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Vermintide Moments

December 15, 16

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…And a Gutter Runner Pounced Me Out of Nowhere

Playing as Sienna with a Beam Staff, I heard the marching sounds of a Stormvermin Patrok on the other side of the door leading the the open square on The Horn of Magnus. They were far away enough and would be channeled thru the narrow passage, so I decided to light ’em up and let the burn whittle them down while they had to close the gap to us… And a Gutter Runner pounced me out of nowhere that very instant, taking me out of the fight and letting it stab me for ages while my allies were busy.

Another instance on The Horn of Magnus, just coming out onto the rooftops… We heard the HeeYah! sounds and with no place to skirt around them, we prepared for the Stormvermin arrival. I readied my Bardin’s Drakefire Pistols and my ally started the fight… And a Gutter Runner pounced me out of nowhere that very instant, taking me out of the fight and letting it stab me for ages while my allies were busy.


Not-Friends Fire

Knocked down by a Ratling Gunner in Chaff & Wheat, things were made worse by a Stormvermin Patrol beating on my prone form. However the Ratling shots were damaging them more than me due to the angle! At least until my allies killed it before taking on the Stormvermin.



Vermintide 2 Convocation of Decay, the escape was open and we hopped down but one guy got incapacitated from damage at the ritual area and called over the mic “Ahhh help they’re killing me!”

So we went back up to save him, and he ran to the escape chatting about hurrying and why are we so slow. I typed that we’re slow cos we’re saving his a$$ and he got annoyed and typed back to STFU.

Later I matched with him and he immediately said over the mic “Hey NoSalt Kitten what the f*** did you say?” and I typed “lel”.


‘Best’ sack-rat ever: spawned behind a fully enclosed wooden panel.


Ally got dragged by a Packmaster, right into a firing Ratling Gunner who managed to kill the Packmaster lol.

Sadly when a similar occurrence happened to me, the Ratling stopped firing for some reason – just stood around while the horde killed me.


Played Legend difficulty, Rat Ogre plus enemies killed three teammates. So I used health potion and just ran towards the Rescue marker, downhill as fast as I can, just shield push enemies that get in the way and keep running. All three teammates were in the same area, rescued them and then could kill the Rat Ogre lol


Stuck in a corner with a sliver of health while a Chaos Spawn rampaged, my Ironbreaker just held Block while a horde beat on my shield and a Warpfire Thrower just out of range of burning me roasted his own team over and over, clearing the horde. I still died eventually from stray hits though.


Played with 2 Saltzpyre Witch Hunters, must have been a server tick lag. I got confused which Salty to give health items to twice in the match:

– #########


Joined a Cataclysm Twitch mode Old Haunts, and the vote spawned a Spawn of Chaos. We milled around in the open area waiting for it to approach so it’s easier to kite. When it didn’t show, Salty went looking and found it had spawned behind the portcullis that we are supposed to open in order to progress.

So we whacked the poor thing while keeping out of reach of its attacks. Not sure what would happen if it managed to grab one of us for a snackdown-slam-throw though.

Honestly it reminds me of Diablo 1 where if you’re lucky, the Butcher’s stage would randomly generate with a door and grilled windows. Even a low level character could then lure the Butcher over, run through the door and close it, then walk over the a window and shoot him to death slowly while he wandered back and forth in front of the grill.


In Chaos Wastes, only me and another guy were still alive. A flamerat approached with fire spewing, so I backed away from it. Suddenly I was pushed in front towards it instead! Turning around, another warpfire-thrower was roasting my ally. We bounced back and forth between the two flames until we died.

Another time, a flamerat pushed two of us to hang on a ledge while we were trying to revive a downed ally.


In Chaos Wastes, my team got downed repeatedly by Tzeentch’s bolt of change strikes while hanging around, taking their time choosing which boon to pick from the challenge chest.


In Chaos Wastes, a Blightstormer tornado caught me and tossed me… Into another windfattie’s tornado. The second one tossed me near to where one of them happened to be milling about, so I ran up and whacked him with my Coghammer. That got me the Tech, No Mage achievement at last – I had forgotten about it, after failing to Coghammer a Blightstormer several times with bots (the closest being on the way to ring the bell of Sigmar when a Chaos Warrior troop wiped us).

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