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David Horowitz on Islamo-Fascism and the Threat It Poses to Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike

October 31, 07

A speech given by David Horowitz at the University of Wisconsin during Islamo-fascism Awareness Week. Go to the official website for more information.


The poster above is the official poster advertising the event. The horror that it shows is explained in the full speech and the excerpts below.

An excellent speech IMHO, and recommended reading.

Now, before you go all ballistic and sic fatwas, suicide bombers and the ISA on me, know this: The following speech is about the threat that militant-totalitarian-extremist-violent-powermongering versions of Islam poses to everyone… Ordinary Muslims as well as non-Muslims and Westerners.

In fact, the term ‘Islamo-fascism’ itself was coined by moderate Muslims… Who were being slaughtered by Sharia-radical groups intent on imposing their definition of religion by force.

The speaker makes it clear throughout his speech that ‘Islamo-fascism’ is distinct and different from Islam, and is simply a term for absolute-power dictators who use Islam as their excuse/cover/justification for ruling over people’s lives with an iron fist.

These Islamofascists want to dictate what each of us can or cannot do according to their personal, narrow definition of Islam. Whether we are Muslim or not, does not matter – they will impose their way of life on us.

In the context of Malaysia, women will be forced out of the workplace, politics and government offices, banned from driving, forced to wear a full burqa and denied the right to tesitify, vote or even speak out.

All ‘sinful’ modern entertainment and literature will be banned. Television, radio and the internet will be heavily censored. Blogs will be shut down and Youtube blocked.

Are we modern and free peoples, Muslim or not, willing to give up all these rights and prileges we take for granted? Surrendering them at the end of a gun-barrel?

Not I. Lan astaslem.

Horowitz’s full speech details lots of ties between those most infamous of fascists, Hitler and the Nazis, and the roots of modern Islamo-fascism. He also points out the defining trait of anti-Semitism that runs through both types of fascists.

Horowitz also has plenty of scorn for liberals, who in his opinion are hastening along the advent of Islamo-fascist rule over everyone. And when that happens, liberalism will cease to exist (and liberals will cease to live).

It’s absurdly ironic that liberals are so supportive of Islamo-fascists – depsite the fact that Islamo-fascists are brutally against the very things liberals hold dearest, such as homosexual rights, sexual freedom, feminism, freedom of religion, atheism, free speech and free dress!

I included less of the above talking points in the excerpts. Read the full speech for more enlightening information.


Excerpts from full speech at Front Page Magazine. You are highly encouraged to read the whole thing through the link.

This evening is not about prejudice against Muslims. On the contrary, this evening is on behalf of all those Muslims who are oppressed by Islamo-Fascism, which you would know if you read what we have said.

If you want to understand what this week is about, here is the poster we designed to announce our events. What it shows is a soccer field in Afghanistan.

The figure with the AK-47 is a Taliban soldier. And this poor woman, who is about to have her head blown off at point blank range by an AK-47 has been accused of sexual improprieties, which violate Islamic law.

As you may or may not know, in countries where Sharia, which is Islamic law, is imposed by the state, women cannot be witnesses. So this poor woman had no defense. Nor could other women testify in her behalf. Islamic law forbids it.

Every person in this photo is a Muslim. The victim is a Muslim.

I know that there are the people who feel that the Muslim community is under threat here. But think of the Muslim community in Algeria where between 150,000 and 200,000 moderate Muslims were slaughtered in the 1990s, by an organization calling itself Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb.

Think about the Muslims in the Sudan who are being slaughtered by a Taliban-like regime, simply because they don’t subscribe to the regime’s version of Islam.

In Iran, just last week, the modesty police issued a new edict that couples can’t hold hands in public. If you want the definition of a totalitarian state, it’s a state that controls every aspect of a person’s life.

Religions, and particularly Islam, are concerned with many aspects of a person’s life. Religion is about morality, about the family, and about social relations. So when interpretations of religious law are enforce by the political state that’s the end of all freedom. It means one set of priests is going to have the power state behind their interpretation of what you can and cannot do.

The end result of that process is this poor woman in the photo who is about to have her head blown off by an AK-47 for violating a government edict about her sex life.

That’s really what we intended to do with this week, to make people aware of this problem. I have called it “Islamo-Fascism.” That is not a term designed to say that all Muslims or a majority of Muslims are fascists.

In fact a majority of Muslims are either victims of Islamo-Fascists or threatened by them. The FoxNews channel anchor and other misguided individuals think that the term “Islamo-Fascism” is hate speech. That’s the same thing as saying the term should be banned. In a democracy, at least in our democracy as it has been degraded by so-called liberals today, the way you ban ideas is by calling them “hate speech.”

But saying that Islamo-Fascism implicates all Muslims make no logical sense.

We use the term “Italian Fascism” without assuming that all Italians are fascists. Hitler did not even win a majority of the vote in Germany, yet we use the phrase “German Fascism” without implying that all people of German descent are fascists.

People like Alan Colmes will throw around the term “white racism” pretty casually. Everyone in this room has either used the phrase “white racism” or read it without objection. Do you mean to call every white person a racist when you use that term? That would make Alan Colmes a racist. Yet that’s precisely what the opponents of Islamo-Fascism week seem to be claiming.

The hateful attacks on this week are, in fact quite stupid, when you think about what they are claiming. If I intended to come on a college platform and say hateful things about all Muslims, I would be hooted off the stage. No campus organization would invite me to say such things and if I did say them I would never be invited by any campus organization again.

Since no one on a college campus is prepared to hear hate speech, why bother to protest it in advance. It’s self-discrediting. Yet we live in such Orwellian times that no one laughs when the left makes these preposterous claims.

So, on the one hand, the hate campaign against us is a very stupid campaign, although it is also malicious. On the other, it is quite sinister. When you are called a racist from one end of the country to another, when you are identified as somebody who is preaching hate against a religious or ethnic or racial group, someone is going to believe those charges. The effect, in other words, is to put a target on your back. Which is why there is so much security present tonight.

The term Islamo-Fascism is, in my view, a useful and justifiable term because of the merger of religion and state in the totalitarian ideology we’re facing.

It is also historically based. What we are facing is a global religious movement that is a movement within Islam. It is not to be confused with Islam itself.

The Islamo-Fascists want you to confuse them with the Muslim community as a whole. They want to hide behind the Muslim community. And they are inflicting great damage on the Muslim community by doing so. When Ahmadinejad speaks or when Zawahiri speaks, they speak in the name of the Muslim ummah, but they do not actually speak for the Muslim ummah. And that distinction has to be made.

What we are facing is a radical force within Islam that originated in Egypt in the 1920s, with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hassan al-Banna was the founder of this movement, which is a movement of political Islam to seize control of states and impose Sharia, Islamic law, on their populations.

The Muslim Brotherhood attempted to assassinate Nasser. It assassinated Anwar Sadat, and it would probably like to assassinate the present ruler of Egypt, Mubarak – all of them Muslims.

It is claimed by many that the only reason for the attacks on the United States are its policies towards Israel or because of the war in Iraq, or because of George Bush. Bush created the war on terror has become a mantra in some powerful circles of the Democratic Party around George Soros.

But there is no basis in fact for these claims. The first leader of the modern Islamo-Fascist movement and the leader of the first Islamo-Fascist state was the Ayatollah Khomeini. It was Khomeni who declared America the Great Satan, and who led crowds a million strong in chants of, “Death to America,” in 1979.

And it was Jimmy Carter – not George Bush — who was president when he did that. But Jimmy Carter was a supporter of the Ayatollah and an enemy of the Shah whom he overthrew. Carter accused the Shah of human rights violations and undermined his rule. Carter persuaded the Shah to release Khomeini’s cohorts from prison, and allow Khomeni to return to Iran. Jimmy Carter made possible the Islamic Revolution.

When people say that the United States and its policies are responsible for 9/11, they’re forgetting this history, Jimmy Carter’s support for the very Islamo-fascists who are now attacking us. In the past twenty-five years, far from being an imperialist oppressor of Muslims, as the Islamo-fascists and the American left would have you believe, the United States saved the lives of millions of Muslims.

When Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, its armies conducted a scorched-earth policy, which means they killed everything in their way. They killed a million Muslims in Afghanistan, until the United States, by providing them with stinger missiles, by providing them with weapons, helped the Mujaheddin to defeat the Soviet Empire.

The United States went to war in Kosovo for Albanian Muslims, and saved them from extermination. The United States sent the Army Rangers into Somalia to feed starving Muslims in Somalia, and was attacked there by an Al Qaeda warlord. Al Qaeda and the Islamo-fascist movement have killed more Muslims than all the members of Bush’s “coalition of the willing” and all of Israel’s soldiers put together.

So it is completely absurd to hold Americans responsible for the hatred that is directed against us. It’s completely ridiculous. It is the opposite of the truth. The hatred against America is hatred of the fact that America is free and supports Muslims who don’t want to submit to the Islamo-fascists’ will.

The Middle East conflict is also misunderstood. The idea is floated about by Jimmy Carter and the Arab haters of Israel that Palestinian Arabs were deprived of their lands, that their lands were stolen, and Palestine is occupied by Israel.

The historical fact is that not only was the land on which Israel was created not part of any Palestinian entity, it wasn’t even controlled by the Arabs themselves.

The Middle East adjacent to the Jordan River and extending past the Euphrates was for 400 years controlled by the Ottoman Turks. The Turks, not the Arabs. The Ottoman Empire, which was founded in the 16th Century, came to an end when the Turks picked the wrong side in the First World War — the German side. When you lose a war, the victor gets the spoils. So the imperial powers of Britain and France got to divide up the Ottoman Empire.

Britain had promised the Jews the “Palestine Mandate” which they controlled. It was named “Palestine” by the Romans who drove the Jews out and gave the region the name of the enemies of the Jews, the Philistines, who were Greek sailors from the Aegean and not Arab at all. The Arab nomads did not settle in the region of Palestine until centuries later. The British promised this region of the Ottoman empire to the Jews for a national homeland. Jews had lived there for 3,000 years.

The Palestine Mandate was promised to the Jews, but in 1922, Winston Churchill gave 80% of the Mandate to Arabs from the Palestine region. That state is called Jordan.

Nearly 70% of the state of Jordan is made up of Palestinians, but they ruled by the Hashemite tribe. You never hear anybody from the Palestinian cause or from the American left, anybody from the ranks of those attacking this event and attacking the state Israel, and attacking the United States calling in the Left – you never hear anyone of them complaining about the oppression of Palestinians in Jordan. Or calling for their liberation. That is because all these attacks on Israel and the United States are motivated by hatred for Israel and the United States, not concern for the Palestinians.

To return to this history, 80% of the Palestine Mandate was given by the Imperial Powers to the Arabs of the Palestine region. The remaining 20% was divided evenly between the Jews living in the Palestine Mandate, and the Arabs living in the Palestine Mandate. The Jewish portion, just 10% of the entire Palestine Mandate and less than 1% of the Arab Midle East, was three little unconnected slivers, the largest of which — 60% of the total – was an arid desert. That was what the UN by an overwhelming majority vote in 1948.

In addition to Israel’s creation by the UN, the Imperial Powers created Jordan Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. All of these states were artificially created by the Imperial Powers out of the Turkish Empire. So the attacks on Israel for stealing Palestinian land are one big lie whose sole purpose is justify the Islamo-fascist campaign to destroy the Jewish nation.

In 1948, instead of accepting the partition of a tiny portion of the land they had been given, the Arab states – Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypty, Iraq, Syria and Jordan attacked Israel in a war which they proclaimed would “push the Jews into the sea.” It was a war of aggression – and they lost. The Arabs have continued that war for the last sixty years.

There were refugees from this war. There were 600,000 Arab refugees. And there were 600,000 Jewish refugees. The Jews fled Iraq, Iran, Morocco and other Arab lands in which they had lived for hundreds of years. In Iraq, the largest ethnic community in Baghdad, for hundreds of years, was the Jews, until the 1930s, when Iraq became a fascist country and massacred the Jews living there and drove the survivors out.

There are over 5 million Palestinian Arabs living in refugee camps today; there no Jews living in refugee camps. Why is that? Because the state of Israel, re-settled the Jewish refugees, gave them homes, gave them citizenship, and gave them jobs. But the Arab states deliberately kept the Palestinians in refugee camps, refused to allow them to become citizens of Jordan or Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries.

Billions of dollars have been poured into the Arab refugee problem by the United States and Israel and the UN. But all that money has done has been to maintain the refugee problem. There’s a reason for that. It is because the Arab states and the Palestinian leadership want poverty stricken Arabs as cannon fodder for their hateful war against the Jews. That’s what the Middle East conflict is about.

There are one million Arabs who live peacefully in Israel. These Arabs have more rights living in Israel than the Arabs in any Arab state. They vote. They are elected to Israel’s parliament. They have the rights of the only democratic state in the entire Arab world.

Khomeni’s goal was to establish an Islamic state under 7th century Islamic law. Khomeni killed twenty-five times as many Iranians –Muslims — in the first three years of his revolutionary rule than the despised Shah had killed in the 34 years of his.

The reason Khomeini hated the Shah is because the Shah allowed women to be educated in Iran for the first time in their history, and allowed them, if they so chose, to remove the veil. The Shah was a dictator, but he was a progressive dictator. And that’s why Khomeini and Islamic fundamentalists hated him, and overthrew him.

This is a warning to you progressives in the audience. This is my gift to you if you will take it. The Islamo-fascists whom you support will devour you in the end.

Before I finish, I want to say something about the Iraq War. Watching the left mobilize to oppose the war, I was reminded of the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

The constant complaint of the left at the time was that the United States supported dictators like the Shah because they were anti-communists. If they followed our foreign policy, we didn’t care what they did to people within their borders. That was the Left’s complaint and you heard it over and over and over again — the United States supports dictators.

So it was quite illuminating to me when George Bush set out to overthrow one of those dictators, one of the true monsters of the 20th Century, a man who had murdered 300,000 people. Who do you think he murdered? He murdered Muslims. He murdered mainly Shi’a Muslims. He dropped poison gas on the Kurds. He put Muslims into plastic shredders. His two sons went on a rape rampage, raping and killing Muslim girls.

And then Bush came along and overthrew him. And the left hates Bush for that! I watched all of my former comrades go out in the streets to try to save Saddam Hussein, this fascist dictator and mass murderer, from being overthrown.

Now, what is that about? It is about the left’s hatred for America which is greater than its hatred for oppressors like Saddam Hussein. The reason the Left is in a de facto alliance with the Islamo-Fascists is because the believes what the Islamo-fascists believe — that the United States is the Great Satan; and Israel, of course, is the Little Satan. It is their progressive duty to make the United States lose the War on Terror, so the Khomenis of the Middle East can liberate the Muslim world.

The Left has been on the wrong side of battle for freedom for almost 100 years.

I think the War in Iraq has been mismanaged, and so has the war at home. The President has failed to explain the war to the American people. But these mistakes don’t negate the fact that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was a good deed.

Moreover, the United States cannot afford to lose this war. If we lose the War in Iraq, if we do what Nancy Pelosi or Cindy Sheehan want us to do, which is just to get out, what will happen in Iraq is exactly what happened in Vietnam when we did the same thing. After we left Vietnam to the mercy of the communists, 2.5 million people slaughtered.

Not only will Moqtadar al-Sadr and the Republican National Guard slaughter every Muslim — every Muslim in Iraq who wanted their freedom, who went to vote, who supported the coalition led by America — but Iraq will wind up in the hands of Ahmadinejad and Iran, and they will go after the other Arab regimes in the region whose Islamic ways are not pure enough.


For some posts related to the points raised in Horowitz’s speech (and need I reiterate, ‘Islamo-fascism’ is distinct and different from Islam, and is simply a term for absolute-power dictators who use Islam as their excuse/cover/justification for ruling over people’s lives with an iron fist):

More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed (how the Iraq situation is actually preventing Iraqi Muslims and other people worldwide from more terror attacks. For how this is being accomplished, see 72-year-old Iraqi Spots, Stops and Shoots Suicide Bomber and Bomblets Frag Terrorists, Spare Dog. For the motive, see Do Republicans Support The Troops Because the of Jesus and the Apostles?)

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And as we began with a horrifying picture of a Muslim woman about to be ruthlessly murdered by Islamo-fascists, we shall end with another such picture:


Got to here for the full 4.62 mb PDF file or to this link for the video presentation.

35 Scientific Errors (or Intentional Lies) in An Inconvenient Truth

October 30, 07

See also Global Warming is Unfactual for more updates on the no-show of global warming.

So last you heard, Al Gore’s propaganda film, ‘A Collection of Convenient Outright Lies’ ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was found to contain at least 9 serious errors… By the British High Court no less.

Now, ramp that up to at least 35 serious errors.

As I’ve learnt from Is It Getting Warmer, the Science and Public Policy Institute has reviewed all of Al Gore’s convenient misrepresentations and determined 35 key facts that Gore portrayed wrongly. The blog host also meticulously researched each of the SPPI’s criticisms and gives a rundown of the accuracy of each claim at this link.

Gore could have gotten his facts through his scientific incompetence, or perhaps by getting his information from only certain biased sources.

But my personal opinion is that Gore INTENTIONALLY LIES throughout the film. He is dishonest, manipulative, sneaky and utterly self-serving.

If you think my remarks are unfair and unfounded, just remember that Al Gore has been shown to change his stance 180-degrees and lie for personal political gain, he stands to profit immensely if governments enforce carbon offsets out of fear, and he totally does not subscribe to his own directives to us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

So yes, I do think he intentionally lies throughout his film, in order to spread hysteria and panic about global warming.

Below are the 35 errors pointed out by the SPPI article, with my short summary of the actual truths behind each dishonest fib. See the full explanations at Science and Public Policy Institute article:


1. Sea level “rising 6 m”
Even the IPCC’s maximum estimate is a mere 59cm… In the year 2100.

2. Pacific islands “drowning”
They aren’t. The sea levels around the Maldives haven’t changed for 1250 years. Same goes for Vanuatu.

3. Thermohaline circulation “stopping”
In reality, it is strengthening.

4. CO2 “driving temperature”
It is a clear and well accepted fact that temperature drives CO2 levels.

5. Snows of Kilimanjaro “melting”
Temperature at the summit never rises above freezing. Most of the melt occured before 1936.

6. Lake Chad “drying up”
It also dried up in 8500BC, 5500BC, 1000BC and 100BC. Where was our carbon-polluting human industry then?

7. Hurricane Katrina “man made”
Maximum hurricane wind speed and number of hurricanes has not increased.


8. Polar bears “dying”
Four bears died in a storm. Four. Measly. Bears. Meanwhile, there are 25000 polar bears today compared to 5000 in 1940.

9. Coral reefs “bleaching”
It was caused by an unusual El Nino pattern, not global warming.

10. 100 ppmv of CO2 “melting mile-thick ice”
Gore overstates the effect of CO2 ten times greater than even the IPCC’s highest estimate.

11. Hurricane Caterina “manmade”
Air temperatures in the area were the coldest in 25 years, not warmest.

12. Japanese typhoons “a new record”
Tropical cyclone frequency has fallen in the past 50 years.

13. Hurricanes “getting stronger
They haven’t in 60 years.

14. Big storm insurances losses “increasing”
Insured losses in hurricane-prione areas were lower in 2005 than 1905.

15. Mumbai “flooding”
There’s been no increase in rainfall over 48 years.

16. Severe tornadoes “more frequent”
Severe tornadoes have fallen in frequency for the last 50 years. Tropical storms are also at the lowest frequency in decades.


17. The sun “heats the Arctic ocean”
The ocean emits more heat than it receives from the sun.

18. Arctic “warming fastest”
It’s actually 1 degree cooler now than in 1940.

19. Greenland ice sheet “unstable”
The ice sheet did not break up during the last three times when the temperature was 5 degrees hotter than today.

20. Himalayan glacial melt waters “failing”
The snow melt which provides water has not decreased in 40 years.

21. Peruvian glaciers “disappearing”
For the past 10,000 years the Peruvian ‘glacier’ region has been mostly ice free.

22. Mountain glaciers worldwide “disappearing”
Human CO2 output has had no effect on the already-present glacier shortening trend.


23. Sahara desert “drying”
In the past 25 years, the Sahara shrunk by 300,000 square kilometres due to increased rainfall.

24. West Antarctic ice sheet “unstable”
Antarctic ice is at its thickest in nearly 28 years.

25. Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves “breaking up”
Gore concentrates on the 2% of Antarctica that is experiencing some warming, while conciously neglecting to mention the 98% of Antarctica that is cooling.

26. Larsen B Ice Shelf “broke up because of ‘global warming'”
The ice shelfs have been breaking up since 10,000 years ago.

27. Mosquitoes “climbing to higher altitudes”
The graph says it all: Wrong.


28. Many tropical diseases “spread through ‘global warming'”
None of the diseases quoted are tropical, none are affected by increasing temperature, and some even cause more harm at colder temperatures.

29. West Nile virus in the US “spread through ‘global warming'”
West Nile virus flourishes in any climate, from desert to ice.

30. Carbon dioxide is “pollution”
Forests are thriving due to the increasing CO2 levels.

31. The European heat wave of 2003 “killed 35,000”
Cold snaps kill people, but the IPCC does not include the number of lives that would be saved due to less cold weather.

32. Pied flycatchers “cannot feed their young”
A few tens of kilometres north, and there is no notable difference.

33. Gore’s bogus pictures and film footage
Gore plays fast and loose with falsely used images.

34. The Thames Barrier “closing more frequently”
It is closed to retain tidal water in the Thames.

35. “No fact…in dispute by anybody.”
Do I even have to mention these?

  • Climate Audit
  • Climate Skeptic
  • Global Warming Hysteria
  • Is It Getting Warmer?
  • Global Warming Fears
  • CONCLUSION: It’s clear that Al Gore and his film have got the facts totally wrong, reversed, upside-down and etc on almost every count. An Inconvenient Truth is truly an amazing piece of bullcr@p, and it’s even more amazing that anybody still trusts anything it and Gore have to say.

    Bible Textbook Approved in Alabama, USA

    October 26, 07

    A short new bite, related to a much earlier post, Teaching the Bible in US Schools.

    Excerpt from

    Alabama Picks a Bible Textbook
    Monday, Oct. 22, 2007 By DAVID VAN BIEMA

    Alabama has became the first state in the union to approve a textbook for a course about the Bible in its public schools, and its surprisingly uncontroversial decision may prove to be a model for others.
    There was no opposition to the October 11 vote by the state Board of Education to include The Bible and Its Influence on the state’s list of accepted textbooks. The Board held a hearing on the issue and no-one showed up; the book was approved by a vote of 8-0.

    The textbook is a product of the Bible Literacy Project, founded and run by Chuck Stetson, a conservative Christian New York-based equity fund executive. Assessing scripture and its subsequent influence on literature, art, philosophy and political culture, it was specifically designed to avoid the Constitution’s church-state barriers. Although the text, which has been on the market for two years, is now taught in 163 schools in 35 states, no state had previously endorsed it.

    The Bible and Its Influence has a fascinating constellation of supporters and critics. Some of its more liberal champions, such as the American Jewish Congress’s counsel Marc Stern, feel that the republic can not only survive but will actually benefit from public school courses on a document as culturally central as the Bible — as long as the classes avoid being devotional. Evangelical heavyweight Chuck Colson hopes that God will speak to students even through a class that is secular in intent. Those opposed to the book include secularists who argue that it already violates the First Amendment and fundamentalists who see its approach as secular and therefore diluting the value of what they see as God’s inspired word.

    The Bible Literacy Project is philosophical about the delays created by the different legislative processes in different states. Although a more centralized legislative initiative would result in faster adoption of the text, that process can fall victim to politics, as Alabama’s experience shows. And, for advocates of studying (as opposed to preaching) religion in the public school curriculum, the low-key introduction of the text, whether locale by locale or through the workings of state boards like Commander’s, offers an opportunity to assess its fairness and effectiveness before it becomes a nationwide fact.

    See also Wikipedia on ‘The Bible and Its Influence for a bit more on the book.

    Al Gore: High Commander of War & Peace Hypocrisy

    October 24, 07

    BONUS: All the rest of the Dumb-ocrat party doing the Hillary-two-step on the case for intervention in Iraq!

    Today’s post can be nicely introduced with two editorial cartoons from two of my favourite web artists.

    First, a long-ago cartoon from The Ryskind Sketchbook:


    Gore in the first panel above is referring, of course, to the Invasion of Iraq that begun by George Bush (Junior) in 2003. Which is going splendidly, btw.

    Secondly, a more recent one from newcomer Red Planet Cartoons:


    Shock and awe horror! Does this mean that Gore is being a two-faced, forked-tongue, stance-fudging hypocritical liar?

    Can’t be… It’s just a cartoon, right? Just more examples of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.



    Video evidence at Hot Air!!!

    Click the above link, I tell you!

    From the same link to Hot Air, some excerpts:


    Get Al Gore on camera to explain his transformation from reasonable hawk to hard left anti-war screecher.

    The year is 1992. Sen. Al Gore had been picked up by Gov. Bill Clinton as his running mate for the White House.

    In that campaign, he delivered the following speech to the Center for National Policy on September 29, 1992. The point of the speech was to dent Bush(Senior)’s unrivalled foreign policy credentials by making him look weak in the face of threats. [Bush Senior being the current US President’s George Dubya Bush’s dad]

    The thesis of the Gore speech: Reagan-Bush(Sr.) had looked the other way and let Saddam Hussein become a terroristic menace and a WMD developer. They had ignored Saddam’s many operational ties to terrorists over the years so they could maintain relations with him and offset the threat from the mullahs in Iran. Reagan-Bush(Sr.) and then Bush(Sr.) on his own had shown weakness in the face of the threat from Saddam’s Iraq, a weakness that was not offset even by the 1991 Gulf War victory.

    Gore’s speech was intended to make an issue of Republican weakness in the face of terrorism, and in the face of Saddam’s hard and verified connections to terrorism in particular.

    Just so we’re clear on this, the 1992 version of Gore accused Bush(Sr.) of lying by minimizing the threat that Saddam posed to the US and the world. The current version of Gore accuses Bush(Jr.) of lying by overstating the threat that Saddam posed to the US and the world.

    This Al “he played on our fearrrrs” Gore we’re talking about. This is the same man who, in February 2002, promoted a “final reckoning” with Iraq only to turn against that same reckoning on the eve of its launch.

    This is the same Al Gore, 1992 and 2007, only…totally different. He’s grown into his own bizarro doppelganger as political sands have shifted from Democrats positioning themselves as credible hawks to isolationist doves.

    This is, in short, Al Gore: a craven opportunist who will say whatever he deems to be the most useful thing for the political moment, without regard to truth or principle or consequences, other than one — that the consequences include making Gore relevant. That’s the one principle that he obviously cares about a great deal.


    So how is this relevant to global warming at all? It should be quite clear, very clear indeed.

    Al Gore has been shown to lie, change his stated views, and manipulate the audience for his own personal gain with the terrorism threat and the Iraq situation.

    This being shown to be his standard of ethics and habitual behaviour, what does it show of his current ‘factual and altruistic’ claims about how global warming is caused by humans and will doom the Earth and the only way to save oruselves is by subscribing to his carbon emissions reduction plan?

    Particularly when he has proven to be a huge energy-and-emissions hypocrite, knowingly included huge scientific lies in his global warming propaganda film, and seems to be using the entire global-warming-scare/Kyoto Protocol/carbon-cap-and-trade/carbon-offsets gig as a Follow scam to make him money through his own company.

    And judging from the above about-face (from wildly fearmongering about Saddam to wildly blaming Bush for fearmongering about Saddam), fifteen years down the road will Gore suddenly shift the blame for global warming paranoia and the Kyoto Bankrupt-Us-All onto the next Republican President?

    And thus, Al Gore’s Youtube-exposed antics are yet another reason not to trust him, his propaganda film and the entire global warming confidence scam.

    See also the following posts for more corroborative evidence of Gore’s lie-beral mentality:

    Al Gore: High Priest of Global Warming Hypocrisy (massive energy use and emissions while telling everyone else to cut down for the sake of the Earth)

    Official British Court Finds 11 Inaccuracies in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Labels It As Political Propaganda (Al Gore’s global warming propaganda film judged to contain at least 9 serious intentional misrepresentations of the truth ‘scientific errors’)

    Follow the Clues: Is Al Gore’s Promotion of Global Warming Hysteria Merely A Scam to Make Him Money? (follow the step-by-step clues that point to Al Gore’s global warming campaign being merely a worldwide scam to make him richer and influential again)

    Ground Based Temperature Recording Stations: Stupid Locations For Measuring Global Warming (witness through photos how the ‘respected’ scientific community that believes in global warming runs their ‘neutral and objective’ experiments)

    Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies (examples of how the liberal-controlled media regularly bends, twists, distorts and buries the truth to suit the liberal agenda – even if innocent people end up hurt or killed. This is the same liberal media that fanatically supports global warming paranoia by reporting only news that supports the fearmonger’s theories.)

    The IPCC Does Not Want Balanced Climate Reporting (the foremost brainwasher for global warming reveals how much the liberal media is in bed with it)

    More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed (the real situation in Iraq today, no matter what the afore-mentioned lie-beral media may choose too omit)

    Will the Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up? (examples of a Gore-style stand-fudging by a front-running Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2008 Presidency – the wife of Bill Clinton, the ex-President whom Al Gore was Vice President to)

    Global Warming Editorial Cartoons (collection of 100+ cartoons on global warming lies and manipulation, with plenty of explanations and links)

    Al Gore 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Editorial Cartoons (collection of cartoons, facts and links about Al Gore’s entirely partisan-political win – which was decided by a mere five liberal politicos)

    72-year-old Iraqi Spots, Stops and Shoots Suicide Bomber

    October 19, 07

    Dun dun dun… Another one bites the dust… Dun, dun, dun…

    Respect and props must be given to the super-senior dude for bravely challenging and then taking out the young suicide punk.

    And also, much kudos to the US Coalition forces who trained Mr. Old Hero in how to spot and check potential terror-attackers.

    That’s another one less terrorist alive to cause mayhem among innocent families, and one more to the 20,000+ terrorist body count.

    And while the terrorist casualties increase, the civilian casualties decrease – which is bad for the undertaking business.

    So much for certain Move.Onnish smear-insinuations that General Petraeus is accomplishing nothing of note.



    Sourced from The Jawa Report, original at Iraq Multi-National Force website:

    FORWARD OPERATING BASE KALSU, Iraq – A 72-year-old man stopped a suspected suicide bomber from detonating himself at a checkpoint in Arab Jabour Oct. 14.

    The man approached a checkpoint where Mudhehr Fayadh Baresh was standing guard, but did not make it very far.

    Baresh, a tribal commissioner and member of the Arab Jabour Concerned Citizens program, said he ordered the man to lift his shirt – using training received from Coalition Forces – when he did not recognize him as a local villager.

    The suspect refused to lift his shirt. Baresh repeated the command again, and the suspect exposed his suicide vest, running toward the checkpoint.

    Baresh opened fire which caused the vest to detonate, killing the suspect.

    “I did it for the honor of my family and the honor of my country,” said Baresh, when he met with Col. Terry Ferrell, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division.

    Lt. Col. Kenneth Adgie, commander of the 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment presented Mudher with a battalion coin for his valor Oct. 16.

    Rachel Carson – Environmentalist Queen of Green Genocide

    October 19, 07


    Rachel Carson I wonder how she must feel these days – in the afterlife or limbo or reincarnated or nonexistence or whatever – knowing that her hysterically screaming campaign begun by Silent Spring to stop the use of DDT has succeeded.

    Succeeded in murdering more than 50 million people, that is.

    Most of them children. Poor, Third World villagers. Oh well, rich eco-celebrities can’t spare all those five minutes for you wretches!

    All for the sake of Mother Gaia and her little bald eagle chicks.

    Who weren’t actually threatened by the completely harmless, people-can-eat-a-teaspoon-a-day-for-two-years-straight-and-be-completely-unaffected-healthwise substance in the first place.

    But it’s the life-hating thought that counts, mommy!

    Environmentalists must be so proud. They are. Their heroine’s propaganda material and their own efforts managed to kill more people than Hitler and Stalin combined.

    The Green having long ago bested the Red’s murder of innocents high score, they now turn their attention to the biggest achievement of all: eradicating all humans on the planet.

    The Global Warming Cult of Reducing Economic Growth and Propagating Poverty can’t hurt their efforts to beat the all-time world record for Causing Human Suffering.

    Rachel Carson… I wonder how she must feel these days.

    PS. If I gave any vibes of blaming Rachel Carson for actually going around and actively killing Third World babies, I apologize. It is the Green-sane enviro-cultists who are to blame for taking her reasonable intentions on DDT and ramming it through the courts into a full-blown ban and demonization.

    UPDATE: Rachel Carson proven wrong by decades of observation. Via AoSHQ.

    Malaysian Astronaut Cosmonaut Angkasawan

    October 19, 07

    So if you’ve heard… Malaysia has its first space-farer.

    But if you haven’t heard, and don’t really give a tikus about it… All teh-tarik in zero-gravity jokes aside, there’s only ONE blog post you need to read on the matter.

    Clicky below.

    After reading that, you can see the references below if you don’t catch them.

    Reference 1

    Reference 2

    Hitwise Search Data Shows Interest in Global Warming Falling

    October 18, 07

    …Even though Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace Bribe Prize. And despite his past Oscar and Emmy, his film An Inconvenient 11 Mistakes Truth , and his mega-concerts under the Live Pollution Earth title, and his various talks.

    And also despite the Green-sane crowd trumpeting that everyone on the plant ackowledges and cares about global warming climate change being the laetst enviro-fad a dire threat to Mother Earth.

    Then again, those are the same bunch constantly claiming that there is a scientific conspiracy consensus on the factuality of global warming. So of course, reality is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Lie-berals claim it is.

    So no surprise when it turns out that people don’t really care about a passing hysteria that will demand they change their comfy lifestyles.

    Is It Getting Warmer? has an idea that the drop in searches correlates to the summer break, when students have more pressing, crucial, life-or-death things to worry about… Like double dating.


    Excerpted from full article at The Global Warming Learning Curve:


    Interest in global warming spiked at the beginning of this year, rising to three times its normal level on Feb. 1, 2007, coinciding with Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

    But since then, the volume of searches on “global warming” have dropped off precipitously to the lowest levels in the last year save for a brief recovery in advance of the actual award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore last week.

    How we search for global warming is even more telling. In the last four weeks, Hitwise captured 1,427 different searches that contained the phrase “global warming.”

    By analyzing the top 100 searches, 92 of the top 100 terms were general or educational in nature, with the top terms including: “global warming,” “about global warming,” “al gore global warming,” and “articles on global warming.”

    Of the top 100 terms only four terms gave a sense of positive action: “global warming prevention,” “how to prevent global warming,” “ways to prevent global warming,” and “global warming solutions.”

    The other four terms rounding out the top hundred included the skeptical queries such as “global warming myth,” “global warming hoax,” “benefits of global warming,” and searches for the skeptic’s video answer to An Inconvenient Truth: “the great global warming swindle.”

    The most surprising fact is the absence of global warming discussion in the political category. 

    Over the last four weeks there were over 21,000 search terms sending traffic to the politics category. Political issues continue to play an integral role in search with terms such as “jena 6,” “abortion,” “death penalty,” and “Iraq casualties” all appearing in the top 20 terms.

    The first global warming term appears in the 477th position, “global warming myth.”

    100,000 Hits

    October 17, 07


    At long last, my blog has made it to 100,000 hits!


    As for the picture at the top… No, I’m not from Colorado. It’s just a nice image with 100k on it, and everyone else uses an odometer showing 100000 when their blog hits 100k hits.

    Here are the obligatory brag-stats images:


    General statistics. Using these numbers and the age of my blog (451 days old today): My blog now has an average of 222.6 hits a day, 1.36 posts a day (not including this one), 1.47 comments a day, 1.078 comments per post, and 163.224 hits per post.

    My first 50000 hits had these statistics: 50000 hits over 368 days, average of 136.986 hits a day; 531 posts, average of 94.162 hits per post; 531 posts over 368 days, average of 1.443 posts a day; 467 comments over 368 days, average of 1.269 comments a day.

    Compare with these latter 50000 hits: In stark contrast to the 368 days needed to get my first 50k, it took a mere 83 days to get my second 50k! 50000 hits over 83 days, average of 602.41 hits per day; 84 new posts, average 595.24 hits per post; 84 posts over 83 days, average 1.012 posts per day; 195 comments over 83 days, average of 2.35 comments a day.


    Graph of hits per month since my blog began. Cool new feature on WordPress, which roxxor over Blogspot. As you can see, my hits have been overall increasing, with a slight dip in October since it’s only been half a month.


    All time top posts, all above 4000, 2000 and 1000 hits (except the last one which is there to show how close it came) which you can find links to at the right side of my blog’s main page.


    And how many spams Akismet has filtered out for me, along with the occasional spam that slips through and the rare genuine comment that is classified as spam and rescued by me.

    My previous ‘Achievement Posts’ are at 50,000 Hits, 40,000 Hits, 30,000 Hits!, 20,000 Hits! and 10,000 Hits!.

    And now, I shall end with a list of posts I recommend from all the way back since this blog started! Extra recommended posts in bold. Some are chosen because they link to others in a sort-of series of related posts, or have lots of comments.

    In order from latest to oldest:

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    Al Gore 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Editorial Cartoons

    Follow the Clues: Is Al Gore’s Promotion of Global Warming Hysteria Merely A Scam to Make Him Money?

    The Scary Lady in Pink

    Official British Court Finds 11 Inaccuracies in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Labels It As Political Propaganda

    Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies

    Anthropological Definition of Malay

    Roy & Silo – Why Gay Penguins Are NOT a Good Example for Homosexuality

    Mother Gaia WANTS The Human Disease to Stick Around

    SPP Interview Expose – Interview With the Very Condescending Bigshot Rich Datuk

    Do Republicans Support The Troops Because the of Jesus and the Apostles?

    Pro General Petraeus, Anti Betray Us Editorial Cartoons

    Terrorists Getting Pwned Videos

    Christians – If You’re Gay, Don’t Flaunt It. If You’re Straight, Don’t Taunt It.

    Are Your Babies Inside Your Parents?

    Heredity Chart: Evolutionary Dead-End of Pure Homosexual Preference

    Nahoul the Terror Bee Teaches Animal, Uh… Kindness

    The Sun: Fuzzy Facts on the Climate

    What is the Source of Magic in the Real World?

    American Civil Liberties Union Religious Bias

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    Top Posts Since I Started Blogging (And How to View It In WordPress)

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    Michael Crichton on Ignorant Alarmism

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    A Brokeback Mountain Sanitation Query Christian Apologetics Article

    Ground Based Temperature Recording Stations: Stupid Locations For Measuring Global Warming

    A Skeptical Layman’s Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming

    Live Earth Singapore – We’re Not Exaggerating, We’re Doing Something Else That’s Annoying

    Fascism and Bestiality – Atheists Please Tell Me Why I Am Morally Wrong

    Communism = Atheism = Relative Morality

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    Jasin MP: Sexism, Lies and YouTube

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    Tunneling Meatball Mole

    NST: Nobel Peace Prize: Another Side to Gore’s Efforts to Combat Global Warming

    October 16, 07

    My letter to the local papers about Al ‘Ponzi’ Gore’s scam business model winning him the Nobel Peace Prize.

    See Follow the Clues: Is Al Gore’s Promotion of Global Warming Hysteria Merely A Scam to Make Him Money? for an extended blog post of this letter, and Al Gore 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Editorial Cartoons for mockery and some very important info on how he won the prize.

    From NST Letters (NST removes links after about a week):

       GoreNobelAnotherSide1   GoreNobelAnotherSide2


    Nobel Peace Prize: Another side to Gore’s efforts to combat global warming


    AL Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have won the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to spread awareness of man-made climate change and to lay the foundations for fighting it.

    This despite the fact that a significant number of scientists disagree with the IPCC’s findings on global warming and are discovering facts and data that contradict the theory that the planet is heating up.

    And also despite the fact that nothing concrete has been accomplished in the way of Gore or the IPCC’s recommendations for combating climate change.

    I would call attention to exactly what the latest winners of the Nobel Peace Prize recommend to the world.

    Gore’s solution, as evidenced through the Kyoto Protocol he lobbied for, is to implement mandatory carbon dioxide emissions limits, or “carbon caps”. Businesses may attempt to reduce their carbon output by whatever available means they choose.

    If a company cannot keep within the stated emissions limit, it will be charged a tax, or “carbon tax”. However, this tax can be avoided by buying the carbon allowance from companies that are below the limit, or “emissions trading”.This “cap and trade” method has produced dismal results in Europe.Without new technologies to improve energy efficiency and produce clean power, the costs of carbon caps are too high for too little gain; the Kyoto Protocol is estimated to cost US$1.5 trillion (RM5.25 trillion) for a temperature reduction of 0.2ºC over the next 100 years.

    At the same time, Gore encourages individuals to compensate for their personal carbon emissions by buying “carbon offsets”.

    Basically, consumers pay money to certain businesses which carry out activities to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, such as by planting trees, or by using solar power.

    He himself subscribes to this “solution”. He needs to, as he has a home that consumes 20 times more electricity than the average American home.

    He has also refused to sign a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” to reduce his home energy use to that of an average home, despite him asking, in his Oscar-winning documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth: “Are you ready to change the way you live?”

    That leaves him the option of buying carbon offsets to compensate for his carbon emissions. Thus, he buys the offsets from a company that provides carbon-offset brokerages, Generation Investment Management, a company which he founded and owns.

    So he promotes fear of global warming, then recommends that people assuage their guilt and save the Earth by buying carbon offsets from his own Generation Investment Management.

    For this business model and the costly and ineffective Kyoto Protocol, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations to him indeed, especially if the anthropogenic global warming theory is eventually disproved, meaning that all that effort and expense are being wasted.

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