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Bush Saved 11,000 Iraqi Lives per Month During Invasion Period (10x Lower Death Rate Than Pre-Invasion!)

March 18, 13

Get this… The Lancet now admits only 120,000 died in Iraq invasion’s 8 years:

Iraq: Study Says 120,000 Died During War

A new report in “The Lancet” says at least 116,000 Iraqi civilians and more than 4,800 foreign troops died in Iraq between March 2003, and the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 2011.

This is roughly 1,250 deaths per month.

Contrast this against 3,035 deaths per month under Saddam’s ironfisted rule, and 9,259 deaths per month under the UN sanctions… That’s a total of 12,294 deaths per month during the time when both were in effect.

Which means to say, Bush’s invasion of Iraq led to a death rate 10 times LOWER than existed before!

Every month of the invasion, (12,294 – 1,250) = 11,044 fewer Iraqis died than before bloody warmongering killer Bush crushed the peaceful and happy existence of Iraq!

And this is surely further reduced with the Operation Iraqi Freedom and the jihadi insurgency basically over today. (UPDATE 2014: No thanks Obama for withdrawing the US troops to make a vapid political point, letting ISIS run rampage and drive the death rate back up!)

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