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Sting’s Russians – Not Applicable to Modern Terrorists

January 31, 08

Back in the Cold War era, when America and the Soviet Union were on constant alert, ready to launch their nuclear death as soon as the other launched theirs first…

Sting released his meaningful song, Russians, about how such paranoia and antagonism that could easily destory the entire world made no sense… If any of us loved our children.

Youtube of music video here.

I’ve added Wikipedia links to the names you may not recognize in this post-Cold War era.



In Europe and America, theres a growing feeling of hysteria
Conditioned to respond to all the threats
In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets
Mr. Krushchev said we will bury you
I dont subscribe to this point of view
It would be such an ignorant thing to do
If the Russians love their children too

How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer‘s deadly toy
There is no monopoly in common sense
On either side of the political fence
We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

There is no historical precedent
To put the words in the mouth of the president
Theres no such thing as a winnable war
Its a lie that we dont believe anymore
Mr. Reagan says we will protect you
I dont subscribe to this point of view
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
What might save us, me, and you
Is that the Russians love their children too


Today, the Democratic Capitalist West has a new threat – terrorism. Perhaps Sting could come out with a new song that promotes peace in the 21st-Century?

However, there is one huge difference – as the jihadists have proven countless times, they wouldn’t mind dying just to kill their enemies. They even actively encourage it.

They even intentionally send their children to die by using them as anti-American decoys and anti-Israeli bullet shields, and strapping bombs to them!

Their own flesh and blood counts less to them than spiting their hated Jewish enemies. Theirs is a culture of hatred and death:


So Sting’s logic fails when it comes to jihadi terrorists and even ‘ordinary’ civilians who DON’T ‘love their children too’.

If they ever got nukes, you know that they wouldn’t hesitate to use them – even if it means an angry nuclear retaliation that completely wipes their own home nations off the face of the earth.

So wave goodbye to the entire world, and Sting’s poor Russian children too.

Moonbat Blamethrower

January 30, 08


Above image is free for use by anyone for the purpose of counter-Moonbattery. 

Blame Bush!

Blame Zionists and the Jews!

Blame Conservatives and fundamentalist Christians!

Blame the entire Western world!

It’s all their fault for wrecking world peace / the environment / the economy / freedom / cultural tolerance / the Middle East / your sad excuse for a life as they conduct their Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of Ruling the World by Proxy or Sometimes Directly!

But never, EVER blames yourselves – Liberal Moonbats, 9/11 Conspiracy Troofers, greensane envirokooks, disenfranchised ruler-oppressed freedom-deprived terrorists, Hamas-enslaved Palestinians… The saviours of the world!

NST: A Wanton Act Just For Kicks

January 29, 08

The NST’s version of my brother’s letter that appeared in The Star.

As with The Star, they removed the mention of the Chinese ethnicity of the victims, which apparently would have implied the ethnicity of the thugs. See The Star: Disturbed by Act of Random Violence for more on that.


From NST Letters 29 Jan 2008 (NST removes links after a week):


A wanton act just for kicks 

K.T.Y.K. , Ipoh

I WAS on the bus around Petaling Street at 7.50pm when I witnessed a disturbing act of random violence.

At a bus stop, there were about 30 to 35 people waiting, including two young men. One looked like he had just finished work, while the other was a casually dressed youth.

Suddenly, a group of youths aged between 16 and 22 attacked them.

Six or seven of the youths began beating up the casually dressed one, while the rest grabbed the man in work clothes, who didn’t struggle as it seemed hopeless.

They reached into his trouser pockets. Instead of robbing him, they ripped his trousers down the side.

After that, they just walked off laughing. There must have been about 100 witnesses to this attack and nobody near them went to their aid.

It is not just the Mat Rempit prowling the streets at night who are a menace, but also gangs of youths like this one.

What can be done about such thugs, who attack people at such central areas as bus stops?

Evil Israeli MONSTERS Use MONSTER Sized Bulldozers

January 28, 08

Teh Israelis are sooooo evuuuuul!

They even buy super-giant sized armored war bulldozers to crush teh poor, innocent Palestinians who refuse to surrender their rightful homes to teh evuuuuul Zionist imperialist conquerers!!


Aaaaah! It’s the Zionist Metal Monstar! It has crushed Rachel ‘Intifada’ Corrie, now it wants to crush firewoods gatherars!




And if teh joooooooos get really mad, it will transform into an even biggar Deceptahcon death robot of mass destructshens!!!

(The claims about the Komatsu_D575 being the real largest bulldozer found on so-called factual websites and Wikipedia are obviously written by pro-Zionist, half-Jewish blooded liars.)

Meanwhile, the Zionofascist siege on Gaza is getting so evuuuuul, that they even ban sunlight from being used by teh poor Hamas rocket-launching terrorists Palestinian innocent peeples who have no food (i.e. the HALF A TON of flour per person, daily that they apparently need):


                 I can has open curtains instead of using candles?

More proofs of teh evuuuuul Jewish plots to kill all good peeples such as good littul Pallies and their super honest liberal media frens:

Proof That Iran Loves Jews! As Far as Lie-Beral Media Stealing Pics From The People’s Cube Counts

Israeli Defense Force Elite Female Stripper Death Squads

If All Mothers Were Like This

Suicide Bomber Sing Along Karaoke For Kids

Hi Kids! Let’s Learn Holy War With Farfur the Mouse!

Continue to Learn Holy War With Nahoul the Bee

Nahoul the Terror Bee Teaches Animal, Uh… Kindness

Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?

Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies

All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us

Flat Fatima will Make Your News Stories Become The Truth!

10000 Hits For Global Warming Editorial Cartoons

January 26, 08

My all time top post Global Warming Editorial Cartoons has reached 10000 hits all by itself:


There are currently 163+ cartoons poking fun at the global warming hystrical hoax. Head on over and enjoy the lol!



                         Yes, lot’s of Gore-bashing there!

Scott Tips The Jawa Report on Political Cartoons

January 25, 08

I regularly send tips to Moonbattery, host of all things liberally mockable. But this is the first time I’ve tipped the venerable Jawa Report!


Too bad they didn’t include a link to my blog… Oh well, so much for the flood of free hits!

As for myself, I learned of the list from Red Planet Cartoons which I check every day, despite it’s low cartoon posting rate.

See all the cartoons at Free Republic. Conservative biased and liberal/Democrat/Moonbat/terrorist-mocking, of course, so if your own fault if you get offended by anything there.

The Star: Disturbed by Act of Random Violence

January 25, 08

This letter is based on my brother’s firsthand witnessing, told to and written out by me, and sent under his name. 


From The Star Opinions 25 Jan 2008:

     DisturbedRandomViolence1     DisturbedRandomViolence2

Disturbed by act of random violence

AT about 7.50pm I was on a bus near Petaling Street (Kuala Lumpur) when I witnessed a disturbing act of random violence.

The bus had stopped by a bus stop where there were about 30-35 people waiting, including two young men

Suddenly, a group of youths who looked to be aged between 16 and 22 attacked them for no reason. Six or seven of the them began beating up one of the two.

Another six or seven youths grabbed the other, who didn’t struggle, as it seemed hopeless. They reached into his trouser pockets, but instead of robbing him they ripped his trousers down the side. 

After that, the youths just walked off laughing.

The bystanders did not move to protect the two victims, but they couldn’t be blamed. Anything less than a large group of concerned citizens would be foolish to confront the dozen plus hoodlums.

I admit that I did not dare get down from the bus to help either. Counting the passers-by in cars, buses and at the bus stop, around 100 people must have witnessed this brutal event.

It is not just the Mat Rempit prowling the streets at night, that are a menace to ordinary citizens, but also gangs of youth like the one I described. 

What can be done about such thugs who attack people at such central areas as that bus stop?

Just 30 seconds past the bus stop, a Proton Perdana was parked at the sidewalk beside a few other, cheaper cars. The alarm was sounding and there were three symbols spray-painted on the windscreen. One was a Nazi swastika; I forgot what the other two were.




The original letter was sent in with the race of the two victims stated as Chinese – but the race of the attackers intentionally not mentioned.

But as you can see from the edit that appeared in the national papers, even that would apparently have been enough to imply that the victims were chosen based on their race – and thus also imply the race of the attackers.

It’s sad when we have to be so politically correct and ‘tolerant’ of race and religion, that we cannot even mention or report actual acts of racism.

Wasn’t Abdullah Badawi boasting to the international politicos gathered in Spain that Malaysia has bridged the racial and religious gap?

It must be an invisible bridge, as invisible as the racially-motivated attacks we see in the streets but not in the news. Blame the West for our bridge’s lack of opacity and effectiveness.

Pictures of Aborted Fetuses – They Look Human, They ARE Human

January 25, 08

Abortion sickens me, but ‘pro-choice’ abortion suppoters who argue that ‘the aborted gunk is just blood and mucus’ or ‘an embryo or a fetus isn’t a human’ sicken me even more.

Killing a baby in a crib = MURDER

Killing a pregnant woman = DOUBLE MURDER (one for the woman, one for the unborn child)

Killing a baby in the womb = LEGAL ABORTION


If you think not-born-yet = not-human, then take a look at the following links. Even at the totally-legal-to-abort First Trimester (0 – 3 months pregnant), you can’t deny the explicit humanness of the tiny baby.

They can even survive so well, that 50 babies survive attempted abortions every year in the UK – and then if left to die, is counted as infanticide. So killed in womb = abortion, attempted kill then left to die in clinic = murder.

Take a good, long look. Puke your guts out, then come back and tell me how the following are not considered humans – living and growing, until they were murdered by abortionists.


Google Images


Meanwhile, thousands of pro-life supporters marched on Washington in protest of the 35th anniversary of Roe vs Wade, which removed the human right to life of unborn babies in favour of the right of irresponsible mothers to not be emotionally annoyed.

And of course, this is how the supremely biased, lie-beral MSM portrays it, via Ryskind:


It’s not like peaceful and dignified Walk for Lifers don’t have enough rabid, anarchic opposition already.

More cartoons:








See also:

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Tears in Heaven – Atheist Despair Version

January 24, 08

Here are the lyrics to my atheist-oblivion-of-nonexistence-after-death rewrite of Eric Clapton’s classic, Tears in Heaven (original lyrics hereYoutube here).

Remember to imagine the original song’s context of losing your young child, but sing this version without the hope and joy of one day meeting again in (atheist pooh-poohed) heaven.


Tears in Oblivion

You won’t know my name
I don’t believe in heaven
Things won’t be the same
‘Cause there’s only oblivion

Religion’s wrong
Farewell, so long
‘Cause you know that I just long
For oblivion

You won’t hold my hand
‘Cause we won’t be existing 
You won’t help me stand
We won’t know what we’re missing

No joy above
No long lost loves
There’s no faith, hope or love
In oblivion

Atheists have no hope
In life after death (~ooo)
Once you die you’re gone
And then that is that, that is that~

[Sentimental guitar bridge]

Beyond the door
It’s blank I’m sure
And I know I’ll be no more
In oblivion

Life’s a short, sad game
Atheists just despise heaven
Even though it’s lame
Atheists prefer oblivion

Hope that we’re right
‘Cause Hell’s a fright
And that’s why all atheists fight
For oblivion

Now just watch the atheists fight
For oblivion



If atheism is correct, then life is just a rollercoaster of suffering and despair, ending in an oblivion of non-existence. But at least it won’t matter to us, since we won’t exist anymore.


See also another cover song, Anything Goes – Modern Moonbats Version.

Najib Blames on Global Warming For Govt’s Poor Preparation to Local Floods

January 22, 08

On a tip from Soon: 


From NST 18 Jan 2008 (NST links are defunct after a week): 


Dealing more seriously with global warming in Malaysia Plans
By : Sheridan Mahavera and R Sittamparam  

KOTA TINGGI, Jan 18:  

Global warming and climate change will be dealt with more seriously in the Ninth and 10th Malaysia Plans, which will feature a chapter on measures to mitigate its effects on Malaysians.

Initiatives will include stringent regulations on residential projects built in low-lying areas and projects to reduce the incidence of floods, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Some of the initiatives have started such as placing sand dredging machines in all major rivers in the country to deepen and widen them to increase their water carrying capacity during extraordinary rains. Others include requiring developers to take into account whether a certain area is considered flood prone before they start their projects and reviewing the designs for houses.

“A higher priority will also be placed on environmental conservation,” Najib told reporters after a ground breaking ceremony for a flood resettlement scheme in the Hulu Sungai sub-district here today.

During his speech earlier, Najib, who is also National Disaster Management Committee chairman, said the recent floods in December 2007 had cost the country RM900 million in damages to public infrastructure, private property and agriculture assets. The ones before that in January 2007 and December 2006 wrought RM1 billion in damages.

“Imagine that from now on, the Government has to deal with RM1 billion in damages every year due to extraordinary floods brought on by global warming,” he said. “So in the Ninth and Tenth Malaysia Plans we will to focus on dealing with its effects.”


The hidden subtext of Nut-jib’s Tun Razzie roping global warming into the picture?

Don’t blame the government administration for being inept. It’s Bush’s fault for causing global warming that Barisan Nasional has no control over.

Just as with Gurney Drive, these fool-some-of-the-people-all-of-the-time politicians avidly hope to trick us into believing that the 0.00034147% of the atmosphere increase in carbon dioxide has more direct impact on local rivers than lousy drainage systems, deforestation, construction, bad village placement and poor administration.

If you have to ponder about the veracity, sanity, honesty and intelligence of his remarks, do recall that this is the same man who told us that none of the 43.6 billion oil money is available to spend on the citizens, peaceful rallies such as the ones which formed Malaya are not Malayan culture, we shouldn’t vote Opposition no matter how displeased we are with Barisan Nasional, and that he would gladly bathe his keris in ethnic minority vital fluids.

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