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Proof That Iran Loves Jews! As Far as Lie-Beral Media Stealing Pics From The People’s Cube Counts

December 31, 07

It’s more Lie-beral media dishonesty, laziness, incompetence, downright lack of intelligence, and assumption that all their readers are as lousy as the Lie-beral media types, as a pro-Iranian news piece unquestionably proves that Iran loves it Jews…

With a photoshopped image unknowingly and uncreditedly sourced from The People’s Cube.

Screen capture of the self-embarassing news site (which has changed the image to a different, but probably just as stolen and fake, pic):


Compare with screenshot from the original satire piece by The People’s Cube:



Read all about it (with heavy, heavy doses of satire and mockery) at The People’s Cube Pwns Iranian Propaganda!

With step-by-step video presentation of the fakery at Youtube here.

And also mocked to death (penalty for homosexuals and women and apostates and everyone else in Iran) at Gateway Pundit, Snapped Shot and Solomonia among others.

See the following for more liberal media diregard and disdain for the that supposedly sacrosanct thing called truthful journalism:

Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies (with mega-list of anti-Israel media lies at this comment)

All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us

Flat Fatima will Make Your News Stories Become The Truth!

Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?

Compare with allegedly Conservative-biased Fox: FOX is the Most Balanced U.S. Media

See also Iran Prez Ahmadinejad Sez: “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran” (And Why There Ain’t Any)

And for the reports of 40 Iranian Jews secretly fleeing the country that the morono-news site tried to debunk, you can check the following:

Prairie Pundit: Christian Zionist Pay For Iranian Jews

Google search

Liberation Army Against Freedom – Terrorists Teach Fireworks Safety

December 31, 07

Via Gates of Vienna, the Liberation Army Against Freedom is a (sadly) merely fictional construct of the Dutch government meant to humorously educate viewers about basic fireworks safety.

Seriously lolzy antics, music and getting complaints from ‘concerned citizens’ (readable at the Gates of Vienna link or The Guardian UK) make these short around-1-minute vids a nice way to pass a coffee break! You don’t need to be able to understand the subtitles to appreciate the humour.

Official website with videos at Reload to return to full size if the video embeds shrink. Note too the unfortunate, and perhaps intentional, acronym!

English subtitles Youtube versions at the following links: Video 1, Video 2Video 3 and Video 4.






And if you think real terrorist groups don’t contain such bungling morons, then go to Terrorists Getting Pwned Videos where you can witness non-joke footage of the following:







No wonder there have been More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Warlords Movie Review (No Spoilers)

December 29, 07


The Warlords. A very good watch, and highly recommended by me. Definitely beats Aliens vs. Predator 2 which was panned by my brother. (Btw, ignore the Wikipedia plot summary on Warlords for now – it is all so NOT over a woman.)

But first, a warning: I don’t see how this show managed a ‘U’ for Umum (‘G’ for General Audiences). Apart from the kungfu violence, there’s plenty of blood, gore and body parts literally flying around. Note the decapitated head in this version of the movie poster:


How is this suitable for little kiddies used to Spongebob Squarepants, or at worst, Cow & Chicken? It’s like Happy Tree Friends, only with ‘real’ human flesh. In Anne’s words, it’s as bad as that Spartan slaughterfest 300!

That aside, the film had no slow or boring parts to let my attention wane. If it’s not fast-paced mass battles (of which there are plentifuly plenty), it’s intrigue and maneuvering.

The film is an action-drama, but not drama as in high-school girls crying over boyfriends… Most of the crying is by manly men mourning truly great losses. Trust me, if they didn’t cry, they wouldn’t be REAL MEN.

In fact, the key emotion of the movie must be sadness. Grief, regret, frustration, hopelessness, desperation, sorrow, longing, and all the horrors of war.

As the historical background is not explained save for some anecdotes, one begins to wonder for what reasons so many people have to die. With Chinese history seemingly comprising an unending series of wars and suffering, it’s a wonder we got anything else like fireworks or culture accomplished.

As for the aforementioned battles… Great stuff. Focused on war campaigns as it is, you’ll see lots of large-scale battles and less one-on-one heroics. Though that doesn’t stop lone skillful heroes from holding their own against dozens of conscripted footsoldiers, with lots of Chinese classical weapons on display.

And watch for the little Christian jokes and references (like the rumour version of feeding the 5000 – so Chinese!), as the bulk of the movie is set during the Taiping rebellion (led by one of the great ever-rebellious Hakkas).

So as not to spoil the plot, I will close with some questions that the movie subtly raises:

What wins a battle? Tactics? Strategy? Politicking? Morale? Skill? Equipment and supplies? A leader’s force of personality? Sacrifice – of self and of others?

What is most important in life? Brotherhood and friendship? Romantic love? Ambition? Justice? Righteousness? Loyalty? Pride? Honour? Fairness? Victory? Life?

Do the ends justify the means? What if the ends are never achieved, are the means then ever justifiable?

And remember:

 大哥 是 對了!  

 shì duì le!

Big Brother is right!

(Phrased with help from the excellent Chinese-English + Pinyin Dictionary)

FOX is the Most Balanced U.S. Media

December 28, 07

Via The Jawa Report and Malkin, here’s the conclusion of a study made by the non-profit, politically neutral, non-partisan George Mason University Centre for Media and Public Affairs:


PDF here. Center for Media and Public Affairs website press release here.

That’s right. Fox News Channel is THE MOST BALANCED media channel.

It is also the most trusted by people, with other channels more distrusted than trusted.

UPDATE Nov 2009: And reconfirmed here.

And via AoSHQ:

(i) all mainstream media outlets have a liberal bias; and (ii) while some supposedly conservative outlets—such the Washington Times or Fox News’ Special Report—do lean right, their conservative bias is less than the liberal bias of most mainstream outlets.

Meanwhile, only 19.6% of Americans still believe the liberal-dominated MSM.

Take that right in the teeth, all you lie-beral brainwashed zombies commenting about FOX’s alleged untruthful, shallow-minded, short-sighted biasedness at here and there.

Compare with the endless, blatant and often shameless lies exposed at the following:

Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies

All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us

Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?


Christianity – The Faith of Famously Intellectual, Logical, Reasonable Thinkers

December 28, 07

I often argue that Christianity is convincing to the mind as well as to the heart. Here are the conversion testimonies of several intelligent people – whom we would be very hard pressed to describe as ‘morons’, ‘uneducated’, ‘ignorant’ or ‘gullible’ – who became Christians because they were intellectually convinced of the truth of Christianity’s claims.

The people I mention here are great thinkers, with more powerful and logical minds than mere bloggers like myself. Their imposing intellects were each convinced by the claims Christianity… What does that say about its truth?

Commenters are welcome to say their piece, and introduce me to any other famous logically-sound converts to a thinking faith in Christ.

Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” – Matthew 22:37



Lee Strobel was a staunch atheist, skilled investigative newspaper reporter, and award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune.

His wife was agnostic, but then one day accepted Christ. The positive change in her behaviour and character encouraged Lee to start going to church, just to see what it was like. From there, he was challenged to investigate how true the claims of Christianity were.

In his own words from The Truth…What Is It? testimonies:

So I decided to take my legal training and my journalism training and investigate: is there any credibility to Christianity? I would do what I did at the Chicago Tribune. I would check out stories to see if they were true, if they could be printed in the papers. So I would investigate. I went out, and I applied those skills to the question of, ” Who is Jesus Christ?”

I didn’t do it with an antagonist attitude; I did it with a journalist’s attitude… I said, “Give me the facts. I’m going to look at both sides, I’m going to look at other world religions.” And I began to do that.

And it was an amazing journey: to look at other faith systems and see the eternal contradictions that, to me, disqualified them from being true. And yet to see in Christianity, as I looked into the historical evidence for Jesus, as I looked at the reliability of the New Testament, as I looked at the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies in the New Testament, as I looked at the resurrection: very powerful evidence.

And I looked at some of the most brilliant legal minds of history: Simon Greenleaf of Harvard, Sir Lionel Luck, who, the Guinness Book of World Records describes as the most successful lawyer in the history of the world (had more murder trials won in a row than any other defense attorney ever). These are brilliant people who have applied the laws of evidence to the resurrection accounts and walked away convinced that they are true.

So I did this investigation for almost 2 years of my life: looking at evidence inside the Bible, outside the Bible. One of my favorite things: I found 110 facts outside the Bible recorded in ancient history that confirmed (and again these are many things some are higher quality than others, most are somewhat questionable) that form together a very powerful corroborative aspect.

I just had a great time as a journalist investigating all this stuff. On the plus side, journalists respond to evidence; the negative side is I tended to be an observer, I was never a participant, I was the critical observer. I didn’t join anything; I kept things at arms length.

So the idea of making a commitment to God was alien to me; and yet the evidence was so powerful that on November 8, 1981 (after spending two years of checking this out) I just realized that in light of this torrent of evidence that points so powerfully towards Christianity, it would have required more faith to retain my atheism than to become a Christian.

Because to maintain my atheism I would have had to defy the evidence. To become a Christian, I just had to make a step of faith in the same direction that the evidence was pointing. That’s logical, that’s rational, and that’s what I did.

Lee Strobel went on to author various Christian apologetic works, including the popular series of interviews detailing the evidence and arguments for Jesus (A Case For Christ), God (A Case For Faith) and creation/Intelligent Design (A Case For A Creator).



Josh McDowell was a skeptic of religion who was challenged to disprove intellectually the claims of Christianity while in university.

After countless hours and much expenditure, his research led him to the conclusion that the claims of Christianity were based on solid historical fact.

In his own words from In Search of Truth:

My new friends challenged me to examine the claims of Christ. I thought most Christians were idiots. But these people were persistent. Finally, I accepted their challenge, out of pride, to refute them.

One of the crucial areas of my research to refute Christianity centered around His resurrection. More than 1,000 hours of studying this subject showed me that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was either one of the most wicked, heartless, vicious hoaxes ever foisted upon human minds, or it was the most fantastic fact of history.

In my attempt to refute Christianity, I made some startling observations about the resurrection. The testimony of history, for example. I had no idea there was so much positive historical, literary and legal testimony supporting the factuality of Christ’s resurrection. But the more I investigated, the more evidence I found. I came to see why the Apostle Paul had said, “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith” (1 Corinthians 15:14).

The more I studied the historical-biblical Christian faith the more I realized it is a thinking person’s faith. As Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Having set out to refute the resurrection and Christianity, and then having been compelled by the evidence to believe that Jesus Christ was indeed exactly who He claimed to be – and that He indeed rose from the dead, I faced a new problem. My mind was saying, “Christianity is true,” but my will was saying, “Don’t admit it!”

It came to the point where I’d go to bed at ten and wouldn’t fall asleep until four in the morning. I knew I had to get Jesus off my mind or go out of my mind.

Finally on December 19, 1959, at 8:30 p.m., I became a Christian.

Josh McDowell went on to write several excellent works and compilations of the historical basis and evidence for the claims of the Bible. One of his best works IMHO is New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, a university textbook-style collection of evidence with citations.

His changed heart also enabled him to forgive and reconcile with his alcoholic, neglectful and abusive father whom he blamed for causing the death of his mother.

Through Josh’s newfound, Christ-enabled capability to love such an unloveable person, his father came accept Jesus as well, and turned his own life around – from the town drunk, to an inspiring testimony to all who knew him.

Read about that at my post Christian Testimonies of Incredible Forgiveness, Christian Stories Online (search for A MAN I HATED) and at Answering Islam (search for My father was the town alcoholic).



C.S. Lewis is a name almost synonymous with Christianity, but it wasn’t always that way. He was born into a Protestant family, but rejected Christian beliefs beginning from the death of his mother when he was 10, and he became an avowed atheist at age 15.

From Christian Odyssey:

C.S. Lewis was born into a Protestant family in Belfast, today Northern Ireland, on Nov. 29, 1898. He endured a rather unhappy and lonely childhood. He was especially crushed by the unexpected death of his mother from cancer when he was not yet 10 years old. Her death left a hole in his heart and caused him to be disillusioned about God’s nearness.

Early in his life he rejected any Christian beliefs he might have had, even as a youth, and became an avowed atheist. When asked at age 18 what his religious views were, he called the worship of Christ and the Christian faith “one mythology among many.” By the time he had served in the British army on the front lines of France during World War I and began his studies at Oxford University as a student, now barely 20, he was a thorough-going materialist.

Despite – or rather because of – his intimate familiarity with all sorts of medieval liteature and mythology, Lewis came to be convinced of the truthfulness of the Christian story.

From Beliefnet:

Yet his immersion in European literature repeatedly confronted him with the fact that the writers he most admired were Christian. By 1929, Lewis felt compelled to adopt a cautious theism. In his 1955 autobiography, “Surprised by Joy” (there’s that term again), Lewis described himself at this point as “the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, was to take a decisive role in the next step of Lewis’ conversion. On a fall evening in 1931, Lewis had dinner with fellow professors Tolkien and Hugo Dyson. They walked through the college’s park, talking, until the early hours of the morning.

The conversation turned to mythology. Lewis felt that myths, despite their imaginative appeal, were, in the end, merely lies. Tolkien proposed instead that the beauty of Christianity is that it is a myth that happens to be true. The universal hunger planted in human beings by God, evidenced by all the world’s mythologies, was made manifest in time and space. In Jesus Christ, God really did walk this earth, die, and rise again.

A few days after that late-night walk, Lewis, still pondering the conversation, got into the sidecar of Warnie’s motorcycle for a trip to the zoo. He later wrote, “When we set out I did not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and when we reached the zoo I did.” It was a distinctly intellectual conversion, a laser-like search for Truth, unaccompanied by emotional tumult.

C.S. Lewis went on to write various Christian and Christian-themed works, including philosophical and theological nonfiction such as Mere Christianity, and of course the beloved Narnia series.

He also put forward the Trilemma argument: If Jesus was not a liar (He was a stickler for the truth), nor a lunatic (He showed remarkable emotional insight and calmness), then the only option is that He is LORD (i.e. telling the objective truth that He really is God).

(Yes, you can catch that little insertion in the film version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where after a crying Lucy bumps into the Professor, he informs Peter and Susan “Well if she’s not mad and she’s not lying, then logically, she’s telling the truth.”)

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'gave up Christianity at about 14. Came back to it when getting on for 30. Not an emotional conversion; almost purely philosophical. didn want to. I'm not in the least a religious type. want to be let alone, to feel I'm my own master; but since the facts seemed to be just the opposite, had to give in. C.S. Lewis AZQUOTES'



As a lawyer, Frank Morison set out to write an exposé on how impossible the trial and resurrection was but, after an exhausting study, the book he actually wrote was the opposite. As one book reviewer said: “Just like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes – Mr. Morison showed logically and diligently that after all the facts have been weighed, the solution that is supported by those facts – however unlikely it may sound or look – would have to be the truth.”

– From I Am A Cynic; Therefore I Am A Christian
by Graham Pockett



Augustine of Hippo lived his youth as a hedonist, dualist, skeptic and Neoplatonist… All in all, a very knowledgable student of various philosphies. He finally found peace of heart and mind in the Bible (beginning with the Book of Romans).

From Crisis Magazine:

St. Augustine came to intellectual certainty about the truth of Christianity before he embraced it in faith. “What I now longed for,” he wrote in his Confessions, “was not greater certainty about you, but a more steadfast abiding in you.” The obstacles lay not in his mind but in his heart, “which needed to be cleansed of the old leaven. I was attracted to the Way, which is our Savior himself, but the narrowness of the path daunted me and I still could not walk in it.”

St. Augustine depicts himself as enchained by the obstacles to his wholehearted conversion, specifically his lustful habits and his enslavement to the lure of the flesh. The real obstacle, however, lay not so much in the flesh per se as in the wrongheaded will that bound him to it: “For it was no iron chain imposed by anyone else that fettered me, but the iron of my own will.”

Augustine went on to become one of the most influential early Christian authors, debating against various skewed doctrines.


See also the testimonies of: J Warner Wallace, David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, Holly Ordway – all staunch unbelievers who investigated the claims and proofs for themselves to destroy Christianity’s claims, and became convinced of the truth instead.

For more logic, facts and evidence based arguments for Christianity, see also:

Physicists Believe in God (Or At Least a Creator or Designer): A Collection of Quotes

Easy 3 Steps to Why We Can Believe The Bible About Spirituality and Metaphysics

The Cyrus Cylinder – Not Isolated and Not Vague Verification of the Bible’s Historical Account

The Heart of My Faith (which has a list of historical and intellectual evidences)

Living Life Like an Atheist or a Christian – Wanna Bet?

December 28, 07

Here is Pascal’s Wager in my own colloquial words. For a song about atheism’s belief in an after-nonlife, see Tears in Heaven – Atheist Despair Version.


Livin’ Like an Atheist

Having lots of fun, with a relative moral standard entirely of your own definition. At the end of it all, there are two possible outcomes:

God is not real: Well, good for you. No heaven or hell, and you’re proven right all along. But so what? Since you’re dead and no longer exist to contemplate your excellent choice, it doesn’t matter.

God is real: Well, bummer for you. Only one eternity of being apart from the presence of all the Godly goodness you hate for you to spend resenting your bad choice.


Livin’ Like a Christian

Taking care to be follow the absolute moral standards laid out in the Bible and being an overall nice & holy person may not be as hedonistically fun as some other lifestyle choices. At the end of it all, there are two possible outcomes:

God is not real: Okay, so you’ve ‘wasted’ a lifetime’s chance for enjoying pleasures and making a name for yourself. So what? You’re dead and no longer exist, it doesn’t matter to you.

God is real: Congratulations! That’s an eternity of joy, peace, love, meaningful existence and all sorts of great stuff to enjoy!


Summary of Conclusions:

From The People’s Cube (see also related to that here):


It’s a bad bet to live like there’s no God. If you’re right, you’ll be dead and unable to appreciate a mere 60-odd years of high living. If you’re wrong, you’ll have infinite time to rue your poor gamble. Finite gain vs Inifnite loss.

It’s a good bet to live like there’s a God. If you’re wrong, you’ll be dead and unable to regret your not spending 60-odd years living for pleasure. If you’re right, you’ll have an infinite existence of truly joyful lviing. Finite loss vs Infinite gain.

Place your bets.


From Cosmology Curiosity, which has more thoughts on Pascal’s Wager:


Should Blasphemy Be Illegal?

December 26, 07

Let me make the question more specific: Should it be permissible and tolerated for someone to publicly insult a very important figure of any religion?

For example, should people be allowed to publicly utter abusive epithets against Jesus or God?

To ban such expressions seem tantamount to undermining the principles of freedom of speech. If religion cannot be questioned, are we not on the fast track back to the Dark Ages of instant Inquisitions and burnings at stake? (Or the Modern Ages of Mohammed Teddy Bear riots and beheadings.)

Hence the trend towards repealing blasphemy laws in modern Western nations.

But that’s not what I’m getting at. Look at this way: Would shouting obscenities about someone’s mother to his face get you arrested?

Or uttering deragatory remarks about a public figure? Or making baseless accusations against a commercial entity? Or swearing at an elderly lady with plentiful asterisk-laden words?

You may object that there is a difference between taking God’s name in extreme vain, and disparaging an ‘actual person’. The actual person’s feelings would be hurt, or at least the feelings of those who care emotionally about the insulted person.

But to enthusiastic followers of a religion, who is there more important – emotionally and mentally – than their God or prophet? Speaking from a born-again Christian background, let me say that Christians are supposed to place God foremost in their lives – above even family, spouse or political leaders.

Therefore, if it is deemed intolerant, illegal, defamatory and just plain rude to call someone’s mother a sl*t, is it not comprehensible that followers of a religion would have their feelings hurt when someone intentionally insults their most beloved personality? (Such as the blaspheme the Holy Spirit campaign, which clearly serves no other purpose than to offend Christians.)

This is as opposed to pointing hard, stated facts about a religion – such as highlighting certain holy verses that command death or discrimination, or quoting questionable remarks from religious leaders. I’m all for an unobstructed, objective weighing of all philosophies.

But I feel that we should draw the line at intentionally chosen, opinion-based insults that are clearly provocative and capable of inciting anger. That is, fighting words and defamation – which are both illegal.

After all, there is a clearly understood difference between pointing out that someone’s mother is a convicted criminal (objective fact with court transcripts as proof) and calling someone’s mother a big fat b*tchy h* (subjective opinion with clearly defamatory intentions).

So to summarize:

Pointing out flaws in theology in and objective and emotionally neutral manner = OK

Calling God a ****, *****, ******, ******* and ******** = NOT OK

Keep the filed of law fair and level for religious and nonreligious folk alike, at least until society is progressively-liberalized to the point that R.E.S.P.E.C.T. becomes the worst swear word imaginable.

12 Days of Christmas Spoofs And Christmas Joke Songs

December 26, 07

Here are various spoof and political versions I’ve come across of that most modifiable of Christmas songs, The 12 Days of Christmas.

The full list of what was received over the 12 days of Christmas follow each link in white (which means it can’t be seen normally). Just highlight the blank area to see the lyrics after watching the vids, or if you don’t mind spoilers.

Due to too many references, I won’t be providing links for all the quotes and issues mentioned – go ahead and search for yourselves.



12 Days of Indian Stereotypes


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
Twelve cricket ball tamperers
Eleven syllable names
Ten-minute yoga
Nine telemarketers
Eight Bollywood films
Seven-Eleven workers
Six IT graduates
Five Indian games!
Four Hare Krishnas
Three butter chickens
Two nosy inlaws
And a totally insuficient dowry


12 Days of Liberals (also at here)



On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Liberals gave to me…
Twelve senators failing
Eleven percent approval
Ten paychecks burning
Ninety thousand freezing
No more secret ballots
Seven hundred billion in new spending
Six troop funding cuts
Hillary’s Woodstock Museum!
Four bucks a gallon
Al Franken ranting
Two liberal Udalls
And a tax hike for every family!


12 Days of Huckabee (the Liberal Left’s favourite ‘evangelical’ 2008 U.S. Presidential Candidate)


On the twelfth day of Christmas Mike Huckabee came clean…
He’s just a Leftie
More social programmes
VP Chuck Norris
Money for power
Stole all the curtains
God’s own endorsement
Crazy fair taxes
One thousand pardons!
College for Hose
Bashed all the Mormons
Loved all the taxes
And didn’t know what NIE was!


12 Days of Starcraft (also at here)


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Blizzard gave to me…
Twelve Arbiters
Eleven Science Vessels
Ten Ultralisks
Nine Battlecruisers
Eigth Archons burning
Seven Zerglings swarming
Six Zealots fighting
Five newborn Queens! (disuptable)
Four Hydralisks
Three Marines
Two Terran Wraiths
And a brand new SCV!


Halolz has The Twelve Days of Team Fortress 2.


And The Twelve Days of Garfield.


The Twelve Days of Global Warming:


The Twelve Days of (totally non-religiously affiliated) Winter:


It’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist presenting his song, Jingle Bombs! (Bonus: First Achmed skit!)



It’s Rage Boy singing Infidels, Infidels, In the Holy Land and Sharia Don’t Be Late!



South presents Jesus and Santa Claus singing everyone’s favourite Christmas songs about… Themselves!


PS. And see also Twelve Days of Global Warming (by Al Gore)!

The Katana’s Name is Sogeking!

December 25, 07

Oh no! Due to a mishap, the wrists of Zoro and Sogeking (Usopp’s alter ego) are cuffed together!

The only way to unlock the unbreakable handcuffs is with a key, held by one of the enemies – but not those they are facing now!


How will they adapt to this difficult situation? Zoro has an idea! (more…)


December 24, 07

For your Merry Christmas lols, a lesson to be learned: Never ask LARPers to act in your Christmas play!

Watch teh vidoo heer! Official site at for tax reasons!

Not anywhere near as blasphemous as the video title may sound, it’s just chosen as such as a play on the ‘I’m in ur base killin ur doodz’ meme. Enjoy!















And nerd-denial response here.

But for something more serious, do see Be Thankful For Jesus’ Incredible Self-Control.

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