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Quote on First Peoples of the Day

July 30, 10

…a bunch of hippy-dippy neo-flower children dorks are trying to make Native Americans into a bunch of hippy-dippy neo-flower children dorks too. Native Americans are a valiant warrior people, not a gaggle of neutered, simpering, feeling-sharing embarrassments like the cultural elite that buys into this kind of Gaia-centric, pseudo-profound twit-speak.

These are not innocent nature children frolicking with wildlife in the meadow – Native Americans are a tough, brave, ass-kicking people with a complex and profound spirituality that goes far beyond cheap sticker slogans. Yet the progressives would rather infantilize these warriors by crediting them with some made-up quote that has nothing to do with their religion and putting it next to a drawing of Big Chief Stereotype.

Annoying Leftist Bumperstickers (Part 2): The Revenge

Lol! Yeah, these folk were hardened mass-hunters, people killers, slavers and forest arsonists. Pretty fitting role models for the modern politically correct academic /sarc

If You Pick This Car For Yourself…

July 29, 10

Ford Mustang

You’re a Conservative.

If you pick one of these:

Spira4u (made of solid, life-protecting foam!)

Photosynthesis Car

GM Xiao

Smart Car

Smart Car

Carpuccino (at just £6.90 per km!)

GM Paracité


HumanCar Imagine PS

Tango t600


Hybrids like Toyota Prius (oh wait, that’s just the result of getting the nickel for the batteries, which have maybe 8 years of life before replacement with a new one. Environmentalism yeah!)

Toilet Bike Neo (aka Poopcycle


You’re a Liberal.

(And you wonder why GM is eating Ford’s dust in sales.)

See also this parody video via Dan Mitchell:

PS. Check out the comments at Moonbattery’s featurage.

PPS. Via AoSHQ from Doug Ross:

Teachers to be Allowed to Politic; Major ‘Executive Influence’ Overlooked

July 29, 10

From The Star 29 July 2010:

PM: Teachers strengthen leadership

PUTRAJAYA: Allowing graduate teachers to take an active part in politics will strengthen political leadership in the country, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib said graduate teachers were generally well respected within the community where they serve. He said the knowledge and position they have would allow them to contribute towards creating better political values.

“I would like to see intellectual qualities in the leadership at the grassroots level – one that is based on non-materialistic values,” he told a press conference after launching the “Tun Abdul Razak The Father of Develop­ment – A Telling of the Story” programme here.
Father figure: Najib standing near a paper cut-out of his late father, former premier Tun Abdul Razak during the exhibition at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya Wednesday.

On fears that factionalism would result, he said:“We are reverting to how things used to be (when teachers were allowed to be involved in politics).

“I do not feel teachers will act in too extreme a manner because they are mature in their thinking,” he said.

Najib said he hoped teachers would not neglect their role as educators.

On whether the government would look at allowing other categories of public servants to actively take part in politics, he said, teachers do not hold executive positions that might see conflicts of interest in the decisions they make.

“We will look at whether to extend it to public servants in other categories,” he said.

On the programme about his father, he said it was good for the young to understand the struggles of leaders in the past. It is the brainchild of some of the friends of the second prime minister.

Najib described his father as a man who was always committed to his duties and said Tun Razak’s good administration was based on his ability to identify the right person for the right job.

In Seoul, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said he hoped that graduate teachers who were allowed to engage in politics would help the Barisan Nasional government.

Other government employees can’t do politics, because they have access to sensitive information and decisions.

But teachers can be an even more powerful influencing force – thousands of students over the years, a ‘captive audience’ who will be fed the teacher’s political views day in, day out. You see it all the time already in the USA.

And will teachers as government employees be permitted to support the Opposition? Even if they officially are, will they dare to openly do so knowing that their big boss currently hails from BN?

Pointless, Meaningless – The Why of Evolution

July 29, 10

Life, according to the secular person, is all about passing on your genes. All the striving for survival, all the fighting to have offspring – all of it is to ensure your DNA code is preserved throughout the ages. Those with genes coding for traits that enhance survival get passed down to more offspring over the generations, by the very virtue of the organism avoiding death that much longer than its peers. This is survival of the fittest, the very basis of evolution, occurring without any intelligence or specific direction according to the secularist.

While the How of evolution is constantly being researched, debated and improved, there remains another poignant question that pops up every now and then – Why?

Saprophytic mushrooms are fungi, that grow from tiny spores as they digest and absorb dead organic matter – plants, trees, your wooden bathroom door frame. They exist to break down organic matter into its component parts, spread their spores, and repeat the cycle. WHY?

Cicadas live for years as an subterranean larval form, to finally burst out into the skies as a noisy adult – with no digestive system, and to die within the next few days after having mated and laid the eggs of the next generation. To what purpose?

Bacteria consume and multiply and spread, from one to two to four to sheer billions. For what end?

I mean, just think about it – organisms live and mutiply and breed and die, just to make more of themselves and continue their genetic legacy. BUT WHY???

The sheer pointlessness of it all! Why should DNA even have the ‘drive’ to preserve and mutiply itself – or is it just a wildly improbable coincidence that certain combinations of molecules would happen to have self-replication as a trait? Why should they replicate themselves and build up living organic bodies for the sole purpose/coincidence of replicating more of themselves and their associated genes?

It recalls the refrain of Ecclesiastes: “Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

(Actually this post is more of the Why of Life, but all the above were evolved to the present point.)

See related at 7 Biology Myths an Electrical Engineer Would Never Tolerate and Sin Theory of Evolution, which purpose a purpose to evolution.

Liberal Media: Fox News Caused Shirley Sherrod to be Fired! (by Covering Story AFTER She Had Been Fired)

July 28, 10

Soooooo… Tell me again how Fox News is the most biased, inaccurate, hateful, partisan media around?

Excerpts from AoSHQ and original source johnny


Fox Haters Week in Review!

On the morning of Monday July 19, Andrew Breitbart posted a video clip of Ms Sherrod. Long story short, it did not provide the complete context of her remarks. That afternoon, Ms Sherrod was called repeatedly by the administration and told she was to resign. At this point, this story had not been reported on FNC, CNN, or MSNBC.

Sherrod resigned, and the news broke on Monday evening. The first mention of the matter on FNC was from Bill O’Reilly. His show was taped about two hours earlier; he played the edited clip, called on her to resign. But by the time it aired, Ms Sherrod had already resigned, and an on-screen graphic noted same. (O’Reilly would later admit his mistake and apologize.)

Along with the LA Times, reports from Mediaite, the Washington Post, and others make one thing clear: nothing that aired on FNC could possibly have caused Ms Sherrod’s firing, because FNC aired nothing until after she was already gone. That’s not a matter of opinion; it’s fact. So now the fun begins, as the haters kick into high gear.

Richard Cohen of The Washington Post:

A clip of that speech made the rounds of right wing blogs and media outlets — Fox News, for instance — and in no time Vilsack ordered the woman canned.

Cenk Yugar of The Huffington Post:

Is there anyone Obama won’t fire or throw under the bus if Fox asks him to?… If the firing of Shirley Sherrod was the first time they had done this, then all of the criticism they have received might be a bit much.

Peter Dreier and Christopher R. Martin of The Huffington Post:

Then the right-wing echo chamber — including Fox News and the conservative blogosphere — picked up Breitbart’s ball and ran with it. Next, the mainstream media — the daily newspapers and the TV networks — took the false accusations at face value and repeated them without bothering to verify and fact-check, acting more like stenographers than reporters. Finally, liberal groups like the NAACP and liberal politicians (in this case, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the White House), wary of any controversy, jumped the gun and distanced themselves from the target of Breitbart’s attacks — by firing Sherrod before she even had an opportunity to explain or they bothered to investigate the accusations.

NBC affiliate KARE:

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted only that part of the speech, to boost his own claim that the NAACP is racist. FOX News commentators ran with the story and demanded Sherrod’s resignation from her job as director of rural development in Georgia. That led to USDA administrators to ask for her resignation Monday.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz:

We’ve got a White House that reacted to a blog story that was reported, promoted and sold on Fox News.

MSNBC’s Eric Boehlert:

Look, the first mistake they made, or the Department of Agriculture, or whoever was making the calls, they believed something that Andrew Breitbart put on his Web site. That‘s mistake one. And then they believed a smear campaign, a character assassination attack that Fox News was peddling.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough:

Why would Fox News then blame the White House for their overreaction to an incendiary video that was aired on the Fox News Channel?

Charles Kaiser of Newsweek and The New York Times fame:

A completely discredited right-wing blogger posts an edited video which seems to convict a black Agriculture department official of racism. Fox News runs the distorted clip continuously on all of its shows Monday. Before giving Shirley Sherrod a chance to tell her side of the story, the Agriculture department demands and receives the resignation of the head of its rural development office in Georgia.

Funny how this bogus timeline keeps cropping up. Didn’t they close journo-list? Clearly Charles Kaiser is either a flagrant liar and making stuff up, or he heard this from somewhere else. That’s sounds an awful lot like…an echo chamber.


Note how in each case, they blame Fox for reporting about Shirley Sherrod’s controversy which results in her later firing.

And that’s just the more well known pundits. Head to the links for more, much more liberal ‘facts & reality-based reporting’ from MSM and blogs along with citation links. As well as a flashback to anti-Fox smearanoia on Scooter Libby towards the end of the post.

And for more double standards, note that the same people taking the Right to task for jumping on alleged racism on the faintest of evidence are the same gang accusing Tea Partiers of alleged racism based on NO evidence despite dozens of video cameras on the scene.


MORE: In response to Johnny Dollar’s expose, Media Matters still tries to justify that Fox News caused the firing – with one obscure web piece probably posted after the fact.


Get this Pew poll puts that 43 percent of Democrats have a positive view of Fox News, 39 percent of Democrats feel the same way about the New York Times. Almost twice as many independents have a favorable view of Fox than the Times.

Most partisan, biased network around eh?

Via AoSHQ.

Real Life Emporio Ivankov

July 27, 10

One Piece’s cross-dressing drag queen/king/both, Emporio Ivankov

…Exists in the real world!

I am scared lol!

See another post related to caused by Ivankov at here.

New Chart Proves Obamanomics Creates Jobs

July 22, 10

Via Moonbattery from The People’s Cube:

For all you racist, birther doubters out there… Here’s proof that Obamanomics works!

All these other charts are obviously a lie or Bush’s fault.

The Words of the Teleprompter Messiah

July 21, 10

“So the other day I was attending a funeral for this fallen corpse-man, a Mr. OAR-ee-on – one of the unbroken line of fallen heroes – and I see many of them in the audience here today.”

“Although they cling do to guns and religion – this funeral is chock full of that! – it’s just because they’re bitter over the price of arugula… Uh, hold on, uh, uh, I can’t hear myself think here.”

“Uh, carrying on… I was upset as he was an Arabic speaker and we need every one we can get for Afghanistan. But not as upset as that time when 10,000 people died from those Kabul tornados!”

“But back to the funeral… To those conspiracy theorists out there, I’m certain my attendance at this ceremony full of religion proves to them my Muslim faith. I mean, Christian faith.”

“So anyway, in order to make up for this loss, I’ve been looking into bringing in greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to the Marine Corpse. They will be as problem-free as the post office. Let me be absolutely clear, the Marines are a great friend to the Marines.”

“It was a tight schedule by the way, you ever tried visiting all 57 states? So now that we’re done, can I just eat my waffle? Islam invented waffles, you know.”

(By the way aren’t you glad we dodged that IDIOT Palin back in ’08?)


How many did you catch without checking the linky references?

Guide sources: here, here, here and here.

Teleprompter fun right here.

UPDATE: Palin herself uses the same tactic!

See also Every Obama Speech in One Paragraph via AoSHQ.

Analogy Zero

July 21, 10

Analogy Zero

Version 1 is here.

Why build it in such a provocative place? Well, duh, because it is such a provocative place.

See also Michael Ramirez’s take on it.

News here:

  • Why There Should Be No Mosques at Ground Zero – The placement of mosques throughout Islamic history has been an expression of conquest and superiority over non-Muslims. Muslims built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the site of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in order to proclaim Islam’s superiority to Judaism. The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus was built over the Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople was converted into a mosque, to express the superiority of Islam over Christianity. Historian Sita Ram Goel has estimated that over 2,000 mosques in India were built on the sites of Hindu temples for the same reason.

So yes, nothing is ‘proven’ about the true motives behind the building of this complex. And thus, any protests out of anger and perceived insult are probably irrational and – perhaps even – intolerant.

As AoSHQ puts it in reaction to the centre being finally cleared to go:

If you really want to reach out to others, one of the first rules is you don’t do it in a way that is provocative and insulting to the people you allegedly are trying to come together with. Very often activists hide their activism in the gauzy, politically correct language of ‘out reach’ and ‘tolerance’ but their actions are anything but.

I’m not advocating that we sink to the level of these backward nations. No one is denying the organizers of the Ground Zero mosque project have a legal right to do what they are doing. I’m simply saying, if you’re goal is to really enhance understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, there are a lot better ways to do it and places more in need of it than the area around the World Trade Center.

But when the shoes was on the other foot, the authorities did not hesitate to play it safe when it came to ‘perceived insult’ – valid or not: St George’s cross, St George himself, England’s flag, the Holocaust, drawings, and everything in between.

Double standards from liberal dhimmis, once again.

Compare and contrast an earlier Roman Catholic reaction:

The building of a Carmelite convent at Auschwitz in the 1980s so wounded Jewish sensibilities that Pope John Paul II ordered it removed in 1993, even though the Holocaust was not carried out in the name of any faith.

A Muslim speaks out that the mosque is an act of fitna.


Kudos to Moonbattery for featurage of this statement in comic form.

Malaysian Experts on Islam: Wearing Symbols of Other Religions is Badwrong

July 19, 10

From The Star 19 July 2010:

Football jerseys Muslims should not wear

KOSMO! carried a report about Muslims who wittingly or unwittingly wear football jerseys which display images of crosses, liquor brands and devils.

Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot said wearing such jerseys were forbidden in Islam.

“It is as if Muslims are worshipping and exalting the symbols of other religions. Islam does not compromise on this matter, regardless of whether it is worn for fun, fashion or sport,” he said.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria agreed with Nooh and said although Islam did not forbid its followers from participating in sports or dressing up, it has to be done within the boundaries of Islamic law.

Among the football teams whose crests carry images of the cross are Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway, while Manchester United carries the “Red Devil” slogan on its team crest.

I suppose this means that Muslim citizens of the UK, Denmark, Finland, Jamaica, Switzerland and so on can no longer bear their country’s flag.

Crusader symbol!!!

Also based on the same principle, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and so on should no longer wear clothing with the Malaysian flag on it, as the flag includes the Islamic crescent. The same goes for Singaporeans. Ironically, despite living in the most populous Muslim nation in the world, non-Muslim Indonesians have no problem here as their flag is religiously neutral.

All non-Muslims should also immediately quit the Red Crescent Society, as serving in it involves wearing a symbol of a religion other than their own. Quit worshiping that Bulan Sabit Merah first aid kit, blasphemers!

Are you a Muslim? Do you live on planet Earth or in this universe? Quickly, Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot insists that you emigrate to another dimension in order to avoid being associated with the constellation known as the Southern Cross!

Muslim gamers must from now on avoid all health packs as these are usually represented by a cross symbol. The preferred tactic for making it through Left 4 Dead is now to just run madly through the level and hope computer-controlled hunting rifle equipped Zoey gets eaten first.

Players of RPGs cannot add to their stats as this involves a ‘+’ symbol that looks like a cross, and by all means avoid those Paladins, Clerics, Priests, Shamans, Necromancers, and any equipment with a cross or Yin-Yang symbol on it! To cast Holy Bolt is to exalt a flaming magical cross like some skeleton-blasting infidel!

(Wait, can you even use the word ‘exalt’? The second letter is a little cross! And you’d better not use unbeliever fonts like Comic Sans because the t is replaced by yet another Christian symbol! DON’T GO OPEN MICROSOFT WORD TO TEST IT, IT IS NOT COMPROMISE-ABLE!)

And most egregriously, those who play Team Fortress 2 must never be Medics or be healed by one, as this involves a guy with a cross on his uniform shooting out little crosses at the wounded teammate in order to fill his little cross-shaped healthbar – the worst combo worshipping-and-exalting-the-symbols-of-other-religions offence possible! Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria will personally dominate you with only taunt kills if you do not comply!




UPDATE 24 July 2010: Make what you will of this follow up proclamation by the same Perak mufti (note the unIslamic crosses on the one hand, and unIslamic skulls and devils on the other):

No ‘religious ban’ on MU jerseys, says Perak mufti

KUALA LUMPUR: There is no “religious ban” on Manchester United jerseys despite statements by several prominent Islamic scholars urging Muslims not to don the Premier League club’s shirts because the emblem features a devil.

Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said jerseys with devils, crosses or skulls promoted the wrong values for Muslims but that did not mean they should be banned.

“A fatwa on the matter is not necessary as it is clearly wrong for Muslims to wear shirts with devils and other unIslamic symbols because it is against the teachings of Islam,” he said yesterday.

Apart from Manchester United, which is also known as The Red Devils, other football teams whose crests carry images deemed unIslamic like the cross are Brazil, Portu­gal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway.

“In Islam, Satan is our enemy … but I believe Satan is also an enemy of the non-Muslims.

“We advise people not to wear them,” said Harussani.

He added that Muslims had no reason to wear and glorify symbols that promoted wrong values.

Harussani said other ulama and mufti shared his opinion but they did not plan to pass any edict to ban the attire either.

Many Muslim football fans, he said, were actually unaware of the images on the emblems.

His view was shared by Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot, who had issued similar advice to Muslims on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, several Malaysian football fans have shown the “red card” to the advice by the ulama.

They voiced disapproval over social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“What am I going to do with all my Manchester United jerseys? And my sons’ jerseys?” said a Twitter user.

Some even went to the extent of accusing the ulama of supporting Liverpool, Manchester United’s archrival.

Manchester United Malaysia Fan Club, which boasts 7,000 members, when contacted, declined to comment.

Checks at various sports retail outlets in shopping malls revealed that the famous red jerseys of the club were still on sale.

Sales personnel on duty said the new version of the club’s attire was selling like hot cakes as it had arrived just a few days ago after its global launch on July 15.


UPDATE 25 JULY 2010: Another scramble to damage-control:

Muslims should know what to wear, says mufti

JOHOR BARU: Muslims should know what to wear and what not to, Johor Mufti Datuk Tahrir Shamsuddin said.

He said a Muslim should not put on shirts or jerseys that had images of satan, alcohol and crests of other religions.

He said there was no need for a fatwa on the issue as “Muslims should know their boundaries”.

Tahrir was commenting on the controversy involving the Manchester United jersey, with several prominent Islamic scholars urging Muslims not to don the Premier League club’s jersey because the emblem features a devil.

“If Muslims want to show their support for their favourite teams, they should find a better way instead of wearing such a jersey,” he said.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria had said on Friday that jerseys with devils, crosses or skulls promoted the wrong values for Muslims but that did not mean they should be banned.

Apart from United, who are also known as The Red Devils, other football teams whose crests carry images deemed unIslamic like the cross are Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway.

A Malay daily recently quoted Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot as saying that wearing such jerseys were forbidden in Islam.



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