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A 5 Minute Poem to Start Your Day

September 29, 06

5 minutes refers to how long it took me to think up and phone keypad type out this little rhyme yesterday morning. I spontaneously felt like it and did it while on the way back from collecting my corrected MyKad. Remember to check your chip’s details, especially on your stated religion! It’s your duty to God to make sure it’s correct.

Anyway… Dedicated to all the working life people out there!

Morning morning work work work
Be a nice worker and don’t be a jerk

Finish the day 9 to 5
Go home thank God that you survived!

Go home eat and crash in bed
Sleep like mayat who is double dead

Wake up the next morning, remember to smile…
God will make this all worthwhile!

Amen ;>

Fai-wa of the Day

September 29, 06

Original quotes from ME! Behold the mighty words of Scott:

“Man does not live on bread alone, but also on 10 essential amino acids.”

“…as cheap as MTV love.”

“A full bladder makes haste.”

“Nervousness is when your mouth is dry and your bladder is bursting.”

“If ever you’re in great difficulty and really need help, just call me… And I promise I’ll laugh.”

“This is delicious! Do you want some? WELL YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY!

“English is STUPID!… But if it weren’t, I wouldn’t have a JOB.”

“Kittens are proof of God. They are created to eat, sleep and play (and look cute).”

“Be careful outside… Look both ways before crossing the road. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t pet strange cats.” (Mei Yee: “But I want to!”)


September 29, 06

Ai ai ai… How heart-rending. Looking at my blog stats for the past 1 week, it seems that NEARLY HALF (48.2%) of all searches that lead to my blog are OBSCENE!!! It’s the price I must pay for having such a unique name (even among the Chinese surnames).

From the stats below, there are 54 searches to do with thongs (which I’m sure DON’T refer to the Cantonese for soup). The exact phrase ‘thong of the day’ by itself already accounts for 44 hits! The phrase is actually the http address of a certain site, I’ve discovered. There’s even one search for ‘hot UNI girls’. Well you ain’t gonna ogle MY uni girls, that’s for sure ya perverts!

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2006-09-29


Search Views
thong of the day 11
lawsuit bugs in rice 2
penang 1
undo caffeine 1
hot fun 1
what is the largest living bird that doe 1
squinty eyes 1
show+my+thong 1
examples of Trinity God 1
Trinity Examples 1

Search Views
thong of the day 14
Russ Pings Bible Believers 2
voltron 1
forbidden city portrait of an empress CD 1
hot time in singapore 1
kindergarten praying mantis description 1

Search Views
happy tree friends for mad comics 3
transformers, animated gifs 2
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text america look at my thong 1
“thong of the day” 1
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my thong text america 1
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katana slicing a bullet 1
“optimus prime”+” animated gifs” 1
remove before flight thong 1
morality in the bible, past present and  1
dilbert decaf 1
dilbert comic decaf 1
grace woo 1

Search Views

can a katana cut through a fridge door? 2
funny ping pong tv slowmotion japan 1
sri saujana 1
Hot Thong Day 1
cockroach animated gif 1
show me your thong 1
“Cockroach picture” moving 1
dum lion hunting video 1
hot UNI girls 1
thaicoup 1
crowe fighting around the world 1

Search Views
transformers 2007 videos 2
“grace woo” blog greece 1
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Scott Thong 1
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Lysol and Flame 1
penang uni sa 2006 1
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Search Views

caffeine cockroach 2
why do mosquitoes attack me when I sleep 1
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tom and jerry 1
vgcats 1

And update 6 May 2008 – This is my second most visited post, at a total of 14840 hits as of today.

So it seems that my blog gets plenty of visitors who go away empty eye-balled. Well fine then… You want provocative thongs, I’ll GIVE YA provocative thongs! Here you go:


                        THONG OF THE DAY

Sorry to all you dominatrixes foot fetish types, heh :p

“After me will come one more powerful than I, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie!” – John the Baptist (Mark 1:7)

Two Loves in Balance

September 27, 06

I believe that in a lot of things in life, you need to have the correct BALANCE. Be it our physical world, or personalities and social interactions, or our moral and spiritual development, maintaining the right balance is very important.

When I say balance, I don’t mean like in scales or see-saws, where balanced means ‘both sides being EQUAL‘. Such as in ‘There must be a balance between Good and Evil (both in equal amounts)’. No, I think that’s nonsense philosophy.

When I say balance, I mean having things in the CORRECT AMOUNT. Such as the balance of salt and water in your blood. The correct saltiness of healthy human blood is only 0.9%. Having equal amounts of salt and water in your blood (each 50%) is fatal! U R D34D & 0WNZ3R3D!!

So to me, the correct ‘balance between Good and Evil’ is 100% Good, with no Evil left.

With the definition made clear, on to what I wanted to say today: Remember the Greatest Commandments that Jesus stated? 1) Love God, and 2) Love Mankind. (Matthew 22:34-40)

I feel that many of the problems in the world today are when people don’t have a proper balance bewteen the two in their lives.

Love Mankind too much, Love God too little – This is a major problem with our modern world. People break God’s rules (and heart) under the pretext of loving one another. Gay marriage, free love/sex, anything-goes cultism, I-do-what-I-want self worship… The more and more people elevate Mankind over God, the more the religion of Humanism takes over and people become their own gods. People always quote the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. But I wonder how many ever treat God the way they would want to be treated, instead of stepping on His feelings.

Love God too much, Love Mankind too little – History is full of examples of those who claimed to be devoted to God, yet seemed to care naught about His unique creations made in His image. The original Pharisees, the Inquisition, religiously motivated terrorism today… every little time where we drill just a small hole in the plank in our eye, so we can set fire to the speck in our brother’s eye. Cannon fodder and perfect stereotypes for anti-religionist movements.

Love God and Mankind too little! – Describes people colloquially known as ‘Rat Ba****s’, ‘SOBs’ and/or ‘Total A**h***s.’ People who have 0% of each basically screw over everything in the universe except themselves. Little more description is needed. The Communist Champs (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc) fall into this category by default since they avow the existence of God.

It has also been said that Christian attitudes can be described as a cross. Vertical is focusing on God, horizontal is focusing on Mankind. For instance, in evangelism… The Roman Catholic Church with its strong efforts in charity and humanitarian aid but alleged straying from the original Apostolic teachings has been said to be too ‘horizontally oriented’.

Whereas the Evangelicals who seek evangelise with correct doctrine without providing basic needs of life have been called too ‘vertically oriented’. The poor need the bread of carbohydrate as well as the Bread of Life. See how a balance of both is important?

Love God and Love Mankind can be further divided into more specific sections, of which I feel each of us has our own personal shortcomings. But remembering not to tilt too far to one side in order to maintain the ‘cross’ can be a helpful check on our attitudes and actions.

And the perfect balance to try and attain? 100% of each! (although it may be argued from Scripture that one should love God more than Mankind, for anyone who truly loves God and obeys His will will naturally love His precious children)

Singapore Trip 2 – What Happened to the Comments

September 25, 06

Somehow the Comments for the previous post are closed. I can’t find hwo to re-open them. So for now, comments on that post can be commented here instead.

Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get to Scott Thong’s Blog

September 22, 06

This is what people search for when they click on and enter my blog:

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2006-09-22
Search Views
scottthong 1

Search Views
kuai+jehovah 2
dilbert decaf 1
My Hot Thong 1
klpac broken bridges 1
Desa Sri Saujana Penang 1

Search Views

joshua hooi 1
fighting around the world russell crowe 1
thong 1
Short Comics 1
trinity examples 1
youth course in johor bahru music 1
“forbidden city portrait of an empress”  1

Search Views
thong 2
cancan legs 1
vgcats 1
Russell Crowe: Fighting ‘Around the Worl 1
rental office lot penang 1
Volkswagen declines use of Transformers 1
burning lysol 1

Search Views

thong of the day 1
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broken bridges klpac soon yoon 1
russell crowe fightin around the world 1
south park around the world cancer russe 1

Search Views

how to make a flamethrower out of lysol  1
show my thong 1
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Remove before flight thong 1
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Search Views

thong 3
how to modify a bass guitar 1
fightin’ around the world tugger 1
came around the corner 1
this hot college file will not delete fi 1
happy tree friends comics 1
household flamethrower 1

As you can see from the searches for ‘My Hot Thong’ and ‘thong of the day’, some of them must have been kinda ‘disappointed’ upon arriving at my blog… What a popular name I have! Strangely enough, someone also searched for ‘joshua hooi’ when they ended up here, heh! Wonder who it was?

The following are links to my blog that people clicked on:

Referrers for 7 days ending 2006-09-22
Referrer Views 1

Referrer Views … 1 1

Referrer Views 3 1

Referrer Views 2… 1… 1

Referrer Views 1 1

Referrer Views 1

Referrer Views 1

Most of the people above were referred to me by Kean. Goes to show how an alliance of bloggers can help one another, as I am demonstrating by making his name a link to his blog. 

But the stats above also got me thinking… How many of my vaunted 1000+ visits were by complete strangers, who stayed  no longer than the time it took them to realize the lack of sexy underwear models on my blog? How the proud have fallen…

“Thai army seizes power, ousts Thaksin”

September 20, 06

Woah… When did this happen?!

ThaiCoup an overview, Wikipedia already has an article (just like when Steve Irwin passed away, quickly has detailed article on it).

So close to home, so sudden, and thankfully so non-violent (for now). A colleague was in Northern Thailand for holiday, and basically didn’t pack up and leave in a panic. Also didn’t go to Bangkok and pose for pix with the tanks either.

Still… Wow.

8-Bit Theater – Fish in Mouth

September 19, 06

8-bit Theater is my absolute FAVOURITE webcomic, and you can be sure that I’ll often be posting excerpts from this series. Loosely based on Final Fantasy, RPGs, video games and 80’s era trivia, it’s unique style of humour transcends those boundaries.

It follows the hopeless misadventures of four ‘heroes’: Fighter who is incredibly (and very imaginatively) stupid; Black Mage who is evil, destructive, debased, prone to random violence etc. and often flabbergasted at Fighter’s stupidity; Thief who is greedy and conniving; and Red Mage, who has a 540-degree distorted knowledge of how reality and the laws of physics work.

If you enjoy clever wordplay, flashes of stupidity so stupid that they’re clever, and sadistic displays of comic violence, then this comic is for you! Mad Bout Me has already converted; it is only a matter of time before the rest of you follow suit. Not for the UNINTELLIGENTIA among us.

Today’s offering has many of the features that define 8-bit Theater’s humour: A STUPID idea, an even STUPIDER idea combined with innuendo, and indulgent violence. Click on the little snippet below to be directed to the actual site.


Try to picture what the words complex-ly describe. Innuendo, heh heh.

60 Days and 1000 Hits Later!

September 18, 06


Bragging time! This is the 60th day since I began blogging on 19 July (or 60+th depending on how you count it). And so ngam, I just got my 1000th hit! Congrats to me, hey hey! I also can boast 57 posts including this one, 43 blog links and 21 comments not by me. That’s almost 1 post per day.That averages 16.667 visits a day since I started. In reality the number of hits fluctuates wildly, if you refer to the stats below. Click to enlarge the image.



I’d like to thank all my loyal readers, whom I sincerely hope I have kept entertained for these past 2 months. Special thanks to Kean for inspiration and trading comments, and of course my honey for encouraging me to start and for inspiring me every single day!

So let’s keep it coming… I’ve got a lot of material backlogged, just waiting for the right mood to strike. Until then (which is not very long away)!

Other posts in the Achievements & Bragging series:

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September 16, 06

Hey hey, take a look at The Star Nation (main paper) page 34 today! Or read it online at The Star website, but that loses much of the cool factor. Posting your comments for everyone to see, the old-fashioned way. So if I log using snail mail, is that a ‘slog’?

But! They chose to leave out the last point, which was:

Police are freed up from checking coupons to perform more vital tasks, such as crime deterring (important!).

Notice I even put the word important there. But I guess in these times of blaming and flaming the police for the frightening violent crime rate recently, it would be a mite insensitive to print that in a national paper.

Addition 22 Oct: Since The Star removes older stuff, I thought it best to post the letter in its entirety here:



Best to use parking attendants

I FULLY support the parking payment system used in Penang. Parking attendants note the time you park your vehicle using official receipts, and charge you when you are leaving.Having experienced the parking systems of Ipoh, Penang and Johor, I feel the attendant system offers many advantages over parking meters or coupons because:

·Vehicle owners do not pay for time not used (e.g. putting two hours into the meter, but leaving after only 20 minutes).

·The parking authorities receive their due payment, as the attendants are vigilant – either the fee is paid, or a fine will be issued.

On the other hand, expired parking meters and coupons carry no consequences if not found out.

·If the driver forgets to pay the parking fee or is in a rush, he has several days to do so before a fine is issued.

·Much lower initial investment compared to installing meters, which are also very prone to vandalism.

·it provides employment to the attendants. Their presence is also a deterrent against vandalism of vehicles.

In conclusion, I would like to ask the relevant councils to consider the attendant system over other methods currently used or about to be introduced.

Sometimes low-tech solutions with a human touch work better.


Johor Baru.

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