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Comparing US and Malaysian Current Politics

September 28, 11

The Tea Party rallies are in reality comprised of a cross-section of American society, are civic minded, abhor violence and racism, are massively popular among the common man with huge turnouts – but you wouldn’t know it from the MSM coverage which paints them as fringe, violent thugs, racial, unpopular, and grossly under-reports their turnout. Liberals even spontaneously commit and carefully organize violent acts against Tea Party attendees. Sound eerily familiar? Replace ‘Tea Party’ with ‘BERSIH 2.0’ and ‘liberals’ with ‘BN cronies’ and you have Malaysia.

The liberal-dominated media churns out smear and rumour and hit piece against Sarah Palin because they deem her a populist threat to their precious Barack Obama. Compare the way the media paints Anwar Ibrahim.

Republicans complain of MSM bias, yet at every opportunity climb over one another to bask in a glowing profile by the same MSM. This is apparently Pakatan Rakyat’s relationship with the Malaysia MSM.

Democrats routinely win elections through voter fraud, including the classic Night of the Voting Dead strategy. have you checked your own voter registration with the Malaysian Election Commission? Dead Malaysians don’t vote, but apparently that’s because they cannot die.

And don’t get me started on spendutastic First Ladies and diamonds!!!

Let Us Stop the Fraud by TNB Together

September 28, 11

Reposted on request, from Malaysi Flip Flop:

Let us stop the fraud by TNB together

Time and again we are being cheated by UMNOputras.

Today we are feasted with big makan, big ang pao, big stomach, big butts and everything BIG.

We are tempted by the temporary insanity of no worries and no burden.

But the truth will remain forever in our duration of life and in history that Tenaga Nasional Bhd one of UMNO government body has been and is still cheating us in broad daylight.

To stop this abuse we have to be ONE.

Today I am asking all Malaysians to show your support by signing the petition and demand for independent calibration of meters in this country.
by Dian at 7:21 pm

Lim Guan Eng Says Johor Unsafe?

September 28, 11

Penang CM gets flak again for saying Johor unsafe

KUALA LUMPUR – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng faces fresh allegations of yet again portraying Johor as being unsafe.

TV3’s Bulletin Utama last night played an audio recording of Lim saying: “So you don’t have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang.

“In Johor, if you are Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped”.

The DAP secretary-general had been in the hot soup for allegedly saying in an interview, with an Australian radio station, that Johor was not a safe state where the chances of being kidnapped was high.

He had since denied uttering the remarks.

Lim’s remarks on Johor the first time around, however, drew the ire of many, including Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who had said Lim should not look down and sabotage other states.

Muhyiddin said Lim’s action in undermining Johor would give a bad image of Malaysia and would also affect other states.

– Asia One

Johor, unsafe?

Pure fable, surely.

On a tip from wits0.

Raja Petra Kamarudin on How Sex is Sensational to Malaysians

September 26, 11



RPK has this to say:

When all else fails, raise allegations of sexual misconduct. It works every time. When they wanted to bring down Anwar Ibrahim in 1998, they did this. Why not raise allegations of abuse of power or corruption involving contracts, projects, shares, etc? I am sure they can find many instances where friends and even family members of Anwar were recipients of government ‘favours’.

So, why this fixation on sex rather than on how the country is being mismanaged and on how the country’s wealth is being plundered? Well, because most Malaysians don’t care a damn about important issues. Most Malaysians are kay poh. They only want to know who is bonking whom and whether from the front or from the back.

That’s Malaysians for you.

So they raise allegations of sexual misconduct and use this to bring their adversary down. And that is why the deceased Customs Officer is now being smeared by the Umno Blogs.

There is nothing more serious than allegations of sexual misconduct. Racism, persecution, discrimination, corruption, abuse of power, abuse of public funds, spending tens of millions of the taxpayers’ money for your wife’s shopping sprees, cruelty to animals, etc., are not serious crimes. An allegation of sexual misconduct is!

The state religious authorities conduct raids to catch people indulging in illicit sex. Do the state religious authorities conduct raids to catch people involved in racism, persecution, discrimination, corruption, abuse of power, abuse of public funds, spending tens of millions of the taxpayers’ money for your wife’s shopping sprees, cruelty to animals, etc? Of course not! They do not care about all that. They only care about those people indulging in illicit sex.

With that in mind, refer to my letter Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics about how sex allegations are used to distract from the real issues.

RPK’s sort of follow up post is here.

Walt Harrington Recounts the Real Person, George W. Bush

September 17, 11

In Dubya and Me, Walt Harrington writes about some of his encounters with the real person of George W. Bush. (Via AoSHQ.)

A good read overall, and several quotes struck me…

George W. Bush: “One of the things you learn about great leaders is that they never project the burdens of responsibility on others.”

George W. Bush: “You’re not the only person that’s ever gone through hard things. In other words, can you imagine the signal I would have sent had I said, ‘Ah, why me? Why am I thrust in the middle of all this stuff?’”

His dad, Bush #41: “Tell them life for a president is not easy, yet I have never heard #43 whine about the loneliest job on earth, never seen him pose gazing out into the future to depict how tough his job is.”

Walt Harrington, on Bush #43: He said that compared with everyone around a president, the president had the easiest job.

Total opposite of a certain President today.

T.U.F.F. Puppy’s Chameleon and Ren & Stimpy’s Ren

September 16, 11

Been watching T.U.F.F. Puppy recently, and The Chameleon strikes me as very familiar.

Above via Share TV.

So let’s see…

Pathetically skinny, puny frame.

Exaggerated foreign accent.

Tendency towards insane, spittle-launching laughter where his eyes bug out and his teeth go all gappy.

Why, hello there Ren.

Above via The Angry Medic.

They even have similar head and face shape.

It gets even better when The Chameleon disguises himself as a dog:

Since Ren is an ‘asthma hound’.

Above via Tower Video.

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Scott’s PENDATANG Demotivational Poster on Youtube

September 15, 11

Found on Youtube, Sam Hui – 天才與白痴@Geniuses & Retards(Eng Subs):

But wait, what was that I saw at 1 minute 28 seconds?

That looks familiar…

Is it?

Why yes, yes it is:

Ahmad Ismail Pendatang

On a related note, I also found my following Mahathir poster circulated via email together with a bunch of other comics, ‘shops and demotivational posters, but with my blog address removed from the corner.


I’ve stopped doing the Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters for a long time now, but it looks like some of them take on a memetic life of their own.

For Just RM70,000 PROTON Saga EV Lets You Drive ALMOST From Ipoh to Penang and Die on the Expressway

September 15, 11

Die as in the car battery, I mean.

Of course, stalling in the middle of the highway with the nearest charging station far, far away might make you literally die too, when a vehicle doing 110kmh says hi.

Excerpts from The Star 15 Sept 2011:

Proton delivers first batch of electric cars to Government

PUTRAJAYA: Proton has handed over the first batch of electric vehicles (EV) to the Government for testing and expects to mass produce them in two years.

The cars three Saga EVs and five Exora REEV or Range Extender Electric Vehicle will be used by the Prime Minister’s Department and four other ministries.

Proton Group managing director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said the group was targeting to offer the vehicles to the public in 2013.

“We are looking at RM100,000 or lower for the Exora REEV and RM70,000 for the Saga EV.

“Yes, the price is 30% to 40% higher than conventional vehicles but users get to save on fuel and road tax,” Syed Zainal Abidin said.

He added that on a full tank of petrol, the Exora REEV could cover up to 700km while the Saga EV could travel up to 130km before it needed to be recharged.

So let’s do some math, and see how much driving around an electric model will save you.

Very generously assuming a conventional petrol-running RM30,000-priced car’s mileage costs of RM1.00 per kilometre against RM0.00 for the electric. Tack in RM70.00 for a 1,300cc car’s road tax against RM0.00 again for the electric. It would take, lessee… Just four years to break even on your fancy electric model’s price tag! And that’s not counting how long it takes for a full recharge (which is conveniently not mentioned) and assuming the battery doesn’t go kaput every four years and needs replacing, thus wiping out your precious, precious savings.

From Real Clear Markets:

Electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are more expensive to make and bring in less profit than other cars. They cost more to finance, more to repair, and more to insure. Their sales depend heavily on tax incentives, which means that selling more of them will require more taxpayer dollars.

Several crash tests have suggested that the plug-in hybrid Volt, the flagship vehicle at Government Motors, has a bit of a problem: when hit or badly disturbed in accident tests, the Volt’s Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery packs have been seen to spark, or burst into flames afterward.

While few may remember it now, GM’s EV-1 also had battery-related problems. In the case of the EV-1, fires, euphemistically known as “thermal incidents” were happening when people plugged the cars in to recharge. GM had to recall 600 of its first-generation electric cars after 16 such “thermal incidents” including one where the vehicle was engulfed in fire.

From Associated Press:

2nd electric car battery fire involving Chevy Volt

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday that three Volt battery packs were crash-tested last week. In one instance, the battery caught fire afterward, and in another the battery emitted smoke and sparks.

Last May, a fire erupted in the battery of a Chevy Volt that had been damaged during a government crash test three weeks earlier. Last week’s tests were an attempt to replicate the May fire.

By the way, don’t count on any carbon or environmental savings.

How many multiple billions (of YOUR money, see here and here) were poured into something that no one is going to buy once it is finally released to market?

For comparison: $40,000 gets you an American GM Volt with a max range of maybe 80km per full charge (which takes 10 plus hours plugged in) – so the PROTON Saga EV wins on both counts of affordability and performance! Go PROTON! The GM Volt sells maybe 100 units a month (and Ford sells zero. Surely the far superior Saga EV will sell TEN TIMES as many units – which is like, I dunno, 1000 a month. At RM70,000 that means RM70 million for PROTON!!! That’s gotta be some record broken there somewhere, right? /sarc

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Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Guest Comic for Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

September 15, 11

I have a total lack of artistic manual dexterity. Hence my comics are all ‘shops.

This was long ago guest comiced at Manly Guys Doing Manly Things:

Yeah, I like complex and convoluted calculations.

Whacking Chandra Muzaffar’s Letter on 9/11 – Which to be Honest is an Exercise in Futility With Him

September 12, 11

The usual (IMHO only of course) deranged worldview espoused by Chandra Muzaffar, from The Star 11 Sept 2011.

Revisiting the 9/11 tragedy
By Chandra Muzaffar

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps a couple of million, lives have been lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Afghan-Pakistan border and other places as a direct or indirect consequence of the so-called “war on terror” that followed 9/11.

And multitudes millions more saved, such as in Iraq.

Terror groups that resist occupation or are seeking to avenge the death of innocent children and women at the hands of the occupiers, or those who are embroiled in the tussle for power or enmeshed in inter-sectarian and inter-factional feuds-like Al-Qaeda, are also culpable.

Mainly culpable.

For example: 98 percent of al Qaeda victims are Muslims. In just May 2010, 715 died at the hands of jihadis – again, the vast majority of victims being Muslim.

But of course it is taboo to mention this fact.

It is estimated that at least US$3.7tril (RM11.12tril) have been poured into the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This colossal military expenditure has emasculated the US economy and is one of the major causes of the nation’s chronic debt crisis which in turn has serious implications for economies everywhere.

3.7 trillion divided by ten years = 370 billion a year.

By contrast, Obama spends quadruple that per year.

Real reason for economic crisis? See these charts.

(But in The Star, it is similarly taboo to more than gently criticize The One).

The terror war has spawned a new wave of Islamophobia. Fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims which is deeply embedded in the psyche of a segment of Western society has been thrust to the fore through the equation of the religion and its adherents with terrorism. Some politicians, religious leaders and a section of the mainstream media are responsible for this diabolical bigotry.

As I vented before about Marina, Azmi and Husni, anyone with eyes to see should ask…

Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?



In the last 10 years since 9/11, we have seen more deaths and destruction than the terrorism of those who act in retaliation.

What a disgusting man, living in a Bizarro fantasy world where the torture and slaughter of a Jewish family in Mumbai and monks and scholteachers in Pattani and schoolgirls in Indonesia are Bush’s fault.

A fanatical fringe within the Muslim ummah ( community) has reacted to this by venting anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bile in their sermons and their writings.

As if these fellas were not already regularly demonizing the ‘apes and swine’ before.

Scholars of repute in Europe and the US like Hans Kochler, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott and James Fetzer have challenged the official version of 9/11. It is because the doubts about 9/11 are so widespread that JUST is of the view that the UN General assembly should establish a truly independent international panel to ascertain the truth once and for all.

It would be amusing, were it not simultaneously so obtuse, that people can call Bush an imbecelic moron on the one hand but credit him with a vast and complicated conspiracy on the other.

To wit:


Many people also doubt the Holocaust happened.

In fact, there are many who ‘conspiracy theorize’ very unflattering things about Islam and Mohammad. I dare Dr Chandra Muzaffar to publicly agitate to ‘ascertain the truth once and for all’ and still keep his empty head intact.

While Western governments and peoples have their roles to play vis-avis 9/11, the Muslim ummah as a whole has also got the responsibility to ensure that the militant fringe within the community renounces terrorism as a weapon to achieve its goals. Apart from the vile and vicious cruelty inherent in terrorism, it is a mode of operation that has tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims worldwide.

Probably the only sensible, non-lie thing he says in the whole piece.

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