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Steve Oh: It’s Not About Being Gay, It’s About Hijacking Christianity

September 30, 10

1) When a religious denomination declares that they accept homosexuality, well good for them.

2) But when a religious denomination declares that they are true, loving, rightly guided Christians and that Christianity accepts homosexuality, they are in effect accusing every other Christian denomination of being false, hateful and wrong on Scripture and doctrine for not accepting homosexuality.

Steve Oh sums up my views nicely in this letter in Malaysiakini, specific excerpts:

Gay or straight we all have to deal with our sexuality
Steve Oh
Sep 29, 10

Malaysiakini writer, Helen Ang, commented in one of her columns, ‘My take: If Bangsar Malaysians want to puff out their chests like roosters and point everyone to admiring their tail feathers of ‘Liberal Compassion’, go right ahead. But in the case of them bashing conservative Christians as being ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘full of hate’ for objecting to the gay Reverend’s insistence that Christian teachings have no issue with homosexuality, I, (even as a non-Christian) find it to be too much to stomach.’

I am not interested in discussing the gay issue, only setting the record straight on Christianity’s view on homosexuality… My primary concern is to correct the gay Christian heresy not homosexuality, an ancient practice already denounced by Christianity and even Islam, the country’s official religion. Hong said many left Christianity implying they could not stomach its traditional stand against homosexuality.

Well, many also forsook Jesus when he told them things they could not accept. And that is the litmus test of faith – shape up or ship out. You can’t change religious dogmas to suit yourselves. But you can be saved from the wrath of God if you repent. My views were published in a letter some weeks ago. Ultimately gays with spiritual needs and who find comfort in Christianity will do better to adopt sound teaching than the fluffy faith of a false Christianity.

It is one thing to be gay, as it is a fundamental right to be whatever people choose to be, but it is another matter to misrepresent Christianity. If gays are not prepared to pay the price of discipleship by following sound teaching they should examine themselves and see if they are really in the faith.

I am a friend of gays and want those who want to be Christian to have the real thing not a counterfeit Christianity of which there are many in the world today.

The Bible is not a sex manual but a book of religious truth and moral guidelines and we know it says homosexuality is wrong because God created a man and a woman and gave them the command to procreate. Sex is not only for procreation but recreation as the Bible also suggests but within the sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman.

If people enjoy anal sex, that is their business but it does not negate the scientific view that the anus is not made for sex and there is the risk of damaging the body part and anal intercourse makes one more vulnerable to catching an infection from the act, gay or straight.

Before we lose sight of the real debate it is not about gays. It is about the hijacking of Christianity by certain gays.

His points gel with my arguments in Bible Passages That Oppose Homosexuality – Including the Words of Jesus and God Himself (particularly the parts about procreation and recreation within marriage, under ‘THE MAN HIMSELF – JESUS CHRIST’ section).

The context of his letter is to do with what I debated with Yuki over a long time ago.

On infection rates thru anal sex, see the statistics at Public Health Hazards That Should be Banned: Smoking vs Homosexuality.

And as for my post title, it’s inspired by similar themes in Who Is Hijacking Whose Christianity?.

KL to Send Likely 9/11 Truthers to Make Islam Look Better in America

September 27, 10

From The Star 27 Sep 2010:

Saifuddin: KL prepared to send experts to counter Islamophobia in US

TEMERLOH: The Higher Education Ministry is prepared to send lecturers who are experts in Islamic studies to explain the religion so as to check Islamophobia in the United States and other parts of the world.

Its Deputy Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said the country had many experts in the field who could correct the misconception about Islam among Americans and other Westerners.

In fact, he said, many lecturers from Malaysia were once lecturers or guest lecturers at foreign universities.

“Whether Islamophobia is deliberately created by the West or they simply fail to understand the religion, it is important for us to correct the misconception about Islam.

“Otherwise, Islamphobia will create problems, especially for companies owned or products produced by Muslims, which may be feared or turned away by the West,” he told reporters after attending a Hari Raya open house in Kampung Lebak Seberang, here, yesterday.

He was earlier asked to comment on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s willingness to send experts in Islamic studies to correct misconception about Islam among Americans and Westerners, which he expressed during his meeting with US president Barack Obama in New York recently.

Saifuddin said Islamophobia, which was prejudice against or an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims, had become a phenomenon in the United States since the Sept 11, 2001 attack.

He is worried that Islamophobia will continue to prevail and become a threat to Muslims all over the world, including those studying in institutions in western countries.

“Our experts are qualified as we have the experience of administering a country which is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious like the US,” said Saifuddin. — Bernama

Did you know that the main person at the centre of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy is Imam – and that he believes that America brought the 9/11 attacks on itself? And that one of his close compatriots believes Bush did 9/11 himself? Yes, that IS a sticking point with most Americans.

So how helpful do you really think it will be to send over our local lecturers and experts – considering that most likely they wholehearted believe that Bush planned 9/11 (among other odd things Malaysians are indoctrinated into)? Hey, even our former PM does!

Yeah, I’m sure an honest and open sharing of their views will result in LESS conflict involving Islam in America.

They don’t get it, or rather they choose not to get it – non-Muslims aren’t the main culprits giving Islam a bad name.

You want to stop ‘Islamophobia’ in the West? Then do something about terrorists killing Muslims and nonMuslims in the name of Islam, imams boasting that they will conquer Rome, everyday Muslims calling America and Israel all sorts of slanderous things, Muslims showing no regard whatsoever for the feelings of 9/11 victims families, and of course – pundits calling every valid concern of ordinary Americans ‘Islamophobia’.

Fix the reality, and that will improve the message.

See Analogy Zero and Bush Is Teh Roxxor Genius For Planning 9/11 for more on these topics.

Who’s Empowering Intolerance Here, Dennis Ignatius?

September 24, 10

In a whole page rant about the ‘intolerance’ of the Americans who oppose building a moseque/Islamic centre so close to Ground Zero, veteran diplomat Dennis Ignatius manages to put forward just one line about how a similarly sensitive comparison exists in Malaysia:

Some, of course, consider that two blocks is too near. We have a somewhat similar debate in Malaysia when it comes to building churches and temples.

So no criticism or condemnation of the Malaysian condition, but Americans are bigots. Uh huh. Afraid to criticize his employer and benefactor of so many years? I’ll have to file this one under UMNOpocrisy just for that.

(Ha! See Malaysia Today featurage of post by Malaysia For All which touches on this hypocrisy from points 11 to 14!)

And of course, as with all Ground Zero Mosque apologists, he simply cannot consider how the building of a mosque/Islamic Centre at such a sensitive spot might similarly be insensitive to the family and friends of those who died in 9/11.

How would he feel if it were the other way around?

Analogy Zero

Think he would opponents of the Giant American Flag hateful phobes in that case?

In the meantime, will he use his black belt in diplomacy to persuade Saudi Arabia to stop burning and trashing Bibles as a matter of official policy? Go on, tell Muslims that burning Bibles is against what they are supposed to believe or something.

Or is his closing line actually a well camouflaged call for the Ground Zero Mosque planners to reconsider the hurtful impact their actions are having?

The best response to intolerance is for Christians and Muslims to strive to outdo each other, not with aggressive responses or irrational actions but by walking in forgiveness and overlooking each other’s misdeeds as we are both commanded to do.

Nope! Just a call to let them do whatever they please, because ‘forgiveness’.

Dennis Ignatius is the narrow minded bigot here, not emotionally wounded and grossly insulted ordinary Americans. Don’t he dare preach to me about what a Christian is supposed to be like.

(But then, he’s a diplomat – it kind of comes with the territory and immunity, doesn’t it? Good job pandering to your political masters, I’m sure they’re very pleased with their little high profile dhimmi.)


UPDATE: He manages to redeem himself in my eyes though.

Penny Arcade: Grownups Server

September 17, 10

Penny Arcade Grownups Server

Click the image above to view the original full size comic and setup. Why does the punchline seem so familiar…

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet – Writing by Brian Clevinger

September 17, 10

You can spot the trademark Brian Clevinger (of 8-bit Theater renown) brand humour in the dialogue immediately:

Issue #1 preview:

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet

Issue #2 preview:

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet

In Search of People of Colour (at: 9/12 Rally)

September 17, 10

Lol snark!

Via Gateway Pundit and Moonbattery:

Especially in contrast with:


Black activists at the 2013 Netroots Nation conference blasted organizers and participants for what they described as a shocking “lack of diversity” at the progressive community’s flagship get-together.

…“People are offended by my assertion that I’m black and going to be here and be black,” Jarvis said, noting that her public pride is not about “hating white” people, but empowering black ones.

…“Although Netroots touts itself as being an incubator for ideas that challenge the status quo, judging from the racial make-up of the NN13 attendees, lack of diversity is one status quo that didn’t seem to be challenged enough,” Sharon Kyle, a blogger for LA Progressive, wrote in a post titled, “Netroots Nation Lacks Diversity.”

“For the past two days I’ve been one of a sprinkling of minorities floating in a sea of young white people,” wrote Kyle, a member of the conference’s panel selection committee.

See also Tea Party Crasher FAILs which has more in the second part.

Burning Qurans is Wrong – And So is Purposely Offending Any Other Religions

September 17, 10

Actually a more accurate title would swap in ‘persecuting members of other religions even to the point of death’ for the latter part.

Posted in Malaysia Today:

Burning Qurans is wrong – and so is purposely offending any other religions

Friday, 10 September 2010 admin-s

If such massive indignance can be worked up over a fringe American group planning a one-time stunt that hasn’t happened yet, surely similar protest can be worked up over the endemic or state-sanctioned desecrations that happen every single day?

By Scott Thong

I read the recent reports about the plan by the Dove World Outreach Centre to burn copies of the Quran with concern. The outraged reaction by many different parties shows that this act is provocative, disrespectful, intolerant and should rightly be cancelled – with full and unconditional apologies.

It is thus my ardent hope that after the torrent of public pressure – including from the US government itself – finally gets this small group to cancel their rude plans, the public might turn its pressure onto other destroyers of religious items.

For example, the government of Saudi Arabia, whose official policy is to incinerate or dump any Bibles, crosses and other items linked to Christianity that are found in the country.

Or various other places, where the media and even schoolbooks regularly claim that members of a certain religion kidnap and kill children in order to use the blood in making pastries for their religious holidays.

Or certain countries where, every now and then, hysterical mobs will form intent on avenging some perceived minor slight by members of other religions. Their ‘justice’ can include desecration of religious symbols, destruction of holy places, gang rape and murder – even to the point of scalping and killing infants! Meanwhile, as often as not, the local authorities stand idly by.

So if such massive indignance can be worked up over a fringe American group planning a one-time stunt that hasn’t happened yet, surely similar protest can be worked up over the endemic or state-sanctioned desecrations that happen every single day?

Some references for your perusal:

Saudi government incinerates Bibles as a matter of policy

India: Muslim attack on Hindu temple “defames Islam”

Rapes of Christian Girls in Pakistan Reflect Hidden Trend

Egyptian Muslim Sets Fire to Christian Man, Murders His Father

Muslims Slaughter 12 More Christians in Nigeria & Cut Out Their Tongues

Nigerian Muslims Hack 500 Christian Villagers to Death With Machetes – Babies Scalped (Graphic Video)

Nigerian Muslim Herders Attack Christians With Machetes; 300 Dead

Muslims Attack Hindus in India: A Warning For the West?

Syria to UN: Israel glorifies sucking Arab blood – Syria: Israeli anti-Arab hatred teaches children to sing “With my teeth I will rip your flesh, with my mouth I will suck your blood”

The eternal flame of Muslim outrage
– List of various ‘offences’, many of which are highly circumstantial yet led to riots

The Forgotten Man – Painting by Jon McNaughton

September 15, 10

Via Moonbattery, from Western Voices World News:

Past Presidents (including more recent Republican ones) try to raise the plight of the common American, while recent Presidents (Democrat ones) applaud Obama’s brand of ‘transformative change’.

The wretched condition of the ordinary American under Obama as depicted above? True:

Shad Saleem Faruqi: Has Malaysia Been Good For Sabah & Sarawak?

September 8, 10

A balanced piece in The Star 8 Sept 2010, highlights:

From Malaya to Malaysia
Reflecting On The Law
By Shad Saleem Faruqi

Forty-seven years of association between peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak have brought many benefits to all sides and there is no reason this cannot continue.

However, Sabah and Sarawak were indeed offered larger autonomy than assigned to peninsular states. Such special allocation for some regions but not for others is known to many federations. For example in India, the state of Kashmir enjoys many special powers not available to other regions of the federation.

Reasons for the special position: Sabah’s and Sarawak’s special position is justifiable for a number of socio-political, economic, geographical and legal reasons. Among them are the regions’ cultural and religious distinctiveness from Peninsular Malaysia.

The two new states contribute huge territories and massive resources to the new federation. Their combined area is 198,069 sq km exceeding peninsular Malaysia’s 131,681 sq km. The coastline of the two states measures 2,607km compared with the peninsula’s 2,068km.

Special treatment is justified because despite massive resources, the problems of poverty and underdevelopment are endemic in the Borneo states.

The 1963 pact between the Federation of Malaya, the UK, North Borneo (Sabah), Sarawak and Singapore sought clearly to ensure that the autonomy and special position of these regions was a prerequisite to their merger. Some have even argued that the guarantees for Sabah and Sarawak have an international law basis.

Autonomy: In a prototype federation all constituent units enjoy the same powers. However, the Federal Constitution guarantees to Sabah and Sarawak special position in many areas, including:

> The legislative competence of the Sabah and Sarawak State Assemblies is far wider than that of peninsular states. Sabah and Sarawak have a Supplementary State List and a Supplementary Concurrent List giving them additional law making power.

> Sabah and Sarawak are excluded from the Federal Parliament’s power to pass uniform laws about land and local government.

> Sabah and Sarawak are excluded from national plans for land utilisation, local government and development.

> The power of amending the Federal Constitution belongs to the Federal government. However, if an amendment affects the special rights of Sabah and Sarawak, the amendment must be submitted to the Governors of these states for assent. The Governors are bound by the advice of the State Executive.

> The Constitution provides for special financial arrangements for the Borneo states. They are assigned eight sources of revenue not permitted to peninsular states. These include import and excise duties on petroleum products, export duty on timber, forest produce and minerals. Sabah and Sarawak are also entitled to earnings from ports, harbours and sales tax.

> They’re allowed to raise loans for their purposes. They’re allocated special grants to meet their needs above and beyond what the other states receive.

> Under Article 153, natives of Sabah and Sarawak are entitled to the same special position as is granted to the Malays.

> Despite their low population, these states are well represented in the Dewan Rakyat. Together they have 56 of the 222 MPs, constituting 25% of the Dewan’s membership.

> The mobility of the West Malaysian population into Sabah and Sarawak is subject to immigration control. Legal practitioners from West Malaysia are not allowed to practise in proceedings in or from Sabah and Sarawak courts.

> Sabah and Sarawak enjoy special protection in relation to the use of English and native languages.

> The law on Malay reserve land does not apply to these states.

> The Sabah Assembly is allowed six appointed members in addition to 48 elected assemblymen.

> Native courts flourish in these two states and native law and custom is allowed free play.

Secession: Can these states change their mind and seek independence? The answer is simple and blunt. No state has a right to secede from the Federation. Our destinies are intertwined and any differences must be settled through negotiation and compromise. Contrary to what is believed, Singapore did not secede. It was expelled by amendments to the 1957/1963 Constitution.

Developments since 1963: In many areas Sabah’s and Sarawak’s autonomy has suffered retreat due to constitutional developments.

> Labuan was ceded to the federal government in 1984 through an amendment inspired by the then Sabah government.

> At the time of the 1963 merger, there was no state religion in these two states. Due to amendments to their Constitutions by their assemblies, Islam is now the official religion of these two states.

> On petroleum, water and tourism, federal jurisdiction has displaced the powers of all states.

> The federal declaration of emergency in Sarawak in 1966 and the dismissal of Chief Minister Stephen Kalong Ningkan indicates that state autonomy is rather frail and cannot withstand the onslaught of emergency powers.

> Interference by federal politicians in Sabah’s politics in 1994 led to the replacement of popularly elected local leaders. This underlines the ability of the federal government to dictate political outcomes.

> Sabah’s and Sarawak’s control over immigration is seriously undermined by the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants whose tide the Federal government is unable to stem. Within Sabah there is considerable disquiet that some of the safeguards of the “20 Points” have not been converted to law.

Besides vastly expanding Malaysia’s territories and economic potential, Sabah and Sarawak have augmented Malaysia’s pluralism and diversity and they provide Peninsular Malaysia with a commendable example of inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony that we could do well to emulate.

> Shad Saleem Faruqi is Professor Emeritus at UiTM and Visiting Professor at USM.

But I’d like to add from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters:


References: Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?, Sarawak gets only 5% royalty from its petroleum and 1970 Sabah richest state, today poorest state

‘Splains a lot, doncha think?

PM Najib: Don’t be Racist, Again, The Way UMNO Has Been Racist, Again

September 6, 10

Man, four UMNOpocrisies in one day? I’m worn out. Just go to this post and the link to the post before that at bottom, which has the latest roundup of UMNO ‘uttering words or committing acts which offend other races’.

From The Star 6 Sep 2010:

PM: Be mindful of words and actions to preserve good race relations

PUTRAJAYA: Being mindful of one’s words and actions and not questioning issues agreed upon by the nation’s founding fathers and spelled out in the Constitution are critical matters in race relations, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister said it was important to check on this as “political management” was as critical and as equally important as managing the country’s economy and social matters.

“In managing politics, I do not mean politics based on parties and ideologies and this (gathering) is not the right forum for me to touch on it. Political management also includes race relations.

“If one can refrain from uttering words or committing acts which offend other races, “temperature rising incidents” can be avoided.

“We also must not question what had been agreed by our founding fathers, especially what is stated in the Constitution which based on social contract between races.

“If we take heed of these two critical points, I believe we can further strengthen the country’s two pillars, which is national unity and political stability,” Najib told civil servants at the Prime Minister’s Department monthly gathering.

Also present were Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan.

The Prime Minister said stability and unity would be under threat if race relations were not managed well and stressed the importance of civil servants embracing and understanding the 1Malaysia concept so that the pillars of stability and unity remained steadfast and strong.

“We must ensure that what is strong does not crack and what has been strongly tied is not cut loose.

“We will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with the open house concept which is unique to Malaysia.

“Let us not just open our houses to others. Let’s open our hearts and minds. On behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister, the government leadership, my wife (Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor) and I, we wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,” he said.

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