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Could Obama Lose the Election Even Though He’s Ahead in the Polls?

October 31, 08

Check out the latest polling numbers (especially those polls not carried out by the Obamessiah-worshiping Obamedia).

From Gateway Pundit, note how Obama only has between a 3 to 6 percent lead if you ignore the slavering Lie-beral media results:

Notice anything odd yet predictable? The three polls done by MSM outlets are the outliers (outliars?). A coincidence? I don’t think so. It’s been like that for months. Now pull those out and do the math.

Obama and McCain are ‘functionally’ tied:

Despite widespread polling to the contrary, McInturff wrote that the campaign is functionally tied across the battleground states with our numbers improving sharply over the last four tracks.

As other public polls begin to show Sen. Obama dropping below 50 percent and the margin over McCain beginning to approach margin of error with a week left, all signs say we are headed to an election that may easily be too close to call by next Tuesday, he said.

And the lead Obama has over McCain might even be as low as a mere 2.8%:

So Obama is still ahead in basically all the polls (by very slightly, a negligible lead well within the margin of error for these kind of statistics). So much for that landslide walkover… But why do I conjecture that he might still lose?

Because historically, pre-election polls have been shown to be biased in favour of the Democrat candidate.

In 8 Presidential elections over 32 years, the polls have – without fail – overstated public support for the Democratic candidate. The margin of error has been by anywhere between 0 to 14.8 points, as compared to actual voting day results.

That means that Obama, with his mere 2.8 point lead, could be in for a loss as bad as 12 points behind McCain come actual voting day.

That was polling in general. For Obama specifically, polls overestimated Obama’s strength by 7% throughout this year.

The world may yet survive this American election.

UPDATE 1 NOV 2008: Wouldn’t you know it! On a tip from hutchrun, Zogby’s poll shows McCain ahead of Obama by one point!

Following from Day by Day:


Following from Day by Day:


Gianna Jessen Outs Obama’s Support of Murdering Already-Born Babies Stance Again

October 31, 08

In case you needed reminding that Obama is the greatest enemy of unborn humans in the history of the world (Consistent 100% rating from NARAL, an extreme pro-abortion group):


See previous and related at:

League of Rogue Nations to Obama: Sorry, We Have Preconditions to Meet You!

October 31, 08

By agreeing to meet enemies without preconditions, Obama is giving them the upper hand and pregorative.

Video from Our Country Deserves Better:

Adolf Hitler and Me – Barack Obama

October 30, 08

So the other day I was invited over to tea with my good friend, Adolf Hitler.

Yes, that Adolf Hitler. You know, the guy who started World War II and gassed a few million Jews.

Yeah, the world thought he was dead. But he actually shot a body double and left the corpse for the Allies to find. Suckers!

So, since everyone thought he had already gotten his just desserts, he was never brought to trial for his crimes. He likes to tell me that he’s “Guilty as sin, free as a bird”. That’s obviously code for “I am really very sorry and completely reformed”.

But anyway, those days are long past. He’s totally repented now. In fact, he’s giving back to society by lecturing impressionable youths (with me as Chairman of the board!) on such innocent, professionally-useful topics as Aryan Supremacy and Zyklon-B Manufacture.

I should know – Adolf helped me get my first real job, working side by side with him in the same office on the Chicago NeoNazi Challenge. Later, when I moved into politics, I cited this job as my qualification to be Senator.

Some of those who know Adolf say he hasn’t been rehabilitated… But why would they think that? I mean, all Adolf does these days is talk about how he had no regrets and ‘didn’t do enough’ back in his heyday, and pose for photos stepping on the American flag (and though you can’t see it, there’s also a small picture of Anne Frank under his left boot). That’s sheer repentance right there!

Anyway, as I was saying… I totally did not know that Adolf used to be a war criminal who killed millions. Who keeps track of this unimportant stuff anyway? Not me… I was too busy writing a glowing review of a book written by this man whom I do not know and never knew.

The guy used to tell everyone who worked with him that he’s a mass murdering Nazi fascist, but I… Uh, uh, uh… Was not present at those sermons where he preached those things.

Besides, I was only eight years old… I mean, uh, I was not even born when he did those acts. That means there is absolutely no problem with my associating with Adolf all those years after he stopped committing genocide.

And to those who insinuate that my political career was launched during a party in Eva Braun’s living room… Utter lies! There were many events I attended during that period, Eva’s living room party being only one of them, and my political career could have been launched during any one of them. That’s much less incriminating.

But hey, don’t judge me as guilty by association. Just because I personally know, and worked with, and was friends with, and reviewed the book of, and had my political career launched by Former Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler… Why should that reflect badly on my values and personal integrity?

And if you do raise this issue, you are a racist.

Whether Obama Wins or Loses, I Still Benefit

October 29, 08

So, come November 4… Will Obama win and be the most liberal, radical, socialist, condescending, inexperienced, inept, uninformed, dishonest, race grievancing, and demagogic President in American history? (And yes, he’ll be the first Black President too… How that is a qualification for leadership escapes me.)

The polls seem to have it that Obama is in for a near landslide victory… But then, polls have been historically proven to be biased towards the Democrats. So all bets are off.

But either way the 2008 American Presidential Election goes, I don’t entirely lose out.

See, if Obama loses… Well, that’ll be a huge sigh of relief to have narrowly avoided his FAIL policies, which even halfway across the world would have had a far-reaching, detrimental effects to last for years to come.

And if Obama wins… That’s 4 more years of funtastic, mockerific blogging for me! Seriously, I never had this much fun being snarky, even with the Al Goracle and his global warming farce!

President Obama, say hello to what Bush had to endure for his two terms! (Only far less crass and violent… We are Conservatives, after all.)

Ann Coulter Researches the Pro-Democrat Poll Bias Through 8 Presidential Elections

October 22, 08

Think Barack Obama has McCain beat, based on the polling data which all say that Obama is leading by several points?

If so, you obviously must not know about the blatant and massive, documented pro-Obama and anti-Palin bias in the US media.

But besides that, history has proven that polls consistently favour the Democrat Presidential candidate, overstating support for the Democrats by wide margins of error.

The following is summarized from Ann Coulter’s article:

Reviewing the polls printed in The New York Times and The Washington Post in the last month of every presidential election since 1976, I found the polls were never wrong in a friendly way to Republicans. When the polls were wrong, which was often, they overestimated support for the Democrat, usually by about 6 to 10 points.

Jimmy Carter (D) vs Gerald Ford (R)
Poll predictions: Carter +15 over Ford
Election results: Carter +2.1 over Ford
Bias error: 12.9 points in favour of Democrats

Jimmy Carter (D) vs Ronald Reagan (R)
Poll predictions: Carter +3 over Reagan
Election results: Reagan +10 over Carter
Bias error: 13 points in favour of Democrats

Walter Mondale (D) vs Ronald Reagan (R)
Poll predictions: Reagan +4, +9 or +13 over Mondale
Election results: Reagan +18.8 over Mondale
Bias error: 14.8, 9.8 or 5.8 points in favour of Democrats

Michael Dukakis (D) vs George H.W. Bush (R)
Poll predictions: Bush +5 over Dukakis
Election results: Bush +7.8 over Dukakis
Bias error: 2.8 points in favour of Democrats

Bill Clinton (D) vs George H.W. Bush (R)
Poll predictions: Clinton +15 or +12 over Bush
Election results: Clinton +5.3 over Bush
Bias error: 9.7 or 6.7 points in favour of Democrats

Bill Clinton (D) vs Bob Dole (R)
Poll predictions: Clinton +22 over Dole
Election results: Clinton +9 over Dole
Bias error: 13 points in favour of Democrats

Al Gore (D) vs George W. Bush (R)
Poll predictions: Gore +6 over Bush
Election results: Bush over Gore by a slight margin
Bias error: 6 points in favour of Democrats

John Kerry (D) vs George W. Bush (R)
Poll predictions: Bush +1 to +3 over Kerry
Election results: Bush +2.4 over Kerry
Bias error: 1.4 points in favour of Democrats to 1.6 points in favour of Republicans

Barack Hussein Obama (D) vs John McCain (R)
Poll predictions: Obama over McCain, insert own imaginary number
Election results: Less than two weeks to go
Bias error: As always, in favour of Democrats

I guess the above history lesson might explain the cause behind Voxdays’ Five Point RuleIn general, if a Democrat leads by less than five points in the polls, he loses.

The Politico confirms it:

Respected polling analyst Mark Blumenthal found that during the Democratic primaries this year, preliminary exit polls overestimated Obama’s strength in 18 of 20 states, by an average error of 7 percentage points, based on leaked early results.

And while we’re on that note, take a look at some of the more objective (read: Non-Obama-leg-tingling) polls.

Such as this one where Obama has but ameasly 2.8-point lead over McCain.


UPDATE 2012: Okay, so Obama won in 2008.

See also via AoSHQ, from Powerline:


UPDATE: The media does this on purpose, to discourage voters from even voting. See also via AoSHQ this piece on How Carter Beat Reagan (not a typo!).

And the Obama campaign might try this for 2012.

Here might be what’s happenng too – editors fudge results, the Shy Tory Factor, and a version of The Bradley Effect.

Scott’s Obama Phone FAIL on Michelle Malkin

October 22, 08

Hey, my creation is up on Michelle Malkin‘s!

Obama Phone FAIL on Malkin

Compare blast from the past 6 months ago: Is The FAIL Blog Liberal Democrat?

Informed Michelle Malkin about it, will see if I get due credit.

In any case, all are free to use it for their own mockerying. This is teh Intertubes after all.

Brave Royal Malaysian Navy Heroically Rescues Hostages From Pirates – Using Suitcases Stuffed With Ransom Money!

October 21, 08

Here’s what The Star blares as a frontpage headline on today’s paper:

Ops Fajar mission accomplished

LUMUT: Seeing the relief on the faces of the hijacked crew members will stay with Kapt Mohd Zahari Jamian of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) for a long time.

The KD Lekiu commanding officer was happy to escort the two Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC) shipping vessels – MT Bunga Melati Dua and MT Bunga Melati Lima – safely to Djibouti.

“It was a triumphant moment for us to be able to bring the crew back safely to their families to celebrate Hari Raya,” said Kapt Mohd Zahari yesterday at a ceremony for the Ops Fajar rescue mission members at the naval base here.

The MT Bunga Melati Dua, with 29 Malaysian and 10 Filipino crew members, was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden on Aug 19 while the MT Bunga Melati Lima, with 36 Malaysians and five Filipino crew members, was hijacked 10 days later.

Wow! How heroic of our Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)! That must have been some heroic drama or dramatic heroism, rushing in with guns blazing to rescue the frightened seafarers from the vicious pirates, no?

Well… No.

The crew of both vessels were eventually released on Sept 27 and Sept 29, respectively, after a ransom was paid for the two vessels.

Um… Wow.

So the ‘Mission Accomplished’ that The Star so grandiosely touts is, in fact, actually Royal Malaysian Navy escorts hostages home after ransom is paid.

Excuse the snark, but wouldn’t a more accurate title be something like…

Hostages rescued by heroic ransom money
Royal Malaysian Navy plays babysitter

After all, what scurvy sea dog wouldn’t cringe at the bone-chilling sight of $4 million of heaily armed, bloodthirsty cash? Yarr! Shiver me timbers!

But don’t get me wrong… It’s not like our local Adeptus Astartes chapter didn’t face great dangers and nigh insurmountable tests of the manlihood while on their almost suicidal mission. Suicidal, I say. Kamikaze. Shaheed.

Recalling the escort mission to Djibouti, Kapt Mohd Zahari said it was quite tense as there were many other pirate factions in the Gulf of Aden.

“There is always news of pirates hijacking ships everyday and all officers on deck had to be on high alert.

“There’s a possibility that the two ships which had been released could be hijacked again by a different group if we did not escort them,” he added.

The God-Emperor of Man forbid that their warships should run into a sampan full of heavily armed, merciless, fly-fishing geriatric retiree anglers. It would be utter, chaotic devastation and horrifically gruesome death. For the warships.

Meanwhile, to avoid just such a disadtrous occurence, the brave and macho Space Marines trained and prepared themselves… By playing Risk.

Kapt Zahari said all officers had to run through a “table-top” war game.

“On our way there, we discussed all likely scenarios and counter-measures to be taken should negotiations fail.

“Luckily, the negotiations went well and we did not need to storm the hijacked ship,” he added.

Kapt N. Ganesh, who is KD Inderapura’s commanding officer, said all members aboard his vessel were also tense during the operation.

“They knew it was no longer a training exercise but a real mission where lives were at stake,” “There is no telling how long we could be there pending negotiations with the pirates,” he added.

Yup, Risk ‘with dice’ is about as close to risk ‘with danger’ as they ever got.

And no, I’m not even going to sully the good name of Warhammer 40k with any more references likening our Navy to it. So, tabletop war game = Risk. Conquer the world, chaps, conquer the world.

And the Royal Malaysian Navy crew’s biggest, death-defying, life-threatening challenge?

Kapt Ganesh noted the biggest challenge in their mission was to maintain high morale among the rescue team.

“As it was fasting month then, everybody was feeling restless and some of the members were getting seasick,” he said, adding that sports and training sessions were organised to keep them in high spirits.

Hungry and dizzy? Squad broken! At least until they can Rally! to a game of captain ball. Or maybe hopscotch.

Oops. That was a reference to Warhammer 40k right there. I blame the seasickness.

Maybe it was a better call to pay the ransom then. Glucose deprived, seasick government employees VS rum-swilling, self-employed privateers? No contest.

I mean, come on! Even the French have braver commandos than us?!

French commandos stormed a sailboat to free two French tourists who were being held by heavily-armed Somali pirates, President Nicolas Sarkozy has said.

One pirate was killed and another six captured in the lightning raid, which lasted 10 minutes. The hostages were unharmed.

“France will not allow crime to pay,” declared Mr Sarkozy, who dispatched the commando unit after receiving information that the pirates were approaching a highly-protected coastal base, where rescue efforts would have been far riskier.

The French!!! (More on their non-Surrender Monkeying here.)

Maybe I should seal myself into a nuclear bunker for the next 50 years to avoid the carnage that will ensue when Singapore handily conquers Malaysia.

Did I say Singapore? Slip of the tongue. Likely even Sentosa by itself would be enough to defeat our entire stuper-pendously powerful military.

But to their credit, Malaysia is cited as providing ‘support’ to the French warriors:

With the backing from a French warship stationed nearby, some thirty commandos swooped on the pirates. They received support from Germany and Malaysia, according to the Elysée.

By running nerve-wracking sessions of Risk late into the night, no doubt.


PS. The RMN can blame The Star for spinning a huge, fat pile of NOTHING into a quasi-epic tale of mythical proportions, which led to my snark.

That having been said… Next time, send The Village People!!!


PPS. Now this is more like it! From The Star 20 Dec 2008:

Quick response from RMN ship saves vessel

PETALING JAYA: Armed Somali pirates that boarded Chinese crane ship Zhenhua 4 were about to blow the bridge wide open when the Royal Malaysian Navy came to the rescue.

Nine pirates ran helter-skelter without firing a single shot after there were surprised by the twin machineguns of KD Sri Inderasakti’s Fennec helicopter gunship.

The crew on the Zhenghua 4 had earlier locked themselves on the bridge and held off the pirates, which came on two skiffs, for several hours.

The Fennec gunship’s response was the first time an aircraft was deployed to engage pirates holding a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden.

RMN Fleet Operations Commander Vice-Admiral Datuk Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin said the Sri Inderasakti was in the right place and the right time in the pirate-menaced Gulf of Aden on Wednesday when it received a distress call from Zhenhua 4.

“And the response from Sri Inderasakti’s response was swift,” he added.

Relating the incident, Ahmad Kamarulzaman said that the RMN ship received the distress call from the Chinese ship at 8.30am (local time).

“Commanding officer Kapt Mohamad Adib Abdul Samad immediately despatched the Fennec gunship.

“At the same time, a request from the European Union’s CTF150 taskforce also came in for us to lend assistance and do whatever was necessary to deter the pirates because we were the nearest vessel to the Zhenhua 4,” he told The Star when contacted in Singa- pore.

Covering 45 nautical miles at 80 knots per hour, the Fennec piloted by Leftenan Muliadi Mohd Noor and air quartermaster Petty Officer Haniffaa Haironi reached Zhenhua 4 in less than 15 minutes.

“After quickly assessing the situation, Haniffaa fired several warning shots across the bow of the Zhenhua 4. This created panic among the pirates,” he said.

One of the pirates’ skiffs also sank in the battle but not from the Fennec’s gunfire, said Ahmad Kamarulzaman.

Not long after, Dutch warship HDMS Absalon of the European Union’s CTF150 taskforce arrived to escort the Zhenhua 4 to its destination.

Ahmad Kamarulzaman said that the RMN is sure that there were other pirate vessels in the area as the gunship crew saw what they believed to be the “mother ship.”.

The Inderasakti had taken over from the KD Mahawangsa on Dec 12 in the ongoing Ops Fajar to safeguard Malaysian merchant vessels plying the dangerous Gulf of Aden.

UPDATE JAN 2011: This time around, the Malaysian Navy actually fought with the pirates and won!

Diversity Lane: Anti-Obama Biased MSM Helping McCain

October 16, 08


Kudos to Zack Rawsthorne of Diversity Lane for sending this one to me for bloggage. See more of his cartoons featured at this post.

He’s being sarcastic with content of the cartoon, and I’m being sarcastic with the title of this post, of course. The Mainstream Media is obviously and heavily leaning towards Obama in particular and the Left in general.

See Obamedia Loves Obama… And I Mean Red Hot, Steaming Wet Lurve!!! for proof of the media Obama leanings.

See the 113 pluses cases of Blatant Anti-Palin Bias in the Liberal Media for proof of how anti-Right the MSM is.

And see a flashback of the MSM’s liberal leaning lies at Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies.

Yet, the reality-deluded Moonbats can still convince themselves that there is no Liberal Media… Despite the fact that the MSM is itself populated almost entirely by liberals (except for FOX).

Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru

October 15, 08

Utusan Malaysia Teresa Kok

Above is part of the 50-plus Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Original photo from Teresa Kok Sassy MP – My Suit Against Utusan & Zaini Hassan.


So it seems that Rocky Bru supports Utusan Malaysia over Teresa Kok, even though the latter had to suffer ISA detention directly due to Utusan’s unfounded scaremongering and smear attacks.

Haris Ibrahim thinks differently, as would any unbiased observer: “What if it were YOU being thrown in the slammer and threatened because the NST printed blatant lies about you, Rocky?”

Rocky says in his post that he hopes ‘Theresa would find it fit to withdraw her suit against Utusan Malaysia’.

Well, Rocky, if one of the Tamil dailies falsely accused you of calling for the demolition of Hindu temples, and that daily then refused to apologise despite your demands that they do so, and your home was then turned into a war zone where molotovs were tossed into, would you sue to clear your name and to prevent any further trauma for those near and dear to you?

Or would you, Rocky, champion the right of that daily, in the name of freedom of expression and opinion, to continue to lie about you, and therefore refrain from taking the matter to court? – Haris Ibrahim

Head on over to Haris Ibrahim for the full story, with timeline of events and accompanying evidence.

Utusan of course refuses to issue any retraction, but rather demands that Teresa Kok be the one apologizing!

Not only that, but Utusan’s friends in high places are trying to turn it into a Chinese-challenges-and-insults-Islam controversy, attempting to rile up the public and obfuscate the simple heart of Teresa’s lawsuit: “Your idiotic lies landed me in prison!”

And now Utusan Malaysia shows its total lack of conscience, repentance and class by printing an article that is obviously a thinly veiled death threat against Teresa Kok.

Observe excerpts of the long story:

PAGI itu resah YB Josephine, yang lebih mesra dengan panggilan YB J sukar dikawal. Sepanjang perjalanan menuju ke Dewan Perhimpunan Warga Cha di ibu kota, fikirannya terganggu. Tuduhan bahawa dia anti-Islam dan anti-Melayu sungguh-sungguh menghantui perasaannya sejak malam tadi lagi.

Tetapi fikir Ahmad, amaran kalau tidak diendahkan berbahaya. Dia teringat apa yang diceritakan berlaku pada 13 Mei 1969. Bapanya menceritakan dalam tragedi selepas pilihan raya umum pada 10 Mei itu, orang Cina dan Melayu berbunuh-bunuhan.

Perjuangan yang mahu menafikan hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu dan kaum bumiputera lain yang dijamin oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan, tidak dapat diterima oleh mereka.

Kata-kata kesat dan menghina orang Melayu oleh para penyokong parti-parti pembangkang sewaktu berarak meraikan kemenangan besar di Kuala Lumpur dan bandar-bandar utama lain pada pilihan raya 1969 itu tidak dapat ditelan oleh orang Melayu.

Apabila YB J bangun untuk menuju ke rostrum ucapan, seorang anak muda dari belakang pentas berjalan tenang menuju ke arahnya. YB J tersenyum kepadanya. Dia menyangka anak muda seketurunan dengannya ingin mengiringinya ke rostrum atau bersalaman dengannya.

YB J menghulurkan tangan. Tiba-tiba YB J tergaman dan berdiri kaku. Dia tidak percaya dengan apa yang dilihatnya. Tergenggam erat pada tangan anak muda yang seolah-olah mahu membalas salam tangan yang dihulur itu ialah sepucuk pistol jenis Revolver yang betul-betul diajukan ke arah dada YB J.

Tanpa berkata apa-apa, anak muda itu melepaskan beberapa das tembakan. Salah satu daripadanya tepat mengenai jantung YB J. Dia rebah ke lantai.

Sewaktu pemeriksaan dibuat ke atas mayat anak muda yang tidak dikenali itu, terselit sehelai nota yang ditaip rapi, ditulis dalam bahasa Kebangsaan.

Ia berbunyi: YB Josephine adalah ancaman terhadap keharmonian. Lebih baik riwayatnya ditamatkan supaya masyarakat berbilang kaum boleh tinggal aman damai di negara bertuah ini. Saya berkorban untuk masa depan. – Utusan Malaysia

And there you have it. Utusan Malaysia’s literary representation of YB Teresa Kok is murdered for ‘the sake of the future and inter-racial harmony.’

Note also how they insidiously slip in a reference to the bloodshed of May 13 1969 early in the piece, in order to further justify the silencing of ‘YB Josephine’ whom they insinuate that – like the 1969 provocateurs – challenged the sacrosanct Malay special rights. (Of course, in Utusan’s version of reality, the Opposition and non-Malays are solely and entirely to blame for the provocation and escalation into riots.)

Did these Utusan foo’s not realize that such hate-mongering as in their paper is exactly the sort of thing that shatters inter-racial harmony??!!! Wasn’t it they themselves who stoked the fires of rabid mob paranoia and rage by spreading unproven rumours that have now been totally debunked? (See Haris Ibrahim‘s post again.)

Uncle Lim is not taking this unilateral, coded fatwa by Utusan Malaysia lightly, pseudonym ‘Josephine’ or no. Lead the charge!

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) has accused the Malay newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, of planting the idea of assassinating members of parliament through a story published in Mingguan Malaysia, its Sunday edition.

Lim said the fictitious story entitled “Politik baru YB J” was aimed at Teresa Kok.

“The YB Josephine, who is the main character in the piece, actually referred to Teresa Kok,” he said.

YB Josephine takes an anti-Islamic stand in the story and is killed by an alleged supporter at a function held in her stronghold.

The assassin approaches her on stage and then shoots her three times in the chest.

“I know it is creative licence, but the author had clearly planted the idea of political assassination. He was being inciteful,” Kit Siang said during the debate on the budget. – Malaysia Today

Teresa Kok is not shaken by this incitement.

Seputeh lawmaker Teresa Kok was surprised to learn today that she had been made the target of an assassination in a thinly-veiled plot of a short story publised in a weekend edition of the Malay-language newspaper Utusan Malaysia last Sunday. – Malaysia Today

The original blatantly outspoken Utusan Malaysia article is again at here, kudos to ShadowFox’s Hideout.

Jed Yoong has the article reproduced here. Uncle Lim also has the offending Utusan Malaysia article reproduced here in case of sneaky withdrawal, and has these words to add:

I lambasted Mingguan Malaysia and Datuk Chamil Wariya for this irresponsible piece of literary licence for inciting the killing of Teresa Kok during my budget speech in Parliament today.

I asked what would be the reaction of UMNO and BN MPs if the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister had been similarly targetted like Teresa in a cerpen like in Chamil’s irresponsible short story. – Lim Kit Siang

Tell me exactly what Teresa Kok actually did to warrant false reporting and smears in a national paper, ISA arrest and a week’s detention without proof, firebombing of her house, racist threats, and now a snide, self-righteous and condescending death fatwa by Utusan Malaysia which started this whole mess? With absolutely NO apologies from any of the offending parties in these matters, of course.

Hey, why not send the papers thinly veiled fiction about a Vice President who blows up a Tibetan model with nitroglycerin?

Teresa Kok ISA

Above from They Survived ISA Detention! and the 50-plus Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Remember, Raja Petra Kamarudin is still in there!

On a tip from wits0.


PS. Featured on Malaysia Today. Cool! Thanks to kean.