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Super Mario: Cannon Something

February 29, 12

The most insane, fast paced, amusing fun I’ve seen in a while.

Great timing on the jokes and plenty of video game nerd references too!

Via Dueling Analogs which always has the best stuff to share.

Jessie Ooi Lol Collection

February 25, 12

Jessie Ooi is fast becoming a meme on the Malaysian Internets!

See these comprehensive roundups for the background of Jessie Ooi’s outburst:

DAP versus MCA debate: reports from the Press

Another foolish display was the outburst by one Jessie Ooi, MCA parliamentary coordinator for Selayang, who accused Lim of ridiculous things. She got a massive bashing from hundreds of netizens afterwards on her own Facebook page. It has since been removed.

Poor Jessie Ooi is Ms Tow Truck! Or The Parking Aunty.

Or search list of Jessie Ooi updates.

And now for the lols… WARNING for some harsh content and language!


MC Griffin – Luigi & Mario in: Another Castle

February 23, 12

MC Griffin Luigi & Mario Another Castle

Click the comic snippet above to view the full comic at Dueling Analogs and why my title is Luigi & Mario, not the usual Mario & Luigi. Original by MCGriffin via Reddit.

Steve is right, this is the best Mario ‘real life’ comic I’ve seen… And that includes his own one which I’ve featured here before. Another is at here.

And these videos:

Mario in real life… It’s a mini-meme of its own.

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