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Obama vs Obama on War in the Middle East

March 31, 11

Above via The Jawa Report.

Obama then:

“We welcome the fact that history is on the move.” – Obama on Iran’s brutal mass murders of unarmed civilian protestors

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn’t a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces thereObama on staying longer in Iraq to prevent sectarian violence and terrorist attacks

Obama now:

“I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.” – Obama on jumping into Libya because Gaddafi’s forces are fighting armed rebels whose ranks includes Al Qaeda fighters

Obama then:

“But wouldn’t it be fair to say — accurate to say the United States is still sitting on the fence on this? Isn’t it time to make a decision, yes or no?” – Chip Reid on Obama not aiding the Libyan rebels a month into open war

“But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors… I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of al-Qaeda. I am not opposed to all wars. I’m opposed to dumb wars.On Bush going to war in Iraq

“After all, it’s easy to articulate a belligerent foreign policy based solely on unilateral military action, a policy that sounds tough and acts dumb; it’s harder to craft a foreign policy that’s tough and smart.” –On Bush’s wars


Obama now:

“I am completely mystified… that this administration, of all administrations, makes a decision on a Tuesday night and does not bother to call anybody in Congress until Friday morning, 90 minutes before the policy is going to be executed, to tell them what is going to happen.” – Karl Rove on Obama’s non-Congress approved attack on Libya

Obama then:

“I promise I will never rush the decision to send you in harms way.” – Obama on not charging unthinkingly into wars the way Bush did in Iraq


Obama now:

The White House is shifting toward the more aggressive goal in Libya of ousting President Muammar Gadhafi and “installing a democratic system,” actions that fall outside the United Nations Security Council resolution under which an international coalition is now acting. – Obama on how it is okay to impose democracy on Middle Eastern dictatorships

Obama then:

“The message I hope to deliver is that democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion — those are not simply principles of the west to be hoisted on these countries.– Obama on it is not okay to impose democracy on Middle Eastern dictatorships

“I know — I know there has been controversy about the promotion of democracy in recent years, and much of this controversy is connected to the war in Iraq. So let me be clear: No system of government can or should be imposed by one nation by any other.” – Obama on how it is really, REALLY not okay to impose democracy on Middle Eastern dictatorships


Obama now:

President Obama has subtly shifted Washington’s public explanation of its goals in Libya, declaring now that he wants to assure the Libyan people are “finally free of 40 years of tyranny” at the hands of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, after first stating he wanted to protect civilians from massacres. – The New York Times quoting Obama on regime change in Libya

Obama then:

“But broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake.” – Obama on regime change in Libya


What do you expect? He’s always been a flip flopper. That’s the natural result of never being honest.

That’s with one fourth the international support as Bush had for Iraq, mind you!

Not to mention:

Republicans are attacking the Commander-in-Chief during a time of war! … There should be no debate: we should be kicking [Gaddafi’s] a$$… Whose side are you on, Sarah: are you with the terrorists, Sarah, or are you with the President of the United States?… And I have to ask the question tonight: where is the patriotism from all of these war-hawks? Where’s the patriotism of the Republican party?… What about being a patriot? – Ed Schultz


“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

But that’s spinning Dems on war for ya. Think their excursion will also result in 750,000 lives saved?


PS. Sorry, not war – it’s kinetic military action. Totally not war.

See also The First-Person Presidency:

In sum, Senator Obama opposed tribunals, renditions, Guantanamo, preventive detention, Predator-drone attacks, the Iraq War, wiretaps, and intercepts — before President Obama either continued or expanded nearly all of them, in addition to embracing targeted assassinations, new body scanning and patdowns at airports, and a third preemptive war against an oil-exporting Arab Muslim nation — this one including NATO efforts to kill the Qaddafi family. The only thing more surreal than Barack Obama’s radical transformation is the sudden approval of it by the once hysterical Left.

It’s My Birthday (And I’ll Swear If I Want To)

March 29, 11

An oldie I posted at Susan Loone’s blog at the time when three persons were arrested under the ISA, including Raja Petra Kamarudin.

RPK Raja Petra Kamarudin ISA

To the tune of It’s My Party (And I’ll Cry If I Want To)

It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
You would swear too, if it happened to you

Everyone knows where RPK has gone
He’s thrown into Kamunting jail
He’ll be held there for two years
No trial, no charges, no bail

It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
You would swear too, if it happened to you

One by one people are caught in their raids
We already know BN’s style
Til Petra’s blogging and free
I’ve got no reason to smile

It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
You would swear too, if it happened to you

Na-na na-na-na, na-na na-na-na

Syed Azi, Tan Hoon Cheng, Teresa Kok
They’ve been released at long last
Now Namewee’s facing the charge
But Ahmad gets a free pass (WTF?!)

It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
You would swear too, if it happened to you


It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
Swear if I want to
You would swear too, if it happened to you

One Piece’s Neptune – A Kingly Sacrifice: Christian and Muslim Views

March 14, 11

From the One Piece Manga, chapter 617…

Shark-fishman and near-psychotic antagonist, Hodi Jones, throws water droplets so forcefully that they become like arrows:

The royal soldiers, tied up with ropes and helpless to defend themselves, bear the brunt of the attack:

When suddenly the giant merman and monarch of the undersea kingdom, King Neptune, unexpectedly flings himself in front of his subjects in order to absorb the blows with his own royal body:

Hodi laughs mockingly at this display of selflessness:

And a short while later, he demonstrates how he thinks a real leader should behave when faced with an incoming attack:

Two totally different views, from two opposing leaders.

King Neptune’s example is immediately relatable to a Christian.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13

Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:7-8

The attitude of selfless concern, sympathy and self-sacrifice for those far lesser than oneself is exactly what makes God even more majestic, noble and commendable to Christian thinking.

Whereas for a Muslim, that a ruler would subject himself to such humiliation for the sake of his lowly subjects is unthinkable.

That God would degrade Himself and come down to the level of His own creation; that God would sacrifice Himself/His own son (in fact, even having a son) for lowly created beings; that a perfect, infinite, uncreated God could at all relate to a flawed, finite, created world; or even that an innocent prophet might die at the hands of sinful unbelievers – these ideas are anathema to Islamic thinking.

As Hodi Jones sneers, such actions would disqualify a King from being worthy of his throne.

So the same action of God sacrificing Himself for humanity makes Him more deserving of worship to Christians, while making Him totally undeserving of deity to Muslims.

It’s a case of Values Dissonance or even Blue And Orange Morality.

This is just one of the many clear differences between Christian and Islamic worldviews and attitudes.

UPDATE: A commentor sparked a long discussion. Key points are excerpted at Differences in Worldviews of Christianity vs Islam – As Supplied by menj.

See also related:

Dr M Double Standard in Practically the Same Breath

March 10, 11

Now I know that racism and hypocrisy run in UMNOputras’ blood, and this fellow is a king of sandiwara, but come on – this is just blatant.

On a tip from wits0, via Malaysia Chronicle, first he says:

I talked about this in response to certain people who claim that the Malays are as much immigrants as the Chinese and Indians.

And straight away after he says:

Some Malays are obviously descended from people who came to the Malay Peninsular from the Indonesian islands, India and the Arabian Peninsular.

Having come here they were assimilated after they identified themselves completely with the Malays by adopting the Malay language, their customs and traditions and by being Muslims.

This is a common phenomenon. In America, Australia, Latin America, the later immigrants accepted the languages of their adopted country as their mother tongue as well as the culture.

After doing this they no longer think of themselves as being of their original country. They are Americans, Australians and Argentinians period. We don’t hear them claiming to be German Americans, Portuguese Australians or Italian Argentinians, even though they or their ancestors came from these countries.

Malays are Malays and it is mischievous to suggest that when asked about their race they would say they are Bugis or Javanese. It is only if they are asked where their ancestors came from that they would say Celebes or Java. Otherwise they are just Malays.

If you ask me I would reply that I am a Malay. I would not say I am a Malay or Malaysian of ethnic Indian origin. My mother tongue and home language is Malay, my culture and tradition is Malay and I am a Muslim. The constitution defines a Malay as a person who habitually speaks Malay, practices Malay custom and tradition and is a Muslim.

Hello? Then why are not the Chinese and Indians who have been here for generations, born and bred, learning and speaking Malay from Primary school or even earlier. Why are they not similarly considered local Malaysians – bumiputera even?

In America and Europe, all immigrants – even diehard layabouts who want to transform the West into another Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Pakistan (then why bother emigrating in the first place?), by force if necessary – are treated as full citizens once they have been approved, regardless of how recently they set down their roots.

As even he himself states:

The constitution defines a Malay as a person who habitually speaks Malay, practices Malay custom and tradition and is a Muslim.

Being Malay has nothing to do with genetics!

So it doesn’t matter who one’s forefathers were.

And to close with his own words one more time:

We have read the fable of the thief who shouted “thief”! The racists are the same. They shout racist at others to distract from their own racism.

Physician, self, medicate.

You know where the Chinese are already considered ‘bumiputera’?

African Bumiputra

Uh huh, that’s right. Apartheid, where for art thou? (Rhetorical question, we all know exactly where.)


UPDATE: Even better! Now he claims that Orang Asli have no more rights than Malays! So the Chinese and Indians who came to this land slightly later are not as ‘indigenous’ as Malays, but Malays are every bit as indigenous as the Negrito and Senoi who have been here tens of thousands of years before anyone else!

Unmatchable genius thinking!!!1one!! /sarc

On a tip from hutchrun.

PS. In that article he says:

“If we consider that the Orang Asli have more rights to claim Malaysia as their own then we should acknowledge and respect the rights of the Red Indians, the Maoris, the Australian aborigines and all the other aborigines to be given back the land we now call America, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

So I wonder if he would agree with giving the land of Israel back to the Jews who lived there thousands of years before the 1946 War of Independence?

Or even if it’s taken the other way around:

Dr Mahathir, who was PM from 1981 to 2003, also said that while the Aztecs and Mayans had established governments in South America before Europeans settled in the region, their Spanish and Portuguese conquerors were now considered as natives of the land.

He said that Malaysia’s former colonial masters — the British, Portuguese and Dutch — recognised the Malay states and signed treaties with them.

Okay, so the Malays became dominant in this part of the world and the European colonials recognized them as the current rightful occupants.

So applying this to Israel, ‘might makes right’ and if the Jews defeat their enemies (as they have done over and over and over again), then they own the land now! Right, Dr M?

My Obsessive-Compulsive List of My Obsessive-Compulsive Lists

March 3, 11

Triggered by a comment by Wakefield.

I guess I just have a thing for near-obsessively collecting every update I find on certain topics.

Let’s see…

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And a whole slew of Palin-praising cartoons that I withdrew after a copyright request from one of the cartoonists’ representative.

That’s what 1597 posts (including this one) over 4 years and 8 months will get ya.

I also keep a running tab on several topics that are not condensed into one post – mainly on local Malaysian political idiocies, i.e. UMNOpocrisy.

Admittedly, it’s easier than original posting, gets lots of trackback hits, and gets cited on blogs and message boards more than standalone posts (especially true recently of this post).

PS. As I prepare to publish this, I fear the avalanche of pingbacks from this post to all the posts listed above! Sure enough, 63 pingbacks appeared in my Comments, with 16 of these held for moderation as suspected spam!

1985 to 2011 Period Proves Piracy/Global Warming Link

March 2, 11

Have you seen this scary chart released by the Pastafarians before?

What’s that you say? Just a load of hogwash? Correlation does not imply causation?

Well, in any case pirate attacks have been increasing in recent years, mostly thanks to the Somalis.

Yessir, piracy has made a big comeback!

And wouldn’t you know it, what do we find happening to the planet?

“No statistically significant warming for the past 15 years” – Dr. Phil Jones, Head of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (and centre of the main Climategate scandal

“No warming from 1999-2008” – British Hadley Centre scientists

“No warming in 11 years” – BBC

“Global average temperature did not increase from 1998-2005” – Telegraph UK

Or to put it in a Rage way:

Global Warming Rage Comic

And record cold and snowfall in past years. Just look at the recent Snowmageddons!

There you have it: Conclusive proof that lack of pirates causes global warming, and increased pirate numbers gives Mother Gaia a flu.

Nobel Peace Prize over here please!

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