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March 17, 23

1) Calvinists say ‘dead means dead’, dead in sins = inability to respond like a literal corpse. Only God regenerating someone to new life first makes them capable of accepting the Gospel (regeneration precedes faith). See attached Sproul quote as example.

2) Some Calvinists mock nonCalvinists who don’t agree that God must regenerate people to new life first. They compare it to a preacher evangelising to a pile of literal dry bones, haha what kind of fool thinks a lifeless skeleton can respond to his puny human words. I’ve seen lots of memes on this, several are attached.

3) But if the Calvinist is correct about 1, by rights they should be preaching to literal piles of lifeless bones. This is because they view both literal corpses and pre-regenerate sinners as equally unable to respond positively to the Gospel, and both require a direct intervention from God to change their current state.

Conclusion: Obviously we see NO Calvinists ever evangelise to literal rotting corpses – there are no reports of Sproul ever donning suba gear to preach to drowning victims on the sea floor (remember what Paul said about ‘how can they hear without someone preaching to them’!).

Therefore, Calvinists don’t really believe their own rhetoric about ‘dead means dead’. See these memes:

Calvinists are inconsistent on this point, just as they are with countless other parts of their own manmade philosophy. See bonus James White meme.


March 11, 23

17:50 “…if God believes that I will eat a cheese omelette for breakfast tomorrow, I still have the ability to choose to eat cereal instead which means that I have the ability to make God’s belief false. Crucially however, I maintain that this possibility is never actualized. God is never actually wrong about what He believes will happen in the future … so long as we are willing to accept the conclusion that God can possibly but never actually be wrong about what He believes” –

Thanks David Pallmann for stating more eloquently about God’s future knowledge being falsified what I did about human ability to perfectly avoid sin – it is POSSIBLE, but never actual –


March 9, 23

A thought that hit me after watching The Chosen’s depiction of John the Baptist speaking with Jesus before the former heads off to scold Herod for taking his brother’s wife.

We as the audience all know what will ultimately happen to John as a result of his confronting Herod (and if you didn’t, read your Bible BEFORE watching The Chosen and you’ll get so much more out of the show!).

And surely so does Jesus, and I got the sense that the actor portrays Jesus as having to resist telling anything to John about what will end up happening – especially when John goes on about what’s the worse that could happen, he’s used to getting thrown into prison. But Jesus having Middle Knowledge (or simple foreknowledge, or perfect understanding of people’s personalities enabling excellent prediction of their responses, etc) means that this is what Jesus has to resist doing ALL THE TIME.

It’s like those scifi stories where someone time travels back and meets people they know, or historical figures – and has to resist blurting out their knowledge of the future, or risk changing the timeline!

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