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Malaysia Electricity Rates to Skyrocket Soon via Green Energy

January 21, 10

Finally, it has come… This is one reason why I have been so against global warming idiocy for so many years even though the policy decisions and implementation have been focused overseas.

From The Star 19 Jan 2010:

Tenaga to buy green energy

ABU DHABI: Tenaga Nasional could be legally required to buy renewable energy under new laws being drawn up by the Government, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

The Prime Minister said the move would increase the availability of renewable energy in Malaysia by 100-fold from the current 50MW to 2,000MW by 2020.

He said one of the mechanisms the Government was looking into under the new law was “feed-in tariffs.”

Feed-in tariffs makes it compulsory for regional or national utility companies like Tenaga Nasional Bhd to buy renewable electricity such as electricity generated from solar, thermal, wind, wave or tidal power, biomass, hydropower and geothermal power from eligible participants.

“Currently, we are in the process of instituting a renewable energy law and one of the mechanisms we are looking into is feed-in tariffs to promote the usage of this type of energy,” he said in his keynote address at the World Future Energy Summit here yesterday.

Najib said the Government already had the Small Renewable Energy Programme, which provided for a higher purchasing price for electricity generated under this initiative by the grid operator.

“We have more than enough sunlight in Malaysia and increased use of solar power will be promoted aggressively,” he said, referring to the Suria 1000 programme which was launched in 2007.

The Suria 1000 programme allows houses and commercial buildings to become part of the country’s renewable energy initiative by producing energy through solar power.

Najib said a study has been commissioned to restructure and realign the Malaysian electricity sector.

“The findings will help lay the foundation for a more efficient industry through market mechanisms and liberalisation,” he said.

Najib pointed out that he had set up the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry last year to spearhead Malaysia’s transformation into a green nation.

“We will be looking at four main sectors to implement green technologies, namely energy, transport, buildings and water,” he said.

Najib said for transportation, the Government aimed at reducing carbon footprint by enhancing public transport.

He said energy efficient buildings have been promoted for some time and the introduction of the Green Building Index would hopefully see more buildings going green in Malaysia soon.

Besides Najib, the other heads of state or government attending the four-day summit are Greek Presi-dent Karolos Papoulias, Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

For the record, here’s what global-warming-decided energy policy has achieved in Europe (dozens of billions of Euros lost to higher energy costs) and Australia (doubled electricity costs in 5 years) and soon to be America and Canada.

Former PM Mahathir: 9/11 Was Staged, James Cameron’s Avatar as Evidence

January 21, 10

What else is there to add to a statement like this:

Mahathir: 9/11 was staged

There is strong evidence that the Sept 11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 could have been “staged” as an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“I am not sure now that Muslim terrorists carried out these attacks. There is evidence that the attacks were staged.

“If they can make Avatar, they can make anything,” the former prime minister told a press conference here yesterday after delivering his speech at the General Conference for the Support of Al-Quds to aid the Palestinians.

He said killing innocent people to provide an excuse for war was not new to the US.

“But whether real or staged, the 9/11 attacks have served the United States and Western countries well. They have an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world,” he added.

Also, the Jews forced Obama to not close Holiday Club Gitmo, which is so horrible and torturous that its detainees plan to sue to not be shifted out to normal prisons.

In response, let me point out several things:

1) Off the top of your head, name one act of ‘intentional targeting of civilians for violent acts in the name of political-religious belief’ committed by Hasidic Jews, Buddhist monks or Catholic nuns. Every single successful and attempted plane bombing was carried out by whom? Did Bush fake or orchestrate all of these too?

2) Outside of The Matrix, fancy computer graphics do not reality make. Those spaceships and alien landscape and whatnot are computer generated. Okay, so you can say that the videos of the planes hitting the WTC were faked images, but how do you fake the handycam shots and testimony of thousands of witnesses?

3) Bush is a genius:


See link for sites discussing how being Troofy is being goofy.

4) Bush’s illegal, unprovoked, Islam-hating invasion of Iraq saved 750,000 Muslim Iraqi lives. What has Dr. Mahathir done for poor oppressed people who are NOT the rocket-chucking Palestinians lately?

5) And don’t me started on who started it in the first place.

Of course, Dr. M gets suitably chided. And he sticks to his guns… By insulting Arabs!

Doing my part to spread the batsh*t insane to Moonbattery and The Jawa Report.

JihadWatch finds an extended piece on its own.

Climategate USA

January 18, 10

Hot on the heels of four earlier Climategates, via Moonbattery:


It has been revealed that a “sleight of hand” was used in the computer program that rated 2005 as “THE WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD.” Skeptical climate researchers have discovered extensive manipulation of the data within the U.S. Government’s two primary climate centers: the National Climate Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, North Carolina and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) at Columbia University in New York City. These centers are being accused of creating a strong bias toward warmer temperatures through a system that dramatically trimmed the number and cherry-picked the locations of weather observation stations they use to produce the data set on which temperature record reports are based. The two investigators say the system has been distorted in other ways as well.


NASA’s two primary climate centers, the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, N.C., and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University in New York City, are accused of “creating a strong bias toward warmer temperatures through a system that dramatically trimmed the number and cherry-picked the locations of weather observation stations they use to produce the data set on which temperature record reports are based.”

Joseph D’Aleo, of, said the analysis found NASA “systematically eliminated 75% of the world’s stations with a clear bias toward removing higher-latitude, high-altitude and rural locations.” The number of actual weather stations used to calculate average global temperatures was reduced from about 6,000 in the 1970s to about 1,500 today. The number of reporting stations in Canada dropped from 600 to 35.

E. Michael Smith, a computer programming expert who worked with D’Aleo, said he found “patterns in the input data from NCDC that looked liked dramatic and selective deletions of thermometers from cold locations.” The more he looked, the more he found “patterns of deletion that could not be accidental.”

Stations in places such as the Andes and Bolivia have virtually vanished, meaning, according to D’Aleo, temperatures from these areas are now “determined by interpolation from stations hundreds of miles away on the coast or in the Amazon.” He says it’s as if Minneapolis stopped reporting and its average temperature was extrapolated from readings in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Smith argues that the decrease in stations used and the selectivity of locations make NASA’s data and conclusions suspect. D’Aleo goes further, saying such cherry-picking and data manipulation are a “scientific travesty” committed by activist scientists to advance the global warming agenda.

See also NASA rocked by global warming rebellion – Fifty top astronauts, scientists and engineers at NASA have signed a letter asking the agency to cease its global warming buffoonery.

Sam Wong in NST, On Climate Change and Plastic Bags

January 11, 10

Sam Wong, writing to the NST on 11 Jan 2010, is concerned about climate change – which is supposedly caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide.

However, the main focus of his letter is the use of plastic bags and lack of recycling. Take a look:

CLIMATE CHANGE: More than lip service needed
SAM WONG, Petaling Jaya

THE Copenhagen United Nations climate change summit took place last year and all countries participated.
However, how has the summit inspired us? What are the changes for the citizens on this earth?

Petrol continues to be burned, contributing to the greenhouse gases in the air.

Selangor has the “No Plastic Day” every Saturday, and Penang has extended its “No Plastic Day” to three days a week, but what has the public actually learned from the campaign?

What is the message the government is trying to disseminate?

Many people are against the no-plastic concept.

They complain that they have no plastic bags to pack garbage.

Moreover, some people might not use plastic but they will use other unsustainable bags.

There are also people not using plastic on a particular day, but are not adopting sustainable practices in their daily life.

For example, one of my friends is working in Singapore and she thinks she knows more than the people here.

She shopped every day during the New Year period, but she did not think of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and shopped using plastic bags every day.

I see people around me throwing paper cartons, used paper and used plastic bottles into the dustbin.

All these things can be recycled. This, then, is the scenario around us.

The people understand what climate change is, but they do not know how to combat it, which can only be done by living a sustainable lifestyle where recycling is the basic principle.

This explains why we are only talking with very little action.

To encourage consumers to adopt more eco-friendly habits, we need education and an awareness programme for the young — and a penalty for their elders.

In actual fact, using and then throwing away non-biodegradable plastic bags actually sequesters carbon into the ground, where it will remain trapped for milennia instead . Isn’t this a good thing according to climate change activism?

As for recycling, it certainly helps maintain a ‘sustainable’ lifestyle – but not in the vein of combating climate change, as recylcing processed use more energy than raw material processing does, expect for aluminium.

So yes, people understand what climate change is, and many claim to know what causes it. However, many people confuse climate change activism with other environmental concerns.

While some claim that climate change activism raises awareness about environmental issues as whole, I am of the opinion that it actually distracts from all issues not directly related to the release of carbon dioxide. Take the Copenhagen summit for example – as it dominated the headlines for weeks, can you name one single initiative that was not about carbon caps?

So Sam Wong or friends of his, as I have said before: Global Warming Theory is to Environmentalism as Blood Letting is to Healthcare.

And oh yes: Global Warming is Unfactual.

Malaysian Churches Attacked Over ‘Allah Row’

January 8, 10

Running tally of which churches and other targets have been hit so far.

1) Metro Tabernacle Church (Assemblies of God) at 12.30am, 8 Jan 2010
2) Assumption Church (Roman Catholic) at 4am, 8 Jan 2010
3) Life Tabernacle Church (Brethren) at 9am, 8 Jan 2010
4) Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Lutheran)
5) All Saints’ Church, Taiping (first local Anglican church and heritage site)
5+1) A Rawang church which had stolen equipment
School 1) SMK Convent, Taiping (Roman Catholic)
6) Malacca Baptist Church, Malacca (Baptist)
7) Good Shepherd Church, Miri
8.) Sidang Injil Borneo, Seremban 2
9) St Elizabeth Church, Kota Tinggi
10) Grace Global Prayer church, Seremban

1) A priest at the Agape Revival Church in Pandan Indah, Ampang, at 6.30pm, 8 Jan 2010
2) A car belonging to a pastor in Bukit Tengah

1) The Herald website (Roman Catholic) on 2 Jan 2010
2) The Malaysian Judiciary website on night on 7 Jan 2010
3) Lawyer’s office representing the Catholic Church in the Herald case
4) Van belonging to Calvary church

1) A surau in Klang
2) Masjid Ar-Riyadh in Kota Samarahan near Kuching
3) 2 suraus near Muar
4) Wild boar heads thrown at mosques near Seri Sentosa

1) A Sikh temple in KL was stoned

Although The Herald is a Roman Catholic publication and is the main focus of the legal issue, the attackers make no distinction between different branches of Christianity in their assaults – any denomination will do, as long as they are Christian churches.



PM Najib: Cannot Stop Not-Malaysian-Culture Protests, This Time (UPDATE: Attacks on Churches)

January 7, 10

Via Malaysia Today:

Najib: We cannot stop Friday’s protest

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak shares the view of his Home Minister cousin Hishammuddin Hussein that Muslims are free to protest and express their views against a court decision which had allowed the Catholic newspaper Herald to use the word “Allah.”

As long as Friday’s demonstration did not spill over into something more series, Najib told reporters that the government cannot stop people from protesting over the Allah issue.

However, he said that the authorities were prepared to face any situation.

“We hope the protests will not spill over. Better still if the protest is minimal,” Najib said after opening the first 1Malaysia Clinic.

Najib said that the authorities could not stop groups from gathering at mosques and protesting there.

“As long as it doesn’t spill over into something serious, they can still express their views,” he said.

[From The Star 8 Jan 2010 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Muslim groups would be allowed to carry out their protests after Friday prayers as long as they confined it to mosques.

“We cannot stop them from congregating at mosques, as long as it does not spill over into something more serious.

“The important thing is that they confine it to the mosque areas,” said Najib said after opening the first 1Malaysia Clinic in Lembah Pantai yesterday.

Najib added that the protests were allowed to continue because the Muslim groups were permitted to express their views on the “Allah” issue.

The Home Ministry had approved police permits to several Muslim groups to hold their protests in various mosques in the city centre. It is learnt that these were the Kampung Baru and Federal Territory mosques among others.

“If they became unruly, the authorities will know what to do,” Najib said.]

Hishammuddin had also stated yesterday that the government did not prohibit the people from expressing their views on the Allah issue but action will be taken if the protests affected security.

Oh… So no problem with them expressing their views, but problem with Bersih movement expressing theirs? Don’t suppose chemically-laced water cannons or shield-bashes will be used if the protests ‘spill over’?


Above is #6 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

I thought that such mass protests are ‘not Malaysian culture’ as both former PM Mahathir and current PM Najib have stated.

As PM Najib said back then: “But what is the use if such demonstrations only lead to the possibility of ruining what we have built for the country?”

Will any civil servants taking part in the protests be sacked as promised?

And will some of them end up arrested under the ISA as then PM Badawi said?

Just like how you can protest some things but not others and you can burn some effigies but not others.

UPDATE: Well, here we go then… Malaysian Churches Attacked Over ‘Allah Row’.

UPDATE: Protests at mosques peaceful so far.

Canadian Sniper Shooting Taliban: Video

January 7, 10


If you’re into that sort of thing, check out this video of several instances where a Canadian sniper takes out a Taliban fighter from huge ranges.

From 30 seconds, you see the Taliban literally explode in a shower of gore. From 46 seconds, you see a slowly moving head disappear in a pop.

From the commentary:

Video of Canadian snipers wiping out Taliban snipers in Afghanistan. The video shots were not made through the shooter’s telescopic sight — they were made looking through the spotter’s scope. The spotter lies right next to the sniper and helps the sniper find and home in on the target.

Pay close attention to the beginning of the video. A Taliban sniper is laying on top of the peak in front of you…when you hear the shot fired watch what happens. The Canadian sniper is about a half-mile away from the target

Via Ace of Spades post about a British sniper popping seven in a row.

What is This Emoticon Called

January 7, 10

Any help please?

Been trying to find out, thanks to seeing it in part 3 of this strip in my Left 4 Dead comics collection.

Temerloh High Court Rules No Electricity, Water Supply for Orang Asli Church

January 5, 10

From The Star 5 Jan 2010:

Court dismisses orang asli bid (Update)

TEMERLOH: Temerloh High Court Tuesday dismissed the application by two orang asli who sought a judicial review of the decision by a local district and land office which had cut off water and electricity supply to a multi-purpose building that was also used as a place of worship by 70 Jahut Christians in Kampung Pasu.

Judicial Commissioner Justice Akhtar Tahir said that the decision to cut the water and electricity supply was proper because the building was illegally erected.

He added that under Section 6 and 7 of the Aborigines Act, the state authority was empowered to gazette an area as orang asli reserve land.

“However, in this case, the land or area is not gazetted for the orang asli and as such, the application is dismissed.

”The decision made by the Temerloh District Land Administrator is proper,” Justice Akhtar said.

The judicial review was initiatied by father and son, Wet Ket, 59, and Yaman Wet, 33, who named Temerloh district and land office and Pahang government as respondents.

They filed the application in December 2007.

Senior federal counsel Kamal Azira Hassan represented the respondents while counsel Annou Xavier and Kenny Ng appeared on behalf of Wet and Yaman.

The applicants were accompanied by 10 people in the court here Tuesday.

In July 2003, the applicants erected the building, which was also used as a church by the Jahut Christians.

They, however, received a notice by the district office at the end of July stating that the building was illegally built on government land.

In Dec 2006, Wet and Yaman lodged a police report and complained to the Government and following some negotiations, they were given a compensation of RM35,000 to rebuild the place.

Their application for water and electricity was, however, rejected by the Temerloh district and land office on the grounds that it was erected on an ungazetted land while the building was constructed without the approval from the authorities.



See Bobjots: Orang Asli Church Demolishment for the background.

Above is number 15 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

VG Cats: Brogamers

January 5, 10


Scott Ramsoomair admits that the purpose of this comic was to fit as many bro-puns as possible.

I can’t find the reference for this show, but it must rock. I mean, brock.

Click the comic snippet above to view the full comic.

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