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Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics

August 31, 11

A follow up to Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky.


Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky



Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Note: They subsequently changed the title as follows:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Free Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Text from the my original:


Matthias Chang Roasts Malaysian Double Standards on Libya

August 29, 11


Kutuk-ing the one-track narrow mindedness of Malaysians who condemned the invasion of Iraq to oust Saddam, but are mum on the ousting of Libya’s Gaddafi.


Scumbag Malaysia “Recognises” Fascist Rebel Government In Libya

Matthias Chang

It is despicable enough that Malaysia did not bother to condemn the illegal and barbaric invasion of Libya by Special Forces of NATO and Britain which led to massive killings of civilians under the pretext of a UN-sanctioned imposition of a No-Fly Zone, for which China and Russia abstained.

It may have been understandable that at the initial stages, Malaysia could have been confused by the Zionist Anglo-American / NATO propaganda that Gaddafi’s government was allegedly killing its own people who supposedly was rising in protest against the rule of Gaddafi.

Could it be that this cowardly and hypocritical stance of Malaysia has to do with oil as well, just as the greedy and barbaric Western oil interests are doing?

And make sure this time round, the foreign minister crawls to Tripoli to offer a public apology to the heroic Libyans fighting the Neo-colonialists and fascist ‘Islamic forces’ who have betrayed Islam. These child-killers and rapists are financed by the Qataris and Saudis and propped up by the insidious propaganda of Al-Jazeera. Yes, this so-called Arabic media is now a tool of the Zionist Anglo-American Elites. How can anyone think otherwise when Qatar is the operation headquarters of the American Central Command in the invasion of Iraq.

See also Condi Rice Nails It On Saddam vs. Gaddafi, WMD or Not which compares the rationales for invading Libya vs Iraq.

Muhammad Husni Mohd Amin Distracts From REAL ROOT of Islamophobia

August 26, 11

Excerpt from New Straits Times letter.

NST Letters: Islamophobia: Tackle it with knowledge:

A friend pointed out that in a recent book by Charles Kurzman, it was mentioned that only 40 people had perished because of terrorism in the United States since the 9/11 attacks, compared with 140,000 murders in the US in that time.

He added: “Kurzman also offers a provocative argument that is sure to set the jihad-hunters’ hair on fire — that there are actually very few Islamic terrorists in the world today.”

Another friend, who is an expert in international political relations, in making connections to Islamophobic attitudes, Norwegian killings and recent riots in the United Kingdom, offered an unapologetic comment on Western hypocrisy towards Islam: “When accused of terrorism, we are Muslims, but when killed by looters, we become Asians…”

Can such blatant hypocrisy be forgiven?


Who is the hypocrite here?

Very few Islamic terrorists in the world today?

He has never visited Just an example, from 23-25 Aug 2011, twenty people were killed by terrorists who claim to kill in the name of Islam. The victims included women and children and monks. This happens every day with the overwhelming majority of victims being Muslims.

When accused of terrorism named as Muslims, but when killed by looters called Asians?

He has never read actual British newspapers where honour killings and rapes are by ‘Asians’ not Muslims – for example, one and two and three.

Muhammad Husni basically blames everything else under the sky for ‘Islamophobia’, but conveniently glosses over the real reason and sweeps it under a rug that he then throws into the basement.

I’ve said it before over and over… Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?



I ask you, is it a phobia, an irrational fear, when there really are people out there waiting to kill you for not submitting to their faith? This is happening as near by as Thailand and Indonesia!

True Christians Support Neither Homosexuality nor Hatred

August 24, 11

A follow up to my previous letter Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng is Painting Me as A Bigot is now up at Malaysia Chronicle, which again has plenty of discussion in the comments.

From Malaysia Chronicle:

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng


As can be expected, the comments at this piece are far less insulting and adversarial than the previous one.

Again, see also Bible Passages That Oppose Homosexuality – Including the Words of Jesus and God Himself for the below-mentioned Biblical references.

As for how this post came about, it’s not just a response to the comments on my previous letter – as I stated in this comment:

In fact just this week I was pondering on the fact that ‘moderate’ Muslims don’t condemn and try and avert their more violent brethren nearly enough.

But what about churches who lend little or no voice of condemnation and chastising when groups like Phelps’ harass homosexuals and military funerals? If the rest of the world unfairly thinks that Christians as a whole hate homosexuals when we merely do not agree that homosexuality is permitted by the Bible, is that not partly our own fault for letting the loud minority get away with their antics?

With reference to Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?.


Full text of the letter as published follows, with added links to the Bible passages:


Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng is Painting Me as A Bigot

August 22, 11

At Malaysia Chronicle, which has plenty of discussion in the comments.

(Follow up letter can be found at True Christians Support Neither Homosexuality nor Hatred.)

Some of them prove my point that simply for not accepting homosexuality as God-ordained, I am automatically labeled a bigot. At least one (Asur) was confused by my Ann Coulter-style not-clearly-marked sarcasm. And wits0 has been quite active there.

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng


Only after completing the letter did I realize that (as mentioned above) it echoes Ann Coulter’s style of alternating between sarcastic mocking and serious genuflection without clear markings.

Also, the closing two paragraphs recalls what she said at CPAC 2011’s Q & A session:

I was always friend of the gays… Then liberals come with this idea no one’s thought of for a thousand years – gay marriage. And I go to sleep one night being friend of the gays, I wake up the next day [a] homophobe! No! You can’t do that – you just made up this gay marriage thing.

And the closing two paragraphs also recalls a previous post of mine, Who Is Hijacking Whose Christianity?, and a letter to Malaysiakini by Steve Oh where he says:

It is one thing to be gay, as it is a fundamental right to be whatever people choose to be, but it is another matter to misrepresent Christianity.

Finally, see also Bible Passages That Oppose Homosexuality – Including the Words of Jesus and God Himself which is short-linked in the letter itself.


Original full text of my letter as follows, with added links to the Bible passages::


Obama, SCoaMF: Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Failure

August 20, 11

Ace of Spades HQ has been running reader-submitted graphics featuring Obama’s Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Failure. They rip on well-known images from the Obama campaign/media lovefest.

It has its own Urban Dictionary entry and dedicated blog now.

Speaking of which, see Obama’s Economic Successes: A Roundup and Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Negative XX for corroborating evidence.

I found them amusing so I’m collecting them here while the meme is still young (because AoSHQ archives are horribly hard to navigate or search for specific themes).

On a tip from commentor the botnet (@the_botnet), my posting is the third top Google search for scoamf – after the Urban Dictionary entry and the dedicated blog. (Posts by AoSHQ come in at 6 or more…):

Obama SCOaMF Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure Teleprompter

Anyway, on to the SCoaMFs!

WARNING: UN-CENSORED F-WORDS FOLLOW! Horrifyingly shocking for anyone who has never dealt with leftists before.


1Malaysia Facts

August 20, 11

My pick of the most amusing from 1MalaysiaFacts on Twitter:


Once, a mountain got in between #rosmahmansor and DIAMOND. Since that day, the area has been known as the PLUS highway tunnel near Ipoh.

Soon Malaysia will have a space program. That will use 100% of GDP. Because of the DIAMOND planet. Thx 2 #rosmahmansor

The song ‘Diamonds are Forever’ by Shirley Bassey is banned from #putrajaya – cos diamonds are for #ROSMAHMANSOR not this ‘Eva’ lady

#wikileaks reveal Malaysian stuff is false. There is only 1 type of leak here, that is ‘bocor’. Just ask Bung Mokhtar

@NajibRazak supports #RickPerry 2012, bcos it will speed up our Scorpenes plan

Johor CIQ has among world’s toughest immigration checks. We call it ‘If they can get into Singapore, they’re already thoroughly screened.’

#Taib watched ‘Catch Me If You Can’ but was asked to leave the theater. He kept shouting “Amateur! Blardy amateur!” at Dicaprio’s character.

@chedet_cc secret to still being so active at ripe old age? Death is in detention under #ISA for ‘threatening a former elected official’.

Can #rosmahmansor create a rock too big for herself to lift? Yes, but only if it is DIAMOND rock. With DIAMOND, ANYTHING is possible.

The First Lady of Verikechistan once compared herself against #rosmahmansor Never heard of Verikechistan? EXACTLY. U don mess with Rosmah.

Superman weak to Kryptonite, when nearby it saps his strength. Iron Man weak to Khir Toyo, when nearby it saps his $$

Outer space exists because the stars are afraid #rosmahmansor mistakes them for DIAMOND.

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of extinct species where @datosamyvellu was in charge of their public-funded survival programs.

Dun worry, whistle-blowing soldiers won’t be court martial or firing squad. They’ll just have to visit #MACC building!


Put ‘threats to national security’ in secret prison w/out trial but w/ torture? WEST IS COPYCATS, WE DID IT FIRST!

Massive bailouts of failed govt-linked companies? WEST IS COPYCATS, WE DID IT FIRST!

Our mainstream media is super free and independent! So much so in fact, it purposely weighs itself down with BN ownership as ‘handicap’.

No one was brutalized at @bersih2 Such a rally never happened. It was all just special effects, just ask @chedet_cc

#UMNO holy fire is so righteous, it can even burn up virtual news portals on the Internets!

#DAP Penang HQ burned? @ Our esteemed rulers wish to convey that DAP’s HEATED RHETORIC caused a spontaneous combustion.

#ChuckNorris makes handbags by staring at crocodiles until they skin themselves. #rosmahmansor makes handbags out of 1 million ringgit.

Parameswara founder of #Melaka has many origin stories: Majapahit Prince, Alexander the Great’s son, born of fairies, #ChuckNorris cousin.

#ChuckNorris attended @bersih2 to purposely get hit by chemical-laced water cannon & tear gas. He was all out of body shampoo & deodorant.

If u think Malaysia’s waters too shallow for #Scorpene think again. #GlobalWarming will raise sea levels! Don’t underestimate @NajibRazak

Know your enemy. That’s y UMNO swapped youth leaders with Communist China, in order to nab the Parti Sosialis Msia 6.

Sabah & Sarawak richest b4 1963, now poorest? It’s bcos we made them MORE RICHER, the counter hit max & became 0 again

So @LFC beat Malaysia 6-3 in a friendly. We should field @SaifulBukhari – he’d bring HALF A FOOTBALL TEAM with him!

Queen E. Remember when u met @NajibRazak in @bersih2 yellow? And now London is having street riots? UH HUH. U don’t mess with #rosmahmansor

It is a lie that the Scorpenes don’t work. They are just waiting for orders to blow up Causeway, but the crooked bridge plan isn’t finalized

Genghis Khan almost invaded Malaysia. However his soothsayer got a vision about ‘C4’ something and Genghis quickly ran back to Mongolia.

Isaac Newton did not discover gravity from watching apples fall from a tree. Actually he watched witnesses falling from #MACC building.

KKK, Apartheid & Neo Nazis planned to have a joint meeting in Malaysia. Then they heard #ibrahimali and committed seppuku out of inadequacy.

Chuck Norris can squeeze coal into diamonds with his bare hands. But #rosmahmansor can turn pocket money into 65.77 carats.

Mas Selamat was hiding in Johor, plotting to destroy peace & harmony. Then he read @UMonline and surrendered – Utusan Melayu already did it.

Oldest living person is USA Besse Cooper, age ONLY 115? Our Election Commission shakes head and quietly laughs.


See also other facts collections:

Rick Perry Facts

Dick Cheney Facts

Barack Obama Facts

Chuck Norris Facts

Featuring Wong Sai Wan Again, But Not Negatively This Time

August 19, 11

Okay, so I mocked the mistake-prone article by Wong Sai Wan last month.

But I have to say this piece is much better written. I even agree with most of its premises.

Marina Mahathir is Shamelessly Hacking Today

August 18, 11

I’ve often prodded her in the past, especially for her (intentional) myopia and double standards, but a section in this article has just gone too far.

Between 1987 and 1993 and 2000 and 2005, the Palestinian people went through two uprisings against the Israeli government, known as the First and Second Intifadas, respectively. Both Intifadas involved demonstrations, protests and, yes, a certain amount of violent rioting.

They were met with an even more violent response from the Israelis that resulted in many deaths and the eventual blockade of Gaza, still in force today.

Emphasis mine.

I can’t give her the benefit of the doubt, the application of Hanlon’s Razor, that what she said above is due to sheer ignorance.

Any fool can find on Wikipedia – that most basic, layperson of information sites – First Intifada and Second Intifada and find that they included the following certain amount of ‘violent rioting’ by Palestinians:

– Molotov cocktail attacks
– Hand grenade attacks
– Gun shootings, including with small arms, automatics and heavy machine guns
– Kidnappings
– Lynchings leading to death
– Luring a teenager to be ambushed and murdered
Sniper shooting of a baby
Suicide bombings of clubs, restaurants and buses full of women and children – including in ambulances and by children strapped with explosives!
– Taking clergy hostage and desecrating the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem
– Launching mortars and Qassam rockets
– Killing Palestinians accidentally through inept bomb making
– Killing Palestinians intentionally through using children and women as human shields
– Encouraging children to grow up to attack or suicide bomb Israel through kids shows and sing along songs
– Organized violence by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, terrorist groups which have as their stated goals the non-negotiable total destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews
– Palestinian death squads killing a thousand plus other Palestinians for allegedly collaborating with Israel (motherly example here), approved by Palestinian Liberation Organization leader ‘father of Palestine’ Yasser Arafat… Which by the end of the First Intifada killed more Palestianians than the Israelis did

This is Marina’s certain amount of violent rioting by Palestinians and even more violent response from the Israelis.

Post Intifada, you can add launching 10 rockets a day at Israelduring a ceasefire – to the above.

And for the record, the Second Intifada was intentionally sparked and spurred on by the notoriously corrupt Yasser Arafat, who had just rejected an offer for a Palestinian state at the Camp David Middle East Peace Summit.

In fact, imagine how much more poignant Marina’s contrast would be had she accurately portrayed the Palestinian Intifadas:


The Palestinians were exceedingly violent in their First and Second Intifadas against Israel – including carrying out shootings, suicide bombings, and even the cold-blooded murder of over a thousand Palestinians suspected of aiding Israel – yet our government fully supported them in their ‘protests’ against Israel.

Is it too much, then, to ask that our government support its own citizens who are engaging in a peaceful and orderly protest with nary a stone thrown or a bottle flung?

So I can no longer hold back.

Whatever point she may have been making about Malaysia’s government which I agree with does not erase the fact that, regarding the Palestine-Israel issue, I must voice my opinion now that MARINA MAHATHIR IS A SHAMELESS HACK.

(But oh, hey, wait. This is Dr. M’s daughter we’re talking about here. Maybe she too believes that Jews Rule the World, including and especially the media – Wikipedia included. That is why the information about the Palestine-Israel conflict there is hopelessly biased, skewed, unobjective in favor of the surely irredeemably evil Juice. /sarc)

What Rick Perry Should Run On to Win the GOP Nomination, US Presidency

August 16, 11

See also 5 facts related to the above, this chart, and this wage chart. (Via The Transom daily newsletter).

Via AoSHQ, even without fossil fuels:

If you removed oil and gas from the Texas economy, the Lone Star state has still outpaced growth in California.

At time of writing, US unemployment is at 9.1% and 60% say their top concern is JOBS.

So Texas Governor Rick Perry should just hammer the above every chance he gets. By the way, while the US’s credit rating has just been downgraded by S & P, Texas’ was upgraded in 2009.

As the Rick Perry Fact goes:

What do Rick Perry and Obama have in common? They both inherited credit ratings from George W. Bush. Perry raised his, Obama lowered his.

For what Obama has been accomplishing by contrast, see DOOM graphs here.

Graphic via Gateway Pundit.

UPDATE: He’s doing just that.

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