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Super Gurkha With A Kukri: Fight 40 Armed Robbers, Kills 3, Wounds 8, WINS

January 28, 11

Via AoSHQ via Knowledge is Power from Hamro Site:

The band of about 40 robbers, some of whom were travelling as passengers, stopped the train in the Chittaranjan jungles in West Bengal around midnight. Shrestha– who had boarded the train at Ranchi in Jharkhand, the place of his posting–was in seat no. 47 in coach AC3.

“They started snatching jewelry, cell phones, cash, laptops and other belongings from the passengers,” Shrestha recalled. The soldier had somehow remained a silent spectator amidst the melee, but not for long. He had had enough when the robbers stripped an 18-year-old girl sitting next to him and tried to rape her right in front of her parents. He then took out his khukuri and took on the robbers.
“The girl cried for help, saying ´You are a soldier, please save a sister´,” Shrestha recalled. “I prevented her from being raped, thinking of her as my own sister,” he added. He took one of the robbers under control and then started to attack the others. He said the rest of the robbers fled after he killed three of them with his khukuri and injured eight others.

During the scuffle he received serious blade injury to his left hand while the girl also had a minor cut on her neck. “They had carried out their robbery with swords, blades and pistols. The pistols may have been fake as they didn´t open fire,” he surmised.
The train resumed its journey after some 20 minutes and a horde of media persons and police were present when it reached Chittaranja station. Police arrested the eight injured dacoits and recovered around 400,000 Indian rupees in cash, 40 gold necklaces, 200 cell phones, 40 laptops and other items that the fleeing robbers dropped in the train.

Police escorted Shrestha to the Railways Hospital after the rescued girl told them about his heroic deed. Mainstream Indian media carried the story. The parents of the girl, who was going for her MBBS studies, also announced a cash award of Indian rupees 300,000 for him but he has not met them since.

“Even the veins and arteries in my left hand were slit but the injury has now healed after two months of neurological treatment at the Command Hospital in Kolkata,” he said showing the scar. “Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier; taking on the dacoits in the train was my duty as a human being,” said the Indian army nayak, who has been given two guards during his month-long holidays in Nepal.

“I am proud to be able to prove that a Gorkha soldier with a khukuri is really a handful. I would have been a meek spectator had I not carried that khukuri,” he said.

He still finds it hard to believe that he took on 40 armed robbers alone. “They may have feared that more of my army friends were traveling with me and fled after fighting me for around 20 minutes,” he explained.

TF2 players will know that face to face with no maneuver room, a sneaky robber’s knife damage output is no match for a kukri.

And RS McCain closes: He probably could’ve smoked a few more of the bastards, but he was having trouble getting down the narrow aisle between seats with his GIGANTIC B*LLS.

UPDATE: Another Gurkha, a soldier, fights off 30 Taliban alone.

Abortion Technicalities Bullsh*t

January 22, 11

So, Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor monster butcher

8 counts of murder for delivering living babies, then killing them.

33 counts of illegal late-term abortions for killing them in the womb.



Via Michelle Malkin, the National Review… Exactly!

The physical location of a human being conceived five months ago may mark the difference between whether he is considered a “fetus” or an “infant,” but it cannot mark a moral difference. Nor can it make a moral difference whether this being is partly inside the womb…What difference could it possibly make whether the fetus was partly out of the birth canal when its life was ended?


From Life Site News:

Why Grisly Abortion Practitioner Kermit Gosnell Should be Acquitted

There is nothing more disgusting about pulling a baby out and killing her than there is about sticking an instrument into the womb and killing her. Why is it worse if she’s a foot away? Is the difference location? Should a few feet of space be the difference between “perfectly legal” and “first degree murder?”

It’s preposterous. The whole trial is kind of a sham. Let him go. If it’s legal a few feet to the left inside the womb, then why not just let it be legal a few feet to the right outside the womb?

Let him go. You know what, drop the charges. If I were the prosecuting attorney I’d say, “We thought about it, and we decided, y’know, if it’s legal over here, then why not let it be legal over there? If it’s legal at 24.5 weeks, then what the hell is the difference at 25 weeks? Or 33 weeks? Or a couple days after birth?”

Maybe by putting a murderer back on the street we can make our point that there already are murderers walking the streets, legally. They’re called all the abortionists.

Do we condemn Kermit Gosnell for committing abortions in a filthy, slovenly, contaminated manner? If we do, are we saying it’s okay to kill babies if you use clean instruments and don’t accidentally perforate the uterus? Is it okay to abort lots of black babies if you’re just as nice to the black mothers as you are to the white? Is it okay to kill children as long as they’re not a certain size or a certain age?

This is what the pro-abortion people are saying when they condemn Kermit Gosnell. It’s not what he did that’s the problem; it’s how he did it. It makes them look bad. They hate looking bad.

Inevitably, the PCP ends up having to admit that there are only two logical criteria for the onset of personhood: conception or birth. Any argument for some designation between these two points is purely arbitrary. By this time they’re pretty committed to holding up their defense of abortion, so they go for birth, although you can tell they don’t really like it. At which point it’s easy to show them how the same arguments for late-term abortion can be made for infanticide. This makes them feel bad, so they either become pro-life or make friends with denial.

No Snark This Time: Royal Malaysian Navy Stops Somali Pirates

January 22, 11

In contrast to the embarassing non-action back in 2008, the Royal Malaysian Navy actually engaged in combat and won a proud victory!

Excerpt from The Star 22 Jan 2011:

Paskal commandos foil hijack attempt in Gulf of Aden

“MISC Emergency Reporting Centre (ERC) received a security emergency indication at about 11.37pm from MT Bunga Laurel. MISC called Bunga Laurel by phone but there were no response from the vessel,” said Adm Abdul Aziz.

“At exactly 11.40pm, Bunga Mas 5 called MISC ERC to report that Bunga Laurel had been attacked and pirates were attempting to board the ship by using skiffs. A suspected mothership was also reported in the vicinity.

“The 23 crewmen managed to assemble in the citadel (engine room). All lights were switched off and the main engines disabled,” he said, adding that the pirates’ attempt to barge into the citadel failed.

The commando team in two boats, led by Lt-Komander Maznan Said and Lt Noor Asri Roslan, were dispatched from Bunga Mas 5, located 14 nautical miles (25.9km) away, at 1.20am.

At the same time, the navy’s Fennec attack helicopter piloted by Lt Jason Solomon John provided reconnaissance and aerial cover.

Gunshots were exchanged between the pirates from the Bunga Laurel and snipers from the Bunga Mas 5 and helicopter. The pirates’ mothership attempted to move closer to Bunga Laurel but was thwarted.

Eventually, after taking heavy fire from Bunga Mas 5 and the helicopter, the pirates decided to surrender via radio.

All the pirates were captured. Three pirates suffered injuries from gunshots or splinters and given first aid, but no Malaysians were injured.

Meanwhile however, the case of a a born-again former drug addict saving his pastor edged out the above pirate-defeat for most viewed news:

Strict Chinese Parents vs Gentle Western Parents

January 19, 11

Love this piece contrasting Chinese and Western parental attitudes! But can a softie Westernized banana like me do the same?

Excerpts from Wall Street Journal article:

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids. They wonder what these parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies, what it’s like inside the family, and whether they could do it too. Well, I can tell them, because I’ve done it

Despite our squeamishness about cultural stereotypes, there are tons of studies out there showing marked and quantifiable differences between Chinese and Westerners when it comes to parenting. In one study of 50 Western American mothers and 48 Chinese immigrant mothers, almost 70% of the Western mothers said either that “stressing academic success is not good for children” or that “parents need to foster the idea that learning is fun.” By contrast, roughly 0% of the Chinese mothers felt the same way.

The fact is that Chinese parents can do things that would seem unimaginable—even legally actionable—to Westerners. Chinese mothers can say to their daughters, “Hey fatty—lose some weight.” By contrast, Western parents have to tiptoe around the issue, talking in terms of “health” and never ever mentioning the f-word, and their kids still end up in therapy for eating disorders and negative self-image. (I also once heard a Western father toast his adult daughter by calling her “beautiful and incredibly competent.” She later told me that made her feel like garbage.)

If a Chinese child gets a B—which would never happen—there would first be a screaming, hair-tearing explosion. The devastated Chinese mother would then get dozens, maybe hundreds of practice tests and work through them with her child for as long as it takes to get the grade up to an A.

Second, Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything. The reason for this is a little unclear, but it’s probably a combination of Confucian filial piety and the fact that the parents have sacrificed and done so much for their children. (And it’s true that Chinese mothers get in the trenches, putting in long grueling hours personally tutoring, training, interrogating and spying on their kids.) Anyway, the understanding is that Chinese children must spend their lives repaying their parents by obeying them and making them proud.

Third, Chinese parents believe that they know what is best for their children and therefore override all of their children’s own desires and preferences. That’s why Chinese daughters can’t have boyfriends in high school and why Chinese kids can’t go to sleepaway camp. It’s also why no Chinese kid would ever dare say to their mother, “I got a part in the school play! I’m Villager Number Six. I’ll have to stay after school for rehearsal every day from 3:00 to 7:00, and I’ll also need a ride on weekends.” God help any Chinese kid who tried that one.

There are all these new books out there portraying Asian mothers as scheming, callous, overdriven people indifferent to their kids’ true interests. For their part, many Chinese secretly believe that they care more about their children and are willing to sacrifice much more for them than Westerners, who seem perfectly content to let their children turn out badly. I think it’s a misunderstanding on both sides. All decent parents want to do what’s best for their children. The Chinese just have a totally different idea of how to do that.

Western parents try to respect their children’s individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions, supporting their choices, and providing positive reinforcement and a nurturing environment. By contrast, the Chinese believe that the best way to protect their children is by preparing them for the future, letting them see what they’re capable of, and arming them with skills, work habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away.

See more at This Yahoo News piece which ponders if Americans are outraged because they are secretly scared that China will be the new power in a generation’s time… And also this admission:

That was a year and a half ago. Today, Chua has worked out some surprising compromises with her children. Sophia can go out on dates and must practice the piano for an hour and a half each day instead of as many as six hours. Lulu is allowed to pursue her passion for tennis.

UPDATE: Lol, it’s becoming a meme! Via AoSHQ from Buzzfeed:

Image generator and submissions at here.

See also High Expectations Asian Father.

My collection of the above meme images at Super Strict Success Asian Mom and Dad Meme Lols.

LOL! See also Irish Setter Dad (via AoSHQ):

But my kids practice too, hour after hour every day. They practice being jerks. And since almost every boss I’ve ever had was a jerk, this gives them a leg up.

Should You Wait to Tell Her How You Feel? Here’s What Popular Songs Say

January 18, 11

So you like that girl… But you’re not sure she likes you back. Do you even have a chance? Maybe you should just wait and see?

Well, here’s what several popular songs have to say about that decision…

Michael Learns to Rock – 25 Minutes

I find her standing in front of the church
The only place in town where I didn’t search
She looks so happy in her wedding dress
But she’s crying while she’s saying this

Boy I missed your kisses all the time but this is
Twenty five minutes too late
Though you travelled so far boy I’m sorry you are
Twenty five minutes too late

Smokie – Living Next Door to Alice

Oh, I don’t know why she’s leaving,
Or where she’s gonna go,
I guess she’s got her reasons,
But I just don’t want to know,
‘Cos for twenty-four years
I’ve been living next door to Alice.
Twenty-four years just waiting for a chance,
To tell her how I feel, and maybe get a second glance,
Now I’ve got to get used to not living next door to Alice

Michael Buble – You Don’t Know Me

I never knew
The art of making love
Though my heart aches
With love for you
Afraid and shy
I’ve let my chance to go by
The chance that you might
Love me, too

You give your hand to me
And then you say good-bye
I watch you walk away
Beside the lucky guy
You’ll never never know
The one who loves you so
Well, you don’t know me

Thanks to Chick for that last one.

And a case in point from Learn From My Fail:

Never, ever put off asking a girl out for two years. When you finally do, you will learn that she used to like you but moved on. You won’t be able to do the same.

Conclusion: There are tons of songs about how the guy was just a bit too late to let his feelings for the girl be known. By contrast, I can’t think of any songs lamenting the fact that he told her just a bit too soon. So be bold, tell her how you feel about her before it’s too late!

After all, it’s the man’s responsibility to bear the (potential) rejection and heartbreak.

PS. This principle kinda applies to family too:

Mike & The Mechanics – The Living Years

I wasn’t there that morning
When my Father passed away
I didn’t get to tell him
All the things I had to say

I think I caught his spirit
Later that same year
I’m sure I heard his echo
In my baby’s new born tears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It’s too late when we die
To admit we don’t see eye to eye

Videos below the fold:

Utusan Melayu Has Absolutely NO SHAME in Suing Teresa Kok

January 15, 11

From Malaysia Today:

Utusan Melayu has absolutely NO SHAME in suing Teresa Kok


So it seems that Utusan Melayu is suing Teresa Kok for ‘defamation’ over her claims that it had distorted her statements to the national media and in her blog about the food served to her while being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in 2008.

Yes, the very same ISA detention that Utusan Melayu was responsible for in the first place!

Recall that in 2008, Utusan published a completely unfounded, defamatory rumour that Teresa Kok told a mosque in Puchong not to use loudspeakers while performing the azan. Based on this utter lie by Utusan, Teresa Kok was detained under the ISA. She was later released after being completely vindicated, including by the aforementioned mosque.

And now Utusan has the gall to sue her for complaining that it is (once again) dishonestly misportraying her! (Irony must one of those foreign, imperialist/colonialist concepts that Utusan has no knowledge of.)

For those keeping track, Utusan has had a very tarnished recent history – including fantasizing in print about killing Teresa Kok and then demanding she apologize for calling them out (2008); casually mocking Indians with racist slurs and the most insulting stereotypes (2009); libeling DAP as having insulted Islam (2009); and after all that, having the cheek to claim that it is actually Malaysiakini that is raising tensions in the nation!

This sorry excuse of a newspaper truly has no shame, no remorse, and no repentance. (Oh wait, is Utusan going to sue me over my remarks? I’d better pack my bags for a 2 a.m. knock on my front door.)

I would implore for every right-thinking individual who has even the vaguest grasp of ethics to protest Utusan’s attitude, but I’m sure anyone reading my rant here has already long ago abandoned that shameful distillation of all the worst negative aspects present in the MSM.

Footnote: In the same year that Teresa Kok was arrested, Raja Petra Kamarudin and Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng were also rounded up under the ISA for separate ‘offences’. The latter’s detention makes Teresa Kok’s arrest seem especially egregious.

Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested for a truthful report on Ahmad Ismail’s blatantly seditious ‘pendatang’ remarks, while Ahmad Ismail himself wasn’t even investigated. By contrast, a completely false allegation by Utusan did not get their reporters arrested, but rather Teresa Kok ended up detained based on their hearsay!

This is just one of the many displays of the unbelievably lopsided bias between how BN and Opposition personalities are treated – Anwar Ibrahim was immediately named by the MSM while his accuser Saiful Bukhari’s identity was initially kept anonymous; P. Balasubramaniam was immediately named by the MSM as the accuser while the accused (then-Deputy PM Najib Tun Razak) was merely an unnamed ‘senior politician’; Saiful and his family were given 24-hour police protection while Balasubramaniam and his family vanished from Malaysia; and now all discussion about Rais Yatim is supposed to be off limits after the non-stop gossip circus surrounding Anwar.

But I digress.

See also blog-version with links to key points at here. With a killer closing line!


UPDATE 9 May 2011: Now they’re targeting Malaysian Christians with their hit jobs!

UPDATE: 13 May 2011: Teresa Kok wants Spew-tusan’s license to spew revoked! She of all people know what kind of unethical, lowlife spew they are capable of!

Shameless Utusan Melayu Says Teresa Kok Defamed Them

January 14, 11

Recall that Spew-tusan Melayu has in recent memory carried out the following unwarranted attacks on Teresa Kok:

Without any trace of humility, repentance or shame (as if any of us expected that from Spew-tusan) they’re pressing charges against Teresa Kok for defaming them:

Utusan vs Teresa Kok court case on March 21

KUALA LUMPUR — The High Court here fixed March 21 to hear the suit filed by Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad (UMMB) against Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok for allegedly making defamatory statements about the daily.

Deputy registrar Nor Azlin Othman fixed the date in chambers today when the case came up for mention.

In February 2009, UMMB served the writ of summon and statement of claims on Kok, whose real name is Teresa Kok Suh Sim, 47, for allegedly uttering defamatory statements about the newspaper.

In its statement of claims, UMMB said the alleged defamatory statements were made on Sept 22, 2008 when Kok claimed that the daily had distorted her statements to the national media and in her own blog about the food served to her while being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in 2008.

The plaintiff, among other things, is seeking an order to remove defamatory articles, words, quotes or comments from the blog.

The plaintiff is also seeking an injunction to restrain Kok, whether by herself, her agents or servants from further publishing or causing to be published the defamatory words.

UMMB is seeking general, special, aggravated and punitive damages as well as costs and any reliefs deemed fit by the court. (Bernama)

Yes, the very same ISA detention that Spew-tusan got Teresa Kok thrown into!!! Can you believe the gall of these [insert the most insulting swear word from your native tongue here]?!!

And as additional evidence, recall that this disgustingly racist, partisan, religiously bigoted, sorry excuse of overpriced bird-cage poop-lining previously insulted Indians with racist slurs and stereotypes, libeled DAP as insulting Islam (for not groveling on the ground to admit that other religions are inferior to Islam!), and then had the gall to cry that Malaysiakini rouses tensions.

Oh wait, is Utusan going to sue me over my remarks? I apologize in advance, I am in no way advocating abuse of pet birds by exposing them to such bile!

(See also more structured version that appeared on Malaysia Today.)


UPDATE 9 May 2011: Now they’re targeting Malaysian Christians with their hit jobs!

UPDATE: 13 May 2011: Teresa Kok wants Spew-tusan’s license to spew revoked! She of all people know what kind of unethical, lowlife spew they are capable of!

SARAH PALIN Caused the Fort Hood Shootings

January 12, 11

Right after the Fort Hood shooting, the New York Times had this to say:

In the aftermath of this unforgivable attack, it will be important to avoid drawing prejudicial conclusions from the fact that Major Hasan is an American Muslim whose parents came from the Middle East.

President Obama was right when he told Americans, “we don’t know all the answers yet” and cautioned everyone against “jumping to conclusions.”

…until investigations are complete, no one can begin to imagine what could possibly have motivated this latest appalling rampage.

With this, those who continue to maintain that Nidal Malik Hasan’s browsing jihadist sites, disdainful attitude towards infidels, and shouting “Allahu akhbar!” as he opened fire are relevant to the investigation of his motives have been thoroughly refuted (you racists).

So what did drive Major Hasan to his acts of violence? Was it, as some have suggested, post-traumatic stress disorder? Pre-traumatic since he never actually set foot in a war zone? Second-hand traumatic from listening to the accounts of his front-line colleagues?

I believe we now have a conclusive answer.

From the New York Times again, right after the Tucson shooting:

[I]t is legitimate to hold Republicans and particularly their most virulent supporters in the media responsible for the gale of anger that has produced the vast majority of these threats, setting the nation on edge.

There you have it. I solemnly conclude that Major Hasan must have been triggered by those hate-mongers Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and all the haters at Fox News and Tea Parties filling the air with their diatribes and gunsight crosshairs.

They probably also set off those otherwise average joes Zacarias Moussaoui, John Allen Muhammad, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Faisal Shahzad and Muhammad Hussain who otherwise have TOTALLY nothing in common.

Shame on you all! (I mean you hate-filled right wingers, not you unfairly smeared peace-loving religionists.) (Which is also not to say that they have religion in common, nosiree.)


Glad to say that SheikYeMami agrees with my conclusions. Now aren’t you all glad we dodged that idiot Palin in ’08?

PS. Another case of “What could possibly have triggered him to scream Allahu Akhbar and go nuts?” which the media are clueless to guess (to the point where they chuck out the Allahu Akhbar part), but which I – in my enlightened liberal-style wisdom – shall attribute to the maddening influence of Sarah Palin.

Michelle Malkin also hints at the Tea Party being at fault too… Those cads!

Save Paper Ironic Fail

January 10, 11

Imagine the paper that would have been saved…

If they hadn’t asked us to save paper.

Vote for it on Fail Blog here.

Shamelessly Blatant Schilling by TV3

January 6, 11

The other day TV3 news was doing on-the-scene reporting on Nibong Tebal flood victims. Three or four different villagers were interviewed complaining about how the ADUN for their consituency didn’t visit them in their misfortune. In fact, that was the headline in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

In case viewers didn’t get the hint, at the end of the segment the newscasters stated with deliberation: “Untuk rekod, Nibong Tebal adalah di bawah PKR.” (For the record, Nibong Tebal is under PKR.)

PKR being an Opposition party.

Shamelessly blatant much?

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