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November 13, 20

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2020 Election, Possible Cheating & Trump’s Legal Fight

November 9, 20



(1/6) We have 234 pages of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury alleging election irregularities from just ONE county in Michigan


➡️ EYEWITNESS saw batch of ballots, 60% had SAME signature

➡️ EYEWITNESS saw ballot batch scanned 5 times
(2/6) ➡️ EYEWITNESS saw 50 ballots fed many times into scanner

➡️ EYEWITNESSES say Jan 1, 1900 was recorded in poll book as DOB for many not in book so they could count ballots

➡️ EYEWITNESS saw 35 ballots counted even though not connected to voter record
(3/6) ➡️ EYEWITNESS saw poll workers marking ballot with no mark for candidates

➡️ EYEWITNESSES saw ballots counted with no signature or postmark

➡️ VOTER said deceased son was recorded as voting twice

➡️ EYEWITNESS saw provisional ballots placed in tabulation box
(4/6) ➡️ PASSENGERS dropped off more ballots than people in car

➡️ WITNESS told ballots received after election were being pre-dated, counted

➡️ FAILED software that caused error in Antrim County used in Wayne County

➡️ GOP challengers not readmitted but Dems admitted
(5/6) ➡️ GOP challengers forced to stay away while Dems were not

➡️ GOP challengers physically pushed from counting tables by officials

➡️ GOP challengers subjected to racial harassment

➡️ DEM challengers gave out packet: “Tactics to Distract GOP Challengers”
) ➡️ Election officials covered windows so challengers couldn’t observe counting

➡️ Election officials cheered when GOP challenger ejected

➡️ GOP challenges to suspect ballots ignored

➡️ Challengers barred from observing ballot duplication process


TeamTrump filed lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Key points:

➡️682,479 mail-in allots without review by political parties
➡️Dem-majority counties provided no meaningful access or actual opportunity to review mail-in ballots
➡️Dem-heavy counties violated mandates of Election Code


Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses Indicate

One Twitter user went deeper on the Milwaukee analysis and found that in many city wards, votes counted after 3 a.m. on Nov. 4 went to Biden by a much larger margin than those counted before. Sometimes, the difference was as high as 40 percentage points.

Another internet sleuth noticed that in Pennsylvania, nearly 10,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump’s count at around 9 p.m. on Nov. 4. He said the losses came from three counties: Allegheny (-1,063 votes), Bucks (-2,972 votes), and Chester (-7,135 votes).

Then, around 9 a.m. on Nov. 6, more than 27,000 votes were added to the count, nearly all of them to Biden, he said.

Around 5 a.m. on Nov. 4, data firm Decision Desk HQ updated the vote count for Michigan, adding 138,339 votes to Biden, but zero to Trump. The statistical impossibility of such a scenario prompted people to speculate that votes were illegally injected into the tally.

Within 40 minutes, Decision Desk HQ posted another update that subtracted 110,796 votes from Biden’s total and added 16,638 to Trump’s. It later said a “clerical error” in Shiawassee County caused the distribution of incorrect data and has since been fixed.

Then, at 6:18 a.m., the firm posted another update, which added 158,902 votes to the Biden tally and 29,295 votes to Trump’s. Those votes split roughly 85 percent for Biden—an exceptionally high ratio.


Dilbert Guy reminds you that at least 3 times in the past, he made a prediction that people called crazy and stuck to it and was proven right:

1) Trump would be 2016 President (stuck to it for 18 months)
2) Kamala Harris would be 2020 Dem candidate (even after she dropped out of the primaries)
3) Vegas shooting was not ISIS (even when ISIS took credit for it)

So here he gives his reasoning why Trump has a 60% chance to end up 2020 President.

Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses Indicate
And here’s a thread about the Dominion program and Ballot Run:

>Dominion also had a court case against them in Georgia wherein the presiding judge was very worried about the potential for damage
>Glitch in Michigan swapped some 3k votes from Trump to Biden >Dominion is used in 47 counties in Michigan
>It is also used in 30 different states
>Most importantly it is used in every 2020 election swing state
>It has some Dem lobbyists working for them including Pelosi’s aide >It also violated Benford’s law with Hilary in 2016
>And works in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation on Project DELIAN from the Democracy Project

4. Ballot Run issue

>Essentially most of the found votes turned up with a weird conundrum
>They voted for Biden but did not vote for any congressman, senator, etc. >Essentially they only voted on a single thing per ballot
>Statistically in the past this has happened at a rate of 3%
>This year it ran at a rate of 18+%
>6x higher rate of ballots, but only a “26%” increase in voter turn out – statistical anomaly



And an article detailing what’s going on in each of the contested states, sample:

Start with Pennsylvania.  Biden, as of this writing, is at 290 electoral votes.  Pennsylvania is 20.

I read the Justice Alito opinion, and it is pretty clear that he wants the after election night at 8:00 P.M. votes separated for a reason.  Biden is going to lose at the Supreme Court, and they know it.  Four justices already said the Pennsylvania Supreme Court cannot adjust voting rules.   A new arrival, Justice Barrett, says she is there to apply the rules in the Constitution.  OK, wanna bet she does?

Remove the after 8:00 P.M. ballots, and Biden loses Pennsylvania.  Biden 270.


CORTES: The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win

Could a candidate as doddering and lazy as Biden really have massively outpaced the vote totals of a politician who boasted rock star appeal?

For example, consider that in key Pennsylvania counties of Chester, Cumberland, and Montgomery, Biden bested the Obama election performances by factors of 1.24-1.43 times. For Montgomery County, Obama won this swing county by 59,000 votes in his 2012 re-election.

But in 2020, Biden won Montgomery County by a whopping 131,000 votes, more than twice the prior Obama margin.

Biden’s 2020 total vote in Montgomery is reported at 313,000, crushing Obama’s 233,000 take in 2012 – and population growth does not explain the gains, as the county only grew by 22,000 residents during those eight years.

Such eye-popping outperformance vs.Obama, in just the right places, naturally raises a lot of suspicion.

  1. Biden-Only Ballots

Trump campaign legal counsel Sidney Powell reports that, nationwide, over 450,000 Biden-only ballots were cast, meaning the voter allegedly selected Biden but then neglected down-ballot candidates, including closely-contested Senate and House races.

Again, this phenomenon appears far more prominently in battleground states, raising the alarm for manipulation.

Why would so many people vote Biden–only in battleground Georgia, but not in deeply-red Wyoming, for instance?

In the Peach State, President Trump’s vote total almost exactly tracked the vote totals for the Republican senate candidates, separated by merely 818 votes out of 2.43 million votes Trump earned there. But, Joe Biden saw an astounding surplus of 95,801 votes over the Democratic Senate candidates.


Tim Stratton’s New Book on Molinism Memes

November 2, 20

Human Freedom, Divine Knowledge, and Mere Molinism: A Biblical, Historical, Theological, and Philosophical Analysis (Amazon link)

Ones I made, doing my part to keep it #1 best seller in Philosophy:

This next one uses a quote from :

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