott Thong Says:

    Do excuse me Scott, sabotage your blog?

    Read the title of your post. Is not the title implied that there is naked picture of Elizabeth Wong in this post?

    And when someone else post the REAL link to that “horrible” image, all of sudden, the joke is not funny anymore, and now you scared shit of the ISA?


    That’s because the entire aim of the post is to lure in perverts who are looking for Elizabeth Wong porn – SUCH AS YERSELF – and leave them fuming and writhing with unfulfilled frustration. Frustrated does seem to be the vibe you are emitting in your comments!

    Adifferentvoice does have a point… How’s about telling us and all your pious family members exactly HOW you knew where to find those pics of Elizabeth Wong, hmm? Wakakakakaka!

  113. Rezuan Asrah Says:

    *yawn* hypocrites

  114. Adifferentvoice Says:

    Did you look in the mirror?

  115. hisham Says:

    come on, dont look if malay search the ‘bogel’ picture but look who is in the picture. is it malay or chimesse?

    anyway, malay is close to 60% in malaysia, of course the big portion of search is from malay..

    this racial discussion would not end without bloody mess. just dont put it in the highlight

  116. EXPOSER Says:






  117. Adifferentvoice Says:

    EXPOSED yourself, EXPOSER, as a frustrated hamm ghee sao, didn’t you? lol. I suppose you grope any female unlucky enough to get too near to your dirty hands in your frustration? Be careful, they throw people (?) like you in jail…

  118. Scott Thong Says:

    What can I say, exposer, but….


  119. MR SMITH Says:

    i came here not because of gambar bogel but i just want to commenting on this post 😉

  120. MR SMITH Says:

    u can read on this post too


  121. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    Maybe Eli could consider giving her personal photo to Rezuan, and “Exposer’ or such peoples..pity them..they were so diligence in searching nude photos everywhere on internet, including on this Scott Thong blog..and Eli is not spared! Did you cheat them Scott? Only God knows what was your intention when coosing Eli nude photo as the topic.
    It somehow attracted you I think (to use as topic..)

  122. Scott Thong Says:

    Heh heh, Nasaei, I only blogged about it because I wanted to annoy all the dirty-minded people who are looking for her nude photos, and teach them a lesson by wasting some of their time.

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  128. Sue Bates Says:

    I agree………..this place is corrupt, The first thing on their minds is money of course and the second thing is scare tactics. I am bitter against widtaijai. It is money, money, money………….he has a 200,000 house with a swimming pool. Yikes he is the devil incarnate.

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