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Note: To make it easier to load the cartoons, I’ve split them into separate posts. This is Part 1.

Part 2 here

Part 3 here


I love editorial and political cartoons, and I hate lies, hoaxes and fear-mongering. So you can probably guess that editorial cartoons mocking global warming and its hypocritical supporters are a particular favourite of mine!

I’ve chosen some of the better ones to share with you, along with a brief explanation of what irt alludes to… Both so you can get the joke more easily if you’re stuck, and to reveal how the anthropogenic (human caused) global warming bandwagon has a few flat tyres. Editorial cartoons manage to do this humorously and to the point!

These cartoons are taken from, Michael Ramirez of Investor’s Business Daily, The Ryskind Sketchbook, Cox and Forkum, Day by Day, Gary Varvel of the Indianapolis Star, Paul Nowak, Wayne Stayskal, Chuck Assay, Chip Bok, Henry Payne, Red Planet Cartoons, zombietime and The People’s Cube.

A whole bunch of pro- and anti-global warming cartoons can be found at Cartoonist Group, including lots of Gore-zilla and rich actors and their I-Can-Buy-Expensive-Carbon-Offsets emissions, but they’re save-protected and I don’t want to print-screen them out.

For the facts and my rants on global warming fears, foolishness and hypocrisy, see my Global Warming Fears category.

And now, the cartoons… Explanations follow relevant cartoons.




Live Earth is the latest Gore-ian scam to round up support for stopping global warming… Complete with smarmy, holier-than-thou preachy guilt tripping, arrogantly self-assured, don’t think just obey, boy-do-we-love-ourselves localised media assault.


At the expense of global warming, as tonnes of emissions are spewed into the air by the concert and jet- setting celebrities. See here for more.

But no worries, Mother Earth! Because although tons of CO2 is spewed into the atmosphere, they won’t cause any harm once Live Earth organizers and participants purchase some carbon credit offsets! But of course, tons of trash left behind

Speaking of carbon offsets…

Above by John Worr.

Above from


Reference for above at New York Times.

See also my post on carbon offsets, Follow the Clues: Is Al Gore’s Promotion of Global Warming Hysteria Merely A Scam to Make Him Money?.

Because for all his scamming, Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize! Wonder why Charles Ponzi didn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts too?

See Al Gore 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Editorial Cartoons for a just the cartoons on his Nobel Peace Prize, and links to educate you on the true nature of this incredulous incredible win.

THIS is the person who truly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: Irena Sendler.

Court ruling here if you missed it.


The People’s Cube has Al Gore’s acceptance speech!

Oh well, can’t win ’em all Gorey! Guess you aren’t the biggest threat to capitalism and American freedom just yet!

Based on this piece: Satire: Gore Sues Time for ‘Person of the Year’ Recount.

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

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40 Responses to “Global Warming Editorial Cartoons”

  1. Sean O Says:

    This is a great blog. I couldn’t stop laughing. I am not sure if global warming is real but I love the satire. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to point my readers from to this article. I think it is important to add a little humor into this discussion.

  2. Tom_Dubya Says:

    “If you didn’t know, back in the 1970s the environmental and climate scientists were getting everyone all worked up about the impending doom of global cooling. Newsweek even published a (now infamous) article about the coming frosty end of the world!”

    Global cooling in the ’70’s. The myth that won’t die. While it is true that it was hyped by a few journalists in the
    ’70, the scientfific community was never convinced and in fact didn’t even think climate prediction was possible at the time (an opinion that has changes due to great strikes in computer hardware)

    “…we do not have a good quantitative understanding of our climate machine and what determines its course. Without the fundamental understanding, it does not seem possible to predict climate…”.

    1975 National Academy of Science/National Research Council report, “Understanding Climate Change: A Program for Action.”

    For more on the ’70’s ‘global cooling’ myth go to

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the eye-opening link, Tom W. It’s good to see the other sides to the story.

    I’m careful not to make the false conclusion that “Because global cooling was wrong, therefore global warming must also be wrong”.

    I simply say that we should consider the POSSIBILITY that scientists and policy-makers and the public can be mistaken, especially when they’re REALLY SURE about an explosive topic. is merely there to demonstrate how the media can blow things out of all proportion among the public, something which global warming critics assert has already happened today.

    Personally, I still don’t think we are capable of predicting climate, even with the great strides in computer hardware and software. I admit an influence by Michael Crichton, who is especially critical of using fresh and unproven computer programs to tell us how to run our lives and save the world.

    Things like the weather are simply too complex, by which I mean that there are too many factors that interact and change continually. Until we can input every factor as it changes real time, we have little chance of meaningfully predicting even tomorrow’s weather. This is an application of chaos theory – it’s just too chaotic to predict.

    Yet I also believe that there IS a global warming trend. Generally, large trends can be quite meaningfully anticipated from the data collected over the past decades. But if those who assert that solar fluctuations are the main cause of global climate change are correct, then these trends could reverse suddenly and without warning.

    However, I am undecided (and somewhat skeptical) on whether humans meaningfully contribute to the overall global temperature. In particular, I remain unconvinced that really, really small changes in really, really small amounts of CO2 will cause really, really big swings in global temperature, as some scientists assert.

    Local climates, definitely – with local deforestation and local development the biggest culprits. Blaming global warming for everything bad simply distracts local authorities from doing anything meaningful – “The US should fix all our problems!”

  4. Tom_Dubya Says:

    I’m careful not to make the false conclusion that “Because global cooling was wrong, therefore global warming must also be wrong”.

    Not quite the point….which was in fact that there never was a serious scientific prediction of global cooling in the ’70’s despite the reports in Newsweek and Readers Digest.

    Apparently you didn’t even bother to read my link (a scientific site) since you linked to a (nonscientific) site which just repeats that silly myth.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude… Those nonscientific sites are my own blog postings… It’s just satire, man. You cut me deep, Shrek.

    And yes, I did read through your link (which is why I thanked you for it). And after reading through the posting, I’m starting to agree that the global cooling scare was more media than science.

    If you read through my nonscientific link, you’d see that my main point is:

    “Now, it’s not to say that just because global cooling was a false alarm, global warming is therefore also a false alarm. But shouldn’t such a strikingly ironic lesson from the past lend pause to our fearful actions before we spend (or waste) trillions to accomplish nothing? Some citizens of 1975 believed in gobal cooling as much as some citizens of the present believe in global warming.”

    It may not have been your point, but it is MY point that the public has to be careful of what they swallow. Sorry to cause any misunderstanding.

    Global cooling was unscientific and media-perpetuated, and people fell for it. Global warming is supported by many (or a majority) of scientists, and definitely flogged to death by the media, but that doesn’t mean that it is automatically true.

    But I’ll do this… I’ve added a disclaimer with your link to my Global Cooling and Editorial Cartoons posts. That at least allows readers to check the facts for themselves. Something which, unfortunately, most are lazy to do – which is why the sad truth is that mass media like Newsweek is the king-maker. No one listens to scientists, they listen to Al Gore and Oprah. And of course, the blogs that they favour.

    Peace, mon.

  6. Tom_Dubya Says:

    Global cooling was unscientific and media-perpetuated, and people fell for it. Global warming is supported by many (or a majority) of scientists, and definitely flogged to death by the media, but that doesn’t mean that it is automatically true.

    True but given the eagerness with which the opponents of global warming theory embrace false claims, I stick with the scientists thankyou very much……

  7. reverend gisher Says:

    well i cannot nor would i try to convince anyone about global warming being added to in a monster way by humans, but could we stop this global cooling comparison crap? those clowns had zero data to back themselves up, and like with today on any topic, the press ran with it. so much for checking facts.

    a better comparison on both ends is the ozone problem. anyway, it is tons of data you have to plow through to get to the overnight vs daytime temperature difference which is the real meat of the matter. but unless you take the months off i did to study this, you might as well read bumper stickers to get your education on global warming. that or blogs written by people that think the the christian science monitor and fox news is all the research you will ever need. that said, it works both ways, as there are people who KNOW all about global warming and are SURE it is here, but they did their research at daily kos.

    the bigger deal for me is it is obvious major shifts are coming but we are doing nothing to try and prepare for the changes. perhaps at least a ban on more building by the coast, and perhaps a thought or two about where we might move refugees, and how we might take care of them? reconciling with insurance?

    hell no, we are still arguing about global warming, a bunch of idiots on both sides that have never even looked at raw data. isn’t it lovely? and so typically human.

  8. Scott Thong Says:

    Totally agree with both of you. I may sound like a total global warming skeptic, but I’m rather just a plain old skeptic of anything popular. I also support the underdog, and right now the top dog is global warming paranoia, so I’m just trying to even out the playing filed here. But stick me with some hard, convincing facts, and I’ll back the correct theory – that’s a skeptic’s promise.

    Sticking to the pure, unadulterated science is the best way. But with so many claiming to be experts, others clamoring that climate science is even a proper science, and allegations of bias in favour whoever is funding the research (be it oil or environmental), who do we listen to?

    As Dr. David Hill of the World Innovation Foundation Charity wrote to the papers before, we need a “completely impartial and independent global advisory body so that fact can be separated from fiction.” The UN just doesn’t cut it, it never did – just look at the way it handles Middle East conflict and you can see the bias (I leave it to the reader to decide which side it is biased against).

    But, of course, when the UBER-NEUTRAL NO CHEATING GLOBAL ADVISORY BOARD is finally up and running, after decades of bereaucratic stalling, whoever disagrees with its findings will accuse it of bias and under-the-table funding. As usual.

    And double agreed on the principle of preparing for change, instead of trying to stop it. Launching mirrors into orbit to block sunlight? That idea is completely ripped off from Stars Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia! See, I DO know my science (fiction).

    Granted, us Chinese would rather maintain a nice, comfy status quo. But we also know how to get our butts in gear when the next newly-installed social revolution kicks us out of our homes and across the seas.

  9. Cathy Uy Says:

    We just encountered one of the hottest day on record in our state several days ago. In all my years, I’ve never encountered a day that was so hot–it felt like I was in a steam room.

    Australia is suffering continued drought for several years now.

    We’re suffering a water shortage and need to conserve. The local golf courses are really worried they’d have to close down since they haven’t been able to water the greens.

    If you think all of this is normal, keep enjoying your SUV. Meanwhile, the rest of us will try to save this planet for our kids’ welfare.

  10. Scott Thong Says:

    Let me make my stand on the issue of energy use perfectly clear.

    I totally support conservation efforts – saving water instead of trying to build golf greens in the desert, reducing logging, recycling and careful assessment of any construction plans in ecologically sensitive areas.

    I totally support research, development and adoption of alternative energy sources, green technologies and energy-efficient devices. I am personally in favour of nuclear power, which has great potential and is already well developed. Rather than griping about its risks and drawbacks, we should be researching solutions to those problems.

    But the reason I support these efforts is NOT because I believe that global warming is manmade and a threat. My current belief is that the anthropogenic global warming theory is still very much unproven, and that it is premature to spend trillions on efforts which will have minimal benefits – or no effect whatsoever.

    My reasons for conserving resources and energy are no less noble, however. And I feel that they are far more immediately relevant than the perceived, hyped-up threat of global warming.

    I support conservation because pollution and rampant development will affect our ecosystem in a much more direct way than 100-years-from-now global warming. Namely: haze, flooding, urban heat island effect, destroyed forests and acute water shortages.

    I support alternative energy because oil is polluting, finite and a sinister political tool. Imagine if the whole of your Australia ran on clean, home-sourced energy such as nuclear power plants (you have hugely plentiful amounts of uranium in Oz), solar panels covering the whole Western desert, and hybrid vehicles for every purpose. City smog would disappear, fuel prices would finally stabilize, and oil-producing nations with suspect alliances would lose all leverage over your nation’s foreign policies.

    But preventing global warming? If it’s slowed or stopped as a side effect, then hurray for the environmentalists! But I feel that it should not be the main reason to implement any policies or laws. It is simply not a valid risk in my opinion. (My views on global warming are open to influence and change – just convince me.)

    Heck, if a US Presidential candidate ran with a conservation agenda, he could rope in the Democrats with his green policies and (purported) anti-global warming stance, while still wooing the Republicans with his promise of freedom from Middle Eastern terror oil!

    But back to the point… If a few hot days can be taken as proof that global warming is real, then do sudden cold snaps and blizzards prove that global warming is false?

    Regardless of the temperature, the weather does not say anything about whether humans are the cause of global climate change. Local climate change, definitely. But the earth has been warming and cooling and warming again for eons before we even started the first cooking fire.

    And does the 0.0383% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere really seem like the main culprit behind rising global temperatures? I personally would like more concrete evidence.

    And if you want to flame someone for polluting the atmosphere and wreaking climate change chaos, I suggest you start with the so-called champions of stopping anthropogenic global warming.

    People like John Travolta, Leonardo Dicaprio and of course, Al Gore himself – who each burn obscene amounts of energy and spew tonnes of greenhouse gases into the air with their luxury 24-hour air-conditioned mega-mansions, private jets flying around the world for shopping holidays, super-deluxe SUVs and limos, and massive amounts of wasteful consumer spending.

    These guys rape the planet, then blame the rest of us for not listening to their call for a greener society. They justify their energy-promisciousness by spending their vast fortunes buying so-called ‘green’ energy sources to assuage their guilt – something which commoners like us cannot afford to purchase, never mind the impoverished third-world masses.

    Simply put: Global warming hypocrites, you put up or you shut up. I AM NOT CONVINCED when you preach the threat of global warming caused by carbon emissions, when your own emissions far overwhelm my entire neighbourhood’s!

    There… I’ve said my piece. Conserving energy = good. Anthopogenic global warming = Yet to be conclusively proven real. Global warming hypocrites = Bad.

    So… What car do you happen to drive by the way, citizen Cathy Uy? Mine’s a 1.3 litre petrol-powered lightweight, it gets at least 10km per litre.

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  13. John F. Borowski Says:

    Sadly…you must still believe the earth is flat. Climate change is real and all your cartoons about Gore do not change a thing. Climate change is going to be the biggest issue of our times…lead or move over. Long time teacher and scientist…JF Borowski

  14. Scott Thong Says:

    Oh look, another global warming fearmonger launching ad hominem attacks.

    Well, good teacher and scientist, I surmise that you glanced through my collection of cartoons and came to the conclusion that I do not believe that climatge change is happening, therefore I must be an unthinking nitwit who believes only the most fantastically fallacious fables – such as the flatness of the Earth.

    But what do climate change and the shape of the Earth have to do with each other? In case you didn’t know, they are completely unrelated. Your puny attempt at equating me (a global warming skeptic) with Flat Earthers is easily exposed. I have posted on this kind of fallacy before.

    Do you make such infantile remarks to hide your own lack of knowlegde about the subject at hand, i.e. climate change? Rather than make some good points that clearly demonstrate why climate change is real, you come in with soggy insults.

    However, if you were to actually take the time to read my views about climate change, you would find that I DO believe climate change is happening. I DO believe the Earth is warming.

    However, I am totally unconvinced of the following:

    1) The warming is as much as claimed by global warming pundits.

    2) The warming is mostly due to human activities.

    3) The warming is mainly because of CO2.

    4) The effects of warming will be as catastrophic as claimed.

    5) Al Gore and the IPCC’s plan to use carbon caps and offsets to reduce the levels of CO2 being emitted is the best way forward, or even an effective way at all.

    Why do fearmongers like yourself always automatically assume that anyone who expresses any doubts about global warming are morons who never stop to think things over carefully?

    I accuse you, good sir, and all global warming hysterians like yourself of never stopping to think things over carefully. You simply read the mainstream news (which has proven to LOVE lies, hype, fearmongering and incompetent reporting, see next link) and listen to Al Gore and nod your heads without questioning whether their critics have any basis for skepticism.

    All your smarminess and lookit-me-ahm-so-klever remarks do not change a thing about the fact that anthropogenic global warming is unproven, whereas the roundness of the globe is well documented.

    Go ahead, tell me WHY I am utterly wrong about the evidence for global warming. I wager I can refute every single point, the majority of them accompanied by a link to one of my own blog posts too. I dare you too.

    CO2 causes temperature rise? Then why have historic temperatures repeatedly risen 400 years BEFORE CO2 levels?

    Kyoto Treaty the best way to solve carbon emissions? Then why is Europe which has adopted Kyoto losing billions and still increasing its CO2 output?

    Scientific data reliably proves temperatures are rising rapidly? Take a close , CLOSE look at the kind of experiments the climate scientists run and tell me if they’re really being honest and careful in their experiments.

    Frankly, good sir, I would be an idiot to BELIEVE that global warming is the horrible, horrible result of human CO2 output like Al Gore wants us all to believe. THAT would be unthinking course, to simply trust that he and the IPCC are correct when so many scientists and so much evidence refutes their claims.

    I have long ruminated over the arguments for and against global warming, and I – a scientist myself – give it a grade of ‘big raspberry’.


    And now I shall raise an ad hominem accusation at YOU, good teacher and scientist… That you are arrogant, condescending, insulting, self-absorbed and self-important. You believe that human-driven climate change is a proven fact, and everyone else with a differing view must be an idiot.

    In fact, your personality matches anthropogenic global warming proponents so closely, you might very well be Al Gore himself. No wonder you took such offense at the above cartoons.

    Climate change IS the current big issue of these times… And I will not move over and allow a fearmongering, self-serving liar like Al Gore has proven himself to be to lead us into poverty, scientific mindlessness and more money for him.

  15. credo Says:

    Combat these assaults on reason!

  16. Scott Thong Says:

    Yes, let’s all watch as Gore becomes President and immediately leads us off to war against Vanuatu – for not sinking into the sea to prove his global warming theories correct.

    Then 15 years later, watch as he accuses the next Republican President of being the actual one who played on our feeeeeeaaaarrrssss and got us to attack Vanuatu.

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  18. Jamie Miller Says:

    I need to know where the Inconvient truth thuth comic with Al Gore standing behind a small man who is announcing the nominees for best science fiction film with the poster between came from so I can use it in my college persuasive writing and logic class.

  19. Scott Thong Says:

    That particular cartoon is by Henry Payne.

    Note the same drawing style of the nose, mouth and head shape of the generic guys.

    (By now, the link to that day’s cartoon is pushed out of circulation… So no direct link to it, sorry,)

    Go for it with your presentation! Smack him right in his global warming blowhole!

  20. hutchrun Says:

    The founder of the Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore for fraud, hoping a legal debate will settle the global-warming debate once and for all.

    John Coleman, who founded the cable network in 1982, suggests suing for fraud proponents of global warming, including Al Gore, and companies that sell carbon credits.

    “Is he committing financial fraud? That is the question,” Coleman said.
    [ ]
    The compound carbon dioxide makes up only 38 out of every 100,000 particles in the atmosphere, he said.

    “That’s about twice as what there were in the atmosphere in the time we started burning fossil fuels, so it’s gone up, but it’s still a tiny compound,” Coleman said. “So how can that tiny trace compound have such a significant effect on temperature?

    “My position is it can’t,” he continued. “It doesn’t, and the whole case for global warming is based on a fallacy.”,2933,337710,00.html

  21. hutchrun Says:

    Angry protesters, riot police, mass demonstrations, arrests for disorderly conduct — it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the Olympic-torch relay. If people are looking for another reason to be pissed at China, how about this: By the time this pyro parade is over, it will have produced about 11 million pounds of carbon emissions.

  22. vanblogh Says:

    Congrats from Romania ! Every winter here I warm myself at the thought of GW…

  23. hutchrun Says:

    Haha. And now:

    “For those scientists who value their scientific reputations, I would advise that they distance themselves from politically-motivated claims of a ‘scientific consensus’ on the causes of global warming — before it is too late. Don’t let five Norwegians on the Nobel Prize committee be the arbiters of what is good science.”

    Spencer made this commentary as he was writing up three questions that he–and a good many other scientists and science writers–would like to see answered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, the UN’s ministry of global warming truth-telling and Al Gore’s governmental right arm.

  24. Not a nutter Says:

    You silly silly person…

  25. Not a nutter Says:


  26. Simon Thong Says:

    Walao, a serial, there, and all over the place..silly spammer ‘Not a nutter’ is desperate for attention. Sigh……………..



  28. joshua Says:

    hahahah.hey dudes why are they blaming the man who fights for the sake of the world??? is gore really a bad person? think about it.

  29. Scott Thong Says:

    is gore really a bad person?

    Answer: YES.

    Al Gore tells us capitalism isn’t good, while EARNING TENS OF MILLIONS

    Al Gore tells us not to use so much resources and release CO2, while USING 20 TIMES MORE ENERGY THAN US

    Al Gore then increases this to 22 TIMES MORE ENERGY THAN US

    Al Gore tells us that buying carbon credits can save the world, while MAKING MILLIONS SINCE HE OWN THE CARBON CREDIT COMPANY

    Al Gore tells us in his film that rising CO2 levels causes temperature rise, but LIES BECAUSE HE HIMSELF KNOWS IT IS ACTUALLY THE OTHER WAY AROUND

  30. Gored again Says:

    UK Paper Notes ‘Surreal Scientific Blunder’ in Global Temps Measurement; US Media Doesn’t Care

    November 16, 2008 – 11:20 ET

    * [Email this to friend]
    * [Printer-friendly version]

    Earlier today, Christopher Booker at the UK Telegraph noted a “surreal scientific blunder,” followed by an attempted cover-up, that should cause everyone to question the source’s past and future credibility.

    The source of the shoddy work is NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the outfit run by world champion globalarmist James Hansen. Hansen has in the past stated that “heads of major fossil-fuel companies who spread disinformation about global warming should be ‘tried for high crimes against humanity and nature.'”

    What Booker reports causes one to wonder what the appropriate punishment should be for committing drop-dead obvious errors and integrity-lacking follow-up.

    Part of the punishment is surely the Telegraph’s delicious headline, followed by Booker’s criticism (bolds are mine):

    “The world has never seen such freezing heat”

  31. simon thong Says:

    Thanks, Gored Again, for the link. GISS is a disgrace and so is NASA. NASA should be an acronym for National Amateur Screw-up Association. GISS? Goddard Institute for Shit Spreading.

  32. Madison Perry Says:

    I have a question about this post. Will you please contact me via e-mail at your convenience? Thank you in advance.

  33. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Certianly better then anything from liberals like REX BABIN and the other liberal infernal scribblers

  34. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Those cartoons are certialy better then the crap deom REX BABIN and TOM TOLES and the other liberal wackas

  35. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Those peace prize judges should all be sent to THE SPICEMINES OF KESSEL,ELBA II,THE DEVILS ASTEROID

  36. Rackmount Says:

    Thia is a good post… Thanks 🙂

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  38. arnulfo Says:

    Reblogged this on The grokking eagle.

  39. Adele Ward Says:

    Hello, how is it possible to use one of these cartoons in my classroom? I want to print them out and show them to my 10th graders in English class.

  40. Scotttcast Says:

    Hi, you can rightclick and save the cartoons you want and then print them out.

    It shouldn’t run into any copyright issues, since you’ll be using them for non-profit purposes.

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