Bloggers Successfully Fight Terrorism Online

First, it was keen analytical bloggers like Little Green Footballs , Zombietime and Drinking From Home (which I wrote to Malaysiakini about, as seen at Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?) who successfully exposed the sloppy/incompetent/intentionally biased fakery of the mainstream media.

Now the successful efforts of The Jawa Report and others to get jiahdi and terrorist websites shut down have made the front page of the Washington Times!

Jawa (aka Rusty Shackleford) was also one of the bloggers responsible for exposing the fauxtography of infamous lie-monger Adnan ‘Reutersgate’ Hajj, whose fakery can be clearly seen below or here.So here are some excerpts from the The Washington Times article, with Jawa’s own post on it at at this link.

Enjoy, and join in the pwnage!


Blogs target jihadis online
By Audrey Hudson
October 10, 2007

Ordinary Americans are tracking down U.S. Web sites used by al Qaeda and jihadi sympathizers and then using the Internet to persuade the service providers to snuff out the sites.

“I do this because it has to be done,” says one blogger who calls himself a “counter-cyberjihadist” for his campaigns to post on the Web the Internet service providers (ISPs) that host the pro-jihad sites.

A perfect storm of complaints forced several ISPs to shut down Web sites just days before al Qaeda released a tape of Osama bin Laden in August, says Aaron Weisburd, director of the Society for Internet Research and host of the Web site He released a list of 19 pro-jihad Web sites, some of which were shut down in August.

The tactic was so effective that al Qaeda later said it was forced to disseminate the video directly to the networks, Mr. Weisburd said.

The cybersleuths focus most of their attention on bloggers who use servers in the U.S. to post recruitment propaganda and show violent videos of American servicemembers being killed. Once located, they encourage people to contact the service providers to shut down the Web sites.

Mr. Weisburd said in a recent report to U.S. intelligence agencies and private companies that the August surge “severely degraded” a stable network of nearly two dozen Web sites and that jihadi efforts to rebuild have had only limited success.

Adding to the complaints bringing down the Web sites, one jihadi Webmaster was arrested and another killed while fighting alongside Islamists in northern Lebanon.

The blogger who goes by the name “Rusty Shackleford” at the Jawa Report,, is currently focused on bringing down a blog called “Inshallah Shaheed” ( that features pictures of the downing of an Apache helicopter and several beheadings.

It’s not the first time that this site was driven underground by “Mr. Shackleford” and replaced by a screen shot of a blue AK-47 rifle — the symbol used by some bloggers to indicate “pwning” or owning a site.

Asked why he does it, “Mr. Shackleford” said, “Because my wife won’t let me go shoot them.”

“I’m just doing my part, but it’s also very exciting,” says “Mr. Shackleford” who claims to have destroyed 30 Web sites.

“These are terrorists and terrorist supporters who use the Web to recruit people. They propagandize, they coordinate, and they raise money. That is what the bad guys are doing, and there are other private citizens who counter that,” “Mr. Shackleford” said.


And as a tribute from Red Planet Cartoons:


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3 Responses to “Bloggers Successfully Fight Terrorism Online”

  1. musafir Says:

    websites like “inshallahshaheed” definitely need to be shut down. i am a muslim myself, but a muslim who has morals and a conscience and a heart. i don’t understand why we have these select individuals who are misguided about their own religion and turn it into something so horrible that it completely contradicts the teachings of the faith.

    when i read about these terrorism-supporting blogs, i’m disgusted and appalled by the way these people think. for crying out loud, if the inshallahshaheed guy (samir khan) hates america so much, he needs to stop taking advantage of the comforts of living here and he should go into isolation somewhere. but that’s not the solution to this problem either.

    those of us who are rational, logical human beings need to be active and educate those who are not.

  2. USA Civilians Killed al Qaeda on the Internet « Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group Says:

    […] bomb a house and kill everyone than an OK to take down a server. The Civilian sector stepped in and took care of it.Thinking ‘leaving up’ or ‘taking down’ terror […]

  3. bennie Says:

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