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Less Like Drowning, More Like Slow Disease

February 3, 22

JMB: If all men have natural faith to believe.. Then why you believe and the other was not? And why they still reject the gospel if men has a natural faith of its own to believe?

Me: The reason is simply because they chose to reject the Gospel. To ask what made them choose to reject the Gospel is to assume something other than themselves made the decision.

JMB: they have faith of themeselves but still refuse God to be their savior? It is just like a life boat that saves but men still to refuse and reject to go and be saved by the life boat??? Is that a good logical example? Who is that crazy man that he is already drawning but still refuse to be save by a life boat.

Me: It’s less like a drowning situation where immediate death is clearly staring them in the face, and more like a far-distant maybe-death that they can wilfully ignore. How many smokers do you come across who know the cancer risk, yet keep smoking? Or diabetes and heart-disease prone people who still gorge on their sweet, fat-laden treats?Eternal doom is waiting over the horizon, but some people are content to never look at the horizon. That is why there are many deathbed or desperate illness conversions, it is only when they are forced to confront their mortality that they suddenly realize they ARE afraid of what lies across the threshold.Do think a bit about what I said and how it reflects real life.

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