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Dota2 Webcomics

December 13, 13

My pick from Imgur.

Even more at this 400+ image set.

See also related: Dota 2 Fun Recollections.


Super Street Pianist 2 Turbo

June 22, 12

Lol, found via Kotaku’s Facebook:

Ryu Ultimate Combo Street Fighter Piano

And the post notes that:

Hey, look! This shirt got reprinted on Threadless. Yayyyyy shirt!

If you want it:

Previous Street Fighterness:

Street Fighter – How Do You Do Ken?

Literal Street Fighter

Halolz: Street Fighter – Are You Ken?

Internet Super Friends

May 24, 12

Found on Facebook:

Apt match-ups if you know your DC universe!

And of course, last panel take-that at everyone’s favourite ‘watered down’ powers hero!

UPDATE: Full set via Mashable from original creator at College Humour:

Guest Comic for Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

September 15, 11

I have a total lack of artistic manual dexterity. Hence my comics are all ‘shops.

This was long ago guest comiced at Manly Guys Doing Manly Things:

Yeah, I like complex and convoluted calculations.

Street Fighter – How Do You Do Ken?

August 1, 11

Halolz Street Fighter Are You Ken

Click image for full comic.

See also another pun of Ryu’s special moves at Halolz: Street Fighter – Are You Ken?.

Nintendo Trolls E3

July 22, 11

Nintendo Troll

Click the above for full comic.

Is that Shigeru Miyamoto?

See other comics with Shigsy too.

Chrono Tigger

May 24, 11

Chrono Tigger

Click the image above to view the full size at Halolz.

I’m sure I’ve seen the original Chrono Trigger artwork with that same same pose. If anyone has it or knows the link, tip me please!

Ash and Brock, Bros 4EVA!!!

May 24, 11

Ash and Brock Pokemon best bros friends forever

Click the image above to view the original full comic.

Mario & Sonic Go Swimming

May 24, 11

Mario & Sonic Go Swimming

Click the image above to view the full original comic.

Can’t Punch teh Internets

May 20, 11

Can't Punch teh Internets

Click the image above to view the original full comic.

I’ve browsed forums and message boards trying to fix issues like game can’t run, DVD burner error, fake Security Shield malware… Sometimes you just give up.

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