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Funny, Cool and Other Left 4 Dead 2 Stories

February 28, 11

The following are from my own experiences playing Left 4 Dead 2 (mostly Versus online), or those shared by others. Updated as I play more!

You can also get some stories of games at TV Tropes: Troper Tales.

LAST UPDATE: 20 March 2011


Above: Click for larger. Now this is cool. Pretty self-explanatory, but Charger grabbed one guy to somewhere lonely and around the same time, one more got incapped with two buddies near him – he and one standing guy were Boomer vomited whose horde caused the incap. I as Hunter then spawned and pounced in their general direction and managed to land on the non-Boomered, non-incapped one. Then Smoker snared the last guy. All without proper coordination or planning, for this gem of a screencap!

The same game but one stage prior, I Jockeyed Nick round a truck trailer and managed to keep it between him and Ellis. 13 second ride. When I got meleed off, I ran around the same trailer. Pounce cooldowned and I rode again. Then I got knocked off. Then I rode one more time with red health!

In Dead Center part 1: Hotel, we were doing okay as the Survivors. Then the player using Rochelle managed to run past and push two of us off the window ledge so we were left hanging! When the remaining two came back for us, Smoker pulled one to hang on the ledge and Charger sent Rochelle flying completely off the stage. gg!

In The Parish (I forget which stage), I patiently waited as Charger – aimed right for a crying Witch. Finally the Nick player came running out of the door from the narrow alley alone, and MOOOOOO! Charged him right into the barrier next to the Witch. She got startled and started ripping into him while my Charger did his smashing… And then someone Boomer vomited on him! I think both my Charger and the Witch got killed shortly after by the other Survivors, but Nick still ended up dead within ten seconds!

But I was outdone… In the same session, The Parish part 5: Bridge (notoriously deadly to Survivors!), I Smoked a Survivor while his two remaining buddies ran ahead. Suddenly I saw the outlines of Charger ramming into the two – one went flying off the bridge and the other got pounded. Two kills!

On The Parish part 5: Bridge again, I had the good fortune to get Charger at the start. Seeing as the starting sequence is quite long, I went for a quick visit to the toilet. When I got back, the game had already started and I was too far from the Survivors! (Press E.) I spawned behind a truck to their rear and just as I started moving to them, I saw their outlines turn purple from a Boomer attack. What luck! The blinded survivors were all together as I plowed through them, grabbed Ellis, and took us both flying into a hole in the bridge and down into the water. The rest died before I could respawn lol.

We were Survivors, I must have joined a long-running rematch since it was Dead Center first stage but my team was down hundreds of points. Anyway, I picked up the Grenade Launcher. At one point not even up to the gun store yet, two Survivors had been incapped by Specials and damage, and one just got Boomered and incapped by the summoned horde. I had the Launcher and a Katana, so what the heck… I lobbed a grenade at the mobbed guy. BOOM! Immediately got the Dismemberment Plan achievement – wow, there were 15+ zombies on him? One of the players responded “Great going, you finished us” lol! But since they were all incapped anyway, my grenade didn’t really hurt them in the long run. And then we actually made it all the way to the end of the map alive!

Playing on some weird server where the game would suddenly load a new campaign, and there was this annoying high-pitched little girl-like voice over someone’s mic mocking whenever an Infected hit (e.g. “Jockey Jockey haha kena Jockey”) who wouldn’t stop. Anyway, the map switched to Dead Center – Hotel, and I took an axe. Shortly into the game, I startled a Witch. With only a melee weapon, I decided to run for it – thru a room, close the door behind me, out onto a window ledge, thru another room, close the door, and I was back in the corridor. I didn’t want to be alone and a sitting duck in Versus, so I opened a door to a nearer room than the one I had just left and went to the window, and the same Witch ran in off the ledge and incapped me! Strangely, just a few shots from my Pistol took her down (maybe my allies had been shooting her), but I quit anyway because of the aforementioned oddness of the server.


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How Atheism Touches Lives – Stirring Real Life Examples

February 28, 11

Actually, snark – I don’t have any. So I’m gonna request the help of anyone who happens to stumble across my post.

Can you tell me:

How many criminals have reformed their ways because no proof for God exists?

How many drunkards and drug addicts have kicked the habit because the Bible is a compilation of fiction?

How many embittered people have let go of all their resentment and hate because random chance explains all alleged miracles and answered prayers?

How many people have abandoned their old, self-centred ways and gone on to serve the needy by following the example of leading atheist thinkers?

How many people have had their lives and the lives of those around them become better, happier and more fulfilling after realizing that Christianity is a lie, a hoax and a conspiracy?

How many people have had their hearts touched and been given hope because there is no God who loves them?

How many people have become nicer people because Jesus was a con/deluded/never existed?

Do cite some examples for my enlightenment.


Bonus question: If you were walking down a dark alley in the most crime-ridden part of the city one night, and suddenly bumped into four burly, rough looking men covered in tattoos…

Would you honestly not feel safer, knowing that these four men had recently accepted Jesus into their lives with tears of repentance flowing down their cheeks, had been regularly attenting Sunday services at the local mainstream Baptist church for a year now, and were just on their way home from Baptism classes?


Bonus snark: How many renowned atheists can the average person on the street name who are not homicidal mass murderers? How many of those he eventually names actually contributed to the good of humanity in a non-subjective, non-theoretical manner?

The Devil Did Not Want Jesus to Die on the Cross

February 28, 11

Now the standard assumption (particularly among the unchurched, but also among believers) is that the devil thought he was spoiling God’s plans by getting Jesus arrested, kangaroo trialed and crucified. After all, with the Son of God dead, how could God bring about His kingdom on earth?

Fitting into this view would be the notion that the devil was piqued and carried a grudge after failing to tempt Jesus over to the dark side during ‘the temptation of Jesus’ (Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13 and Luke 4:1-13). “Why, if Jesus won’t side with the me, I’ll see that He won’t be able to side with anybody!” All very The Empire Strikes Back, no?

But here’s the thing. Go back to that passage of Scripture. Before the devil tries to convince Jesus to side with him, he tries to get Jesus to use His divine authority for His own ends – perhaps because this would ‘hook’ Jesus onto the feeling of power and control. What does the devil do to try and justify Jesus using those powers?

That’s right – the devil quotes Scripture!

“If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,
and they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’”

This is a quote of Psalm 91:11-12 (but notice the devil doesn’t continue with verse 13, which mentions trampling the serpent – perhaps a parallel of Genesis 3:15? The devil must be a high roller to cite such a risky passage!)

Thus it is clear that the devil knows the Scripture (the Old Testament) well enough to be able to craft his strategy to tempt Jesus. And the Scripture is all about God’s plan to redeem mankind through the Messiah (Luke 24:25-27). Wouldn’t the devil then also be fully aware that the Messiah would have to suffer and die in order to save the fallen world? (Read that portion of Luke!)

Let’s take a look at Matthew 16:21-23:

From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.

Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”

Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

The usual explanation of the above is that Peter was being presumptuous to think he knew better than Jesus what the Messiah would go through. But might Jesus’ fierce rebuke also be telling? Did the devil influence Peter in order to try and persuade Jesus away from the road to Golgotha?

In fact, two films conjecture this sort of scenario.

First is The Passion of the Christ, which opens with Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemene. His heart troubled because of all the suffering He knows He will have to endure, suddenly a shady figure appears and lets slither a serpent – indicating that the figure is supposed to be the devil. Jesus seems to deliberate for a moment, but then responds by literally crushing the serpent’s head ala Genesis 3:15, thus rejecting the devil’s offer.

Then, all the way at the end of the film, Jesus breathes His last breath on the cross, and the devil is shown screaming in impotent rage at heaven. Hence the offer at the start of the film was likely an easy way out of the suffering of the cross.

Clearly, this non-canonical artistic insertion is meant to show that the devil was trying to tempt Jesus away from the cross one last time, and when Jesus finally did die on the cross, the devil was keenly aware of the breaking of the power of sin.

The other film is the controversial The Last Temptation of Christ. While it was heavily criticized for portraying Jesus in a manner considered highly insulting by Christians, here I’m focusing on its major plot twist.

The film imagines what would have happened if Jesus did not accept the cross, but rather married Mary Magdalene and retired to a quiet, happy life. (Well, Mary at first, then other women simultaneously too – see why it’s considered controversial?)

But much later, an aged Jesus regrets His selfish choice. As He cries out to the Father in regret, suddenly He is back on the cross – it was all a dream incurred by the physical exhaustion of crucifixion (and a very last attempt at temptation by the devil, hence the film title). Jesus had overcome the temptation to escape the cross.

Thus we see that the film also strongly suggests that the devil’s goal is to prevent Jesus from sacrificing Himself.

(On a side note, see my post on how Jesus showed incredible restraint throughout His arrest, trial, torture and crucifixion – He could have invoked His boundless power at any time, but consciously allowed Himself to be killed.)

And that’s my view on the matter. Tell me what you think.

Chinese School Rejects Utusan Melayu’s Offer of FREE Daily Racist Hatred

February 25, 11

Chinese rejecting free stuff? What kind of non-stereotypical behaviour is this? We better institute Interlok quick so that young Chinese learn that they are supposed to be greedy and possess no scruples.

Then Chinese schools can invite Spew-tusan to come in and infect all their students with overtly seditious incitements, slowly turning them into own-race-hating Ridhuan Tees.

1 Malaysia mission accomplished!!!! /sarc

Via Malaysia Today, from Sin Chew:

Utusan rejected for being too racist, harmful for Chinese students

2011-02-24 18:31

A Chinese primary school in Kuantan has reversed its decision to accept free copies of the Malay daily Utusan Malaysia following objections from Chinese educational groups and opposition parties.

Malaysiakini quoted the Sin Chew Daily as saying that the reversal of the decision was made by the SRJK (C) Semambu board after a meeting on the night of Wednesday 23 February 2011.

Board chairman Goh Kim Fah told the Sin Chew Daily that the school initially wanted to accept free copies of the Utusan Malaysia, sponsored by a private company, to enhance the command of Bahasa Malaysia among the pupils.

“Indeed, we were careless with this issue. We did not study the impact of the decision (to accept the sponsorship),” Goh said.

He said the pupils, unlike adults, would not be able to compare the Utusan Malaysia news reports, which critics claim are “skewed and fan racism”, with other sources.

This was among the reasons the board decided to reject the sponsorship deal.

The issue was raised after the Utusan Malaysia reported that property developer Pasdec Holdings Bhd would sponsor 4,375 copies of the daily for four primary schools and one secondary school in Pahang.

Negative impact on pupils

Among others, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has objected to the sponsorship deal, saying that the Umno-owned daily had a habit of publishing false news about him and stoking racial sentiments among the Malays.

Lim also accused the daily of constantly trying to portray the Chinese community as second-class citizens.

“If we allow our new generation to read this Umno mouthpiece, then the Chinese community would become second-class citizens in Malaysia forever. The rights of non-Malays would be deprived,” Lim said in a recent statement.

The Association of Graduates from Universities & Colleges of China, Malaysia, also pointed out that the newspaper would have a negative impact to the pupils.

“The Utusan Malaysia has been spreading racism and lies, as well as distorting facts. It is not a professional and credible newspaper, hence it is not suitable to be read by pupils whose thinking is still not mature,” the association said in calling on the school to reject the offer.

Oh come on. Why waste such a golden opportunity? The schools can just take advantage of the free bird cage lining for their competitive singing pigeons. Go Chinese frugality and entrepreneurship!

(Have to pity the pigeons though, wonder if they’ll be horrifically mutated by the FUMES OF HATRED emanating from Spew-tusan’s pages.)

Anyway, make your own conclusions about whether Spew-tusan deserves to be unfairly subjected to filthy poop poop deserves to be unfairly subjected to filthy Spew-tusan with this brief history lesson.

Interlok: Chock Full of Insults Against Chinese Too (and Lots of Unsavoury Material)

February 22, 11

I’ll flesh out my position on the matter of Interlok that I gave to Yeah.

Despite not having read the book in full, I am currently opposed to Interlok because I perceive it as being too racially sensitive. This perception has been formed by various comments on the book, especially by HartalMSM’s coverage which includes excerpts and scans of the most objectionable parts.

However, I am completely open to changing my mind. All it will take is for a supporter of the book to cite excerpts which argue the case for its suitability for racial harmony – basically, the exact opposite of what HartalMSM is doing. Yeah did indeed post one comment citing several plot instances that fit the bill.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of arguments for Interlok I have seen run along the lines of ‘It’s by a Sasterawan Negara’, ‘This and that authority has reviewed and approved it’, and ‘You are idiots who have not read the book so shut up’.

Is it unfair for laypeople to pass judgment on a book they haven’t read? Admittedly so, but let’s be practical here – they don’t owe it to anyone to be sold on an idea (e.g. that Interlok is suitable for school studies). It is the responsibility of Interlok’s supporters to convince the populace on the merits of the book.

Heck, how many PSAs and ads do we see out there imploring the populace to do things such as stop smoking, drive sober, and not play with fire? Honestly it should be common sense and their own responsibility for their own benefit, yet the govertment and NGOs have accepted that people need to be sold on even the most basic of good practices.

Similarly, we both have blogs where we continually defend the good name of our respective beliefs. Sure, we could complain that polemics are unfairly smearing our beliefs with all sorts of lies. But as a practical matter, we accept that they aren’t going to stop, and thus we actively post material as counters to their accusations.

In short, if you all are really so supportive of Interlok, isn’t it the least you could do to give a strong effort to convince the masses? That is what HartalMSM is tirelessly doing for their point of view.

I’ll be straight up on this, trying to get people on your side by telling them how stupid they must be if they don’t join you does not work.

– Me, summarizing my position in a comment


“Have you forgotten what a typical high school is like? I bet you that in no time, students will be calling one another penipu Cina Panjang or si pariah tak guna or bodoh macam Pak Musa as insults.” – Me, in reply to a comment


“Why is hartalmsm silent about Rama or Yew Seng? Why is hartalmsm silent about Maniam who helped Seman. Why is the part on Malini speaking up to the white tuan not highlighted? Didn’t Cing Huat tried to befriend Seman too in the end? Didn’t Rama tried to free Mak Limah? Didn’t Lazim regret supporting the Japanese? Didn’t Yew Seng let him go to avoid death in the hands of KMT? Didn’t Poh Eng saved Maniam? Kim Hock took whatever honest jobs he can to support his family, is that disgraceful?” Yeah on why when taken as a whole, Interlok is a commendable effort at building racial unity


Abdullah Hussain’s credo is simple: A character one like Maniam who loves the Malay is a good guy. All the Chinese are bad guys and villains except Yew Seng who, but what else, loves the Malay and in order to integrate with the Malays, is willing to turn his back on his own father (who scolds the prodigal son ‘sui tu’).

If you’re willing to follow in Yew Seng’s footsteps, and quarrel and break with your dad, and leave your family home (because you sympathize with the Malays and despise your dad’s prejudice that Malays are lazy), then you can also be a Cina Baik in the World of Interlok. So who says all the Chinese are portrayed negatively in the novel? – Second of two of hartalmsm‘s responses


Okay, at first I was of the opinion that both sides of the Interlok debate were being stubborn.

On one side, just strike out the word pariah and use one of many synonyms instead of arguing how vital it is to use that exact word. Or use another book – there are plenty other local offerings.

On the other side, the p-word isn’t being used specifically in reference to social castes. Just accept that it’s a common usage word in today’s world.

Now my opinion has been totally changed.

Spotted at Malaysia Today, from Hartal MSM‘s coverage of the book, here’s some combined excerpts of what you find in Interlok’s unabridged version:

If you thought ‘pariah’ was the worst insult there is in the novel ‘Interlok’, you’re mistaken.

It is filled with every conceivable racial stereotype of Indians and Chinese that you can think of, applied hodge-podge but in over-abundance to the main characters.

Page 151: Kim Lock is tempted by the bad guy Paman Kok Leng to sell Cing Huat. Because Cing Huat is a boy, the father has qualms. However, he would consider the proposition if the child was a girl.

Cing Huat, now a father himself, is portrayed by Abdullah as someone who is in turn prepared to trade his daughters (for boys) without second thought.

‘Interlok’ is filled with the same characterizations of Chinese — prostitutes, womanisers, gamblers, cheats, scumbags, opium addicts, and more.

Page 119: Kita minta sedekah. Kita curi. Kita tak punya anak perempuan. Kalau ada anak perempuan kita boleh jual.”

Page 177: Dia hanya fikirkan bagaimana dia dapat mencari wang dan menjadi kaya lekas.

Kim Lock’s mistress Mei Hua has been selling her body since young. – the Chinese characters are indeed portrayed in the most unedifying terms by Abdullah Hussain.

51. Dipandangnya muka Yew Hock, dilihatnya matanya yang sepet itu merenung tepat ke matanya

61.Tetapi dia tidak tahu kepada siapa dia mesti marah, kepada bapanya atau kepada Cina Panjang yang gemuk, buncit perut, bermata sepet itukah

134. Matanya yang kecil sepet, liar dengan liciknya.

229. [Cing Huat’s children] Rambutnya kejur, matanya sepet, hidungnya pesek, kulit mereka putih kuning.

The scenario of the cruel and cunning Chinese man cheating the naïve Malay is paraphrased in proper BM on Page 92: “Waktu bapanya masih hidup, kita semua tahu, bapanya tu ada banyak membeli tanah. Tanah sawah, tanah kampung dan tanah kebun dekat kuala dialah yang beli. Tetapi alih-alih waktu dia mati kata Seman tanah itu semua sudah digadai pada Cina Panjang tu, dan orang Cina tu pun dah suruh Seman ini keluar dari kampung tersebut. Seman ini buta huruf, tuk penghulu, alif sebesar batang kelapa pun dia tak kenal, mata tongkang, jadi saya tak berapa pasti apakah betul atau tidak, ataupun orang Cina itu mau perdaya dia saja.”

How would you feel when you’re forced to digest the ‘lu’, ‘gua’ Cina Pek mimicry, and mockery of stereotypical Chinese pronunciation, e.g. “Gua mau kasi olang lain mikin kalija.”

The Chinese character painted above by Interlok author Abdullah Hussain is the ‘bad’ Chinese. Abdullah’s ‘good’ Chinese is the one who sides with the Malay and turns his back on his own [Chinese] people.

As we know from previous excerpts from the novel, the Chinese have been portrayed as the scums of the earth. The Malays on the other hand have been portrayed as most kind and noble.

Page 95: Through this way, our [reserve Malay] land that is protected by law is mortgaged to a foreign race. We are unable to do anything.

Page 101: “Titak apa,” ujar Cina itu kemudian. “Kalau lu titak mau keluar pun titak apa. Tapi lu mesti bayar sewa sama gua.” [Wow, that’s a really super Cinapek accent the writer slaps on there!- Scott]

Abang mereka Yew Hock hampir serupa sahaja dengan bapanya, tidak mahu tahu tentang keadaan di sekelilingnya, mereka hanya mahu mencari wang …

Ah, but not all of the negative portrayals are aimed at Chinese. To be fair, see what torridly negative things Interlok has to say about Malays:

Huan na (Malays). Malas, tak tahu cari duit. Gua tak mau lu jadi macam mereka

Oops, actually that’s what a horrid, intolerant Chinese person thinks of Malays! So it’s actually another jab at the Chinese who are so bigoted that they stereotype Malays as lazy and financially inept.

Darn those uppity Chinese! Darn them I say! With hardcore racists like these buck toothed, slant eyed Chinks infesting the nation, how can tolerant and loving UMNO bring about 1 Malaysia harmony? /sarc

And not overtly racist, but still highly unsavoury material totally unsuitable for school students:

“Dan, alangkah terperanjatnya lagi demi dia melihat orang tergantung dalamnya dengan lidah terjelir keluar” [describing a suicide scene]

On pages 337-8, there is the scene of the bad guy Suppiah raping Malini, wife of the main Indian character Maniam. She struggles, her sari is torn. Her coli is torn. His hands grope her breasts.

“By then, Malini could not resist any longer. It has been three years since Maniam (her husband) left her. She was still young and when the secret places were aroused, she no longer possessed the willpower to fight (her body’s urges) anymore. She knew it was wrong, but how could she summon the strength to fight. Suppiah’s solid body was not only a weapon to defeat her resistance but also the tool to weaken her will.”

Malini hangs herself from a belimbing tree in shame when she becomes pregnant as a result of the rape. In the student edition, Malini dies in bed from fever.

On pages 457-8, a lecherous old communist guerrilla Teck Hock attempts to rape P0h Eng, Cing Huat’s daughter. It’s described how he pins her down and embraces her. “Teck Hock was on top of her body.” “Are you mad? screamed Poh Eng. “Gua anggap lu seperti gua punya bapa.” “I’m not your father,” he replied. “I’m just an ordinary man …”. Both rape scenes have been taken out from the student edition.

Oh, so the rape scenes are out then? Phew, now Interlok is totally suitable for secondary school boys and girls! /sarc

Scanned pages at Hartal MSM, which promises more revelations to come.


Okay, so it’s a fictional story reflecting past times that’s trying to be gritty and realistic, sure.

But as per my usual methodology of “Why don’t you try it the other way around and see if you still find it so acceptable”, what if school students were forced to read a book where the majority of Malay characters were portrayed as lazy, ignorant, arrogant and prone to violent and hateful rhetoric? Think Ridhuan Tee would be defending the book then?

Besides, there’s already plenty of racist hatemongering in the school library’s daily subscription to Spew-tusan. Can’t students be indoctrinated in modern, up to date bile and venom instead of outdated, old-fashioned 40-year old slurs? Interlok is so passe, just slap together a compilation of hypocritical yet self-righteous diatribes thinly-veiled, vicious hate-mongering openly and shamelessly seditious incitements to racial strife insightfully delightful short stories from Spew-tusan’s thick cache laaaa!

Innocent young students not yet acquainted with the weekly, real-life demonstration of the worst stereotypes imaginable by certain parties (ummmmmmmm noooooooo… I won’t say which parties, sorry) would read Interlok, and come away with the ingrained perception that Chinese are generally greedy, sexist, ethicless and (hypocritically coming from this book!) prejudiced to boot.

In other words, they’ll be filled with all the worst stereotypes of Chinese people.

Heck, impressionable Chinese kids might start to think of their race and culture that way too! All the better for the stealth-protelyzing in schools to make them into a new generation of Ridhuan Tees, yes?

Or as Hartal MSM puts it:

The BTN subtext to indoctrinate

What are the impressions to be drawn from Abdullah’s storytelling above?

That the Chinese are a nasty, cheating race whom anyone decent would shudder to have as his neighbour.

The Chinese characters are most unsympathetic and scarcely have any redeeming graces. They have no loyalty to the country (we’ll cover the ‘unpatriotic’ aspect another time).

This book is a less-than-subtle vehicle to knock into the heads of young students (who have to study this novel for their exam) that the Chinese pendatang — referred to repeatedly in the book as “bangsa asing” — must be grateful for the opportunities given by Malaya. It parallels the ‘pariah’ theme with regard to the Indian characters.

What if they remove all the objectionable material? But then again, why even pick such an unsuitable book in the first place when there are so many other candidates? It’s akin to choosing 28 Days Later or The Exorcist and editing out the scary, gory and mature themed parts so that it becomes suitable for kindergarten cartoon time – wouldn’t picking The Care Bears Movie have been more sensible?

And remember, they wouldn’t even deem to change the word pariah:

Federation of National Writers Association (Gapena) executive secretary Abdul Aziz Mohd Ali said the body supported the ministry’s decision to use Interlok as a textbook.

He said the only acceptable change that could be made to the novel was to add a glossary for the word “pariah” to better explain it.

Actually, the book was already highly edited as mentioned by Hartal MSM here.

So good luck changing anything that would affect the story about disgusting, reprehensible Chinamen:

“I believe we have enough time to make the detailed amendments so that there will not be any more disputes over the novel.” Muhyiddin said the decision was made after taking into account the views of various parties that Interlok was a good novel to nurture and strengthen unity among the multireligious and multicultural population in Malaysia.

“As such, the decision to retain the novel with amendments is the best solution. We will ensure that any amendments made will not affect the storyline of the novel and the noble message that the author wants to convey.”

For comparison, a letter to Malaysiakini points this out (excerpt):

Let’s look back at the case of the book Hikayat Munshi Abdullah, from the first Malay literary author, father and pioneer of modern Malay literature, which was once a reference book in 1958 for Bahasa Melayu.

The author in the work had described the Malays as lazy, gamblers and so on. He was also critical about the Malay rulers of that time, whom he had described as selfish and that the rulers had treated the Malay subjects dismally and that those sultans did not want the Malays to become well-educated and gain profession.

Because this book was insensitive to the Malays the book was removed as a reference book in Malaysia although it is still being used in Indonesia.

Either the people in charge of choosing suitable books did a lousy job of vetting, or (IMHO and in the opinion of Hartal MSM a much more likely scenario) they intentionally chose this piece of garbage that fits their own bigoted, narrow-minded, condescending views and were likely giggling to themselves over their insidious/seditious prank on Malaysian students.

A decision on this book’s use in schools needs to be made, promptly and firmly. It will be compulsory to read as part of the BM subject.


KUDOS: For undeserved mention by Lim Teck Ghee is his letter carried at Malaysiakini, Lim Kit Siang’s blog, Malaysian Mirror, Centre for Policy Initiatives, Human Rights Party Malaysia, and Human Rights Party Malaysia again.

And mentioned as well by Hartal MSM.

Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice – Zoey’s Tale

February 17, 11

From Part 2 of the official Left 4 Dead comic, Zoey’s tragic introduction to the Infection is revisited.

Bare seconds after being attacked and bitten by a random Infected, the rapid-acting Infection turns Zoey’s mother into a violent, rabid monster herself. She savagely attacks Zoey’s father, and then launches herself at a shocked Zoey. Zoey’s father stops the attack with a gunshot to Infected mom’s head.

But Zoey’s dad has already been bitten by Infected mom…

The tragedy is compounded when weeks later, a doctor researching the outbreak reveals that resistance to the Infection is carried by the father, most likely meaning that immunity from becoming a crazed living zombie is recessive the way that colourblindness is.

Susceptibility to the Infection must be a dominant trait carried on the X chromosome.

Since Zoey is immune, that means both her X chromosomes must carry the recessive immunity. Therefore she inherited one X chromosome with the recessive immunity from her mother (whose other X chromosome has the dominant susceptibility, hence mom’s turning Infected)… And one from her father.

Which means her father wouldn’t have turned Infected.

See also much more lighthearted fare at Left 4 Dead Comics Collection (118+ Comics), and some cool photo shoots at eft 4 Dead Live Action Photo Shoots.

AlterNet Racist and Transformers Trivia Ignoramus

February 16, 11

Via Gateway Pundit, from AlterNet’s Chauncey DeVega:

In the immortal words of Megatron in Transformers: The Movie, Herman Cain’s speech at CPAC really is bad comedy. As you know, I find black garbage pail kids black conservatives fascinating not because of what they believe, but rather because of how they entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters.

We always need a monkey in the window, for he/she reminds us of our humanity while simultaneously reinforcing a sense of our own superiority.

Apart from the writer’s condescending racism projected onto Conservatives from his own bigoted mindset, he can’t even get his pop culture references straight.

It was GALVATRON who said This is bad comedy, not Megatron.

To wit:

Starscream: Who disturbs my coronation!?

Galvatron: Coronation Starscream? This is bad comedy.

Starscream: Megatron? Is that you?

Galvatron: Here’s a hint!


Rumble: What’d he say his name was again?

Galvatron: GALVATRON.

Decepticons: All hail Galvatron!

Okay, quibble if you must that Galvatron is in essence actually Megatron, but you’re still a projecting racist.

See also other liberal double-standards on anti-black racism at these posts.

Ann Coulter at CPAC 2011

February 14, 11

Via Gateway Pundit, from Freedom’s Lighthouse:

And my selection of the most snarky and piercing quotes:

From her speech:

But you know, if they wanna get rid of overbearing, out of touch despots… Could we start with Janet Napolitano?

Mubarak supports US policy, used his army to fight Islamic terrorists, and he recognized Israel’s right to exist. Or as liberals call it: Three strike and you’re out.

In some pro-Ahmadinejad districts the voting was over 100%… Oh no, wait, I’m sorry – I was thinking of Al Franken’s election in Minnesota.

But Egyptians take to the streets and start decapitating mummies, and Obama says “We hear your voices.” He hears their voices? He couldn’t even hear our voices and we were protesting on the streets on Washington D.C.!

For 50 years, Democrats have harbored traitors, hobnobbed with America’s enemies, attacked America’s allies, lost wars, lost continents to Communism… As Joe McCarthy put it, if they were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that at least some of their decisions served the interests of the United States.

Under mean, divisive George Bush, a nuclear sub was named after Jimmy Carter – the USS Jimmy Carter. It’s a good sub, but there were some problems – its periscope works only in hindsight, life rafts are subject to hyperinflation, and whenever it’s in a US port it immediately attacks the United States.

For the young people in the audience, now you know why when people compare Obama to Jimmy Carter, it’s not a compliment.

[Obama] got into office and immediately turned over our healthcare to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, those interminable lines at the DMV, imagine you’re standing in one of the lines but this time you’re in one of those hospital gowns that’s open in the back – that’s Obamacare!

Obama says the price of health insurance will come down if only it’s mandatory. It’s like the guy has never ordered food from a hotel before. When you have no choice, does the price go up or down?

And now Republicans are gonna have to repeal national healthcare just so we can find out what’s not in it.

I love this argument that we need a ‘path to citizenship’. Path to citizenship – we have a path to citizenship, it’s called legal immigration.

But the strangest thing was seeing Obama not on a golf course. Everytime I look up the guy’s on a golf course – it’s like he’s trying to get his handicap down below his approval numbers.


From her question and answer session (which has more serious discussion than her for-amusement speech):

Q: What is more important though to American values – being friends with Israel still, or knowing that there are jailed dissidents and journalists?
A: ……….What do you mean, knowing that there are journalists? I think there should be MORE jailed journalists! [Said with a completely straight face!]

Ann: That’s why you need an observant electorate – very bad for the Democrats, very good for the Republicans.

Ann: Don’t be like a politician and take a poll and then decide what your position is – the truth is inherently appealing.

Q: Who is your least favourite Democrat?
A: Oh boy! That’s like asking my least favourite disease!

Ann: And by the way, congratulations liberals, you just about destroyed the black family with these brilliant promotions of single motherhood policies.

Ann: I was always friend of the gays… Then liberals come with this idea no one’s thought of for a thousand years – gay marriage. And I go to sleep one night being friend of the gays, I wake up the next day [a] homophobe! No! You can’t do that – you just made up this gay marriage thing.

Ann: [Gay marriage] has nothing to do with [liberals] liking gays – they don’t mind their little pals the Islamic terrorists dropping walls on gays. No, only to use gays as a cat’s paw to attack the family. Because liberals want the family destroyed, they want religion destroyed, because then you have loyalty directly to the state.

Ann: God is saying to gays what He said to Abraham – give up something you love for Me. That’s a tough cross to bear and I admire gays who do it.

Ann: The left is trying to co-opt gays and I don’t think we should let them. They should be on our side – we’re for low taxes, we’re against crime, we’re against the terrorists who wanna kill gays. Gays are natural conservatives.

See also two years’ worth at Ann Coulter’s Most Piercing and Snarky Quotes of 2010 & 2011.

Prolonged Drought Before Record Snowfall – Gaia Herself Debunks Gore’s Ridiculous Claims

February 12, 11

During the Snowpocalype that hit most of the Northern Hemisphere with massive snowfall and shattering cold, Al Gore had this to say by way of explanation:

In fact, scientists have been warning for at least two decades that global warming could make snowstorms more severe. Snow has two simple ingredients: cold and moisture. Warmer air collects moisture like a sponge until it hits a patch of cold air. When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow

Gore is saying that warmer weather causes more evaporation of water, and thus more moisture in the air, which leads to greater precipitation (in the form of record-breaking snow).

But anyone can Google “snowfall despite drought” and find the following:


North China – Snowfall after drought since October

Alabama – Ice and snow after persistent drought

North Carolina – Record snowfall in December after below-normal rainfall since last July

Missouri – Record making snowfall following 2-year drought

California – Massive snowfall after 3 years drought

Oklahoma – Snow and freezing rain after dry months

Arizona – Plenty of snow after 14 year drought!

Kansas – Trio of snowstorms after chronic drought

Georgia – Crippling snow after months of drought


There hasn’t been precipitation for months or years despite ‘highest temperatures in recorded history’, so where did all the water go? Did it hang out in the upper atmosphere all the way until 2010/11’s Snowmageddon?

Or maybe there hasn’t been excess evaporation at all… After all, there has not been any real warming for the past decade. That would explain why there has been a drought recently, yes?

But that would be akin to calling Al Gore a liar, a liar, and a liar. And we can’t have that, now can we?

Conservative Blogs I Frequent

February 7, 11

Out of all the blogs and sites available out there, I’ve been regularly following these few:

Moonbattery Daily updates on the most evil, conniving, and downright idiotic things liberals across the world have been up to. Daily Open Threads encourage reader news tips (which I contribute to as well). Occassional posts celebrating countermoonbattery pushback against the Left. Almost every post will have an image or video. Strong Christian worldview.

Gateway Pundit The usual Conservative issues. Close ties with St Louis Tea Party means coverage of Tea Party protests you won’t find elsewhere. Often adds reminders linking back to earlier posts related to current issues, such as in order to point out a liberal breaking his word or the many times Democrats have assailed industry. About eevry post will have an image. Strong Christian worldview.

The Jawa Report Heavy coverage on terrorism, including relatively unknown and localized cases. Strong campaigning to flag pro-terrorist videos and sites hosted in the USA for removal. Lots of highly amusing taunting and mocking of loser terrorist-wannabes. Anything remotely Star Wars related gets a post for teh lols. The usual coverage of other Conservative and Libertarian interests. Varied worldviews from multiple contributors.

Ace of Spades HQ The usual coverage of Conservative and Libertarian interests, most posts are sparse on images and videos. Semi-regular long posts where Ace puts mocking skillz to good use. Slightly heavier economics angle than others. The Net’s latest selection of fun, cool and memetic offerings from daily and weekend Open Threads, heavy on images and videos. Varied worldviews from multiple contributors.

Michelle Malkin Showcases her weekly published columns, with selection of posts on the usual Conservative interests (currently handled by guest blogger Doug Ross). Being a good-looking Filipino American woman, the amount of racist and sexist bile thrown at her is more than enough to fill the occassional Hate Mail post. Each post in the sidebar has a thumbnail image, but not every post itself will have an image. Strong Christian worldview, and a mother.

Ann Coulter The completely politically-incorrect queen of snarky sarcasm! (Seriously, some of her sarcasm will fly over your head unless you have some familiarity with the issues and persons she’s talking about.) Site showcases her weekly published columns. Sidebar has short news bites, links or tweets accompanied by her snarky remarks on whatever news catches her interest, usually on Conservative matters. Background in Law means the occassional insight into legal aspects of an issue. Almost purely text site. Strong Christian worldview.

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