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The 120,000 Strong Post-GE13 Pakatan Rakyat Rally is FAKE!!!

May 9, 13

The above?

Computer effects!


Even if you were there in person, it didn’t really happen, it was Jewish world-ruler witchcraft that tricked your lying eyes!!!

…Or so Dr M would reason, yes?

Dr Hsu Debunks Utusan’s ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’ Incitement Piece

May 7, 13

Mas Selamat was hiding in Johor, plotting to destroy peace & harmony. Then he read @UMonline and surrendered – Utusan Melayu already did it. 1Malaysia Facts

After their countless seditious attacks on Malaysia’s harmony such as conspiracy theorizing that Christians want to overthrow Malaysia, egging on Ibrahim Ali to declare jihad on Christians, falsely reporting on Teresa Kok which got her ISAed then preposterously suing her over it, fantasizing about killing a Teresa Kok expy, calling Indians noisy, ill behaved keling and meanwhile accusing DAP of disparaging Islam, libelling Lim Guan Eng for which they were fined RM200,000

Spewtusan is emboldened by their UMNOpocrite owners’ ‘victory’ to be even more bileriffic than ever before!

Surely encouraged by Nut-jib dishonestly casting BN’s losing the popular vote as a polarized ‘Chinese tsunami’… And then flinging totally unjustified moral equivalence with Chinese papers!

Don’t use the Chinese to cover up fraud:Anwar starts ‘fierce movement to protest stolen GE’

“Utusan is following Najib’s instructions. Najib talks about national reconciliation but on the other hand he also talks about Chinese tsunami. That’s not right. We cannot play up racial sentiments. A lot Chinese supported PAS in Kelantan,” said Anwar.

“This (using the race card) is accepted and approved by the Umno leaders and its media. It accepts a cheating culture, to make fools of the people by distorting the GE outcome, wearing black is now anti-Chinese. This is what i reject. To use racial sentiments to cover up their electoral fraud.”

The Umno-controlled Utusan newspaper had this morning front-paged a headline titled “what more do you want, Chinese community”.

Indeed, in the run-up to the May 5 election, the Umno-BN media had been unleashing election analyses and reports suggesting the PR’s popularity was due to Chinese voters, but was not supported by the Malays – which is the predominant race in the country forming 55% of the 28 million population.

Najib’s days are numbered

Political analysts have long accused Najib and Umno-BN of using racial politics to scare the Malays into rejecting the Opposition.

The May 5 election saw Umno-BN’s weakest performance since it took over the government of the country from the British colonialists in 1957. In fact, many believe Najib would have lost the latest poll if not for the assistance of the EC, which refused to order recounts in dozens of close-contests.

Given that Najib’s performance was even weaker than the 2008 result achieved by his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who led BN to a 140-seat victory, there is intensifying speculation he will be replaced by his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin at the Umno party election later this year.

Hence, critics say, the rush by the Najib camp to convince their own party members that the result was not due to Najib’s leadership but to ‘unreasonable’ Chinese demands for greater political power.

“All over Malaysia, the racial walls are collapsing but Najib and Umno are re-erecting them. This is the only way they can cling to power,” Johari Abdul, the PKR MP for Sungai Petani, told Malaysia Chronicle

To think, a PR victory might have been the start of the end for this poor excuse for bird cage lining (that would surely have the SPCA filing suit over exposing innocent pets to toxic substances!)… Even as the draconian Printing Press Act that helps get other publications ISAed over TRUTHFUL reporting would be abolished!


Well, Dr Hsu puts paid to that deception and dangerous blame game:

Mathematically not a Chinese tsunami

To prove my point and that PM’s assertion about a Chinese tsunami is wrong, we should resort to scientific method, and do this mathematically.

There are 13.3 millions voters for GE 13, out of which 29.68% or 3.94 millions are Chinese Malaysian voters.

Assuming the turnout of the Chinese voters are the same as the general population which is 80%, the number of Chinese casting votes would be 3.15 millions.

Assuming that 90% of the Chinese voted for PR (this is actually improbable), that would be 2.83 million votes.

But PR received more than 5.62 millions votes, which means that even if 90% of the Chinese voted for PR, they comprise of only 50% of the support that PR receives.

At a more realistic 80% Chinese support for Opposition, PR would get 2.5 million votes from the Chinese ethnic group only.

The fact that it received more than 5.62 million total votes means that more than 3.1 millions votes are from non Chinese Malaysian.

And also from Facebook pages:

PAS thanks Chinese for voting in Malay reps

“There are tens of Parliament and state assembly seats that were contested by Malay candidates against candidates from the Tiong Hua (Chinese), in mixed constituencies, which were won by the Malays, proving that Chinese voters were willing to reject candidates of their own race,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement today.

More Malays in parliamant due to Pakatan wins

Meanwhile, in another statement, Pahang PAS information chief Suhaimi Md Saad explained that DAP’s big win in the election did nothing to lessen the number of Malay MPs in Parliament.

In fact, Suhaimi said, the success of Pakatan’s candidates only served to increase that number by seven.

Among the examples given are:

Rafizi Ramli (PKR, right) who won against Gary Lim (BN) in Pandan;

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS), who won against S Murugesan (BN) in Kota Raja;

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) who won against Tan Kok Eng (BN) in Bandar Tun Razak;

Imran Hamid (PKR) who won against Kong Cho Ha (BN) in Lumut;

Mohd Ariss Sabri Abdul Aziz (DAP) who won against Hoh Khai Mun (BN) in Raub;

Idris Ahmad (PKR) who won against K Parthiban (BN) in Ijok;

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (DAP) who won against Chuah Boon Seong (BN) in Mentakab; and

Mohd Rashid Hasnon (PKR) who won against Wong Mun Hoe (BN) in Pantai Jerejak.

To further debunk Umno’s claim that non-Malays went against Malays in the ballot box, he further cited 13 examples of seats where non-Malay BN candidates won in Malay-majority constituencies.

Among the constituencies listed in Suhaimi’s statement are – Simpang Renggam (57 percent Malays), Tanjung Piai (51 percent), Batu Sapi (51 percent), Gurun (57 percent) and Kahang (74 percent).


In depth analysis showing that the Chinese swing was in fact important at Mathematical proof of Chinese Tsunami and Mathematical proof of Chinese Tsunami (Pt 2).


So you proven over and over again racists, know that your scapegoats are not standing alone against your smear/hit job!

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